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An Open Letter to Sakunthala Madam, the latest addition to homophobic list

Dear Sakunthala Madam

Mahabharata says

She was surrounded in the solitude of the wilderness, by śakuntas (birds),
therefore, hath she been named by me Sakuntala (bird-protected)

We believe by the meaning of your name because of the protection from the birds by birth you will have peace and harmony in your mind unlike your response to a letter in Dinamalar a week before.

As you proudly proclaimed "I completely detest homosexuals. We are all created to lead a life in tune with Nature". I wonder how you were serving the Indian Government as a judge in the past, when our judiciary believes in equality and inclusiveness.

Then, we come to the classic "Homosexuality isn't natural, and is, therefore, wrong" argument by you. It's true that we don't see homosexuality in nature, but since when does something's "naturalness," for lack of a better term, determine its morality?

Society is not a natural one, society and its norms were formed by human, therefore it is not a natural course. Civilization and its activities are totally controlled by the human, henceforth it is against the nature. Destroying forests and building houses are against nature. If homosexuality is unnatural, we may not be able to find it among other creatures such as dolphins etc.
But if we only looked at Nature without any cultural filters of any kind, we'd actually find that the homosexuality is absolutely "Natural" in, say, octopuses, dogs, human beings:"Natural" as in "Existent in Nature".So, is homosexuality against Nature? No, it's only against a certain ill-conceived interpretation of Nature. Nature therefore actually goes against an interpretation of itself!...

I'd like to rectify this absolutely ridiculous paradox of yours and put forward a statement on Nature that is at least coherent with Nature itself, and I'll therefore state that it is against Nature for so many people and, most importantly, for the media and people like you to devote time and negative energy in order to discriminate sexual tastes when humanity is plagued by war, poverty, violence, illiteracy, starvation.

And then our beloved Madam you said “We all eat with our mouth, for a change can we try eating with something else? Is that even possible? No.” What will you do if your son or daughter is naturally left-handed, will you cut off their hand and asked them to practice using right-hands? Or you will encourage them to be on their own way and lead their life successfully and peacefully?

And you said “May be they can adopt, but let me tell you, kids raised by same-sex couples will end up as criminals or mentally retarded.  “ May be you have a concrete proof or statistics to prove this obnoxious theory. If only adopted kids same-sex couples will become criminals and mentally retarded why do we have so many queuing up in KMC's? Why is that the criminal rate in India is higher than some of the western countries which agreed on same-sex marriages and adoption?

And your for information Madam, recently Delhi High Court shot down the proposition that homosexuality is a mental disorder saying that homosexuality is just another form of sexual expression. World Health Organisation excluded homosexuality from the mental disorder diseases. Both American Psychiatric Association and the American Psychological Association declassified homosexuality as a mental disorder. So i am wondering on what basis you termed us as criminals and mentally disordered people?

And you continued as “ I will offer you advice for a good life. Will you listen to me, Son?” Good life? Under what terms Madam, you wanted to chop of the feathers of the bird to live its life without flying, I pray to God that you do the same advice to your son too.

“I know many homosexuals who have changed from their evil ways, got married, returned to morality and live peacefully and happily. Don't let your mind wander into evil ways, come back, come home to god. “ You were dragging God and Evil unnecessarily to prove your theory, but could you please give me a data of married men who were homosexuals and still living happily? Dear Madam, by your irresponsible and ignorant philosophy you were spoiling directly and indirectly of many lives of men and the women they are going to be married.

And you finally mentioned “Homosexuality will gift you AIDS. Do you want to live as HIV-AIDS infected person for the rest of your life?. This showcase your lack of knowledge about AIDS, as if AIDS will not affect hetrosexual person. Once again you have gone wrong in statistics, next time when you talk about AIDS etc better collect some data from WHO or some NGOs which are working on this area.

People like you who spread venom against us will not stop us being as what we are naturally, we will fight against evil systems like you who have its own theory and wanted everybody to follow it. Because we dont live a lie, lie that can be as cruel and injustice as yours.

As my 'Coming out' poem said

Once I was there in that darkness filled with emptiness
Clouded with fears and scares threatening to kill nevertheless 

I was there standing alone craving to let myself free
Fighting against odd spirits that very notion within me

It was tears all over; spreading its wings traveled all my life
‘Come out’ Liberation encouraged me with an enchanting smile 

All my lies and fakes mounting like a lava periling an erupt
Control was not within me, it was the Orb warning to react

Time was running
My heart was dying 

Glowing grey hairs portraying the lack of love in my days
Carved with loneliness barricading the truth in its ways

Nature seems to be their only artillery blocking my happiness
Choices are not chosen as virtues under our family values

I was enchained with their beliefs, covered with moral ethics
Killing the true me was considered mercy in their social clinics

Closeting in someone’s shoes hurting my horrified heart
Their Laughter was daunting me to accept that painful act

By resisting to lie
I refused to die

Person like you in public who have the moral responsibility and served in the judiciary which repealed against Section 377 recently in Delhi High Court and you should not force your personal opinion on a public forum like Dinamalar.

Vikranth Prasanna
Founder & Director - Chennai Dost

Take Action : Condemn Tamil magazine Dinamalar's Homophobia

Dear Friends

At SIAAP, We came across a very disturbing article published in Dinamalar,Vaaramalar last Sunday, 14th November 2010 in the column Anbudan Antharangam - Sakunthala Gopinath. This column is a platform to get advice or suggestions for personal and intimate issues and problems. Last Sunday in this column a 28 year old closeted gay man shared his concern about straight marriage because his family is planning to get him married. The person seemed to be sure about his sexual preference. The reply of the columnist Sakunthala Gopinath was unethical, homophobic, amoral, malapropos and discriminating. Sakunthala in the most disgusted way has mentioned that his writing depicts that he is an effeminate man who prefers to be lonely. Further more she has pointed out 8 reasons why he is gay.

Please find the below link to the article.

Here is the English translation of the full exchange :


Dear Mam,

I have finished college and now working in a private company. I am a homosexual male. From very young age, I am not attracted to women, I am only attracted to men. In those days, when I was with my friends, I was never interested in watching porn with them.
They all watched straight pornography, which didn't interest me. They don't show men enough on those movies, they show women.
I later went on the Internet and came to know about being Gay. I used to go to the Internet Cafe every week and watch gay porn and chat with other gay men. I have also met and had sexual encounters with 20 men so far. My friends and family doesn't know that I am gay. I am so afraid of letting them know, if they come to know about me, I would kill myself. My parents are currently seeking alliances for my marriage. I don't want to get married, I will feel awfully guilty. In western countries, same-sex couples get married, have kids and live together. Our culture and our people doesnt accept all that. I am not sure what to do. Please consider me as your friend and help me out.

Friendly yours,


I read your letter. I guess you are close to 28 years old. You work for a private company. You are a loner. Your handwriting is quite feminine. I think one of the following is the reason why you are a homosexual

1. Homosexuality is a genetic disorder
2. Your mother is dead and you were raised by a strict father (or) your father is dead and you were raised by a selfish mother (or) you are younger to 3-4 sisters . You have been exposed at a very young age to lot of women nudity, mostly ugly ones. You got repelled by that without proper understanding.
3. You have bad friends who engage in homosexuality and talk about it
4. You are irrationally angry towards the world and the society. You just want to contradict, and be rebellious, for the sake of it
5. You are a half-baked atheist, who doesn't believe in god. No religion in the world approves homosexuality
6. You have a wrong scientific mentality that leads you to think that you know everything
7. You were raised by an evil step mother who ill treated you
8. You are a trouble maker , anti-social

I completely detest homosexuals. We are all created to lead a life in tune with Nature. Man - Woman relationship is like a relay race, it leads humanity to the future generations. It is not just for sex, but it is very important for the unit called family. We all eat with our mouth, for a change can we try eating with something else? Is that even possible? No.

