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Sunday, March 29, 2009

Funny yahoo chat room and my one night stand

Last evening i was so horny and desperate, call me as sex-obsessed lad or whatever but i was looking for an one night stand then. As usual yahoo chat room 9 was filled with lunatics and sex maniacs. I was afraid that i might ended up meeting some incest or foot fetish gay man and screw my entire pleasant evening. So i was careful enough not to post any inviting ads in the chat room. There were 50 guys online all the time, informing everybody about the availability of place for that night. Few of them selling their areas enquiring that if anybody available nearby. I laughed at a guy who mentioned the whole north Chennai. At that point of time i could remember a famous incident in Mahabharatha when Arjuna was looking for an giant elephant which can place its four legs in four different direction. I thought if i could have such an elephant i could be at Anna nagar, Besant nagar, Tambaram and Royapuram at the same time and meet guys. Well, im neither an Arjuna nor a sex machine to have sex 4 times on the same day. So i have decided to play an audience role and watch the funny gay world going crazy on a friday night. There were so many self advertisement ranging from their long cocks to sharp nipples. One guy was giving description about the moves of his boobs while getting fucked (oh,man that was horrible). Almost everybody were trying to arrange for a one-night stand for their weekend. There is not even one guy looking for a friend or something including myself (shame on me,rite?). Finally i spoke to a guy who is from Nagpur his name is Suren (name changed). Though there is no guarantee in Chennai whom you will be ended up in a blind dating i wanted him to show his pictures. Suren told me that he didnt have any of his pictures on the net to show me and told me that he is neither a hunk nor great looking guy, just an average looking guy.

I liked his honest approach and assured him that i will meet him oneday for sure. After 40 minutes of chatting i have shown him one of my recent picture. Suren told me that he has a friend who is looking for a guy like me and that his friend is really a hottie. I was now bit interested, you cant complaint me for being so skin obsessed lad, i would like to remind you that im just young and may not be pretty matured in dating etc. I was still doubtful in meeting Suren's friend, because of the lack of faith in finding my dream date or someone as manly as me in Chennai gay world. Most of them in the chat room are either so elder than me or they are so feminine, they are definitely not my type, especially for sex. So i wanted to meet Suren's friend somewhere in public and decide. Suren accepted my offer with one condition, if i liked his friend i should take Suren along with him and have threesome. Well, im not pretty much into groups or threesome but felt bit curious to go ahead.

I met Suren and his friend Shan (name changed) at Coffee day, i must say that Shan was really hot. If i have ever dreamt of having sex with a guy on a party night he fulfilled all the features of my dream date. And fortunately he liked me too. Shan is a Rajasthani guy with perfect features all over from top to bottom, he was looking like a greek god who came as my Saviour of Sexology. And he smiled at me.
What would you like to do for a smile from a good looking boy?
  1. You can tear your clothes in the middle of the busy Adyar road and tell him that you born to have sex with him
  2. You could kidnap him then and there and take him to beach at midnight to have a wild night sex and frighten all the crabs and sex starved policemen on the sea shore
  3. You would like to kill as many as you can just to have his appreciative smile
  4. You can lie on his lap and look at his handsome face non-stop for 48 hours and apply for a Guinness record
  5. You can go for a gender transfer operation straight away to make sure he keeps his beautiful organ on the right place.

Well, i didnt do any of the above and stood still, but i must admit i lost myself for that beautiful smile. It was one of the most beautiful smile and lips i have ever seen. Unfortunately the meeting didnt take longer, Suren and Shan left the Coffee day without saying anything, neither am i. Last night at 8pm Suren called me and said he will be coming along with Shan. I was delighted again and cleaned my bedroom, you can guess what i was hoping to get that night. They have arrived shortly. I had a nice chat with them and learned that Suren and Shan are not just close friends but also relatives. I have guessed that Suren is somehow in love with Shan and he arranged this threesome date to please Shan. Suren was low in confidence about his looks and he thinks he is not a perfect match for Shan by looks, i felt it as a bullshit.

In the beginning of sex Suren was bit involved but after 10 minutes he withdrawn himself and told me and Shan that he would like to watch television and asked us to carry on. I was quite surprised with his approach and thought that he is kinda of fooling himself. I maintained decency as usual and didnt speak about Suren to Shan (well, it is none of my business anyway). But i liked Shan he was so decent, focused, aggresive and very friendly. And he liked me too. Its funny he thought im the hottest guy in Chennai (dont post your hatred comments to me for making self advertisement, remember the word i said 'funny'). Normally Rajasthani guys are very aggresive in sex and they are passionate too. Finally he made the saturday night sex as one of the most memorabilla. Shan called me again this morning and said he wanted to meet me quite often and would like to be my friend rather than just being an one-night stand (i can hear you murmuring 'Lucky bitch')

Monday, March 23, 2009

100 reasons for being GAY

Last evening i was bit bored and felt lonely, so i called AR who is one of my straight friend and also my best friend. I asked him if he is free to come home. I must say he is an angel, whatever the circumstances, he will always give me the first preference. So he said he will come. He came to my house after my dinner time and togather we started watching the news channels. We both saw the news flashed on the screen which is about IPL shifting its venue to outside of India. We both were disappointed and shocked by the news. Because last time when IPL matches were on we as a group of friends went for couple of matches and watched it from Chepauk. I must say it was like heaven, sitting among 40,000 people, cheering, shouting and watching players like Dhoni, Yuvraj, Hayden and Ponting, truly it was amazing. This time we had plans to buy tickets too, so we had all the reasons to be disappointed this time. AR was literally shouting at me as if im the reason for the shifting of IPL this time (to give a clue about my friend AR's cricket knowledge, last time when Ganguly was being caught by Raina in the long-on trying to hit a six, but unfortunately my friend AR thought it was an LBW decision and he was jumping in joy)

Suddenly there was a power cut in Electricity supply, me and AR had to wait for nearly an hour. We both started singing songs and enjoyed the moment. AR is a terrible singer and he got a voice which sounds like tod in the rainy season, but somehow he believes that his voice matches some of the lead singers in the industry. i was literally praying that the current will be back asap so that i can escape from his music display. Thank god the power supply was back then.

