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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

My first visit to movie screening/Chennai dost get-together!!!!

Though my friend[Suresh] pleaded me a lotta times inviting me to CD meet-ups, I usually turn it down...with few reasons in my mind.

Am not an interesting guy, very shy, reserved and dumb at first instances at places, can't even act as flirt and above all am ogre by seeing even a children go screaming with fear ;) scary sorcerer.

Then the message popped up in my mobile from Vikki, stating movie screening at his place. I just called up Gabee and asked about whats gonna happen? The conversation was simple,

Gabee: You know Adyar?
Me: Yeah
Gabee: Indira nagar?
Me: sure.
Gabee: You need to bring your ass up there, No excuses you are jus gonna come there, coz I never met you. Myself n Vikranth would like to discuss somethings with you. When would you start socializing dude?.

I just got an Idea of what these people were talking about, then I called up Vikki and confirmed about so what they planned for, and made my mind to break first step of socializing barrier "SHYNESS".

I thought of being there early to be a part of hosting the show, alas!! As usual I was late, I was there at 4pm, 26th September 2010.

Gabee came all the way to lead me to the place, good to see an entrance with Arch Angel Michael at the entrance, its pretty rare in bachelor's dorm. You must know these guys are pretty much good hosts, good that no one laughed or giggles at my back.They were few people there having quality time of talking and sharing things there, as usual I was dumb, just greeted everyone and stuck to one place, initially there were good count of people, It was a french movie screened there "Those who love me can take the train", there were few people in hand-counts who paid attention , I had problem in correlating the subtitles and screenplay [even though scoring state 1st in french you can't understand the way the french speaks] it was on and off editing with mixture of present and past.

While the movie was running and many came in and people were really there, It was good to see bunch of folks of same idea, outlook and orientation.

Then after running all around, Gabee sat there with a big sigh and introduced me to few people there.

The real fun was after the movie when whole bunch was chatting.He was like Godmother there taking care of everyone.He was real center of attraction there, he pulled the legs and made hell a lotta fun there, really my tummy ached much as hell while laughing.

Then he thanked the bunch for being there, He asked me "How was the movie?" as everyone laughed I replied "Really need to see it 2-3 times to understand it!!! The editing is so confusing and theme is hidden totally". He smiled and said "French movies are like that, as french people are confusing!!!" I just burst in laughter hearing that. Really guys o'er there were well behaved and outspoken. While leaving I bid adieu to people there and Gabee added, "dude, be regular and be next time too" I winked "Sure", some one said "For another french movie" and laughed I directly responded "No more french please" :)

[P.S: Latter I saw the movie and it totally stole my heart, it is well directed and theme was excellent, in few hours I will be writing a review for that. Its amazing to see the word Pan sexuality was alive a decade before, I thought that was something new, wait ahead for review!]

If you are reading this, and haven't visited CD meet up once, surely you are missing something. Be there :)

With Prayers and Love
The Cryptic

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