Male and female babies are born in the ration of 1:1. Monogamous heterosexual relationship is God's unwritten law for humans.
A woman is like a flower and a man is like the bee. A bee can feed on the flower, a flower cant feed on the bee . Also a bee cant feed on another bee. It is the Man- Woman relationship that inspires life, art, literature and poetry. In your letter you have mentioned that men marry men, have babies and live together. A man can't make babies with another man, that is not scientifically possible. May be they can adopt, but let me tell you, kids raised by same-sex couples will end up as criminals or mentally retarded.

I will offer you advice for a good life. Will you listen to me, Son?

You mention that you are not sexually attracted to women. That is not the real truth, you are confused. You are blinded. Clear the fog and try to see things more clearly. You will see the reality. Don't spend your time on the internet, pray to god and become spiritual.
If you parents look for a match for you, don't say No. Let them. Try to find a manly-looking girl like actress Tabu.

I know many homosexuals who have changed from their evil ways, got married, returned to morality and live peacefully and happily.
Don't let your mind wander into evil ways, come back, come home to god. Homosexuality will gift you AIDS. Do you want to live as HIV-AIDS infected person for the rest of your life?

Read works that celebrate women and femininity. If you have only met bad and evil women so far in your life, don't conclude that you don't like women. Try to mix with the good ones.

Get married, have kids and live happily.

- Always motherly,
Sakunthala Gopinath

We as a collective crowd of LGBTQ and LGBTQ supporters from NGOs,CBOs and other groups should request Dinamalar to publish a corrigendum and an apology letter.

If you would like to mail, email or fax Dinamalar please find the below contact information

219, Anna Salai,
Chennai – 600002
Fax : 044 28523695
e-mail –

P.S: Thanks to SIAAP, and others to bring this to our notice. Special thanks to Gabriel and Shridhar for the english translation

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Amazin Post: My son is gay

Please take a look at the below link...One of the most popular post in recent times and making a controversy in US

Hope all the indian moms are just like her

Monday, November 1, 2010

Chennai Dost need funds for Magazine

Dear Readers

As we are planning to launch the Gay Lifestyle Magazine in Chennai, there has been some lacking of funds which is causing some unwanted delays in launching it. If any of our readers would like to make any monetory contribution for Chennai Dost Magazine please contact our PR at 044 433 133 82 for Payment details.

We are looking forward for your contribution to Chennai Dost

Chennai Dost

Chennai Dost Gay Magazine - Contribute your contents

Dear Friends

As Harvey Milk said

"We started of doing small things and then it became a Queer movement. The only thing they have to look forward to is hope. And you have to give them hope. Hope for a better world, hope for a better tomorrow, hope for a better place to come to if the pressures at home are too great. Hope that all will be all right"

Chennai Dost is planning to launch Chennai's First Ever Gay Lifestyle Magazine this November. We would like to invite everybody to send their articles, poems, short stories, photographs or paintings (based on Gay or Bisexual theme) to us if you like your writing to be published in our first edition.

Please send it to or on or before 6th November.

Editorial Team
Chennai Dost

Saturday, October 30, 2010

First ever Gay Lifestyle Magazine in Chennai

Good news for all the Chennai Dost blog readers

Chennai Dost will be launching its First ever Gay lifestyle Magazine for Chennai on November

If you like your writings, poems, paintings or photos to be published in the magazine, please send it to our editorial team on or before Nov 5th at or contact 044 433 133 82

The magazine sections are
1. Entertainment
2. Fashion
3. Health
4. Art and Literature
5. General

Be a part of the history, be proud to be gay

Chennai Dost Team

Thursday, October 21, 2010

What's wrong with Gym built men?

Written by

For the past 40 minutes and 36 seonds he was lifting that heavy iron metal with enormous concentration. I could see the bulge in his arms getting bigger and bigger, waiting to burst from his shorts. All right, i was ogling him literally, period. I was afraid that the veins inside the bulge might break and appear anytime, i felt like i was born to take a first look at it. I was visualising him naked, his long, thick muscles...blah blah blah. I started analysing various reasons for his hard effort to build his body in shape.

After repeated persuasion from Rahul my boyfriend, i have decided to join Gym. Definitely i have no ambitious idea of turning myself into a John Abraham or Brad Pitt or participating in Mr.India Contest. I just wanted to convince Rahul by going to a gym everyday. But i had other reason to go to the gym for sure. I was not sure if my body building project would work, but it helped me flexing my other important muscles.

Sometimes i wondered on a hot summer day where are all these gays in town? Well, you must visit my gym in adyar. They are all here in different types, sizes and ages. Hotties, hot twinks, hot muscled men busy working and sweating out. Ofcourse with few gay men like me around watching them.

Most of the gay men likes muscular built men, i wonder if there any particular reason for gay men to go 'ga-ga' on gym built men. Even though we read several news about the growing level of impotency among gym built men. Well, as usual i have decided to do a research on these guys.

Point to ponder:

1. Most of the gym built men have their FB, PlanetRomeo or Orkut profiles having their photos posing their flexe muscles like arms, chest, abs etc
Recommendations: For god's sake please shave your body hair before posing such photographs

2. They categorized their life period as before joining the gym and after...Similiar to AD and BC

3. They refused to wear anything which hides their worked out muscles.

4. They walk differently, they walk as if they are carrying 500kg weight.

5. They constantly irritate you by talking about 3 things. Gym, their muscles and their gym built muscles.

6. They believe Arnold Schwanegar can destroy the entire world with his gym built body.

7. They constantly irritate you by asking every minute "what do you think about my muscles in arms, chest, butt etc?"

I just thought of sending a caution note to all the gay men, ladies etc about these naive gym built men. Warning, before you fantasize or date any gym built men, remember this article and the irritation that can be caused by the same men.

Note: After writing this long, strong article i got bored and visited Planet Romeo, FB etc. As usual the greate strong muscled men profiles attracted me. Sometimes it is very difficult to take your eyes off from these gym built men you know...

Written by

Chennai Dost Gay Movie Screening on 31st Oct, Adyar

Chennai Dost Movie Screening.

Chennai Dost cordially invites all of you for a Movie Screening at the Chennai Dost House.

Date: 31st October 2010, Sunday.

Time: 5:00 P.M. to 7:00 P.M.

Venue: Chennai Dost House.

The Movie that will be Screened is


Cast: Jim Carrey, Ewan McGregor and Leslie Mann.

Synopsis: Steven Russell (Jim Carrey) is happily married to Debbie (Leslie Mann), and a member of the local police force when a car accident provokes a dramatic reassessment of his life. Steven becomes open about his homosexuality and decides to live life to the fullest - even if it means breaking the law. Steven's new, extravagant lifestyle involves cons and fraud and, eventually, a stay in the State Penitentiary where he meets and falls in love with the sensitive and soft-spoken Phillip Morris (Ewan McGregor). His devotion to freeing Phillip from jail and building the perfect life together prompts Steven to attempt and often succeed at one impossible con after another.

The invitation is open to all for free, for more info contact:
Helpline 044 433 133 82
Rahul 95516 30213 , Vinod 98406 30365

Monday, October 4, 2010

Write up - Gay extortion/harassment/discrimination

Dear Friends

On Sunday, 3rd of October, 2010, a group discussion and awareness session on the ‘Harassment and Extortion’ of people from the LGBTQ community was organized under the auspice of Chennai Dost.

The discussion started with a reference to the reading down of Sec377 by the Delhi High Court; and then focused upon specific incidents of harassment faced by several people; before touching upon the various legal recourses available to some one who is being harassed.

The session concluded with the mentioning of a few channel of help available to any distressed person.

I am sure the CD team will soon put up (or may have put up by the time this gets posted) a more elaborate write-up of the event and thus will not be going into the nitty-gritty of the same.

What was interesting to note was the timing of this session; coming just a day after Gandhi Jayanti and two days after the much publicized news of the suicide of Tyler Clementi (an American gay teenager who thought it better to end his life than to face harassment from his room mate).

