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Friday, December 4, 2009

Collection of unfinished postings

Written by: Vikki

As of now I have received nearly 30 mails and several messages inquiring about my lack of regular postings in this blog. I would like to apologize to my regular readers for my laziness. Also I am due to release my new novel and had to spend some time on finishing it, publishers are behind my butt and kicking it. I have started writing few more articles on some interesting topics and will post it shortly. So for the period of time, here is a collection of my unfinished postings.

August 2009

Last few weeks i have been trying to get rid of 2 cockroaches and a little mouse out of my bedroom...they are so adamant and now seems completely taken over the control of my bedroom...henceworth i have been forced to sleep in the hall these days...dont think iam scared of these creatures, i just cant sleep with them when iam not sure of their sexuality, if someone could tell me how to find the sexuality of these cockroaches, it would be really great, i can even send these creatures to your place provided you are a bisexual...the question here is "How to determine someone's sexuality?"...period

Our regular reader Siva asked me to write about the Gay meet i have arranged few months back...Well, as usual it was a disaster...the announcement i have made was too late and there were only 4 guys turned up for the great event...and trust me Siva there is nothing to write uncle in Malaysia starting up a new business and he wants me to take care of it...since Malaysia is kind of native for my mom, iam under severe pressure to catch my flight to Malaysia...iam not yet decided on this, atleast for another 2 years i wanted to stay in Chennai and give a try to find someone special, enrich my career etc

To take my mind off (see, i have a reason), i started dating(please note Dating not mating) guys why am I giving this information? Well I thought you might wanted to know…lol

April 2009

Besant nagar beach has become the latest cruising spot for all PlanetRomeo men. The moment you walk down the footpath you can find at least one guy from g4m in every single meter distance. Last evening I was waiting for a guy whom I have been talking to, on the phone for sometime now. The guy didn’t turn up on time, but I found a group of friends from g4m and joined them. After few minutes there were at least 6 to 10 guys from g4m who have recognized me. And I was happy that they came and spoke to me about our blog and Chennai Dost blah blah blah. It was a proud moment for me when I have realized how much Chennai Dost have reached our people. We were cracking jokes and having fun. Some guys even started talking about the guys who were passing by. I know its naughty but im still young and I enjoyed it anyway. We have decided to go a nearby restaurant and have something for our appetite.

It was a New Mexican restaurant with bright interior designing. We were there for more than 20 minutes waiting for someone to take the order from us, nobody turned up. We were the only people who were in the restaurant. One of our friends got irritated by this kind of service from a new restaurant; he suggested that we must leave the restaurant as unnoticed. As I am always lazy to move my butt, I refused to leave the restaurant and tried to justify my decision by saying “sorry, we can’t leave, I have already used 2 napkins (tissue paper) from the table and drank half glass water”. I forced my other friends to stay with me. After another 30 long minutes a guy came and took the order. I must say the Mexican burger was too cold and the Pepsi they gave me was even warmer. When we left the restaurant we were seriously thinking in our mind which one among us suggested this restaurant in the first place.

We returned back to the footpath and sat just opposite to Barista which is our favorite spot. I must say after the Gay Pride and Court Verdict most of the guys in Chennai have become curious about Gays and gay sex even the damn straight ones. Almost everyone who passed by us was looking at our group, almost everybody looks like gays. Early days it is tough to find out a gay in a group, but now it seems the opposite, it’s tough to find out a damn straight one in a group. I remember a joke which is about a Gay’s perception somebody said even gay’s pet animal is also a gay.

Somebody said there are 5 types of men in Chennai now. Straight looking gay men, Gay looking straight men, bi-curious straight men, confused bisexual men and obvious looking gay men (effeminate). Well, I totally agree to this after observing all the men in the footpath curiously looking at our gay group. One of my heterosexual friend said to me that being gay is much easier to have abundant sex and finding a guy than being a straight guy in India. He also cautioned me that by legalizing Gay sex in India, access to sex have become despicable and effortless, which might break the Indian tradition of sticking to one partner or long term commitment.

P.S: As usual the guy I was supposed to meet never turned up, seems like there is something terribly wrong with my Today’s fortune. Seems like my charming prince never going to let his horse out of the saddle and will never ride on it to reach my place, may be busy Traffic or the horse led him to some other beach by mistake…Fuck all those Cindrella stories I heard

Nov 2009

As i have informed before i started meeting few guys in person who have been following our blog, iam also chatting with them and answering to their queries thro mail...These are the follow up questions from the readers of our FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) section of May month edition...

Iam thinking of getting married, but my penis is too small, is there anyway i can make it big? (asked by a 32 year old guy)
Iam looking for a sexy bottom in Mylapore, do you know anyone?
In previous "Boys don’t cry" section you have mentioned about Mohit, what happened after that? You had sex with him later on? Did you fuck him? What is his cock’s size? etc
Have you ever had Group sex? if so, may i know your experience? Is it healthy?
Are you Top or Bottom?
I have place tonight, do you like to come?
How many times we can masturbate in a given day?
You mentioned about your sexy straight friend Ar, May i have his number?
I don’t have a voter's identity card, how can i apply for that?
I would like to act in a Gay porn movie, can you help me?

After facing all these questions (totally gross man), im not really sure if i can start another FAQ section...To the people who have asked me these questions, i dont own any sex club here, im not desperate for sex or fun and life is not centered around cock, definitely not a 24 year old guy like me...period

Jan 2009

Prologue: As i said before that im going to write a gay novel, i have no idea about the script neither about storywriting. Infact these days i am not even reading novels, so my idea of writing a novel has been temporarily postponed. Someone said i should write short stories first to get some writing skills. If this story explicits communism or conservatism kindly excuse me for the blunder. Blame my mom for buying me all those Russian novels when i was a kid. After i have finished my short story i sent it to my mom by email for editing, i thought i should save you guys from reading my horrible English. Though my mom had no clue whatsoever about the story she asked me "Why are you digging shit?". I said "Well, i wrote about things which i know". My mom was furious now and she said "My son cant be a pig". I told her "Mom, deal with it, your son is living in this pig world". She said "Live the way you want, but please dont dig shit". I burst into laughter and replied her calmly "Mom, Your son is not only digging shit he is actually eating it". She didnt say anything she went silent and then hanged the phone.

Short Story: Pigs and Gigs

Once upon a time there was a forest (i have read so many stories this is how exactly it started). The name of the forest is Bliss. There were so many animals lived in Bliss like monkeys, wild donkeys, fox, bears, wolves and pigs. Pigs were the highest population in Bliss, so no wonder they ruled the forest. They made laws and rules of their own. Other animals just hate pigs, they felt pigs smells like anything and they had all the bad habits in the world for example digging and eating shit. Not only because of their highest number also because pigs considered themselves as intelligent and talented they never really mingle with the other animals. There were several types of pigs lived in Bliss. Geekie pigs, who thinks they are really talented and very good in numbers. Teen pigs these pigs are very trendy and have lot of bad attitude. Communist pigs who didnt like the hi-fi pigs…blah blah blah (it goes on like this, thank god I didn’t spend much time to continue with this stupid story)

Written by: Vikki

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