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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

As i hold immense responsibility towards our Indian Gay community and as being a blog writer, i have decided to answer some of the questions that arises on daily basis to every gay boy living in India. Few of this questions have been shot at me while chatting, few on discussion forums in g4m and few while dating them. Most of the time i will be dumb folded or dead or i was about to shoot my cum (no complaints please) when facing these questions. Sorry to those guys for taking this much time to answer them. Here we go

Q: Even though i have a cock of my own, why am i looking for cocks?
A: Even though i have my own house, im living in a rented house...just like that, come on dude, be sensible...Can you suck your own cock? Is it possible for your cock to fuck your asshole?

Q: Is there any future for Gays in India?
A: Yes, there is a present, past and future for Gays. Here it is Gay-Gayer-Gayest

Q: How can i find my dream boy?
A: Go to sleep, you will find him

Q: What is the difference between Top and Bottom ?
A: Top means someone who couldnt find a girl to fuck or get sucked, bottom means someone who is so desperate for cocks. By Darwin Science (really?) there is no such thing as top or bottom, its all about being dominative or submissive in bed. Guys in chennai thinks its about being active or passive, they are so dumb...

Q: Do you think Long term gay relationship exist in India?
A: No, are you happy now ? well, long term relationship between two men is tough scientifically. Only if there is Gay marriage in place it might be possible. There are gay marriages happening in India its not legalised as of now, but nobody can arrest you for marrying a guy because in Indian Penal Court only homosexuality is criminilised but you can live with or marry whomever you want. Days ahead homosexuality will be approved by Indian Government in the future for sure.

Q: Is there any chance for me to become a straight guy?
A: Yes you can be, if you dont bend to have a cock up your ass...yes you can, if planet earth becomes triangle in shape or if caste system diminshes from India or if politicians stop corrupting or if your Mom stops watching Sun tv mega serial...dude, get life...there is no way you can turned up as straight, you'd just be cheating your own heart then...gotcha?

Q: How can i find a gay partner?
A: Try Google just kidding, ok...there are plenty of ways to find a partner for you...there are plenty of gays online in yahoo chat room no:9, there are other gay online community for indian guys like or etc, you just have to create a profile and then find the right partner, please note these websites are online dating websites...stop trying a straight friend and think that oneday he will fall in love with you or have will never happen...period

Q: Is there any difference between a straight guy and a gay guy?
A: Yep, world of difference...when a straight guy and a gay guy go togather to attend a marriage, looking at the married couple...straight guy will think "God, give me a beautiful bride like this"...but the gay guy will think "Gawd, the bride is so beautiful and her younger brother is so sexy" be honest its more or less the sexual preferences are different.

Q: Do you think gay sex is all about getting fucked up your ass?
A: No, you can bet my ass...i never been got fucked and iam gay...wonder what iam?...there are several preferences and roles in bed for gays...some prefer role of a Top and a lot prefer Bottom role...and then there are versatiles, who prefer both, kind of confused and they finally ended up in sex unsatisfied...and there is Oral sex which is one of the ancient methodology called sucking cock...there is also some number game involved research people call it 69 position, dont get knock your head, its just both guys sucking each other cock at the same time in 69 position...and then there are things like mutual jerk off, licking ass, smooching etc...Guys, i know what you are asking me now...who invented all these things?...well, definitely not me

Q: What is LGBT community?
A: Straight fucking people call it as physically handicapped, mentally retarded people caught with a terminal disease against nature...but actually it is Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender community...there are few registered community in India like Humsafar trust, Sahothara, Sangama etc.

Q: What is bisexuality?
A: People who rides in two wheelers are called bicyclist and people who rides with both sex(male and female) are called bisexual. This idealogy came from ancient Greeks who are the ancestors of all gays in the world. But iam not sure if this idea really true, it is more or less about sexual convenience and comfortability.

Q: Can i have sex with my straight friend, can i seduce him?
A: Permission denied...kindly understand the minor difference between Friendship and Love...the difference is sexual desire...dont ever use the name of Friendship or Friend and thinking sexually about him. Be a real man and tell him your desire or if you are scared stay away from him. Lesson for the day...most of the straight guys doesnt mind to be friends with a gay guy, but it really annoys him that his best friend is using friendship as a weopon to have sex with him. He thinks he has been cheated all these days.

Q: What is 'Coming out' and how do you handle it?
A: Shooting your cum, jokes apart...As i said before 'Coming out' means letting others know about your gay sexuality. I have more than 5 close friends and i told them that iam Gay in sexual preferences, but my lifestyle is more or less same as they are...i also told them that iam not looking for sex with my friends, but only friendship...they all understood it and accepted my sexuality. Sometimes they crack jokes about my sexual preference, but they never really wanted to hurt me...For god sake, please let your best friend know about your sexuality. If your best friend doesnt know about your sexuality then your friendship with him is a big fucking lie.