Gandhi once said, “I want freedom for the full expression of my personality.”

It is a pity to note that, even in this day and age, most of us still do not have the freedom to express our selves with out the fear of being singled out… singled out by the police, by our colleagues, by friends or, some times, even by our family. No one knows how many such ‘Tylers’ face harassment in their life just because they wanted to exercise the same freedom that the Father of the Nation had once wished for its people to enjoy.

At a broader level, this session organized by CD should be conceived as a baby step in the road to the ‘freedom for full expression of our personality’.

One fact that hit me when I entered the venue of this program was that it was being held in the living room of the organizer.

This was not a fancy seminar being hosted at some budget auditorium, attended by a sprinkling of gay activists, human rights lawyers, and a few members of the liberal media… making speeches for each others benefit.

This was an example of grass-root activism; a bottom-up approach in which awareness is born out of the living rooms of common people and not preached from a podium. It not only tries to reach out to people as individuals but also helps to create a community space for the people to breath with ease.

My only wish is that various support organizations working in this field would urge some of its members to hold similar micro level group discussions or other activities in their homes, in different parts of the city, on a regular basis. This will not only increase the reach of the “Queer Movement” in India but also encourage more and more closeted LGBT people to express them selves freely.

To quote Gandhi, ‘Strength does not come from physical capacity. It comes from an indomitable will’. The LGBT movement in India can reach its next level only if this ‘indomitable will’, which is so visibly present in the community ‘leaders’, can be passed on to the average Joe through a program of grass root level mobilization… one that the Chennai Dost team has successfully embarked upon.

Thank you,

Thursday, September 30, 2010


Surprised n of my friend sent this link to find out how Gay i am...i answered all the stupid questions it asked, i must be really bored n had no work then...i was expecting a result with full mark 100, but disappointingly it gave me just 53%, i think i deserve more than that or may be i leave it to you judge...

If you are bored n really have no work to do you can check the below link as well, but dont be surprised if it gave you more mark than i got, if that is the case then you are really so of the story

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Sex Extortion, Discrimination and Harassment - Case study 1

Dear Vikki

It was a weekday afternoon- my straight classmates and me planned to bunk the whole day classes and go out for a drink. One of my classmate suggested that we go with our senior friends, I said that’s ok even though I did not feel really ok about this plan.. As I don’t know how would they behave while they are drunk. Believe it or not my fear just came true that noon. We had a group drink party with our seniors. It was like a get-together for me. We chatted and laughed, made fun of each other’s and had a total nice
time. Most of my college mates knew about me- which I am a gay. My classmates were always protective of me, but I was not sure about my seniors. As soon as we started to booze a lot Things like called as basic manners slipped off. One of my seniors pulled up my sexuality as a subject- and I felt nervous but still played a cool dice with it and handled the discussion cleverly. Then it smoothly went into an argument. Do you want to know what the argument was? Well, it was the common misconception what most straight people have- the proper definitions of homosexual (gay/ lesbian) and bisexual. My senior dragged the subject too hard arguing that bisexuals are the people who have sex with men. I felt stupid and I tried to explain him. As soon as the argument broke out he insulted my friends by beating them up. They went cool with it, as they thought that he was drunk heavily. As the situation cooled off, I thought I escaped it, but the worst part was yet to come. The same senior later tried to pull of his classmates’ pants off and get
a piece of their underwear by scissors. When he came to me I didn’t resist initially- and he succeeded in getting a piece of my underwear without removing my pants off. It was a relief for me that I did low-hip style that day. But later, even after getting a piece of me he tried to go under my pants. I was shocked and resisted. My resistance made the senior to team up with two other seniors. I shrieked and screamed calling out my friends’ name. Sadly most of them were drunk enough to handle themselves. Only few tried to help me out of the situation, but I on the other part took it seriously and went into a shock and got wheezing as I have asthma and a slight seizure as I had hyper nervousness. Friends were the only hope at that time; they brought me out of the hazard as soon as possible. I went off for few minutes and managed to recover with some scars on my face and neck. It took more than 2 days to come out of the depression and shock after having a short counsel with a local doctor. This raping attempt of my senior later put him into one-week suspension from the college management. His and others discrimination and non-acceptance of what I am is what I can’t still get over with.


Note: CD would like to share some bad experiences of our members in Sex Extortion, sexual harassment and Discrimination to all our members. You can also share some similiar experiences of yours, please send it to

Enough is Enough: Stop Gay Extortion/Harassment.

Gay Extortion/Harassment has been an ongoing Process for quite some time traumatizing the gay and the bisexual crowd. So, let’s come together discuss, share and get enlightened on how to deal with these issues in this session.

Let’s aim at making this session an interactive one. Please participate and share your thoughts, views and concerns.

This session will be held every Sunday all through October. The first session is on this sunday,3rd October 2010.If you miss one session there will be another one following the coming Sunday.

Where: Chennai Dost House.

When: 3rd October 2010, Sunday.

Time: 5:00 pm to 7:00 pm.

For info contact: Ajay (Gabriel) Sathyan – 9962306050.
Rupesh – 9551630213.

New Chennai Dost logo

Dear Friends

Let us know your thoughts on the new logo for Chennai Dost designed by Kevin.

Creative Team
Chennai Dost

My first visit to movie screening/Chennai dost get-together!!!!

Though my friend[Suresh] pleaded me a lotta times inviting me to CD meet-ups, I usually turn it down...with few reasons in my mind.

Am not an interesting guy, very shy, reserved and dumb at first instances at places, can't even act as flirt and above all am ogre by seeing even a children go screaming with fear ;) scary sorcerer.

Then the message popped up in my mobile from Vikki, stating movie screening at his place. I just called up Gabee and asked about whats gonna happen? The conversation was simple,

Gabee: You know Adyar?
Me: Yeah
Gabee: Indira nagar?
Me: sure.
Gabee: You need to bring your ass up there, No excuses you are jus gonna come there, coz I never met you. Myself n Vikranth would like to discuss somethings with you. When would you start socializing dude?.

I just got an Idea of what these people were talking about, then I called up Vikki and confirmed about so what they planned for, and made my mind to break first step of socializing barrier "SHYNESS".

I thought of being there early to be a part of hosting the show, alas!! As usual I was late, I was there at 4pm, 26th September 2010.

Gabee came all the way to lead me to the place, good to see an entrance with Arch Angel Michael at the entrance, its pretty rare in bachelor's dorm. You must know these guys are pretty much good hosts, good that no one laughed or giggles at my back.They were few people there having quality time of talking and sharing things there, as usual I was dumb, just greeted everyone and stuck to one place, initially there were good count of people, It was a french movie screened there "Those who love me can take the train", there were few people in hand-counts who paid attention , I had problem in correlating the subtitles and screenplay [even though scoring state 1st in french you can't understand the way the french speaks] it was on and off editing with mixture of present and past.

While the movie was running and many came in and people were really there, It was good to see bunch of folks of same idea, outlook and orientation.

Then after running all around, Gabee sat there with a big sigh and introduced me to few people there.

The real fun was after the movie when whole bunch was chatting.He was like Godmother there taking care of everyone.He was real center of attraction there, he pulled the legs and made hell a lotta fun there, really my tummy ached much as hell while laughing.

Then he thanked the bunch for being there, He asked me "How was the movie?" as everyone laughed I replied "Really need to see it 2-3 times to understand it!!! The editing is so confusing and theme is hidden totally". He smiled and said "French movies are like that, as french people are confusing!!!" I just burst in laughter hearing that. Really guys o'er there were well behaved and outspoken. While leaving I bid adieu to people there and Gabee added, "dude, be regular and be next time too" I winked "Sure", some one said "For another french movie" and laughed I directly responded "No more french please" :)

[P.S: Latter I saw the movie and it totally stole my heart, it is well directed and theme was excellent, in few hours I will be writing a review for that. Its amazing to see the word Pan sexuality was alive a decade before, I thought that was something new, wait ahead for review!]

