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Sunday, March 22, 2009

My holiday special

Last friday i went to my aunt's house in Madurai to celebrate my niece's birthday and spent 3 days at there having fun with my aunt's family, well it was nice. Madurai is a busy little city with plenty of people seems to be occupied with politics, cinema and tamil channels gossips. I have already been there twice and now it has become one of my favourite place to spend holidays. My aunt living with a joint family, where i have plenty of relatives to hang around. Both my aunt and her family really cares for me and they seems always in a happy mood. Apart from that my aunt is also a great cook. Im not really fond of spicy food since im a typical Coorgi guy, knowing it my aunt always makes sure that the dishes are not really spicy.

I have a 17 year old cousin there, his name is Nishant, doing his first year engineering. He is one of my favourite cousin since i have seen him from baby. He is a cute little boy (not little right now), always curious to learn things from me. I taught him to play instruments (i mean music), to ride bikes etc...So whenever i go there, we will roam around the city, watch movies stuff like that. I have been there 4 years before, so i was little more excited to see him again and wanted to know how he is doing in his college. I met Nishant then, he is now a really grown up as a handsome boy, grown his hair and changed his outfits too. He was very eager to meet me again and promised me that he will introduce his friends and share his fun stories with me. We both went togather all three days and check out the city.

Madurai is a vibrant city as usual now, people even call it as a sleepless city and i agree that. You can even walk in at midnight and find hot parottas in stalls. I always find guys in madurai are somewhat gayish, im not sure why may be because of the lack of access to girls. Guys are tall, dark, stylish, trendy and very manly. They will be always staring at you all the time, Strange, isnt it? I went to a browsing centre alone to check out our blog, found more views and few new followers. When i checked the browsing history of the system (accidently!) somebody already have accessed there. I was happy to find that the website have reached a remote city too.

Back home i had my dinner, it was delicious as usual including my favourite Prawn masala and Raitha. Nishant was waiting for me in his bedroom with a new guy and introduced me as his close friend. Boy, his close friend is really a handsome hunk with cute pink lips and shiny eyes, i guess his name is Sam. Sam smiled at me and he said he is very interested to learn guitar from me. I promised him that i will bring my guitar next time (hopefully). Nishant was some what nervous today and keep on staring at Sam once in a while, i felt that something different about my Cousin for the first time. I never thought anything sexually about him, i always treated him as a funny little boy then. Sam shook his hands with me, said goodnight and left the bedroom. His hands were smooth and soft, i kind of felt a bit of chemistry on him.

To change my naughty thoughts about a under aged boy, i started talking with Nishant and asked him about his college. Nishant seems to be really having wonderful time in his new college, i heard about his college before and it is one of the best college in the state. Nishant is really fond of his new friend Sam and was talking about Sam so much, i felt uneasy and tried to change the topic, but Nishant was reluctant, he keep on talking about Sam and told me how he felt about his close friend (remember he is not a best friend, but a close friend). When a guy says Close friend there is lot of meaning to it. Nishant told me that he was waiting for me to talk about Sam, since he felt no one to share his feelings about Sam. I told Nishant his feelings for Sam is nothing wrong and quite natural at his age. I told him that he should make sure that he is not avoiding his other friends inspite of Sam and asked him to mingle with a group of friends, instead of isolating himself along with Sam.

I felt sleepy because of the long travel last night, so i have changed my clothes and wore my shorts and t-shirts. Nishant was watching me curiously and smiled at me. I asked him why he was smiling. Nishant said i have grown up bigger these days, i could understand what he was meaning at. I told him "Well, i you have grown up too, i can still remember you wandering around the house without trousers". We both laughed then. Nishant asked me how often i masturbate. I told him not quite often these days, since im not really finding time. He asked when was the last time i masturbated. I said i dont really remember. He asked me that one of his friend told him that there are 16 ways of masturbating. I laughed at the question and told him i dont really know 16 ways, know just one favourite way and doing it for a very long time. Nishant told me that his friend taught him few methods and it was really erotic. He said he can teach me if he i wanted. I felt awkward again, i cannot think about sex when im with my little cousin. He is my same blood, probably we both have same kind of cock. The thought was disgusting. I felt bit of uneasy and tried to change the topic again. Nishant was furious now and told me that i have promised him earlier that i will share everything with him. I dont want to say anything now and make him feel guilty about sex. I must admit that i kind of gave up, even though he is my cousin, he is a grown up handsome boy now and after all im gay.

I looked at him straight went close and sat next to him. I watched his cute face, he was very tensed and kind of shaky now. He was strong and so bold few minutes,suddenly seems to be vanished. I put my hands on his shoulders, told him after all we are cousins and asked him to relax. He smiled at me again. I asked him to teach me the several ways of masturbating. As if waiting for my permission, he moved his hands to my crotch and taking control of my belongings. I was shocked of his sexual knowledge. I asked him where did he learnt this. He said he downloaded few gay movies from internet. I removed his jeans and briefs. He is really a grown up boy. I saw his young body in nude. I kind of proud of my little cousin having a beautiful body and his manliness (kind of family heritage i

After an hour, finishing of our warm up sessions. We had a nice little conversation. Nishant told me that he was waiting for my arrival for sometime and wanted to lose his virginity to his favourite cousin. He wanted to have sexual experiences and said he is more relaxed to do it with me. I asked him about his feelings towards Sam. Nishant told me that he is in love with him. I told him that it might be an infatuation and asked him to either stay away from Sam or have sex with him right away. Nishant agreed with me. Im damn sure Sam will never say no to my handsome cousin.

I returned back to Chennai on Monday night by bus. Again i was sitting next to a cute guy, it seems my long halt to sex for few months is turning out to be a serial of sexual encounters in this holiday. This time it was me made the first move towards the guy and had fun all night in the bus. Strange...Can someone tell me is there no one who is not gay today?

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  1. this is a very rare experience with a cousin. Lucky to have such a cousin and that too in an orthodox place like madurai.I had been to madurai a number of times but found it very "straight". Lucky you