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Monday, August 31, 2009

Chennai Pink An Event Extravagant.. truly extravagant.....

The hype about the event was all over and I personally experienced it when I had to take back to back calls. I was worried that I shouldn't be late like last time and I left home by 3:00 P.M. At times it is annoying to miss a bus and a train which eventually happened on the blessed day. I stay near Tambaram which is pretty remote from the City from my residence i had to take a bus to Velacheri and from there a train to Mylapore. While in the train I was observing the crowd and wondering "will that guy be in the event". I was brought back to senses by a call from Frank ( name changed to protect identity). Frank had already reached Citi Center and was bored as he was alone with hundreds of unknown faces around him. Isn't it true that even though we are not alone... WE ARE ACTUALLY ALONE. Alone among our family, alone among our relatives and alone among our colleagues. So I called Tanush( name changed to protect Identity), gave Frank's number and asked Tanush to find him as Tansuh was also waiting in Citi Center.

When I meet up with them I was even more clear as to what Chennai Dost targeted at, bringing the community together. When we reached I was surprised to see Uma a mutual friend of Teja and I there with another friend both of them Straight and have come to support us. There were also many new faces waiting for the event to start and some known ones like Annirudh(The Shakti Center), Ramki(SAATHI), Kalki(Sahodhari Foundation), Olga and Magdalene( Center for Counseling) who provided the center for the event. For the first time I met Rajesh and Meraj about whom I have heard a lot many a good things. I really admire those two for the support they have given for the group and the community.

Senthil was the host for the day and as soon as I reached we had to run through the whole agenda for the day.

We started with the first event the ice breaker "Hot seat" by 6:00 p.m. which was a fun session. Some of the lucky ones to be on seat were Olga,Srivath,Senthil,Sharanya,Frank,Tanush and Shyam.

Then Vikranth the Director of "Chennai Dost" and "Chennai Pink" addressed the crowd and answered their queries like "What is Chennai Dost", " Chennai Dost's Aim", "Whom does Chennai Dost Target at". Anyways to give a clear picture about Chennai Dost Chennai Dost is a non-profit LGBT welfare organization in Chennai to strengthen and unify the LGBT community.

Gnyani was the Guest of honor for the event and he addressed the crowd. He mentioned that the theater during the 70's itself staged a play called "ஏன் (Why)" which was about Homosexuality.

The Documentary "Rainbow" was screened at 6:30 p.m. Rainbow is a 22-minute bilingual documentary apropos to the first LGBT Pride Parade that took place in Chennai on 28th June 2009, It was produced and directed by Mohan Das Vadakara independent Documentarian. The documentary was clear and very expressive. I kept pausing in between to translate in English but after a point I realized that there was no need for me to translate it as the documentary was actually connecting to everyone.

We had a break at 7:00 p.m. and then by 7.20 p.m screened Shelter.The crowd were really happy about the movie as it spoke of family values, dependency,dreams,love and pain. The movie was about a guy who is forced to capitulate his dreams of art school and spends his life working and helping his compulsive and needy sister care for her son. Later falls in love and is forced to chose between his dreams and the needs of his family.

The event was a success we had more than 60 attendees which was a rally big number..

I personally would like to thank the core group for organizing it and the advisory board for supporting us..

Thank You

Are we ready to fall in love?

I was walking alone in the footpath of Elliotts’ beach (Besant nagar). Dark clouds were threatening everybody to go home. Breezes were even friendlier blowing from all directions. Crowd was cheerful, kids were all over the place, and they were all so beautiful. I was not sure if I am allowed to be there and qualified to walk infront of them. My jean was fading even more by their glares. Then I saw them. Two cute guys hands around each other’s hips with mischievious looks. Somehow I had a feeling that they might be a gay couple. I followed them.

Generally I have this habit of investigating things to make sure of my guesses. You can’t blame me for it, blame all those Jamesbond’s movies I have seen over the years. The two cute guys were playing against each other, one was even complaining about the other guy’s hairy chest. Suddenly one of the cute guys received a phone call and talking over the phone for a period of time. I can see the possessiveness and impatience in the eyes of the other one. It was love, the holy thing I have missed over the years. I was jumping in joy like Einstein for discovering their secret.

How can you choose a right partner?
Do we have to go with “my type” for love?
Why do we fall in love?
What is that we are looking for as gay?

The more and more we look for perfect bodies and cute faces; do we tend to ignore the real love?

I was watching ‘Shelter’ for the third time along with the crowd in the ChennaiDost movie screening. The boy in the movie had a girlfriend but after sleeping with a guy identifies himself as gay and fallen in love with the guy. Though the boy seems to be taken a right decision in the end to live with the guy, but is he taken the decision for the comfortability or he really loved him? I had no answer. The screening room was more silent than my brain.

Last night I received an anonymous message saying he wanted to be in a relationship with me. I was clueless. I had no idea whether the anonymous sender is a guy or a girl, my type or not my type, teenager or an uncle. And I am not used to ask for ‘a/s/l’, so I have called him. Finally the call ended up after the inquiry of my cock size. I have noted down in my Google calender to buy a measurement tape.