If you are reading this, and haven't visited CD meet up once, surely you are missing something. Be there :)

With Prayers and Love
The Cryptic

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Chennai Dost Movie Screening at Adyar.
Chennai Dost cordially invites all of you for a Movie Screening at Adyar.

Date: 26th September 2010, Sunday

Time: 4.30 P.M. to 6.30 P.M.

Venue: Indira nagar 12th lane
Near Adyar water tank

The Movie that will be Screened is

Those Who Love Me Can Take the Train/Ceux qui m'aiment prendront le train (1998)

Cast: Pascal Greggory,Vincent Perez and Jean-Louis Trintignant.

Synopsis: Charismatic artist and teacher Jean-Baptiste has died. He has asked to be buried in the provincial city of Limoges, where his family runs a shoe-making company. He had said, "those who love me can take the train." And here they are, in a Paris train station platform: lovers, old friends, casual acquaintances, and relatives. The long day in the lives of all these people is a journey toward illumination. At first the idea of spending a day in Limoges leaves them irritated and impatient. But as the train gets going, time begins to stand still and people start to talk, and laugh, and forget to behave themselves.

The invitation is open to all for free, for more info contact: Ajay(Gabriel)Sathyan - 9962306050 / Rupesh - 9551630213.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Chennai Dost's 2nd year anniversary Pink Xplosion 2 on 17th Sep

For prince charming, you survey
We invite you to come and play

Twinks & hunks stroll in the ramp
Win the title and be the champ

Chennai Dost celebrates its 2nd year Anniversary

Its bigger than before...

Party + Mr.Chennai Dost contest

Date: 17 September (Friday)
Entry Fee: Rs.400/-

Party king is back with a bang...

For details contact 9962306050, 9551630213, 9940361661

Chennai Dost

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Chennai Dost Movie Screening at Adyar

Chennai Dost Movie Screening at Adyar.
Chennai Dost cordially invites all of you for a Movie Screening at Adyar.

Date: 12th September 2010, Sunday

Time: 4.00 P.M. to 6.00 P.M.

Venue: Indira nagar 12th lane
Near Adyar water tank

The Movie that will be Screened is

À cause d'un garçon (2002)

Cast: Julien Baumgartner,Jérémie Elkaïm from (Presque rien) and Julia Maraval.

Synopsis: Vincent(Julien Baumgartner) is just like any other kid in school. has a loving family,a friend caring as a brother and his girl who stood by him no matter what. But he keeps a secret and when his secret is out, Vincent finds himself the victim in his high school, he must accept to live with the drastic changes it provokes, and redefine his relationships with his friends and family.

The invitation is open to all for free, for more info contact Vikranth - 9940361661 Ajay Gabriel Sathyan - 9962306050.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Chennai Dost gay party

Chennai Dost is back with a bang

Await the surprise this september


Count down starts now...

For details contact: 99403 61661

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Join Chennai Dost blogging team

Are you interested in sharing your stories?

Are you a good narrator like to talk about your college or friend or feelings?

Do you like to propose someone?

Do you like to write about any gay or lesbian issues?

Do you like to write a poem or an article?

Do you like to interview any personalities?

Join Chennai Dost team, send us your creatives at

For details contact 99403 61661

Building a museum at home

It has been few months now I moved in with him. First few weeks we spent on decorating our house and redecorating it. He is an irresistible guy when it comes to maintaining the house, on the other hand I am just opposite to him.

He wanted to spend the money on painting the house, buying things for interior designing like photo frames etc. I become tired very quickly of his relentless ideas and purchasing. My wallet was draining out pretty quickly.

He bought paintings which doesn’t hold any background, purchased claypots and lights for no reason. Every night I will come home with a thrilling heart waiting for another bill or a new designing plan from my boyfriend.

Suddenly he got interests in Egyptian history, he bought pyramids and mummies. He bought spiders and spiderman (that spiderman wearing a sexy red underwear looks like a perfect gay to me). I started wondering when he wil become tired of all these things and put an end to it. Well, he was unstoppable.

Within few weeks our house looked like a Victorian era museum with a bedroom and a kitchen in it. Everytime I entered the house I felt like a buying an entry ticket for my entrance.

On a Friday night I came home from the office pretty early to watch my favourite movie in HBO. When I went in he was busy working in the kitchen. He asked me to stay in the bedroom and he will be back in few minutes. When I entered the bedroom it was totally decorated with silver draping, red curtains, candle lightings and arranged dinner set. A beautiful arranged dinner on a Friday night is an alarming signal for a Saturday shopping which is obviously going to burn your wallet. I was getting ready for an argument and put an end to his museum building project. Probably he wanted to buy a large size crocodile he has seen in Fab india or lifestyle today. I need to put an end to this letting him buy another dead thing and let the house run like a real home not a museum.

He came in and served me dinner. Unlike most of the teenagers he is a good cook and learnt several Andra recipes from his mom. Ofcourse just like his beautiful smile, his cooking is an exceptional too. It was delicious as usual especially his prawn masala.

Minutes went by and ofcourse the food. I was staring at him waiting for him to start discussing about his new design plan or purchasing idea as he call it. His eyes were glittering with peace. He uttered that sexy smile which was very similar to the one when I fallen in love with him madly in our third meet at Besy. Another danger sign. He started eating again, still no sign of him asking me anything.

I became impatient of this naïve game, then I asked him “So darling, tell me what do you want? Have you seen anything in lifestyle for the house?”

He looked at me puzzled “ What do I want, darling?” .
Trust me it was so innocent.
By that question I was even more confused “Special dinner, candle lightings. I know you very well, I thought you are going to ask me something”

He shaked his head with the same teenage innocent look and said “No darling, I am not going to ask you anything anymore”

Sometimes you cant believe your ears, you feel like going for an ENT. Especially love, it drives you so crazy you have no idea where you have been kidnapped.

Still couldn’t believe his universal changing decision , I asked him with a low tone “Are you sure honey, when did you take this decision, I am just curious”

His grin widened now and said “This evening as usual I was re-arranging things in our living room alone and then I realized that no matter how many beautiful things I buy or how hard I try to decorate this house. Without you, there is nothing complete in this house, nothing looked beautiful to me. So I have decided not to buy anything anymore when I have the most beautiful thing living in the house”.

Well, this time I really didn’t want to go to an ENT, I need a brain therapy or treatment from places like Yervadi. Love is such a beautiful thing it gives you unexpected like a coma. You never know when the next attack would be. Once you are fallen in love you are fallen forever, down the hill like Jack all the time.

He has been always a surprising factor to me. No matter if he wanted to buy a dead crocodile or a mummy which scares the neighbourhood kids, I will buy it for him for his love even it costs me an entire year of salary I wouldn’t mind. I kissed him gently without waiting.

P.S: Later that night after a hot sex in bed, he slowly told me that he liked to buy a Japanese model dressing table that he had seen in Fab India this evening.

Written by: Vikki

I am just not like you...

Rainbow flag was flying high with pride. It was a busy sunday afternoon. Under normal circumstances after a heavy lunch, i would be lying my body infront of the television watching some boring programmes. But it was not the same case that day, it was the day of the second Rainbow pride in chennai. I saw some of my friends with a dizzy look got it from the last night gay party. Probably they had too much of alcohol or abundant of sex.

I was looking at my wrist watch once again. In another few minutes the pride march will begin, but he still not yet arrived to join me. My boyfriend promised me that he will walk along with me holding hands in this pride. i became nervous.

Two days before i had an argument about the pride with one of my friend who identifies himself as bisexual. He asked me that "why he has to walk along with transgenders who are culturally and socially different than him". It was a pretty heated argument which went for an hour.

I must say he is not an enemy of transgender community neither a transphobic. I have seen him having a friendly chat with couple of my transgender friends and has a soft corner for them. I had no idea where he got this idea not to walk along with transgenders in the pride.

