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Sunday, March 29, 2009

Funny yahoo chat room and my one night stand

Last evening i was so horny and desperate, call me as sex-obsessed lad or whatever but i was looking for an one night stand then. As usual yahoo chat room 9 was filled with lunatics and sex maniacs. I was afraid that i might ended up meeting some incest or foot fetish gay man and screw my entire pleasant evening. So i was careful enough not to post any inviting ads in the chat room. There were 50 guys online all the time, informing everybody about the availability of place for that night. Few of them selling their areas enquiring that if anybody available nearby. I laughed at a guy who mentioned the whole north Chennai. At that point of time i could remember a famous incident in Mahabharatha when Arjuna was looking for an giant elephant which can place its four legs in four different direction. I thought if i could have such an elephant i could be at Anna nagar, Besant nagar, Tambaram and Royapuram at the same time and meet guys. Well, im neither an Arjuna nor a sex machine to have sex 4 times on the same day. So i have decided to play an audience role and watch the funny gay world going crazy on a friday night. There were so many self advertisement ranging from their long cocks to sharp nipples. One guy was giving description about the moves of his boobs while getting fucked (oh,man that was horrible). Almost everybody were trying to arrange for a one-night stand for their weekend. There is not even one guy looking for a friend or something including myself (shame on me,rite?). Finally i spoke to a guy who is from Nagpur his name is Suren (name changed). Though there is no guarantee in Chennai whom you will be ended up in a blind dating i wanted him to show his pictures. Suren told me that he didnt have any of his pictures on the net to show me and told me that he is neither a hunk nor great looking guy, just an average looking guy.

I liked his honest approach and assured him that i will meet him oneday for sure. After 40 minutes of chatting i have shown him one of my recent picture. Suren told me that he has a friend who is looking for a guy like me and that his friend is really a hottie. I was now bit interested, you cant complaint me for being so skin obsessed lad, i would like to remind you that im just young and may not be pretty matured in dating etc. I was still doubtful in meeting Suren's friend, because of the lack of faith in finding my dream date or someone as manly as me in Chennai gay world. Most of them in the chat room are either so elder than me or they are so feminine, they are definitely not my type, especially for sex. So i wanted to meet Suren's friend somewhere in public and decide. Suren accepted my offer with one condition, if i liked his friend i should take Suren along with him and have threesome. Well, im not pretty much into groups or threesome but felt bit curious to go ahead.

I met Suren and his friend Shan (name changed) at Coffee day, i must say that Shan was really hot. If i have ever dreamt of having sex with a guy on a party night he fulfilled all the features of my dream date. And fortunately he liked me too. Shan is a Rajasthani guy with perfect features all over from top to bottom, he was looking like a greek god who came as my Saviour of Sexology. And he smiled at me.
What would you like to do for a smile from a good looking boy?
  1. You can tear your clothes in the middle of the busy Adyar road and tell him that you born to have sex with him
  2. You could kidnap him then and there and take him to beach at midnight to have a wild night sex and frighten all the crabs and sex starved policemen on the sea shore
  3. You would like to kill as many as you can just to have his appreciative smile
  4. You can lie on his lap and look at his handsome face non-stop for 48 hours and apply for a Guinness record
  5. You can go for a gender transfer operation straight away to make sure he keeps his beautiful organ on the right place.

Well, i didnt do any of the above and stood still, but i must admit i lost myself for that beautiful smile. It was one of the most beautiful smile and lips i have ever seen. Unfortunately the meeting didnt take longer, Suren and Shan left the Coffee day without saying anything, neither am i. Last night at 8pm Suren called me and said he will be coming along with Shan. I was delighted again and cleaned my bedroom, you can guess what i was hoping to get that night. They have arrived shortly. I had a nice chat with them and learned that Suren and Shan are not just close friends but also relatives. I have guessed that Suren is somehow in love with Shan and he arranged this threesome date to please Shan. Suren was low in confidence about his looks and he thinks he is not a perfect match for Shan by looks, i felt it as a bullshit.

In the beginning of sex Suren was bit involved but after 10 minutes he withdrawn himself and told me and Shan that he would like to watch television and asked us to carry on. I was quite surprised with his approach and thought that he is kinda of fooling himself. I maintained decency as usual and didnt speak about Suren to Shan (well, it is none of my business anyway). But i liked Shan he was so decent, focused, aggresive and very friendly. And he liked me too. Its funny he thought im the hottest guy in Chennai (dont post your hatred comments to me for making self advertisement, remember the word i said 'funny'). Normally Rajasthani guys are very aggresive in sex and they are passionate too. Finally he made the saturday night sex as one of the most memorabilla. Shan called me again this morning and said he wanted to meet me quite often and would like to be my friend rather than just being an one-night stand (i can hear you murmuring 'Lucky bitch')


  1. Hi viki,
    you lucky B.... You deserve to be called so. Well why dont you post a clear picture of yourself on this site rather than the one where your face is not clear? do you tie any magical thread around become so lucky?

  2. hi vik,
    what is special in becoming a "follower"--do we have to shell out money?

  3. That was funny indeed!!! :-))