Do we really think buying a measurement tape will help us to fall in love with someone or find a relationsip. Recently one of the readers sent me a mail; he wanted me to help him find a partner. I have no idea if he is looking for a sex partner or a life partner. But is there any possibility that I can really help him find his partner when I am struggling to find one for myself. Even if I helped him, Will it last long?

I have already heard about some horror break-ups and love failures among my gay friends. Is there any real measurement, which we can do before getting into a relationship or falling in love with someone. Sooner there are going to be talks about legalizing Gay marriages. But are we ready for a relationship with a guy just like our mom and dad.

One of my friends used to date with 3 or 4 guys in a week. I guess he met all type of guys starting from twinks to bears. And he used to tell me he yet to find his dream boy. Though I knew most of his dating ended up in mating, I never criticized it. May be he is trying to measure his date for a relationship through sex.

My female friend jokes about homosexual guys having more sex than the hetrosexual guys in Chennai. I guess its true. Sex has become cheaper than love these days, which can be easily sold in the yahoo chat room market. But finding a love through Internet may not be possible for homosexuals. Here most of us ask for ‘stats’ even before asking for his name.

Are love and relationship social norms of heterosexuality but not for homosexuals?
Is there any relationship between love and sex?
Why are we always meeting someone in bed?
Why are we not used to hang out just like hetrosexual lovers?

The Internet environment might have influenced us to be only in a sex environment and erased the love out of our life.But if a safe and healthy environment had been provided, Are we ready to fall in love?

Written by; Vikki

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Event for the next Chennai Dost meet

The movie screening a success and we are planning to have a different event this week. So guys please suggest an event ASAP.

It can be a movie screening again or a pot luck or a karaoke night or a masquerade ball.. it can be anything that is safe, fun and colorful... :)


The Movie Screening at Chennai Center for Counseling

It was seven already and I was late for the Movie Screening, yes me being an active member it was preposterous and irresponsible of me to be late by one hour. I was worried that I was late and at the same moment relieved that I haven't actually missed a thing. To top it all I couldn't find the place and Teja had to fetch me and Senthil with a warm smile was there to welcome me.

As soon as I entered the center I was welcomed by a warm and benevolent Magdalene and rest of the happy cheerful crowd. We had to screen just one movie cause we were short of time and we screened "29th and Gay". Personally I connected to the movie for its intellectual values and I was worried looking at the crowd which contained a majority of youngsters but I was wronged. Remember the situation when you're glad that you're wrong...! I was in that situation. More than the movie I was engrossed with the crowd's reaction and I saw that they also connected.

In between the movie we had a tea break during which Magdalene gave a picture of what Center for counseling is; and from what I heard about her contribution to the LGBT community all I could is to relate to a context of that speech by Shakespeare mentioned in one of his famous play's King John which says

To guard a title that was rich before,
To gild refined gold, to paint the lily,
To throw a perfume on the violet,
To smooth the ice, or add another hue
Unto the rainbow, or with taper-light
To seek the beauteous eye of heaven to garnish,
Is wasteful and ridiculous excess.

The above means that her work communicates that the queer crowd are beautiful and perfect the way they are and that there is sans necessity for them to be altered or changed. Vikranth later talked about Chennai dost and the break turned into a short interactive session.

After the break we resumed watching the movie. The movie itself was a Mirror which communed the actual down to earth occurrences in a gay man's life but with a fantasy ending. It also taught a valuable lesson that "Life is to live and not to survive."

I was content that the screening was a success and wishing that the next coming event will be more interactive and productive.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Chennai Dost Magazine's promotional Movie Screening at Chennai Center for Counseling

Chennai Dost cordially invites all of you for The Magazine's promotional Movie Screening at Chennai Center for Counseling.

Date: 23rd August 2009, Sunday

Time: 6.00 P.M. to 9.00 P.M.

Venue: Chennai Center for Counseling

18 Radhakrishnan Salai Ninth Street (opp. Citi Center, Inox)

Third Floor Mylapore



The Movie that will be Screened is

29th and Gay (2005)

Cast: James Vasquez, Nicole Marcks, Mike Doyle and David McBean

Synopsis: James (James Vasquez) is a guy approaching his thirty, who is fat, bald and single. While his best friend Roxy (Nicole Marcks) an actress-turned-activist, who struggles to show him that there's still life beyond All that Jazz, his other friend, Brandon (David McBean) who is comfortable in his own gay skin and the one who works on getting James to at least talk to a boy, James feels out of place in the world Men and is smothered between his Hispanic-American heritage and his sexuality.

The invitation is open to all for free, for more info contact Gabriel - 99623 06050 Teja - 91760 16919 (or) Srivath - 97109 03650 or

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

The Perfect Guy

Wouldn't we give anything to be with a perfect guy...?

But there's nothing to give TO BE A PERFECT GUY....!