Few days before the argument, Me and him were having a tea in a tea shop. There were a gang of transgenders who came into collect the money from the shop. They came in got the money from the shop owner, pinched my right side butt, tapped the balls of my friend and disappeared quietly. My friend was totally embarassed infront of the public.

That was not first time an young man was treated by a transgender in this manner in the history of LGBT. Several other instances, it has become a routine in trains where you will be physically abused or being a victim of public display of embarassment. Sometimes it makes us hard to understand the transgender community. This kind of behaviour is not very common among all of them especially the english speaking transgender sections and few decent friends i have got in the same community who talk to me about gay rights and politics.

After the tea shop incident my friend kept a distance from the transgenders in general. And he justified me with his argument. Transgenders wanted to isolate themself from the society but not the vise versa, even if the society tries to reach them with a friendly hand, they wanted to keep the fear factor among the society.
In public whether it is in a train or a tea shop or at marina beach, we (gays and bisexuals) are not viewed as gays by transgenders but rather treated as a hetrosexual men. Few months before when i was walking along with my boyfriend at Marina. There were two transgenders followed us and were making noises behind our back which was totally insulting. Ofcourse they gave a final touch my tapping my boyfriend's butt too.

I agree it was totally a wrong place to be with my boyfriend who is a teenager, but i thought of showing him the most popular cruising spot of chennai for gays. My boyfriend cursed me for bringing him to such a place and took an oath never to be back to the same spot in his life.

One of my other friend who came out to his parents was travelling in a train with his parents few weeks before. Near tiruvallur they were approached by few transgenders and insulted by them when his father refused to give them money. It took several days for my friend to assure his father that he will never become a transgender.

I could understand the cultural and behaviourial differences between gay men and transgenders. Not all Transgenders has social bond unlike a gay man. So they may not have to follow the ethics, moral and lifestyle of the society. But provided an opportunity they will do it and i have seen few examples among my friends. Most of the transgenders i knew and met at the pride generally well behaved and discplined.
My friend was arguing with me about the facilities given by the government to the transgenders which includes ration card, inclusion in the census, self owned job training and job openings in the corporate sector. But still most of them are economically poor and left options by earning in prostitution and collecting money from commercial shops.

This made my friend wonder that under what circumstances transgenders and gay men raising the rainbow flag and walking along with a so-called common objective. My answer was very simple to him. Either we are a transgender or a gay man or a lesbian or a bisexual we are all labelled as sexual minorities who doesnt have rights to choose the lifestyle or love the person we wanted to.

My irresistable friend came up with a question again asking me "What if i dont want to fight for gay rights, what if i just want to celebrate with my fellow gay men and women without any fear factor. Isnt the pride is all about living without fear?"
I became impatient now of his continuous naive argument. I told him "We talk about inclusiveness, but we dont want to include one section of our own community and walk along with him. Where is your talk about rights and equality, my friend?".

My friend shaked his head and finally left the place. On the pride day i saw him holding hands with a transgender and having a friendly chat with him as usual.
After the pride, the less turn out in the pride made me thinking. There were many gaymen and bisexual men who i knew or met standing along the sideways watching us marching in the pride but hesitant to join us very similiar to the first pride. Unless untill we work on the fear factor which is actually one of the unknown reason for the lack of participation in the pride we may say a fall in the turn out in the next pride too. Organizers and community leaders might have to consider this in their next planning for the pride, but some leaders inside still believe that the community have to reach them for the pride rather than the leaders reaching the community. Well, whatever it is the Pride march will not stop, it will continue forever.

P.S: My boyfriend who came in 20 minutes late for the pride wearing a stunning outfit made me smile and march along with him with pride. Atleast he fulfilled my wishes to walk along with my partner in the second pride.

Friday, August 13, 2010

Chennai Dost presents Independence Day on Aug 15th, Sun

Dear Members

Chennai Dost celebrates Independence Day on Aug 15th , Sunday at 5pm for a social gathering.

We are inviting all the CD members to join us on our Special Debate Session on topic 'Sex and Relationship' at 6pm

Contact 99403 61661 for more details

Chennai Dost

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Im Back

Its been a while i have written something here, sorry my readers, im back again...with plenty of exciting stuffs and information....Wait for few days for our new postings...


Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Chennai Rainbow Pride 2010 - Press release

Month-long programmes to highlight visibility of alternative sexualities
The Hindu: June 3, 2010

Tamil Nadu - Chennai

Month-long programmes to highlight visibility of alternative sexualities

Special Correspondent

“LGBT community is opposing the 2011 Census exercise where
transgenders are being counted as female”

CHENNAI: Chennai's LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender)
community, which in June 2009 organised the first Pride March to
celebrate sexual diversity, has drawn up various programmes over the
month to highlight visibility of alternative sexualities and gender

The Chennai Rainbow Alliance, a collective of organisations working on
common issues of the LGBT segment, will have debates on homosexuality
and family values, poetry reading events, beauty contests and film
screenings as a run-up to the Pride March slated for June 27. The
events are listed on the site

Addressing the media, LGBT representatives said Pride Month in June,
when sexual minorities across the world engage in self-assertion of
rights, would be a time for celebration and commemoration of those who
died for the cause.

Kalki of Sahodari Foundation said though Tamil Nadu had been
progressive in recognising the LGBT rights, much more needed to be

The LGBT community is opposing the 2011 Census exercise where
transgenders are being counted as “female”. The demand is that this
community be recorded in the category corresponding to the gender of
their choice and not limited by the limited binary choices of “male”
and “female”.

Though the Chennai Rainbow Alliance is affiliated to the India Network
for Sexual Minorities, there is as yet no coalition at the
national-level to lobby for the Census demand, L. Ramakrishnan,
country director (programmes and research), SAATHII said.

Sunil Menon, founder of Sahodaran, said families needed to value
sexual orientations of LGBTs as natural and normal and provide for
freedom of expression in terms of attire, romance and life partners.
He also stressed the importance of access to counselling services for
the emotional well-being of LGBTs.

Magdalene Jeyarathnam, director, Center for Counselling, condemned
unethical attempts to change sexual orientation through drugs and
other means. She called for awareness among the family members of
LGBTs that sexual orientations should be seen as normal and not deemed
to be symptomatic of a mental illness and sought to be changed through
therapy or marriage.

A support group session will be held on June 13 for family members of
LGBTs. The centre also runs counselling helplines on

Chennai LGBT Pride 2010 - Donations

Dear all, as you know Pride is being organized by several organizations under the umbrella of Chennai Rainbow Coalition. This message specifies focal points for donations to the various events. The list of events is at

(i) For donations to support the SIAAP debate event (June 5): Contact Lavanya Keshavraj (98842-35188, to determine mode of payment

(ii) For donations to support Sahodari Foundation event (June 18) and their performance group: Contact Kalki Subramaniam (98847-00409, for electronic transfer, cash or cheque.

(iii) For donations to support the beauty contest (June 26) and the host organization Sahodaran: Contact Sunil Menon (93810 16129, for electronic transfer, cash or cheque.

(iv) For donations to support the Pride march, press meets, art supplies for poster-making sessions and art contests, poetry reading, Nirangal performance event, and printing/photocopying of flyers and resource book 'Our Children / நம் குழந்தைகள்' in for parents of LGBT:

Aniruddhan Vasudevan (98840-17695, representing The Shakthi Resource Center, is the focal point for donations for the above activities and events. Cheques may be made out in the name of The Shakthi Resource Center and sent to 42A, 1st Floor, 5th Avenue, Besant Nagar, Chennai--600090. Electronic Bank Transfer and Cash - please email for the bank account or cash pickup/dropoff details. If you have a preference for supporting one of the activities listed above, please let Aniruddhan know. For cheques and bank transfers please drop an email to inform that the payment has been made and provide an address to which the receipts may be mailed.

For all other inquiries regarding donations, please email me LRamakrishnan.lists @

Thank you!