We were back in my bedroom started an argument about Indian Politics at 1' o clock midnight. Whenever we are togather there will be an argument one way or other. As being a maths graduate and also an analyst in profession i always add stats in my arguments which will put AR nowhere most of the time. He was trying to fight with me in regards some of the mistakes done by our great Indian Political Leaders of the past, some of them are the pillars of our Freedom Struggle against British. Though AR had some valubale points about the mistakes of these leaders in the past which changed the course of the history, but AR tried to blame me for all these mistakes as if i was the one who nominated these leaders in 1940's and 1950's. His voice was so high which frightened me that he might bring all my neighbour's complaints in the morning. I tried to calm him down and changed the topic.

The topic moved into more personal issues like our lifestyle and choices. Suddenly AR started talking about my sexuality. He is one of my two bestfriends who knows im Gay. He had this serious doubt about me being Gay and he always consider me as a Straight guy. Here goes the conversation

AR asked me "Why do u think you are a Gay?"

I told him "well, i like guys, i like cocks, i fall in love with guys. Doesnt that mean im Gay?"

AR was shaking his head unapprovingly now and said "Then why you have had sex with Girls before"

I said "Well, it was an accident, done by on demands"

AR said "No, if you are gay, you shouldnt liked the sex with girls, isnt it?"

I said "well no, being gay is not only my sexual preference but it is my lifestyle preference, i cant fall in love with a girl, but i can have sex with them"

AR was furious now and said "what is that mean? i guess you are confused"

I said "no, im not, if i see a girl in nude i dont get an erection, only when they touch me i will be excited. But in a guy's case if i see him in nude i will be having a hard-on, he doesnt even have to touch me, even if he looks at me that will excite me more"

AR said "So being Gay is only for sex, right?"

I said "well, according to me, not every good looking guy attracts me. its more of liking him mentally then shifting onto physically to know him more"

AR was now totally confused, he said its getting late now, so he went to sleep. When i was sleeping next to him and listening to his snoring. I felt bit of relaxed and thankful to him. Not only he cares for me and being their for me when i needed, i can also have this kind of conversation about my sexuality with him without any uneasiness. He always gives me the comfort to share my feelings, once i even told him that im in love with him knowing that he is a straight guy. Friend like AR is a gift to a gay guy like me. No matter whether he is blunt in Cricket knowledge or sings with a horrible voice or snores like bear i simply value the friendship with him. I will never spoil our wonderful friendship for a matter of 2 minutes sexual desire. It is difficult to find someone like him who can open up conversation with you and bring your inner feelings which answers your deep thought questions.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Vote for the Cause

OK, after long time i have got a voter's card, im going to vote in this election. My dad was really furious on me for not voting in the last assembly election. Remember there was an assembly election sometime back in Karnataka. My dad gave me a book titled "Parliament" and asked me to read it to have some knowledge about Election and Parliament. I seriously started thinking about whom to vote for this time and i ended up confused as usual. Well, you cannot blame me, blame our political system.

When i read the Parliament book, i believe most of us misunderstood our political system or constitution. Our constitution law clearly states that it is not a type of US president rule system neither it is a one party governance rule. Our fore fathers clearly understand our country and also the diversities of people. Going through our consitution methods we dont really need a one party rule government for India. By our constitution methodology anyone can contest in an election, it doesnt mean that they have to belong to any particular party. Voters can vote for anyone who he thinks is the right candidate to his constitution. By this way after the representatives are selected they can choose the right people for cabinet and the cabinet will select the prime minister. There is really no need to announce your prime ministerial candidate before the election. Because our government is not a one man rule. It is governed by cabinet ministers. The head of the cabinet who is the PM cannot even take decision on his own. It has to come from the recommendation of the Cabinet. So our government system is kind of Cabinet rule governance unlike UK or US, it is kind of French government system. There is no real need for a ruling party or an opponent party in the Parliament/Assembly either. Bills and policies can be supported or opposed by any representative of the house. Kind of confused, huh...Well when you notice the current indian politics dominated by nearly 40 regional parties. One party governance or an opposition party is not possible at all. Our fore fathers have understood this and sighted the future clearly. They are really great and wise.

So what im trying to say here is there are lot of confusion in these 60 years of understanding our political system. A voters responsibility is not to worry about which party going to rule the country/state or who is going to be the next PM/CM. Our responsibility is to choose a right candidate from our constitution who can deliver our needs, he can even be an individual. If the 7 billion voters understood this i guess most of the problems in our political system and governance will be solved. But the political parties and leaders have strongly rooted in our mind for last 60 years, so it is difficult to change our mindset when we go for voting.

To all my gay friends, i request you to seriously consider the gay rights issues and basic human rights issues of our Country before going for voting. If we could find few representatives in Parliament who can raise their voice to support Gay and human rights issues, the future of the next generation will benefit a lot. I found few people who are contesting in this election who will support our cause. But unfortunately they are not contesting in my constitution, probably somewhere. Please remember fundamentalists will never support our cause and leaders who sound so forward thinking are not the same on Gay issues. Hmmm...confused again.

Note: As per the EC rules and regulations any personal or individual blog should not support or advertise or lean onto one sided. I believe i followed the terms quite well here, but hope our clever reader can find the hints and my leads...Jai Hind

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My holiday special

Last friday i went to my aunt's house in Madurai to celebrate my niece's birthday and spent 3 days at there having fun with my aunt's family, well it was nice. Madurai is a busy little city with plenty of people seems to be occupied with politics, cinema and tamil channels gossips. I have already been there twice and now it has become one of my favourite place to spend holidays. My aunt living with a joint family, where i have plenty of relatives to hang around. Both my aunt and her family really cares for me and they seems always in a happy mood. Apart from that my aunt is also a great cook. Im not really fond of spicy food since im a typical Coorgi guy, knowing it my aunt always makes sure that the dishes are not really spicy.