Q: I just want to be happy, successful in my life, How can i do that?
A: Go to heaven straight away and have sex with muted angels...If you are young and bright, just stop worrying about your sexuality and looks etc...Focus on your studies, enjoy your college, make friends in your office, try to be exceptional in your career, find a career that suits you and your interests, be honest with your friends and family, be trendy and fashionable, adapt to changes, do some extra curricular activities, dont isolate yourself, dont be sober and sarcastic, stop arguing with people for everything, accept the truth if you dont know a thing...remaining things like sex and love will come to your way automatically, but dont ever quit trying things, even a failure will teach you a lesson to do things better...whatever happens in your life...move on...understand the hard fact, you just have one life in the world and you are a gay...find a way to be happy, isnt that what Gay is all about.

Q: Most of the good looking guys i like are Straight guys, is there any gays who are good looking, young and decent?
A: Hard fact is most of the gays are either so feminine or not physically confident looking...but there are gays who are good looking, trendy, young and talented. But beware some of them are too arrogant, have wrong attitude and bitches around. But there are cute guys who are so sweet and interesting. But please remember most of the guys who looks like model doesnt have brain and they are so selfish. So if you find someone who looks kind of cute and have great atttitude stick with him.

Q: Tell me what should i do to look good?
A: Even an average looking guy who is fat or too slim, dark or fair, short or too tall will look good in trendy outfits and keep himself physically fit. One big bad factor about gays is about being lazy they are normally not into sports. Dont expect things for granted if you do nothing. If you think you are not physically fit hit the gym, keep your dressing wardrobe fashionable, go to saloon for trendy hairstyle and others, learn about bikes, mobiles, movies, music etc. If your family is against your modern looks and attitude show them your middle finger, because they are supposed to love you unconditionally. If you cant financially support to do these things, try some part time job. If you are already in a job and have plenty of family committments, shift to a new job which supports your needs or try some extra work...Guys, it is all about trying...just dont be a jerk.

Q: Iam a middle aged married guy and i am interested in teenage guys, how can i find them?
A: Oh my sexy daddy, whatever fuck you are, stop seducing teenage are spoiling a boy, may be sex is not a holy thing, but sex is not just an act it is a feeling. Both scientifically and naturally there has to be some justification in age groups for sex between two people. If you are so desperate for some young and fresh cock, go to your restroom, think about some young boy in nude and start jerking...dont try in real time...and stop touching young boys in train or bus or public places, there are numerous call boys in town who do anything for money, try them...or there are guys on the net who are so desperate for some matured daddies like you, try to connect with them.

Q: What are the basic etiquettes(or rules) to approach a right guy on the net?
A: As i said before there are several gay online community in the net. Create your profile there, always have a latest, updated face picture of yours in your private album on the net, let people know about your likes and dislikes etc. Start searching for a partner and send them your message, if someone said he is not interested, dont start doing research and ask him for reasons, his reply might hurt you, give space and respect others privacy and personal rights to choose. if you feel comfortable about the guy, share your picture with him and meet him personally. If you are so worried about posting or sharing your picture on the net, trust me you will never find the right guy, dont ever meet anyone in person in a private place or without seen his picture etc. Stop doing sex chat or phone sex or watching porns etc it does nothing but corrupting your mind.
Q: My penis is so small, i need a huge cock, how can i grow one?
A: Blow me, your cock will grow longer...or try spare parts shop for can also tie a stone in your cock and pour water on your balls everynight it might work...come on, dude...size doesnt matter, its always about how you can work it out...though there are few medical treatments but i will never recommend it...if you still want to try it, check a proper physician.

Q: Iam so scared of my friends and family, i dont want to hurt them, what am i supposed to do?
A: Commit suicide or start calling yourself as Hopeless...dude, get life...if you are so scared of everything in your life even for a cockroach, nobody can help you...fight it back...its nice that you would like to respect your family and you are so affectionate, but that doesnt mean you have to sacrifice your life, never let anyone take decisions for you...the only difference between a domestic animal and you is decision making ability, kindly use it...

Note: Always have safe sex, never have anal sex without a condom, stop drinking piss, eating shit, licking unclean armpits, cocks, balls, anus etc...all these activites are unhealthy...always have sex after a clean bath, make sure your sexual partner doesnt have any skin diseases, avoid having sex with strangers...

For more you can start shooting your questions it will be answered in the next FAQ section. Email to

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  1. Hi Viki,
    I dont know if this Summer heat has given you the brain wave?...Your FAQ answers are so mmmmm cynical as it may appear but are PERFECT. I am surprised at such matured answers (how do you do it?). After reading the answers i dont think one can have any more questions.Keep it up.
    luv SIVA