Chennai Rainbow Gay Pride 2010 - Events

July 8 2010, Chennai:

Chennai Rainbow Pride month is in full swing. So far, we've had a pre-Pride workshop by Asma for LGBT community members on how to make the media work for the cause, a spirited debate with the Hindu Munnani (a religious right group) on homosexuality and family values (facilitated by NGO SIAAP), and a couple of volunteer-driven sessions to produce placards and posters for Pride events. Reports of these events will be shared by participants soon.

Here are the events lined up for Week II, including a topical discussion on the issue of the trans inclusion in the Government of India census, screening of Prodigal Sons and Milk, a not-to-be-missed queer poetry reading, and a meeting of parents of LGBT people.

(i) June 10 2010, Thursday: The Others and the Census - discussion by Sahodari Foundation
Organizer: Sahodari Foundation
Venue: SWAM office,6/13, II Cross Street, New Colony,West Saidapet,Chennai – 15

Time: 3 pm | Entry: Open to all | Contact: Kalki (98847 00409,

Sahodari Foundation facilitates a discussion on the critical issues surrounding India’s 2011 census, and the need for counting transgender people with due regard to their gender of choice.

(ii) June 11 2010, Friday: Screening of Prodigal Sons

Organizers: U.S. Consulate, Chennai
Venue:Consulate Auditorium | Time: 6:00 pm – 9:00 pm

Entry: SPACE IS LIMITED, RSVP BY JUNE 10 by sending a SMS to 54999 with the words “Talk2US Pride”

The US Consulate General Chennai will screen a highly-acclaimed documentary film, Prodigal Sons, at the Consulate auditorium, followed by a digital video conference Q&A with the director, Kimberly Reed, who is based in NYC.
US Embassy Delhi and US Consulate Mumbai will also screen Prodigal Sons. For more details on the film, visit The next morning, for those who missed last year's screening of Milk, there's another chance to watch it at the American Library, June 12, 11am - 2pm.

(iii) June 12 2010, Saturday: Queer Poetry Reading
Organizers: Chennai Rainbow Coalition together with Madras Terrace House
Venue: The Madras Terrace House, 15, Sripuram 2nd Street, Off R. K. Salai, Royapettah, Chennai 14
Entry: Free, by invitation, please RSVP to Aniruddhan (9884017695,
Time: 6:45 p.m

Chennai celebrates Rainbow Pride 2010 with an evening of poetry including lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) themes, featuring work by celebrated and lesser known poets. The readings, in English and Tamil, will make visible loves, intimacies and relationships that go beyond what is mainstream, conventional and heteronormative.

Acclaimed Chennai poets and writers Salma and Sharanya Manivannan will read selections from their work. The evening will also feature readings of Auden, Garcia Lorca, Vikram Seth, translations from Urdu Rekthi poetry, and work by lesser known poets. We invite you to share your poems or read from your favorite queer poets.

(iv) June 13 2010, Sunday: Meeting of parents and siblings of LGBT people

Organizers: Center for Counselling
Venue: Center for Counselling office, Nungambakkam
Time: 10.30 am - 12.30 pm
Entry: Free, by invitation. Media not allowed: this is for parents and siblings. Please RSVP to Magdalene at

Chennai Rainbow LGBT Pride 2010

Friday, May 14, 2010

Chennai Dost Annual Account

Director - Chennai Dost

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Chennai Dost Party on May 15th saturday is cancelled

This is to inform all our CD members that the Party on May 15th Blind Date has been cancelled. CD council has decided to focus on the pride events and its new magazine release since the party has been cancelled.

Any other parties in town on the same date is not CD Party and Chennai Dost is not responsible for the same

Chennai Dost Team

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

I am a bisexual

Written by Vikki

Males do not represent two discrete populations, heterosexual and homosexual. The world is not to be divided into sheep and goats. It is a fundamental of taxonomy that nature rarely deals with discrete categories... The living world is a continuum in each and every one of its aspects.
To all the so called damn straight men in Chennai, Trust me this is not my quote. The above statement is quoted from the most controversial Kinsey Report. Apart from this boomerang Kinsey also stated that sexuality of men has to be categorized not just into two but by six.
The scale is as follows:

• Exclusively heterosexual
• Predominantly heterosexual, only incidentally homosexual
• Predominantly heterosexual, but more than incidentally homosexual
• Equally heterosexual and homosexual (bisexual)
• Predominantly homosexual, but more than incidentally heterosexual
• Predominantly homosexual, only incidentally heterosexual
• Exclusively homosexual

There are few more recent terminologies like bi-curious etc. Thank god, Kinsey never born in Chennai neither visited here or else he might have come up with a terminology after interviewed all these gays in Chennai and scaled them as Gay boy in denial or Pussy boy who identify himself as bisexual or I am straight but I do like to suck a cock and so on…

There has never been in the history of the world since from Adam the naked guy, a terminology has been totally misunderstood or misinterpreted or misused as it has been for ‘Bisexual’, it is such a fearful terminology which can be used for the convenience or comfort ability in regards to sex. Bisexuality is defined by a human who is attracted to both men and women. But it never meant like I am having sex with the same sex because I don’t have the guts to find an opposite sex. Or it never meant I just need a hole I don’t mind whether it is a boy or a girl. For Kinsley’s sake somebody need to teach all those so called bisexuals in Chennai.

To be more precise “a bisexual or bi person is capable of sexual attraction for, sexual activity with, and/or falling in love with people of either gender.

So far there are no studies which say that a human can fall in love with a man and a woman at the same. Well, I am not sure if this is possible. May be if there any then the definition of Love should be checked. Or may be if you can eat and shit at the same time it is possible. Ok, now don’t sue me I am not totally against Bisexuals, I am just against the definition which has been misinterpreted by few. Surprisingly bisexual terminology has been used to get your cock sucked because you like girls.

Few years back I met a cute guy in a train back from Bangalore. He was staring at me non-stop and he gave me that inviting look. He went to the restroom and obediently I followed him. I just thought of having a conversation with him before we do something. He told me that he is a bisexual and he liked to get his cock sucked. When I asked him if he ever had sex with women, he said ‘No’. When I asked him if he ever got an erection by getting attracted of women, again he said ‘No’. Under what analysis he consider himself as bisexual is not known either, but he was in a confused state at his teen age, understandably he called himself as bisexual. I guess there must be a column as Unsure in the sexuality column of every social networking site.

Ofcourse everyone has a freedom to express their feelings; everyone has the right to choose his sexuality. But did sexuality really been chosen by us? Is it like a sudan name where you can brand yourself and advertise in yahoo chat to get your cock sucked? May be Kinsey must answer to these questions.


Don't Confuse "Bi-sexual" with "Buy-sexual"

A buy-sexual is not a bisexual; so you can be assured it is not just a misspelling by a hood rat raping the English language. A buy-sexual is a person who buys sex!
People, who buy sex, refer to themselves as buysexual and are usually some of the lowest common denominators of society. They are sexually depraved people who can't get a real partner, usually due to lack of self esteem, depression, or they are just plain fucking ugly. So they pay people for sexual intercourse.

Such people that fall into the buy-sexual category are;

Cheating Husbands.
Ugly mother fuckers.
Star Trek fans
Hot guys who said 'not interested' to us
's father.
's grandfather.

Written by: Vikki

Stop judging me

He was standing there staring at me, his eyes were sharpened, his mind was running faster than a rocket. I know he was calculating. It was spreading every nook and corner trying to explore things. His gaze was piercing me like a weapon I was defenseless. Time was segregated, gathering momentum and then analyzing randomly. His lips were uttering a wry smile as if he understood everything, he knew me from my birth. Every second of my life has been recorded. It was like a magic, he was like my god, I know he was judging me.

Wherever I go he was following me, a party, a function, even my restroom he was following me. I stopped pissing, I stopped eating, I stopped talking I became restless. I know somewhere in the corner he is there watching me. I was afraid; fear spread every where in my body and cautioned me not to move. And then he said that, it broke everything I believed including the trust that God created universe. He was faultless. I became sensitive.

