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Saturday, March 26, 2011

My Time Machine

I feel like been years i have written something here...Its been hectic and busy life for me for a year now...And i am sure our followers will be really upset about it. So here is the recap what happened in my life and also in our Chennai Gay community for the past 6 months, so that readers dont feel like disconnected from me.

My Life

1. Things are great with me and my boyfriend, we have celebrated our one year anniversary, we both were proud of sticking to each other and succesfully living togather which is kind of rare in Chennai. I and him quietly celebrated the day and spent some time where we met first (ofcourse Besant nagar beach it is)

2. After the split and break in the Chennai Dost team last year. We fought hard to give life back to CD and successfully done it. Few friends who have been the backbone of CD in the past reconnected with Chennai Dost again which actually helped us to continue with our parties, movie screenings and meetings.

3. My boyfriend joined in his new course Fashion designing(his ambition to become one) and i have joined a new company with a better profile (Earlier i was a Market Analyst and now a Project Manager) and more responsiblity which actually made my life busy and exciting.

4. We have successfully launched Chennai Dost Magazine with beautiful contents and presentation, though the distribution is still not made, hopefully we will do it in April.

5. We have launched campaigns 'Stop Gay Extortion' and 'Support Pride 2011'. In another few months when the Pride organising happens, my life and schedule will go totally crazy.

6. My long time plan to finish writing my novel 'Perpetual Love' is pending. So far i have written only 5 episodes. I hope i will be able to do it before Pride.

7. We are planning to produce few Gay short movies in tamil to release before the Pride.

8. Members who have joined so far with Chennai Dost has reached 1000...

9. And i am afraid i am getting old and i am not sure if i can call myself as young man anymore...

I Promise all of you that i will post few more interesting articles of mine shortly, thanks for being patience and thanks for your great support.