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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Gay stereotype

Some of my friends called me after reading my blog and asked me why my blog sounds like a gay stereotype...well, this blog is totally dedicated for gay stuff and information, i have other blogs which are for my professional interests. So please dont expect me to talk about Cricket or Politics here.

I was thinking about some of the memorable events happened in 2008, i must say it is mixed with colours. Both joyful and sad events, but i must say that for Gay community it is been really a pleasurable year with plenty of good news and events happening around. Here is some of the events and happenings in 2008.

1. Vatican Church given their indication first time in the history supporting gay sex. They have asked the European Union to discriminate gays.
2. NASA foundation filed a suit against the proposition 377 (377 is criminilising homosexual activities) from the constitution in Delhi highcourt. Serious discussions going around and expecting a result soon.
3. Health Ministry of India volunteerly supports LGBT community and held a cabinet meeting to support gaysex activities to protect them from AIDS
4. Tamilnadu government formed an official association for Transgender community.
5. Gay pride rallies took place in cities like Bangalore, Mumbai and Delhi this year several volunteers marched in the pride with their masked faces.
6. World Health Organisation asked all the nations to be lenuine on gaysex activities and approving gay marriages to protect them from AIDS
7. Several programmes, interviews and discussions were shown in indian television channels supporting gay rights activities.
8. Sunil Menon, founder of Sahothara gave an interview in CNN this year supporting LGBT community
9. Daily magazines like Indian Express dedicated a special edition every saturday for LGBT community. Times of India supports gay rights activities and volunteers to provide news in regards to that.
10. Bollywood movies like Dostana and Fashion were depicted gay themes, though they were very stereotype but atleast brought the gay theme in public.

Above all i have finally found the love of my life called Arjun and given up my one-nite stands...God, save the country

Lets hope New year 2009 brings more joy and happiness to all of us and may our wishes been fulfilled... Happy Newyear 2009

Monday, December 29, 2008

Gay cruising spots in chennai

Its really frustrating when i see so many new year events and parties in g4m happening around the nation for gays and not even one in chennai. It seems like the whole world is celebrating unlike the chennai gays sitting at home and watching Events of 2008 in television. This actually arises few questions like Are chennai guys hate parties ? Are they not socialites ? Are they still in the closet ? Are they still too much dependent on their parents and their restrictions ? Are the too much of ban in Chennai restricted them ? Are they really a frog in the well like the northindians says ? What is their real problem ? thing i can say most of the chennai guys doesnt know how much excitement a new year party brings to you. its like watching a world cup cricket final live from the stadium

Well i have no answers for these questions, since iam not a born chennaite. But it irritates me when i see even smaller cities than chennai like trichy, coimbatore, pune, nagpur or jaipur celebrating gay parties when chennai has none. Well i tried to organize one but given up finally because of the lack of volunteers i have posted several in the g4m forum and got zero response. People here just treats everything as risk and they just want to have fun on someone's cost.

Last week Adarsh from g4m invited me to Platinum (for those innocent chennai guys Platinum is a disco cum bar at Aruna inn). He told me that Platinum can be a very good gay spot on sundays since it is less crowded and stags (single) are allowed. Though the turn out seems to be less in number last week but it was fun (especially the hot DJs). And people like Teja and Senthil(he is a stylish dancer) are around fun is always guaranteed. i hope more gays will turn in the coming days.

Adarsh also asked me to come to Elliots beach (besant nagar) to meet some of his friends. There were a mixed group of guys (sorry men) i met there. Couple of men seems to be more elder than me but still they were very interesting and the chat i had with them was quite exciting to me.

I must mention about some of my recent visits at Marina (My friend Rahul dragged me in). The Place was filled with LGBT community people but i cannot call it as gay spot since i find plenty of transgenders and cross-dressers there. The Place also looks like a spot where plenty of criminal activities (like drug dealings, prostitutions, thefts etc) takes place. Infact one callboy approached me in my earlier visit and asked me how much i can pay him for one nite. I think guys like us who are educated and decent should quit going to this spot and try to organise or locate a new gay spot in chennai, and leave the Marina Swimming Pool spot to the poor transgender community.

World is changing, Chennai and our mindset are bound to change and its enough waiting for someone to take the initiatives...In 60's and 70's drag queens and several gay men took several initiatives and fought hard to achieve what they have got in United States and Canada. We may not have to take those activities now which are automatically happening in India, but atleast we should find a decent gay spot in chennai. Some of my friends who are ready to take initiatives which will unite our community but they need support, not your demotivating opinions or cautioning ideas ( i know there were some bad incidents in the past). But now the government is more open to gay issues and the media support is tremendous...all we need to do is willingness and volunteers.

i guess in our new year resolution quitting Marina beach visits and finding a quality place for a gay meet is essential. We have hidden ourself enough in the closet for so long, i guess the time has come now that we decide to do things which makes us happy. There is nothing wrong in meeting like minded people and sharing our feelings and thoughts. So lets stop running behind our straight friends, they can never understand you truly. Lets find a quality Gay zone in Chennai

Note: "Spending money for your entertainment may look like expensive and waste to you guys, but spending money for your lifestyle which decides your life is priceless"

My New year resolutions

After a long break i thought of writing something...and you know what i never ran out of topics, because of x-mas celebrations, important company presentations and hard times with Arjun i lost my free timings to do the writing here...and iam really happy that i have actually got few readers who are following my blog and posting their comments...thanks guys