He could sense everything I does, he could judge what I do next. He was like a magician. I couldn’t speak to anyone in the party, I was afraid to smile. I was afraid to write because I knew he is there to criticize it. I didn’t dance, I didn’t talk, I didn’t walk, I couldn’t have sex. Everything about me stopped like a Timer. His mouth was spineless and he uttered whatever he guessed about me. He had very little to do anything for him, he spent all his life judging me. It became his life.

He guessed something, he judged everything and then he spread that into the world. He laughed, he enjoyed, he was happy judging me. He bought rights to talk anything about me because he is like a god and he was errorless. He cried foul, his tears where brackish. He was aimless because he was busy judging me. He had his own morals of judging me, the morals written in the other part of the planet. Ethics which never been written and released like the Gospel of Judas.

When he spoke they all believed it, his words were golden for them, not realizing he was judging them too. He set his own rules to talk about people and then he justified it. He thought he can change me, change my vision, change the way I am. But I didn’t because that’s what I am. I don’t change anything for you. It is time you stop judging me.

Written by Vikki

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Milkshake april 2010


I am writing this based on my first hand experience with Chennai dost and its founder Vikranth.This was my first experience of being with group of people of my own sexual orientation actually talking to them and taking guidance from them, especially Vikrant, founder and director of Chennai dost;a down to earth person who had tried his best to make as comfortable as possible at this place on my first visit.

Although this may be like a any newcomer’s first visit to Chennai dost, but for me it has been a special day of my life, for in fact it is the best day where i felt the least uncomfortable of my own sexual orientation could place myself physically being present with the like-minded people, with whom i have felt no guilt to speak about my sexuality, in fact am most grateful to Vikrant because of whom this organization saw its light of the day, and i could be here today.

Vikranth,who has a much wider experience of being in this society with his sexuality as compared to me, might have gone through many difficulties just because of his sexual orientation but this has not discouraged him, in fact apart from making a firm place for himself in this society he has taken initiative to create something that can be a great support for young people like me to believe that there is wonderful world for people like us, who have a different sexual orientation.

Being with Chennai Dost has made me to be more confident, strong about my sexuality rather then being regretful about me. So my request to any new people who visit this site, if you belong to LGBT don’t be in guilt by being in closet, come to Chennai dost,this is place built for people like us who feel guilty of their own sexual orientation just because of the society surrounding us. Just try to visit and it will be worth for your life.


Sunday, March 14, 2010

Gay party in a Differnent Level

Social Gathering for all Lesbian & Bisexual women in Chennai

Chennai Dost is planning to organize a social gathering for all lesbian and bisexual women in Chennai. Interested people are requested to register as a member of Chennai Dost. Please send your details to Name, Phone number and email details are mandatory for member registration. For details contact 95516 30213.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Chennai Dost needs funds for Magazine

Chennai Dost is planning to launch an online magazine and a hardcover magazine to cover the lifestyle and entertainment of LGBT in Chennai. We are currently looking for funds and sponsors. Members and readers who are interested in providing monetory funds for the magazine can contact our PR at 95516 30213 for details

Chennai Dost Team

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Indian mothers

Written by: Vikki

If at all there is any complicated creature in the world for understanding it must be an Indian mother. Mind you, it is so liberating to use the word ‘creature’. Because they are the unique creatures than any other. Every Indian mother plays a vital role in every young Indian’s life. They are always insecure about their son’s love. They are ready to do anything when they see a danger in their relationship. They have this mission called emotional blackmailing, their main weapon is crying. Especially a gay man’s mom. They can be even more threatening.

I have seen my mom many times, tried to control me and my decisions whenever she felt I was out of her control. But a devil like me, it never worked. Indian mothers are the most typical ones; they always look after their sons, even after their marriage. Can you believe this a research says most of the ‘First Night’ date of a male Indian has been decided by his mother? Interesting isn’t it. Their control level is as such they even decide when her son should fuck his wife.

But there is no doubt in their love. Only thing when its goes over the limits. Every young Indian has a fashion designer in his house in the shape of his mother who decides what his son should be wearing. Since a Gay man is sensitive and emotional, he becomes a victim of this love bonding from his mother. So coming out to his mom might be one of the most difficult and complicated thing in the world. Its not easier to say ‘Mom, I am gay’. Because they can never accept their son is gay

One of my friend who is gay recently came out to his mom on the phone, she started crying and screaming for nearly 35 minutes, finally my friend had to convince her by accepting to go for a treatment. She might have thought her son is insane. May be in ‘Another Gay movie’ but not in India, An Indian mother never going to say ‘What took you so long’ when you come out to her.

And these days Indian teenagers face tremendous amount of pressure from their parents, they don’t even have time to determine or explore their sexuality neither do they have choice for privacy. And I heard after the 377 ruling most of the Indian mothers are not allowing their son to have sleep over with their close friend. Many thanks to the online media and also the visual media which has been screaming about LGBT for the past 6 months, they are somehow exposed to things lately.

I had a little argument with my friend few days back about marriage. Though he is matured and very knowledgeable person he wanted to marry a girl even though he knows he is gay, just because he wanted to make his mom happy. I thought it was ridiculous idea, but I don’t want to be judgmental about him and ended the argument saying he can take whatever decision he likes on his marriage but he must be careful while taking a decision which involves another girl’s life not just his mom.

Counseling centres conducting counseling for parents of the LGBT people which is a good sign. I think it is the parents who need counseling the most than the LGBT themselves. If at all there is any book about ‘How to come out to your mother’ in India, I think the book should deserves a Pulitzer Prize. I can still remember my last Christmas when I wanted to buy a black shirt, my mom played a melodrama finally I had to buy a different colour. Well I love my mother and I had no choice!

Written by: Vikki


0 I am straight
1 I like girls
2 I never had sex with a girl
3 I am not getting any girls to sleep with
4 So had to masturbate myself thinking about girls
5 I am masturbating everyday, even thrice a day
6 Its so boring masturbating alone
7 I wouldn’t mind masturbating along with my close friend and talk about girls
8 My close friend’s cock is bigger than mine
9 He is also watching my erected cock
0 Why the hell, he is looking at my cock
1 May be he is gay and he likes cocks
2 Nobody ever touched my cock before
3 May be he wants to touch mine
4 When I asked him to touch mine, he did with desperation
5 Oh my god, he is so gay
6 I am not like him, I am so straight, I like girls only
7 If I get a girl I can fuck her hard
8 He started jerking me off now
9 His hands are so soft like a girl’s
0 I am having a hard on and about to cum
1 He came closer and took my cock in his mouth
2 I felt so good, it was so warm
3 I started fucking his mouth like fucking a vagina
4 I came in buckets, he drank all my cum
5 I hate him now, he misused me
6 If I ever knew he is gay, I would never become his friend
7 What he is doing is so unnatural
8 But he can never change, he is born as gay
9 He is my best friend, I can’t leave him
0 We were watching porn and he sucked me off
1 I was so drunk on another day, I sucked his cock
2 He introduced me to a dating website for gays
3 There were so many cute bottom guys who are young and feminine
4 I had sex with few of them and fucked them like fucking a girl
6 My best friend told me I am a bisexual, may be he is right
5 I will have sex with guys till I find a beautiful girl
6 Girls are really tough to get in India
7 My best friend told me he is in love with me for several years
8 I shouted at him for being so evil and misused our true friendship
9 My parents want me to marry a girl
0 Society will never accept a gay
1 I have decided to marry a girl and stop all these gay things
2 I like my wife
3 After few months my best friend sucked my cock again
4 I liked it, he is the best in blow job
5 I found few more guys from the website, they were all so hot
6 I had arguments with my wife
7 We are fighting everyday
8 I had sex with my best friend, it was the best
9 I like him so much, he cares for me
0 He said he still loves me so much
1 I shouldn’t have married
2 I went to a gay party, I liked group sex
3 I hate my home
4 I am drinking a lot these days
5 I am having plenty of group sex these days
6 I have two children
7 My wife complaints for not taking care of the family
8 I hate to be a family man, I just want to be happy
9 I think I am not really a Straight guy
0 Am I Gay?