I have a 17 year old cousin there, his name is Nishant, doing his first year engineering. He is one of my favourite cousin since i have seen him from baby. He is a cute little boy (not little right now), always curious to learn things from me. I taught him to play instruments (i mean music), to ride bikes etc...So whenever i go there, we will roam around the city, watch movies stuff like that. I have been there 4 years before, so i was little more excited to see him again and wanted to know how he is doing in his college. I met Nishant then, he is now a really grown up as a handsome boy, grown his hair and changed his outfits too. He was very eager to meet me again and promised me that he will introduce his friends and share his fun stories with me. We both went togather all three days and check out the city.

Madurai is a vibrant city as usual now, people even call it as a sleepless city and i agree that. You can even walk in at midnight and find hot parottas in stalls. I always find guys in madurai are somewhat gayish, im not sure why may be because of the lack of access to girls. Guys are tall, dark, stylish, trendy and very manly. They will be always staring at you all the time, Strange, isnt it? I went to a browsing centre alone to check out our blog, found more views and few new followers. When i checked the browsing history of the system (accidently!) somebody already have accessed there. I was happy to find that the website have reached a remote city too.

Back home i had my dinner, it was delicious as usual including my favourite Prawn masala and Raitha. Nishant was waiting for me in his bedroom with a new guy and introduced me as his close friend. Boy, his close friend is really a handsome hunk with cute pink lips and shiny eyes, i guess his name is Sam. Sam smiled at me and he said he is very interested to learn guitar from me. I promised him that i will bring my guitar next time (hopefully). Nishant was some what nervous today and keep on staring at Sam once in a while, i felt that something different about my Cousin for the first time. I never thought anything sexually about him, i always treated him as a funny little boy then. Sam shook his hands with me, said goodnight and left the bedroom. His hands were smooth and soft, i kind of felt a bit of chemistry on him.

To change my naughty thoughts about a under aged boy, i started talking with Nishant and asked him about his college. Nishant seems to be really having wonderful time in his new college, i heard about his college before and it is one of the best college in the state. Nishant is really fond of his new friend Sam and was talking about Sam so much, i felt uneasy and tried to change the topic, but Nishant was reluctant, he keep on talking about Sam and told me how he felt about his close friend (remember he is not a best friend, but a close friend). When a guy says Close friend there is lot of meaning to it. Nishant told me that he was waiting for me to talk about Sam, since he felt no one to share his feelings about Sam. I told Nishant his feelings for Sam is nothing wrong and quite natural at his age. I told him that he should make sure that he is not avoiding his other friends inspite of Sam and asked him to mingle with a group of friends, instead of isolating himself along with Sam.

I felt sleepy because of the long travel last night, so i have changed my clothes and wore my shorts and t-shirts. Nishant was watching me curiously and smiled at me. I asked him why he was smiling. Nishant said i have grown up bigger these days, i could understand what he was meaning at. I told him "Well, i you have grown up too, i can still remember you wandering around the house without trousers". We both laughed then. Nishant asked me how often i masturbate. I told him not quite often these days, since im not really finding time. He asked when was the last time i masturbated. I said i dont really remember. He asked me that one of his friend told him that there are 16 ways of masturbating. I laughed at the question and told him i dont really know 16 ways, know just one favourite way and doing it for a very long time. Nishant told me that his friend taught him few methods and it was really erotic. He said he can teach me if he i wanted. I felt awkward again, i cannot think about sex when im with my little cousin. He is my same blood, probably we both have same kind of cock. The thought was disgusting. I felt bit of uneasy and tried to change the topic again. Nishant was furious now and told me that i have promised him earlier that i will share everything with him. I dont want to say anything now and make him feel guilty about sex. I must admit that i kind of gave up, even though he is my cousin, he is a grown up handsome boy now and after all im gay.

I looked at him straight went close and sat next to him. I watched his cute face, he was very tensed and kind of shaky now. He was strong and so bold few minutes,suddenly seems to be vanished. I put my hands on his shoulders, told him after all we are cousins and asked him to relax. He smiled at me again. I asked him to teach me the several ways of masturbating. As if waiting for my permission, he moved his hands to my crotch and taking control of my belongings. I was shocked of his sexual knowledge. I asked him where did he learnt this. He said he downloaded few gay movies from internet. I removed his jeans and briefs. He is really a grown up boy. I saw his young body in nude. I kind of proud of my little cousin having a beautiful body and his manliness (kind of family heritage i

After an hour, finishing of our warm up sessions. We had a nice little conversation. Nishant told me that he was waiting for my arrival for sometime and wanted to lose his virginity to his favourite cousin. He wanted to have sexual experiences and said he is more relaxed to do it with me. I asked him about his feelings towards Sam. Nishant told me that he is in love with him. I told him that it might be an infatuation and asked him to either stay away from Sam or have sex with him right away. Nishant agreed with me. Im damn sure Sam will never say no to my handsome cousin.

I returned back to Chennai on Monday night by bus. Again i was sitting next to a cute guy, it seems my long halt to sex for few months is turning out to be a serial of sexual encounters in this holiday. This time it was me made the first move towards the guy and had fun all night in the bus. Strange...Can someone tell me is there no one who is not gay today?

Friday, March 20, 2009

One night with the God

On Thursday night i was sitting alone watching tv as usual. These days i am addicted to News channels and finding it extremely hard to get out of it. These news channels have become increasingly stereotypes, one dimensional and very much commercial. Almost all the news readers are screaming in high pitch tone. Gossips have become news, sources have become officials these days...Quite funny

So i was so irrirated by these noise makers, sitting idle and trying to do something interesting. Suddenly i heard some music from my bedroom, remember i was sitting in the hall. Seems somebody was playing my guitar from my room. With cautions, i went to my bedroom and lost my breath when i found someone sitting in my bed and playing my guitar. Suddenly all the Hitchcock's movies and horror films came back to my mind and played a thriller in my heart. I tried my best to bring back my senses and trying to understand what is happening infront of me. A guy wearing a white shirt and some kind of black jersey must be in his early 30's who is fair and clean shaven sitting in my bed. I have no idea how he got into my bedroom. To be honest i had no idea what to do next. The guy was now looking at me and gave a smile. It was assuring and calm.
I tried to take control of the happenings and asked him "Who are you? What are you doing here?

