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Saturday, March 7, 2009

Coming out.........

Friday night, i was watching my favourite team Manchester United playing Premiere League in which Christiano Ronaldo smooching Vidic (trust me guys, there must be plenty of chemistry running between them, i can imagine them taking shower togather in the locker) and then there was this match in which Chelsea kicked a goal in the 2nd half. The match was played even though there was a heavy shower. I was watching the match with a semi-erection, you cannot blame me for having a hard-on. Blame those hotties playing wearing wet shorts, kicking the balls, smooching each other bodies, rain water was dripping all over their bodies. Thats it...i excused myself from the tv and spent some time in my bathroom. When i returned back my interest in watching football match was gone.

So i have decided to surf the net again, i thought i have become so Desi these days and decided to have some international exposure (lol). I've gone through several Gay forums. I must say that the topic 'Coming out' was the popular discussion especially among teenagers. After gone through some of their 'Coming out' experiences, fears and opinions, i thought as being Gay in India, im actually living in a better environment. Though homosex is illegal in India, atleast there are no homophobic attacks here. Indians have accepted the gay as a sexual preferences, but not given social status or identity yet. Since i dont really believe in Marriages i dont have to worry about Gay marriage either.

I have copied and pasted few postings of the western teenagers which showcase the reality of western countries in Gay rights. Through those international media we Indians wrongly thought there is so much liberal about gay in western countries, which is not true. Human rights activities are much better in India.

Guys who are screaming about Gay rights in India should go to these western countries and get themselves killed by homophobics. You guys should thank god for not living in extremist's countries like Pakistan or Iran. I have recently read that 5 Pakistani teenagers were being brutally beaten up and been dragged into public without their clothes for allegedly involving in gay group sex. I saw their pictures, all of them are hot and young. Yeh, allah...I have no idea what is happening in African countries, obviously they have too much to worry about their foods and diseases rather than thinking about Coming out.

Not even one case was registered in last 10 years or so for illegal gay activities in India. We never heard that any gay in India been tortured by homophobics. We are living in a free country especially for gays.

I don't want to be gay! Why can't I be straight?!
8 November, 2005 - 4:04am — Shenlong the Arcane
As the title says I don't want to be. I'm not homophobic, I have gay friends, and I'm gay, but I want to like girlswhy do I have to like guys? It hurts, I just don't want to be gay, the discrimination, the not being able to havekids or adopt or marry. I've wanted a wie since I was little but I'm not interested in girls. It sucks. My townhas pretty much pushed all queer people and liberal-ness into hiding. I want to be like my straight friends. I've beenclinging onto being bi like it was the last part of me. I just want to be straight

2 March, 2009 - 8:44pm — Adam A
was on the school soccer and Rugby (the british, original and much tougher version of american football) teams and i definately didn't come out, it would have meant an immediate death sentence....but a) i went to a private catholic highschool in the middle of nowhere, australiab) homophobia levels were very high all around my town anywayc) i was a jock andd)fencing is not exactly a "knuckhead" maybe things will be different for you, heh...

7 March, 2009 - 2:32pm — MrBlueSky
I think there are definitely
I think there are definitely differences. It depends on where you are I suppose, but where I am there is much stigma towards gay men. Then again it's not like I can say I know what it's like being a lesbian, so who knows

7 March, 2009 - 4:48pm — Riku
Around here, it's pretty much easier for lesbians. I've overheard crap about lesbians being okay but gays being creepy/whatever. And there are WAAAY more girls out about being gay, bi or whatever than guys.
I think in high school, guys are more insecure about their sexuality too. Because girls are more open to that stuff in high school? I guess. And you know, insecurity
about such things often leads to homophobia.

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