Chennai Dost - A Change

Written by: Dev

What could be new and interesting in a typical college student’s life.. pretty much the same boring lectures , hang outs in the same boring spots, straight acts before friends and family.. though I like fairy tales ( remember .. I m gay) I was never expecting anything magical in life , I never wasted time in believing miracles..

Though I love blowing, the fact that I have to live in pardha for the rest of my life blowed me to pieces. Hook ups and break ups were two things I hated the most but couldn’t resist it either. Love never loved me and interests in hurting me. Time never let me collect my shattered fragments . I m nothing but a typical gay, longing for some changes in life and in the society. Also I knew very well that sitting safe in the closet and expecting something new to happen is absurd.

Used to wonder what can ‘I’ do, what an immature, unexperienced , slow learning gay can do other than watching movies like ‘MILK’ and hoping for something like that to happen in ‘ INDIA’ with crossed fingers.

I felt like in the middle of an ocean with no clue where to go & what to do. People normally walk over the stones and thorns to reach their destination with little bit difficulty assigned by the almighty. But isn’t it unfair that gays have to walk through these path with no destination , with no idea what they are supposed to do, what could be done for their betterment , who would help them in finding the way home???

Being gay was fun once, but not anymore, its full of doubts now. should I come out ? will my parents accept me? will my friends treat me in the same way ,if they know who I am ? will I find true love? if I find one, will it last long? Even if it lasts long, are we gonna be accepted in the society? I have been through a phase where I got scared of question marks and thought that living with closed eyes would be a solution. What I mean is, to lead a STRAIGHT life, which I learnt would never work and ended up hurting myself , again... Been through another phase where I thought of having no more sex with anyone but one, the special one. After learning that such things would work out well in dreams and movies, hardly in reality, I was left with no place to go .. isn’t it terrible, when you want to do something but have no idea how to do.

Believe me guys, Miracles do happen but mostly happens just like that , it goes unnoticed. My old friend , Vikranth , current director of Chennai Dost , called me one late evening and said about the meetings they organize where they discuss about coming out, gay relations etc.. while listening him little I knew that its gonna dawn very soon, taken by curiosity I attended one such meeting …. Something in me said that being part of such an organization would make me a part of history.. am I not right , I am part of a history now.

I got my own bunch of guys with whom I hang out the very same spot but no more its boring, no more I pretend to be straight , no more I worry about acceptance. I don’t bother swimming in any ocean with this guys. I am no more tormented by questions.

I felt something happened in me. My old friends said some thing is wrong with me. my family says something is into me .. guess what – A Change.. .

Written by: Dev

Most beautiful creature in the world?

Written by: Vikki

Who is the most beautiful creature in the world? Men or Women?

I guess there will be three kinds of answers for this question. If you ask the above question to a heterosexual guy he will say ‘women are the most beautiful creature in the world’, if you ask the same question to a gay man of course he is going to say ‘there is nothing beautiful than looking at a nude male body’, if you ask the same question to a heterosexual woman she will snap at you ‘I am the most beautiful creature in the world’ and then she will start complaining on asking her such silly question when there is an obvious answer to it. Well, lesbians are different they are going to acknowledge only another women as beautiful creature.

Being a Research analyst by profession, I thought of doing some analysis on this and find out the right answer. Being a gay man I must go with the second answer especially after I watched all those sexy male models walking in the ramp at Chennai Dost’s recent V-Day Fashion show. The moment they appeared in the ramp showing their naked chest and abs. Oh my god, the crowd gone mad. The cuts and veins of those erotic male bodies were all over the place. Some of them even have shown the beginning of their pubic hairs. And when they appeared in their bikinis, the bulges were the only object put in front for display. Crowd around me applauded some even blowing whistle with their erections in their jeans. I was beginning to accept Newton’s theory.

Long time back I had a fortunate opportunity to watch some of my volleyball teammates taking bath in nude. There were different types of male bodies were on display to do my studies on human body in that instant on a male body. Slim figure, muscular, gym fit, tall and broad, short and simple to categorize all those bodies, trust me it was the most difficult study in the world, even Uncle Dawson would have struggled. I was having a hard time with my hard-on looking at those beautiful chests, abs, shoulders, butts and forgot to mention the COCKS. My mathematical graduation was helping me to do the measurements. Well, lets just accept the fact that men are the most beautiful creature in the world. If any of you have any doubts on it, just take a trip to a volleyball team’s rest room.

Whenever I browse any magazine or advertisement I was irritated by looking at all those skinny female models showing off their cleavage and stuffs, I used to think why is that always a female being portrayed as beauty but not a male. Even a fewer underwear ads made my mind go crazy. It is a heterosexual world dominated by men. How about a marginalized section like Gay community, even to explore their sexuality they had to depend upon their cousins or close friends. Coming back to the point, I think COCKS deserved more compliment than boobs which does nothing than simulating in sex.

Recently I was watching one of my friend’s Fashion show in Double Inn. Before the actual collection began there were few female models wearing their mini skirts walking in the ramp and then followed by the male models with the men collections, I was actually started thinking may be women are the most beautiful creature as some of our contemporary poets says. There was no one than Da Vinci who portrayed a human male body than any other, but even he was tattooed as Gay by the heterosexual world. There is no wonder it was one sided when treating women as the beautiful creature.

In any other creature in the world like a peocock, deer, lion, cock when it is always a male has been considered as beautiful, how come in a human world a female can be considered as beautiful? If there could be a debate on the same subject I would like to give a judgement on saying that naturally men are beautiful but women are the most groomed and hence beautiful creature in the world. But if i say this I know people will put forth my gay identity in front and forget about my analysis skills.

While I was thinking about this topic, I was watching him lying in the bed next to me, I could hear his long breath, his dark eyelids and red lips were closed, there were few hairs falling over his face trying to hide his beauty, he was keeping his head on the pillows lightly as if it will get hurt. He kept his left hand on his cheek to give himself some support, he was sleeping only with his shorts on and I could see his smooth chest moving up and down for breath. Fuck all those studies and analysis; my boyfriend is the most beautiful creature in the world. Of course beauty lies beneath the eyes of the beholder.

Written by: Vikki

Saturday, February 20, 2010


Chennai Dost Invites You for a workshop on "GAY ISSUES" for GB community On Feb 21 Sunday. The workshop Comprises of a video Presentation followed by Discussion in regards to parent Support, Sexual Identity, Coming out, Its benefits for details Contact: 95516 30213

Venue: ECR

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

The Hindu press release of CD's VDay Celebrations

Click here

Chennai Rainbow Coalition 2009 Highlights

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Sangama Organizes a Day Workshop

This is for your kind attention, Sangama, chennai organizes for a day workshop for LGBT community. Mr.Aravind - Alternative Law Forum, Bangalore takes session on recent Judgment on Sec.377 of IPC , Mr.Babu - Sangama 's chennai Advocate takes a session on basic rights like Immoral Traffic Prevention Act 1956, Rights to patients, What you should know about the police, Your Rights if arrested etc., I would like to invite the community people to participate the workshop.

Venue : Asha Nivas,
No: 9, Rutland Gate ,
5 th Street,
Chennai - 600 006
Ph - 044 - 28333311, 28330772
(Opp to Taj coramandal road leads to Asha Nivas)

Time : 10.30 am to 4.00 pm

Please feel free to call Shiva - 9840699776
Please call and confirm your presence.

Thanks & Regards

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Guess The now poster Suits The community Or oh!! NO Last One was Classic

Well you can see the change of the old poster to the new one, I just not able to see the clear picture of Minds of our people about what they think about this new poster. Will they love it? or they need a new form ? I need the comments from you friends about the change of new Poster.

where as you can also compare it with the old one as well.