He smiled at me again and said "I liked your guitar, its really a nice one, just needed some fine tuning".

I got irritated by this response and asked him once again "Who are you, first tell me"

He now starred at my eyes straightaway and said politely "Iam God"

I dont know how you would have reacted if you were in my shoes, but i thought it as a joke. May be this guy is a terrorist trying to hostage me to seek rampsom from the government or some thief trying to steal my valuable 12 years old poor guitar. Well, i have no idea. I have decided to find out who he really was, the only way to make sure if he is a god, i have to test his powers or knowledge stuff like that. So i have decided to ask him few questions about myself which no one knows (even i myself dont know or not sure about).

" If you are a God, can you tell me who is the first crush of my life?" , well it was very innocent of me to ask him such stupid question, i agree

He quietly said "i guess it was your maths tution master in your 8th standard, you were sitting with him in his terrace, looking at the dark sky and listening his descriptions about stars, you saw his hair falling over his eyes in the moonlight, you thought he is the most good looking guy"

Well at that moment i had no idea what to say, because every word this God said is true. Now watching the God closely. He looked beautiful but i cant say he was handsome because there was so much of feminine in him. He looked like kind of sissy. If God is gay, i guess he might be a bottom. Well, what he is doing here ? What he wants from me? is he gonna ask me to fuck him? i will say "no way dude, sorry mate you are not my type"

God was now staring at me too, he said " Vikki, you have grown up fast, i can still remembering you roaming around with your trousers when you were 4 years old, asking your grandma to tell you the bible stories, you have grown up as a handsome boy today"

Well, i was little embarassed now, i never felt awkward for a compliment, but getting it from God is something different, right? Now i feel bit relaxed after the initial tensions of meeting God, my mind started thinking, suddenly all my angers i have kept down under my heart for being born as Gay and couldnt live a normal straight guy arised. I was even furious then on God for making me a Gay and let me suffer in the straight world. I wanted to ask him all those fierce questions and ask him for justice. May be i should use this opportunity to let him turn me as Straight guy, find a girl and marry.

" I believe you are the God, but tell me why you made me as Gay? Why you are letting me suffer everyday? Why are you so partial on me when all other guys are straight and living happily?" i asked him in anger.

God suddenly went silent, i guess he was going to say that 'its my karma' or something like that.

God said "well, what happened to you today, i thought you dont believe in these partiality of sexual differences, you know that its just a matter of choice. male/female, gay/straight, top/bottom, hindu/muslim all these things are man made one. you cant blame me for this. you guys created it, suffering now"

I was even more frustrated now "you cannot just wash your hands, you have the power to change things"

God said "well, how many things you wanted me to change, millions? you have no idea how many prayers i have to answer everyday, i have tremendous pressure these days"

It was funny to hear about work pressure from God, who would have thought that even God is feeling pressure.

"so you dont have answers or solution to solve my problem, i have to be gay all my life and live alone, isnt it?" i asked God

God now was smiling at me and said "well, i gave you plenty of chances to find your love, but you missed them, its your fault"

"oh yeah, i know it, but is that the way my life is going to be, do i have to suffer ? cant i live normal like straight " i was a bit frustrated now

"well, you know that you cant be straight now, but you can find your love if you really wanted to" God replied me

"i dont know if he really exist, how can i find him" i asked him again

God said "i will continue to give you opportunities, there are guys out there who likes you, its upto you to get them"

"fine, so you are not going to help me anything, why did you come here?" i asked him irated

"i came here to see one of my beloved boy, i came here to let you spread my message to all your gay friends" God told me

"Well, you are trying to use me, just like you have used Jesus and Buddha, well, im not a dumb like them, why should i do it, what do i gain"

God said "i know you will do it, thats what you are , dumb" he said with a smile I smiled at him now, he was so smart and its hard to win him.

He continued to talk now "Vikki, i know that you are not comfortable about what you are, but you are a strong boy and know what you are doing. Dont put yourself down, dont feel bad about being gay or bisexual or bottom or top or whatever, you cant change it, but what you can change is your mindset, you can find ways to live happily, you can find ways to achieve your ambitions, you can find ways to be successful, you are blaming me for making you Gay, if you think its a weakness, remember i have given you plenty of strengths that a straight guys dont have, i have given you writing skills, i have given you talent to understand people, i have given you ability to get out of any trouble, i have given you experience to be successful, just find what you can do to be successful, what you can do to make your life more successful and do it, just believe in what you are doing, never have second thoughts, keep working"

I asked him " so, are you going to tell me the message to let my friends know?"

God calmly said "i already told you the message" and he disappeared.

Do you think God is great?

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Do's and Dont's

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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Spiderman and my beautiful mind

Iam not sure if you have seen the movie "A beautiful mind". But if somebody asked me to do films i will take a movie about a beautiful mind. There will be millions of thoughts wandering around your mind at the same time when the crush of your life sitting closer to you. In Zen it says like this "If the mind is empty, it is always ready for anything; it is open to everything. In the beginner's mind there are many possibilities, in the expert's mind there are few". I must call myself expert now because it is always occupied with one thought that is Gay.

Last year i have got a new friend in my neighbourhood Vinoth. Vinoth is a 20 years old mallu boy living next door. He has broken his leg in an accident while trying to do wheeling, he is currently taking rest at home and almost discontinued his college. I must say he is a hunk with long hairs, fair and tall, broad chest, sexy lips and cute eyes. I used to go for a smoke at the terrace, and i will meet him daily. He will be always there wearing some faded jeans, t-shirts and a boyish smile. Lately he has been asked to stay at home to take rest, so he is bored out of loneliness. So whenever he finds me he will talk a lot and in a shortwhile we have become friends. Iam not really sure of his intentions or interests. I really find him very attractive and friendly, but its also in my inner mind which controls me from falling in love with a straight guy.