Another new year starting shortly and i know that we are all busy scheduling parties and waiting to see if anybody throws one. Everytime a new year starts i will become a bit nervous and i have no idea why. i guess its because of the resolutions i have to take or is because of the terrific parties i have to attend or coming with one more excuse from my parents for marriage, whatever...this new year seems to be more terrifying because i have decided to stay back in chennai and also there is a long list of new year resolution this goes the list

1. Quit smoking ( i mean cigarattes, its been in the list for last 10 years)
2. Quit watching gay porn movies (the hardest one though, but i have to make it because i have lost few pounds of weight)
3. Avoid dating guys in the office (well its hard to resist all those hot guys around with seductive smile)
4. find a nice wardrobe (i should give some credit for being a bangalore boy atleast)
5. Quit having sex with my roomate (he is a straight and got a new girlfriend)
6. No more junk foods (one of the reason for losing weight, i guess i can skip porn movies from the list if i follow this resolution)
7. Start partying more (well, this is the easiest one)
8. Focus seriously on moving to Canada (its my dream)
9. Remove Arun from the list of future long term (of all bad times, its still only for Arjun)
10. Savings (not shavings, well i should seriously listen to my mom)
11. More tours and travels this year (last year none)
12. Few more certifications for professional benefits (i almost stopped studying these days)
13. A website and book launch which are gay friendly (i guess i should seriously focus on it with a commercial touch, need help though)
14. Hit gym regularly ( make it interesting i should find a gay-friendly gym)
15. Buy a car of my own (well, tats is one which i have been dreaming for last few years)

The list goes this way and still there are few remaining, now you guys would have known why iam nervous about this new year. it makes me more nervous when i realize some of the non-achievements of 2008. My mom forced me to have this habit of taking new year resolution since i was a kid and she also made me write it in my diaries, she gives me a new diary every year till now.I went back home this x-mas to bangalore and at home i was checking my diaries of the past in my closet i found few funny resolutions in the earlier new years

  1. Quit smoking (seems like it never quits from the list).
  2. Quit being gay (this is the funniest resolution ever, it was in the list on 2000 and 2001).
  3. Quit one nite stands (this has been one of the cause for me having group sex on new year eve every year, thinking that i will stop having sex with men from next day) .
  4. Change my name (well i found this resolution in my 1998 diary).
  5. Dont mislead Preeti (she was my classmate in PUC and i was flirting with her for sometime, she had fallen in love with me and it took 3 years for me tell her iam gay)
  6. Dont take vomit in parties (this was in the list of 2001)
  7. Dont let someone drink your cum, its unhygenic for them (yuck, surprising even this was in the list of 2003)
  8. Stop sneaking at boys restroom ( i was caught in the college when i was watching my volleyball captain taking bath...god,he was hot)
  9. Dont hit anyone on the face especially nose (i was almost got suspended when i hit and broke one of my volleyball teamate's nose in the playground)
  10. Inform daddy why you took 100 rupees from his valet (this was in the list of 1998, i was 13 years old then)
  11. Dont let anyone think that you are younger than Helen(she is my elder sister, i wrote this when i was 11 years old)

    These are the few funniest...Now you guys know why iam nervous about new year resolutions

    Note: i think the best way of taking a resolution is taking things which can be easily done, but there were never an easiest one in my last in the past not even this year.

Friday, December 12, 2008

Gays and Zodiac Signs

Guys, i have recently done an analysis using g4m posting based on Gays and their Zodiac signs, i have this interest towards astrology since i come from such traditional family, i wondered at times does zodiac sign anyway reflects someone's sexuality or sexual preferences.i guess the analysis will help me to understand better.Find below the report and analysis.

Virgo 8
Capri 8
Sagi 13
Libra 11
Pisces 6
Aries 2
Leo 7
Gemini 6
Aquarian 3
Scorpio 8
Cancer 5
Taurus 1

Total 78

Through this report Sagittarians seems to be the clear winner who hold the record of most of number of gays, followed by Libra...Aquarian,Aries and Taurus are scored less which is infact surprising to me...i guess more depth analysis on this will help me to have an idea if someone is straight or gay...

To my personal experience Sagittarians seems to be very beautiful and hot. They seems to be passionate lovers and a bit self-centered in nature. Even a straight sagittarian can tends to be bisexual easily because of their uncontrollable sexual desires. Most of them loves oral sex so they dont mind having sex with a guy even if they are straight and committed.Most of the sagittarians are artistical in nature they must be talented in arts like music, dance, painting etc

Libra is the same in nature with few additional characters, librans are passionate too, thats why i think they are competing Sagittarians in the survey. Compare to Sagittarians ,librans are trustworthy and can be dependable, they would never like to hurt others and wont give up any relationship(friendship and love) easily.

The most dependable zodiac signs for gays are Virgo, Capricorn and Leo. but they may not be very hot looking few may be. These three are very talented and self-sufficient in nature. Especially they will be very sensitive, emotional and argumentive most of the times.

The others seems to be scoring very less and it is very difficult to predict right now, i have also decided this post for open discussion so that finally we can come up with a conclusion...

Note: As of now i think i can bet my money on Sagittarians seems to be the front runner in the race. So guys can we just give a try on these people(dont blame me if someone hits you on your face)