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Saturday, February 28, 2009

Straight guy, Gay fantasies

Longtime back when i was travelling in Coramandel Express with RAC, there was this young pilot trainee probably 20 years old (Vinay) was sitting opposite to me, guess i was 18 years old then. Gawd, he was so cute. We became friends in a short while and he was reading Nancy Friday's "Men in Love". I was a big fan of Sydney Sheldon and Harold Robbins but i never heard of Nancy Friday before, so i asked him about the book. He told me a lot about the book and said i must read it. Later on he gave me the book. To be honest it was one of the turning point of my Gay life. Before reading the book i was confused and ashamed of my sexuality, but it gave me lot of hope and encouragement. 'Straight guy, gay fantasies' is one of the topic of the book. I thought of stealing the topic for our blog and write it in my own way (read below the anti-climax of Coramandal Express and get a

As i said earlier i was busy last few weeks, but i didnt tell you what occupied me all these days. Well, one of my best friend was acting strange in the past few weeks, he is a pure straight guy, never even let me touch his hand and always flirting with girls. But after i told him that im gay, he suddenly turned out to be bi-curious and asking me lot of questions about gay. Ofcourse he is one of the hottest guy in town, its hard to ignore all these signs. Let me tell you why i think he has become bi-curious lately

1. He started texting me saying 'he is so sexy and hard to resist'

2. He started wearing tight jeans and tight shirts

3. Started staring at hot guys and telling me there is nothing wrong in looking at guys.

4. Asking me questions about Top and bottom

5. Asking me what is my role in bed and curious to know about my gaysex experience

6. Everytime he calls me he is making enquiry about the guys im dating

7. He started asking me about every hot guy who is passing by us in the beach is a gay

8. He started calling me thrice everyday, started talking about gay things all the time

9. Once in an hour he will ask questions like "how can two guys have sex"

10. He is asking me if a gay guy will think he is hot or not

Though plenty of times i told him that being gay is not an easy life, but he thinks its cool and easy way to have sex in India. Last year he broke up with his girlfriend and it took a great effort for me to bring him back to normal.

These days i can see lot of gay tendencies among Straight guys, physical intimacy among guys have become more closer and open. Even a damn straight guy doesnt mind to jerk off with another guy. I have read gay population in India is 2.9% , bisexuals are 6.2% and bi-curious are 17%. Almost 62% of guys between 18-33 have had oneway or other sexual experience with another guy. This means almost there is one gay guy out of every 30 guys, this is really astonishing and good news for gays in India. Im not sure if this will anything to do with the population growth. Guys who are between 35- 55 are just 9% have gay tendencies. This showcase someone who is not a born gay will loose his interest in gay things at later ages.

Can you believe that the expected gay population in India is 50 million. Mumbai alone has 15 million gays

Onething im sure about is that it is not too difficult to have sex with a straight guy. I prefer having sex with straight guys rather than gay guys, it is like a thriller doing things without knowing about the climax. Whenever i have sex with another gay i feel it as romantic, but if it is a straight guy then it will become more erotic. I know that the conservative people are going to shout and scream at me for saying this but i dont think there is nothing called sexual orientation today. Lot of my straight friends are pretty cool about gay things, some of them even reading this blog. Some of my friends think that there is nothing called gay is exist, it is just about having sex with another guy when they are horny. Even after i had sex with them some of them still dont believe that im gay and they think im dating girls...Quite funny

I never really believed in Survey reports, though im an analyst survey reports some time sounds so fake. So i have decided to do a small analysis on my own. You guys know that i did my studies in Bangalore, in PUC (11th standard) i had mutual oral sex with atleast 4 guys out of 27, masturbated with 4 more guys. In college out of 33 guys there were 3 gays including me, but i never had sex with them, i had oral sex with 2 straight guys in the same class and masturbated with atleast 3. There are atleast 72 guys in my higher studies institute and 5 guys told me that they are gays, i had group masturbation with 7 straight guys in the hostel 2 of them infact touched my torso and jerked me off, one guy kissed my lips...oops, the world is full of gay. I spoke one gay friend i know who is from a small town next to Trichy he came across 60% of what i had in Bangalore.

Assumption: if there is a group of 50 friends suggested by someone to do jerk off in a horny day in the hostel, only 3 guys will say "No". Atleast 16 guys will be excited to see their friend's cock, 6 guys would like to touch a hot guy in nude. Oh my god, im so horny now.

Almost all of my straight friends including my school, college, office, neighbourhood and cousins etc, everyone of them come across atleast one gay sexual encounter either in the bus or theatre or hostel. From 2000 the scenario has changed in India, dominated by male fans in India today only a good looking actor can survive in the film industry like John Abraham, Hrithik Roshan, Surya, Mahesh babu etc. Dhoni considered as the hottest cricketer among cricket fans. Dont ask me why, its a gay world out here.

So many guys from g4m asked me how am i managed to have sex with so many straight guys. For those here are some tips

. Never tell him you are gay, unless untill he became your close friend.