Last week me and Vinoth were watching the movie "Spiderman" in his house. Somehow the movie has become my favourite, either its because of the innocent looks of Toby Macguire or its because of the superhero status of the Spiderman adventures, but there is something Gay about Spiderman-2. Vinoth was having a conversation with me while watching the movie. I was so desperate today to express my feelings to him, there was something different about his whole approach today starting from inviting to his house and also the way he was looking at me, period.

Here is the conversation with the background dialogues of Spiderman-2 and also the thoughts of my beautiful mind. This is what you call as Threesome...

Vinoth: You look so different today, new hair style, huh?
Me: What? (i was not actually heard what Vinoth said, spiderman was now in his bedroom shirtless, Vinoth was glancing at me from the corner of his eyes, Wow, his eyes? i felt restless now and pretending like watching the movie)
(Spiderman-2: I said, um, 'Spider-Man,' I said, 'the great thing about M.J. is when you look in her eyes, and she looks back in yours, everything feels not quite normal, because you feel strong—and weak at the same time. You feel excited, and at the same time terrified. The truth is you don't know the way you feel, except you know the kind of man you want to be. It's as if you've reached the unreachable, and you weren't ready for it. )

Vinoth: Hey, are you listening me?
Me: (no iam not, im lost) Yes, im listening , tell me
Vinoth: There is something wrong about you today, sometimes its very hard to understand you. Sometimes i feel like i dont know who you are (Oh yeah, its coming, can somebody tell this idiot that im Gay)
(Spiderman-2 :Who am I? You sure you wanna know? The story of my life is not for the faint of heart. If somebody told you it was a happy tale, if somebody said I was just your average guy, not a care in the world...somebody lied. But let me assure you, this, like any other story worth telling, is all about a girl. That girl, the girl next door. Mary Jane Watson. The woman I loved since before I even liked girls. )

Vinoth: Iam going back to hostel from next week, we cant see each other anymore. Will you miss me?
Me: Not really (it hurts, you have no idea)
(Spiderman-2: No matter what I do, no matter how hard I try...the ones I love will always be the ones who pay. )

Vinoth: I dont know what to say, but i never really had any friend like you before. And i dont think i will find anyone in the college.
Me: Look, dont worry about it. You will find friends better than me, who matches your interests, im sure you will forget about me in one or two days.(He was so straight acting till last week, his sudden changes frightened me, i dont want him to be a gay and suffer like me)
(Spiderman-2: Peter, look, you're changing. I know. I went through the exact same thing at your age. Peter, these are the years when a man changes into the man he's going to be for the rest of his life. Just be careful who you change into. )

Me: Vinoth, dont worry about friendship, love or sex etc. Just focus on your studies and sports, the remaining thing will happen automatically to you (Gosh, i sounded like my grandma, somebody blow me)
(Spiderman-2: Whatever life holds in store for me, I will never forget these words: 'With great power, comes great responsibility.' This is my gift. My curse. Who am I? I'm Spider-Man! )

(Vinoth was smiling at me now)
Vinoth: What happened to you today, you sound so odd. Iam trying to say something to you, but you are not listening, pretending as if everything is normal.
(Spiderman-2: I love you! And Peter loves you! We've been down and out before but somehow we'll get through it. You do too much, you're not Superman, you know. )

Me: I know what you are going to say, infact i dont want you to say anything now. Im 5 years elder than you, so i know more than what you know
Vinoth: Vikki, allow me to say what i wanted to say, dont fool me.
(Spiderman-2: What do you want? (to Norman) To say what you won't. To do what you can't. To remove those standing in your way. )

Vinoth: Vikki, you should say whatever you want to say today itself (he was very curious and encouraging me to open up). Do you have any special feelings on me?
Me: Come on machi, lets just stop talking and just watch the movie, Dont you like Spiderman? (i just tried my best to change the topic, i dont wanna spoil the show)
Vinoth: No, i dont like him. Answer my question
(the time was running out, my heart was pounding like a sports watch, i just looked at his beautiful eyes, hard to resist this hot guy, somebody stop me please)
Me: Oh yeah, i have feelings towards you, but you dont have to worry about it.
Vinoth: Vikki, you are my best friend, i do have to worry about hurting you.
(Spiderman-2: Misery, misery, misery. That's what you've chosen. I offered you friendship... and you spat in my face! )

Vinoth: I want you to be my best friend. Be with me forever like a guide help me. I dont want any awkward feeling in between us. I cant just ignore you, will you be my best friend forever?
(at this moment millions of thoughts crossing all over my beautiful mind, its all for few seconds, i just smiled at him)
Me: Yep, i will
(Vinoth gave a sigh of relief, he must be the happiest man today)
(Spiderman-2: We are who we choose to be! Now, CHOOSE! )

Well, there are few things which i dont have control over in my life. Being gay is not my choice, its not anybody's choice, its our destiny. Now who said that "Never fall in love with a straight guy", Period...

Through Vinoth i have got one more shot in my wounded heart. But that is the way my life is, i find hundreds of gays in the net everyday, they just dont capture my heart, its the straight guys in my next door or in my college or in my office who dies for my friendship makes my heartbeat go hell all the time. I deserved those shots for being so stupid. Now somebody Blow Me.

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Monday, March 9, 2009

Gay indian celebrities

Last night i was watching Filmfare awards in Sony max, bollywood hotties Imran Khan and Ranbir Kapoor were hosting the show as usual with the bollywood's favourite theme 'Gay'. Last few years bollywood got this gay trend, sometimes they become too stereotype like the one hosted by Sajjad Khan. Both Imran and Ranbir were so damn cute and really looked like two gay friends in love with each other (oh my god, how i wish they being gays). I heard they are actually good friends and hang out every weekend.

And then there was this interview with Karan Johar and Shahrukh Khan about the gay rumours of them. Both denied that they are not in any gay relationship and they are just friends (infact SRK said he was more close to Karan's father and treats karan as his friend's son, well that is the joke of the year).

