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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Vikki's Theory

Sometimes you will go to a jockey showroom,buy an underwear which is not your size actually, but you will buy it because you just like it.
Sometimes you will fall in love with someone hoping that one day he will realize your true love and accept you as what you are.
Every time you walk on the street, travel in a train (or) bus, window-shopping at spencers (or) just having a chat with a friend in the beach (or) you stuck in traffic jam in Mount road while riding your bike, you will see that most beautiful person who will steal your heart within milli seconds. Obviously he never noticed you, never even know that you exist. But his face never left your heart, you fantasize him all night and every night.
Things like this cannot be expressed because you don't know if he is gay (or) bisexual. You don't know if he is straight (or) bend. You just don't know.
I dont't know how Newton proved his theory but I have my own way of proving my theories.Let's just call it "Vikki's gravity".


Every night i see him, roaming around like he is doing a sky walk, moving his butt hypnotising all the gay ones in my office. Alright I know what you gonna ask me now, "What am i doing in the office at night?". A million dollar question and i evenly reply to you dumb ones for million dollar services, "I'm jerking off every night ofcourse"'.Arguably he is one of the cutest(in this case prettiest) boy in our work place and his eyes glaring down at our crotch everytime we pass by him. He often comes to my cabin, staring at me non stop. I wonder what's at stake.But he refuses to talk, not even a 'hi' from him. I am sure either Yahoo chat or planet romeo would have taught him by now how to make an introduction or a start.RULE 1: "You can start with an ASL" or "Top/ Bottom" or just plainly ask "Do you have place tonight?". But from him nothing came . I waited for him anxiously, for sure he is one damn hot one not to miss.I am sure if he would have been in a gay party in chennai, by now he would have been bulge grabbed.
After few painstaking weeks, he slowly got his courage and came to my cabin. He was standing by the door cock-eyed. It was vivid that he was then thinking of a big time sombu, but I,ve decided to play virgin-bottom or a pure top who never slept with a boy before but have been dreaming ever since the blossoming of my puberty. I kept an innocent look, pretending to be a damn straight guy, stared back at him as if there is not even single gay-mo-some in my body.
As if he suddenly got a full bladder to pee he shook his head and left the place. I saw his swinging butt revolving like a globe. Few days later one of my colleague told me that the "skywalk butt guy" got married to a girl recently with whom he was in love with.


Few years back, I was once again working in night shift then. For some strange reason they gave us a stupid training session for a period of ten days. Most of us in our team were young,energetic and fortunately for me almost all the guys in my team were cute and hot.Every day i go home and dream about each of them. Each one will take their turn for a day. Sometimes i forgot to line them up, I will put them on a gang bang or we will do a buckake keeping a cute twink in the middle, awesome.
One among them was a guy called Ramana from Coimbatore. Well somebody must do a research survey on the Kovai guys, almost all of them I came across were hot ones.Unfortunately for me, he was damn straight almost 90degrees. I was afraid there was not even a single bend in his body. Then he recently broke up with his girlfriend and started drinking BIGTIME.
He used to talk about his ex-girlfriend who ran away with a guy who owned a Mercedes Benz. After work every day he took me to a bar and drank non-stop. The worst part of the story is that after couple of large he'll start whining about his ex, it was like a mega serial for me, tears were all over the floor all THE time,it was like i began to sink in the titanic ocean.
One day after work he took me to the same bar. It was an eve of my birthday which gave him another reason to celebrate (or cry again).He drank for several hours and i missed my last train. So i had to go to his place for a sleep over.
His room was like any other bachelor's paradise unclean and clothes were all over the place.His underwears were lying in the middle of the bed like a couch. He took off his jean, shirt and all of a sudden he removed his underwear too.He was standing there in front of me totally naked. His cute face, hot body and white flesh was right infront of me tempting every thing out of me. And then he said those golden words " What are you waiting for Vikki? Come and fuck me hard..lets celebrate your birthday.Is it not this what you were longing for these days?". I don't know if he said exactly like this but something similar like this which made me fly open in a hurry and hop in. Of course it was one of my most cherishable birthday gift ever.

By scenario 1: A gay looking one can be damn straight one
By scenario 2: A straight acting guy can be a brand nelly bottom.

You just don't know who is gay or straight in this world of drama.


Written by: Vikki