2. Keep your physic fit, clean shaven and dress trendy

3. Be energetic, dont sound sober to him

4. Talk about girls, share your hetrosexual experience with him

5. Once in a while talk about gay stuffs, dont sound like you hate gays

6. Make sure he knows that you will do ANYTHING for him

7. Comfort him about gaysex like no anal sex, gaysex is easier etc

8. Introduce some of your gay friends to him who looks so manly and tell him that they are gays

9. Talk about Masturbation, Oral sex pleasures to him

10. Always sound so youthful, energetic and sportive, just make sure that he knows you are hot

11. Sound pretty cool about some of your gay experiences and tell him it happened accidently

12. If all these ideas didnt work, just have drinks with him there is no straight guy in the world will say "No" for sex after 4 pegs.

The secret of all these tips are giving a straight guy a comfort zone to have sex with you, these days it is pretty hard for any good looking guy to find a girl and have sex, most of the straight guys are horny bitches. So they dont mind anything if they get sexual pleasures from their most trusted and comfortable friend who is kind of cute and sport. And he will not let the secret go out and he will not talk about it the next day.

Unlike Western countries the perception and opinion about gays are totally different in India. Most of the hetrosexual people believes that gays are shemales. Gays are considered as hijras, ali etc. If a manly looking guy comes and tell you that he is gay nobody going to believe it in India. Gay stereotype movies like Dostana and Fashion have added more fuel to this. Though everybody feels sorry for Transgenders in India nobody likes to be friend with them, if any such tranny approach them straight guys take it as a personal insult to their manliness.

How to find out whether a guy is physically interested in you or not?

Well, this has been one of the most frequent and popular question in gay community. Certainly a conserative country like India its pretty difficult to find guys. Though there are some online community most of the gays turned out to be sissies or so bottom. After all we are normal guys who just want to have sex with someone who looks like guy next door. I happened to meet many guys in public places who are interested in me. Here are some of my techniques to approach these type of bi-curious, bisexual, straight acting gays in public.Obviously if someone interested they will stare at you, give glances when you are not watching him. If you got his phone number just text him and tell him about your likes, dont be scared. You are not a criminal.

1. Approach the guy when he is alone and start asking him like time or questions like "Did i know you before", if the guy says "i thought the same" you have got all the signals in the world, just introduce yourself to him and exchange your numbers. Text him later saying "i like you"

2. Most of the times, the guy will say "i dont know you" . If that is the case, give him a laugh, shake your shoulders and just introduce yourself. And talk to him few minutes, its upto your talent and communication level to get his numbers. Trust me i tried this way several times, most of the time i ended up victorious.

I just thought of writing this article to give some confidence to some of my friends who thinks they are living in an alien planet called India. If a Slumdog can win Oscars even a damn straight guy would not mind having sex with another guy...End of the story

Note: If you feel your straight friend is so hot to resist and if you are so scared to try, just remember this article. You can contact me for guidance.

Anti-climax of Coramandal Express story (Uncensored): Its because me and Vinay were travelling in RAC we had to share the same berth. We both were sleeping in 69 position to accomodate space in the berth, the train was in a hurry moving fast. He was wearing Cargos and i felt his pulsating bulge on my body. The confidence i have got from his glances, his topics regarding sex and also the Nancy Friday's book later at night i started making my move and touching his bulge. I can feel he was getting a hard-on. He hugged me tightly and started rubbing my bulge which was already hard. in few minutes he dragged to the nearby restroom and closed the door. He removed his cargos and asked me to suck his rock hard cock. I was very reluctant to do it. He removed my jeans and took my cock in his mouth and started sucking it. He now begged me to suck his cock and said there is nothing to be ashamed of. I took a glance at his fair, long and beautiful cock, removed the foreskin and started sucking it. He was moaning now and enjoying it. I told him not to cum in my mouth. In few minutes he removed his cock from my mouth and asked me to jerk him off and i did. In seconds he came all over my hand and i felt his hot cum dripping into my fingers. He jerked me off too, i tried my level best not to cum fast, but ended up splashing my cum all over his hand. Oddly he took his hand and licked my cum in his hands, He gave me a sexy smile and kissed me. God, i never had such a oral pleasure before, he was awesome.

Coming up next: Gay celebrities in India

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Friday, February 27, 2009

Slumdog barking

Oops, sorry for being late, i missed the bus...As usual i was struck with plenty of project reports, client calls, Dad's medical treatment, Slumdog's chasings etc, simply i didnt find time to write here in the past few weeks. Well, i must lot of things happened in the last few days, it was like time running to catch up a flight, so many news from all the four directions and at last the success of Slumdog (ofcourse it made lot of noise here). A.R.Rehman should have won atleast 50 oscars by now listening to his scores in Slumdog Millionaire. Have you heard Lata Mangeskar's 'Lukka Chuppi' in Rang de basanti, the background music of Bombay especially in the mumbai street burning scenes and then some of his memorable melodies in Roja. This Slumdog Millionaire wont stay anywhere near to these film's music but Rehman certainly deserved an Oscar. Hats off to him...Jai Ho Rehman.