John Abraham said in another awards function that he is missing Abishek and hope to do another gay theme movie like Dostana along with Abishek (i was fallen from the couch, Gosh, somebody murder me now, i should not be allowed in public for hearing all these statements).
And then i read this interview by the Actor Siddharth (filmstar of 'Boys') who said that he would like to act in Gay roles which will explore his physic. Similarly Shahid Kapoor said he will be more happy to do Gay roles in the future (God, what are all these guys are saying? they have no idea what kind of dirty thoughts they are giving to innocent gay boy like me).

One of my friend sent me a link which lists the famous celebrities who are gays or bisexuals in West. I was surprised to find some of the celebrities i know in the list. This allowed me to seriously think about our Bollywood Celebrities. There is not even one guy in bollywood who came out of closet and announced as Gay, which is acceptable in hetrosexual India. I thought may be there is not even one gay in Bollywood exist. But watching and reading all these guy's Gayish interviews and shows, i cannot stop myself thinking about them being Gay. They sound so Gay these days.

Guess what i did all night on Sunday? fantasizing about Imran and Ranbir on a threesome, now that sounds like a hot one, isnt it??
There was so much hype about Indian celebrities in g4m. Somebody was asking whether Rahul Gandhi is gay (though he is still single at 35 yo, i doubt it). And then one guy about MTV roadies like Sufi, Sandeep or Nauman. Somebody was saying Suresh Raina and Irfan Pathan are lovers. Guys even suspicious about Dhoni taking poor Parthiv patel in his billion while riding his bike. So many guys in g4m seems to be had sex with atleast one celebrity in town. Well, i just hope that all these guys fantasy may come true for Gay's sake.

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Saturday, March 7, 2009

Coming out.........

Friday night, i was watching my favourite team Manchester United playing Premiere League in which Christiano Ronaldo smooching Vidic (trust me guys, there must be plenty of chemistry running between them, i can imagine them taking shower togather in the locker) and then there was this match in which Chelsea kicked a goal in the 2nd half. The match was played even though there was a heavy shower. I was watching the match with a semi-erection, you cannot blame me for having a hard-on. Blame those hotties playing wearing wet shorts, kicking the balls, smooching each other bodies, rain water was dripping all over their bodies. Thats it...i excused myself from the tv and spent some time in my bathroom. When i returned back my interest in watching football match was gone.

So i have decided to surf the net again, i thought i have become so Desi these days and decided to have some international exposure (lol). I've gone through several Gay forums. I must say that the topic 'Coming out' was the popular discussion especially among teenagers. After gone through some of their 'Coming out' experiences, fears and opinions, i thought as being Gay in India, im actually living in a better environment. Though homosex is illegal in India, atleast there are no homophobic attacks here. Indians have accepted the gay as a sexual preferences, but not given social status or identity yet. Since i dont really believe in Marriages i dont have to worry about Gay marriage either.

I have copied and pasted few postings of the western teenagers which showcase the reality of western countries in Gay rights. Through those international media we Indians wrongly thought there is so much liberal about gay in western countries, which is not true. Human rights activities are much better in India.

Guys who are screaming about Gay rights in India should go to these western countries and get themselves killed by homophobics. You guys should thank god for not living in extremist's countries like Pakistan or Iran. I have recently read that 5 Pakistani teenagers were being brutally beaten up and been dragged into public without their clothes for allegedly involving in gay group sex. I saw their pictures, all of them are hot and young. Yeh, allah...I have no idea what is happening in African countries, obviously they have too much to worry about their foods and diseases rather than thinking about Coming out.

Not even one case was registered in last 10 years or so for illegal gay activities in India. We never heard that any gay in India been tortured by homophobics. We are living in a free country especially for gays.

I don't want to be gay! Why can't I be straight?!
8 November, 2005 - 4:04am — Shenlong the Arcane
As the title says I don't want to be. I'm not homophobic, I have gay friends, and I'm gay, but I want to like girlswhy do I have to like guys? It hurts, I just don't want to be gay, the discrimination, the not being able to havekids or adopt or marry. I've wanted a wie since I was little but I'm not interested in girls. It sucks. My townhas pretty much pushed all queer people and liberal-ness into hiding. I want to be like my straight friends. I've beenclinging onto being bi like it was the last part of me. I just want to be straight

2 March, 2009 - 8:44pm — Adam A
was on the school soccer and Rugby (the british, original and much tougher version of american football) teams and i definately didn't come out, it would have meant an immediate death sentence....but a) i went to a private catholic highschool in the middle of nowhere, australiab) homophobia levels were very high all around my town anywayc) i was a jock andd)fencing is not exactly a "knuckhead" maybe things will be different for you, heh...

7 March, 2009 - 2:32pm — MrBlueSky
I think there are definitely
I think there are definitely differences. It depends on where you are I suppose, but where I am there is much stigma towards gay men. Then again it's not like I can say I know what it's like being a lesbian, so who knows

7 March, 2009 - 4:48pm — Riku
Around here, it's pretty much easier for lesbians. I've overheard crap about lesbians being okay but gays being creepy/whatever. And there are WAAAY more girls out about being gay, bi or whatever than guys.
I think in high school, guys are more insecure about their sexuality too. Because girls are more open to that stuff in high school? I guess. And you know, insecurity
about such things often leads to homophobia.

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Friday, March 6, 2009

Wow, You are fcuking GAY

Last night i was bit tired of watching English Premiere League decided to surf the net. I found this article, though i come from a Orthodox Christian family and became openly gay these days i cannot stop laughing while read this. The blok who wrote this must be given a Bafta for comedy. Find below the article, im warning you some of the lines might offend you, dont even think about Supreme court...

“Homosexuality is a negative corruption of humanity with no evolutionarily useful attributes. As the 'gay gene' is passed from parent to child, and gays do not breed, my theory predicts that the gay species will soon become extinct.”
~ Charles Darwin on Gays (when there were fewer gays)

Gay is a word in transition. Years ago, gay simply meant happy. It was a simple innocuous adjective used to describe the time had by Fred Flintstone whilst eating muffins or blowing a bassoon. You could have a Gay Day without having to put your penis anywhere, and even if your surname was 'Gay' you could probably get through school with most of your own teeth. Then everything got really complicated...

Modern usage
Today the word gay has 4 uses:
A man or woman who enjoys smiling.
A man who enjoys other men's penises and bottoms but doesn't like vaginas.
A woman who enjoys other women's vaginas and doesn't let men watch when they do.
An insightful witticism used by Brits and Americans. Although the genius of the insult is without question, it seldom has anything to do with penises, vaginas or indeed bottoms.
To confuse matters further, some people like to put their penis/vagina into various places of both men and women. These people are called Greedy, and everyone else is really jealous.
Gayism through the Ages
So, how did it all start, and where do gay people come from? Now, try to be serious for a second...

The pre-history of the Gayites

In the old days you could screw pretty much anything you fancied, animal, vegetable or mineral and didn't even have to ask, unless of course it was a lickalotopuss. Gay bashing still existed, but sucking off a man was far less adventurous than tugging off a lion, so no-one gave a monkeys; especially the monkeys who still bum each other silly to this day.

Here cumeth men of virtue

"In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth. And the earth was without form, and void; and darkness was upon the face of the deep. And the Spirit of God moved upon the face of the waters. And God said, Let there be light: and there was light. Etc, etc, etc..."

When God finally got bored masturbating over the dinosaurs he decided to create Adam so he could screw him instead. After watching poor Adam racking his wrists alone God gave him a good ribbing and created Eve allowing the family tradition of screwing yourself to continue. Adam and Eve had a whole lot of sex to create two children (both boys) who then had sex with each other (or possibly their mother) to create more children who then also had sex with each other. Nothing wrong there you understand...

For thousands of years everyone carried on doing whomever they pleased especially the ancient Greeks who bummed each other silly largely because it was less effort than trying to talk a girl into doing it. God got a bit upset because man was actually starting to have more fun than him, and decided make a list of things which men were not allowed to do. When no one really listened he committed adultery with a virgin who gave birth to Jesus. Due to his fashion sense Jesus' sexual advances were rejected by Angel Gabriel, a man, and even a sausage. In his rage Jesus banned sexualising anything with a plonker leaving him to wander the desert for forty days with nothing to suck on.

The deity-bashing continued long after. When a miniature Bonsai tree mocked Buddah's minuscule manhood he added his weight to this prohibition and Abraham revealed his support 'cos it's the thing all the cool kids do. Muhammad also backed the new rules. Obviously he had no feelings of sexual inadequacy, and his views are all completely correct and reasonable in every way. Mainly because his are the words of Allah the one true God. Dont ask me why he asked all the guys to circumsize their penis. So now you goat fucking fundamentalist lunatics have no reason to blow my ass up that was that.

Public admission of bum fancying became taboo for 2000 years and everyone carried on as before but just didn't tell the priest or their dads. Then in the 1960's some stoned hippies decided it would be "right on" to "liberate the gay oppressed minority Maaaan", and as a result we now have to listen to everyone banging on about sodomy again.
Hard facts about Gayuality

Thanks to those damn Chinese and all the whispering many misconceptions exist:
Apparently God was a non-smoker, but encourages his children to be fruity and multiply
A Sin of Biblical Proportions
The Bible is the genuine indisputable word of God. He actually took time off running the whole universe to write it himself using a cloud. Genesis 19:8 is very clear about Gaying around....

Before they lay down, the women of the city, the men of Sodomy, surrounded the house, both young and old, all the people from every dime; and they called to Lot and said to him, "Where are the women who came to you tonight? Bring them out to us that we may have relations with them." But Lot went out to them at the doorway, and shut the door behind him, and said, "Please, my brothers, do not act wickedly." Now behold, I have two boys who have not had relations with man; please let me bring them out to you, and do to them whatever you like; only do nothing to these girls, inasmuch as they have come under the shelter of my roof.

Hang on a second, are you sure that's how it goes???

Homosexuals often gather together in packs
A quick guide to using the 'F' word
FAG means cigarette. Unless you're homophobic, or a fag.
A faggot is a type of sausage. Unless you're homophobic, or a sausage.
Got it? Perhaps not... Basically, the "rules" say that YOU are not allowed to use the word fag, unless you're fag, in which case it's obviously considered fine. If a fag knows that you are homophobic, then using the word fag could be considered offensive. Unless of course he knows that you're actually secretly a fag, in which case he will probably just try to suck your cock or something.
If only Gabriel had let Jesus blow him instead

Why are People Gay?
Some say that Gays like mens bottoms and cocks, whereas straight guys don't.
Some say that Gays are just lazy straight people who have figured out that it's a lot easier to put your penis up a Gay man's bottom than it is to get a girl to do it.
Some say it's a disease that can be caught by playing Subbuteo with them.
Some say it's a recreational past time much like baseball only the ball(s) minus the base.

Why are People Straight?
Straight people don't like to have sex with members of their own sex. Those who would like to, but pretend not, can be considered 'In the Closet'. A position from which, deciding how how to dress it can become extremely difficult... Despite a newly liberated generation of freshly aware sexual individuals everyone still agrees that there is still something decidedly anal about being Gay. Women can be a pain in the ass and all, but in the end being straight actually looks like a lot less effort in the long run for most.

Why are People Homophobic?
Some say that there is actually a genetic difference between Gays and Straights. The logic follows that both are in the same genus as 'straights' (Homo) with the Gays being the Homo sexuals and the straights being the Homo sapiens. As has been noted, this is a tricky position considering what Mr Darwin said and all...
Some say it's about Religion. God has been screwing with men since time began, so he can't be against the idea.
Homophobic people are jealous. They see Gay people getting all the easy casual sex and are upset because they haven't thought of doing it themselves.

You, (19__ – 20__), were born several years ago and now you are gay.