Slumdog certainly made lot of noises and barked all over the media in India, but failed to make a sense. People like Amitabh Bachan, Shoba de and Hema malini tried their level best to hide the Indian poverty behind their million dollar asses, which didnt work this time, nobody was listening. Rich Hypocrites, poor pessimists and communists came from nowhere and started blaming Danny Boyle for showing India in poor light. If they ever listened to their servants, car drivers or ironing walas they might be sitting at home and crying. I will not blame them they just need the limelight after all.

Slumdog Millionaire in a way shown the real Young India. Just like Jamal Malik in the movie, Our Young India trying its best to shine in the world despite all odds. Inspite of our corrupted politics, religious and caste outrages, rulings of minority governments, poverty, unemployment, population growth, ethnic conflicts, continuous trouble from neighbourhood countries, illiteracy, both internal and external terrorism, collapsed judiciary system etc our young India finding its feet on the Globe. Becoming IT super power, heavy manpower, steady economic growth even at the time Recession, getting global attention through Slumdog Millionaire and Mumbai Attacks. India is on the thick of Global power. All signs of new super power in the world for the future. The power of one billion indian is finally making it irresistable in the world. Nobody can stop us. India will produce millions of Jamal Malik everyday and they will win any contest. Guys from Bihar villages will work for Microsoft, Japan and Korea will start their Electronics manufacturing units in deserts of Rajasthan. Mally guys from Calicut will visit Europe to do financial analysis. Leaders like Gandhi will emerge to show the world the meaning of Freedom Struggle. Artists like A.R.Rehman and Resul Pookutty will win Oscars. There is no doubt the future of the world depends upon India. America, wake up, you are in trouble, you have a competitor here...

Note: My latest crush Dev Patel appeared nude in a UK tele drama 'Skins'...hmmm, looks cute...find below the link to watch the nude scene in youtube.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Planes and Parachutes

One morning when you wake up looking at some blue colour ceiling and then the whole day you started noticing only blue colour objects like the blue sky or Ocean or even your blue underwear or blue colour font labels in g4m . Suddenly the world seems, turned blue. I guess it is a kind of Colour illusion or Colour Perception (physics or psychological graduates excuse me for my lack of knowledge).

Well when i started doing some editing in our blog i found the same, its all Gay, Gay and Gay. What will you think about me as if i have no other work other than seducing all those innocent(?) straight guys or having hot sex with gays (well thats what i was doing in the past). Well i must say i felt guilty or ashamed. So decided to write apart from gay things once in a while.

Colour illusion or Colour Perception are all the same, Seeing things in a different light is another name. I told you guys about Arjun right, for people who has STML (Short Term Memory Loss) Arjun is my ex-boyfriend who changed his mobile number without informing me just 3 weeks after he told me he was deeply in love with me. Lately i have received a call from Arjun's old number, i thought Arjun changed his mind and his number too. So with an excitement and moment of madness (one of the weakness of being gay) i took the call, but suddenly Arjun had turned into a Sissy, his voice was so feminine and there was some music (violin?) displayed in every sentence he uttered. Then i realized its not Arjun, the guy (Faizal) who spoke to me is Arjun's friend and he was clueless why he called me.The phone call turned out to be a hilarious one. The guy tried to find out more information about me and what i did with Arjun rather than telling me the purpose of the call or how he got Arjun's number.

There are 2 kind of people in the world Optimist and Pessimist. The best example of Optimist are American Presidents they still think that attacking Iraq is an act against Terrorism finally ended up in the receiving end of shoe hits (even after those 2 shoe throws how Bush manages to escape is still amazes me and he smiled at the end of the press meet, shameless Bushhhhh). Best example of Pessimist are Indians even though they are living in a strong democracy they are still hyprocites.

Whenever i read postings in g4m forum i always feel the same way, why do we criticize everything, why are we being hyprocites all the time, why do we think that talking about someone's personal is our culture and moral right?. Recently when i saw the news on Mangalore Pub attack i was horrified and anguish (conservatives please note that im neither supporting pub culture nor against it, so dont come and tell me that i should not go to Pubs, if u do that i will threaten you that i will commit suicide). I guess that was bit pessimistic of me. And then the debate along with Ashok Singhal (BJP leader) and Raghuram (MTV Roadies), where Raghu literally shouting at the BJP leader, pointing fingers towards him and asking him who is he to say what lifestyle we should choose. Well, that made me feel better, i was optimistic again. I realized both optimism and pessimism is needed if Wright brothers were not optimistic they would not have invented Aeroplanes and then a pessimistic scientist came and invented Parachutes.

Through some of my bad experiences i have taken an oath not to advice people. And once i became a Consultant advicing has become my profession i cant even give personal advices to my friends for free. I believe only in India you can get advices for free, people who hesitates to give water for free will be ready to give free advices, because they dont loose anything. One of my friend told me that she did a counting on advices that she has given in her whole life and when she realised how much time she wasted on that she decided to quit advicing. She also told me that she now carefully spends advicing time to actually help people physical objects like helping a struggling young man to find a job or buying books for poor children. I promised her that i will join her team and will give my best on the same. My favourite Mother Terasa said helping poor people is neither a social service nor a hobby it is our responsibility and we are duty bound to help fellow human.

Note: Please note that i didnt advice you to stop advicing.