Gay gay gay.
No whining or going into a hissy fit. Although your kind are known to do that. You are gay.
You at least want some questions answered? You should probably get used to speaking out, gay boy.
...And that also goes for the dyke right there that just said “I’m not a boy." You’re gay too.

Welcome to homosexuality

In your first and final venture into gayness, you may notice how the weather is totally fabulous. Be very alarmed. Do not be alarmed. In fact, you may find in your gay state that approximately 100% of the sensations and phenomena you were familiar with in your straight days are conspicuously feminine.
Remember how, when you were straight, you wasted hours and hours watching daytime (and probably night-time) television? Well, this is exactly like that. Except now it's soap operas. All the time. And forget about the watching football too. You watch "Bold and the Beautiful." You can now enjoy crappy soap operas. Because you're gay.
As for your friends and family you love, please rest assured. They won't be surprised by the bomb you will drop on them. They knew something was up when you and Shaun always went out for fajitas, napped together, and went fishing for the weekend. Your mother may even weep from disappointment, but don't count on it.

Things to do while gay

You Are Gay FAQ

Q: I was a manly person all of my life. I lived rugged, I respected breast, and I made every effort to get laid, whether girlfriend or stranger. So, where do I get my jollies now?
A: Go to a party and head for the Forest of Men. If you find your way through it you come to a cave. Congratulations.

Q: Can I do anything besides shop, travel, or decorate?
A: Well... yeah, but you'll need a buddy.

Q: If I hadn't read this article would I still be straight?
A: …Yes. Sucks to be you.

Q: Is all of gayness just a matter of choice?
A: No.

Q: Can I go to church and get cured?
A: …No.

Q: How about looking at a bunch of Playboys?
A: No.

Q: Have a sex change and become a lesbian?
A: NO! That doesn't even make sense.

Q: Can I at least adopt a child?
A: ...Maybe.

The "gay" phenomena referred by Iranian President Ahmahdinajad is popularly known as people who are flaming queens with long spaghetti dicks and butch dykes with huge breasts are the only exception to peoples' gaydars because all you need is common sense for that.
Tom Cruise (who is straight) has a gaydar strictly for novelty purposes. A gaydar in Vanilla Sky sets off when Tom Cruise walks in the room. This was not in the script, but a real-life occurrence that was accidentally left in the film.
It's also rumored that George W. Bush keeps a Gaydar/Death Ray hybrid in the oval office to make sure he can destroy the entire gay community.
“I know for a fact its only gay when you swallow and I can tell you buffoons I sure as Hell spit it out!”
~ Fred Phelps upon seeing a man with a gaydar at the other end of the street Many eons ago, homosexuals were unilaterally banished from mathematics faculties all over the Christian world as their sensitivity, hygiene and fabulous fashion sense showed up the serious failings in these areas by heterosexual mathematicians. This left gay scientists pondering how to find and hook up with other gay mathematicians who shared their passion for opera, rodeos and solving quadrilaterals in tight fitting shorts.

Among heterosexual men, there is one body type--whichever a man's body happens to look like--because straight guys are not interested in men's bodies, either their own or those of other males. They're interested in female body types. Chances are that if you have a penis and testicles and you are reading this article, you are whichever word for homosexual you like best to read or hear.
Most likely, you are also interested in learning about gay body types, which is why you navigated to this page out of the millions of other Internet pages that currently are available online. Chances are good, too, that you are hoping to see a little male booty. Well, you emo faggot, you came to the right place--at least in regard to male body types. The next time you're cruising the gay personals, you'll know what you're looking for (and what your particular package has to offer to others).

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Thursday, March 5, 2009

Indian Gay blog

Indian Gay blog for Chennai and Bangalore young gays

Can you believe it guys? Our blog view have crossed more than 1000 as of now. I would like to thank all the followers (both anonymous and also guys with identities), lazy bums who visit our blog but forgotten to register as followers, accidentally or by mistake have gone through our blog etc. When i started writing this blog i thought its just a hobby or a stress release, but now it is eating plenty of my time.
I heard from one of my friend that someone was posting our blog link in Yahoo Chatroom no:9 and asking people to read our blog, i have no idea who that anonymous guy was but i must be thankful to him for marketing our blog for free, but i have taken some other steps to take our blog to next level so that people can google quite easily. Well, my experience in optimization and web marketing is helping me out on thisPeople who are following our blog might know the transformation our blog has gone through in recent days. There are numerous blogs creeping around the net today and lot of them failed to hold the readers for long, because of the boring, dull, weird and dizzy. I have gone through few blogs, most blog writers trying to show their vocubalary skills, coming up with words only exists in Victorian days, using several words for the same meaning as if they are writing a written test for a English Lecturer job. Its mind blowing for a poor guy like to spell those words, come on guys, why dont you sound natural and realistic?. And then they post pictures of mystical objects which is hard to understand. They all sound like all those aliens coming out of mythological world and fighting star wars.

After a long time i have managed to go for shopping to buy some books at Landmark (Adyar) last week. I must say that in recent days the number of Indian English novels have slightly increased due to the popularity of fictions like One night at Call centre etc. Most of them have become very commercial these days "Q&A" have become Slumdog Millionaire after the success of the movie. I have bought a fiction called " zero degrees", thought there is no depth in the fiction but the writing style of the author impressed which carries a witty comedy and a fuzzy look running throughout the novel.

Coming back to the hut, this blog is specifically built for the guys from 18 to 30 years old, so keeping it in mind and also i am one of them im trying to sound bit witty, sexy, informative and also entertaining in this blog. Iam adding lot of visual effects and styles to bring more colour to this blog(dont expect me to post any nude indian men or gay pictures here). I will come up with more information about gay events, gay parties, gay rights news , articles , pictures etc in the future.
People who bypass this blog or accidentally gone through this blog are requested to add as follower and post your valuable comments here. People who wants to know the gay life style of chennai or any other indian cities can send there questions to my email id .

If you guys would like to write any article or share your experiences or pictures can very well send it my mail, i will post it in the blog. Kindly pass on our blog link to your friends and ask them to add as a follower.