The Perfect Guy Would....

1.. Know how to make you smile when you are down .
2.. Try to secretly smell your hair, but you always notice.
3.. Stick up for you, but still respects your independence .
4.. Give you the remote control during the game .
5.. Come up behind you and put his arms
around you.
6.. Play with your hair.
7.. His hands always find yours ..
8. Be cute when he really wants something.
9.. Offer you plenty of massages.
10. Dance with you, even if he feels like a dork.
11. Never run out of love.
12. Be funny, but know how to be serious.
13. Realize he's being funny when he needs to be serious.
14. Be patient when you take forever to get ready.
15. React so cutely when you hit him and it actually hurts.
16. Smile a lot.
17. Plans a romantic date full of cheesy things he wouldn't normally like to do, just because he knows it means a lot to you.
18. Appreciate you.
19. Help others out.
20. Drive 5 hours just to see you for 1.
21. Always gives you a peck on the cheek when you depart from each others company, even when his friends are watching.
22. Sing, even if he can't.
23. Have a creative sense of humor.
24. Stare at you.
25. Call for no reason.
26. Quit smoking, chewing, drinking, or drugs - just because he loves u that much to quit it.

Imagine if every guy turned out to be perfect.....!

Even you....!

Think about it...

All you have to do.... is just be one......

Frequently Asked Questions - FAQ Part-3

What is the meaning of Gay Pride?
Vikki: Well, when you walk along with your friends in the Pride and look at all those by passers looking at you as if you are some kind of joke and then you feel like stepped onto the Cow-shit and managing not to let others know about it. That kind of thing. But actually Gay Pride means gays walk with pride not ashamed of the label given by the so-called social norms and heterosexuals.

What is Monogamous relationship? Does it exist in Gay community?
Vikki: Where are you exactly from, Planet Pluto? After Shri Ramachandra in ancient century no biological man with a cock believed in monogamous relationship in the history of the world till now, not even his successor Lord Krishna. So get real. But of course Monogamous relationship is one beautiful terminology existed only by word, which means two people in a relationship without having sex or relationship with the third person. Beware your boyfriend might be sleeping with your best friend. Especially in our Chennai community it is a big joke, but there are few exceptions. Guys who are fed up of this web-relationship now decided to stay Mono (single) forever. So stay random.

What is the meaning of Threesome?
Vikki: Letting a guy watch while the other two better-looking guys having hot sex. Come on guys, you don’t need an Oxford dictionary for this, threesome means three guys doing something which cannot be typed from my keyboard. May be my keyboard likes Group sex. By the way, aren’t you the same guy who asked about Monogamous relationship? Thats so Gross man…

Is there any terminology called bi-curious?
Vikki: Yes there is, bi-curious means someone who wants to experiment or curious about the alternative sex. After the court ruling on 377 I heard 77% of Indian straight men have become bi-curious. They have become so curious these days they don’t even mind being a bottom. Do you know there is a terminology called Straight curious, it means someone who is actually Gay but wanted to be Straight, they are the remaining 23% anyways. That’s pretty damn straight, huh?

I never been to any Gay parties till now, I wanted to go for one, its my dream
Vikki: Trust me, it is not like you heard. So what exactly happening in gay parties these days, we hug each other and then we start gossiping about him, we drink too much finally we look for a place to puke, nobody stripteases here, there is no gay bars or pubs here, there are very few gays who can dance here and the DJ plays music which can even turn a brand Nelly bottom into straight. And then you have to leave the place exactly at 12. It is a normal party where you can find gays and don’t expect any hot dudes here; they are all so happy sleeping at home hugging their teddy bears, so stop dreaming.

How can i protect myself from Swine Flu?
Vikki: At last there are some advantage of being gay. Most of the gays are so clean freak, so the possibility of infected by H1N1 is less. If you have enough immunity stop worrying about Swine Flu, if you think you don’t have start working on to increase your immunity power. Feel good factor for all cross dressers, please don’t discard your old bra (or the one you have stolen from your sister), cut the 2 cups and use as Swine Flu masks.

Is it mandatory to use a condom for anal intercourses?
Vikki: No, not at all. There are several other methodologies invented by our back bench intellectuals. You can use plastic bags, ballons etc...but if its torn anywhere in between no sweats please. Come on Guys condom is the only way of doing things for anal intercourses. Never ever say no to it, its safe to keep atleast one rubber in your wallet all the time. If you would like to know more about AIDS awareness and safe sex please contact Sahothara or

send your queries to Vikki at it will be answered in the next FAQ section.

Note : FAQ Part- 1 at

A salute to the flag

Well, It's been a while am in this team,though I have hardly contributed anything towards this blog,so I guess it's time that I change that. So when I was thinking about where to begin I felt why not begin with the most recognizable symbol in the world, the rainbow flag. Yeah, the flag which marks the presence in every parades and has been the symbol of pride and unity. Here, in my very first post I would like to write about the origin and how the flag came into existence.

Homosexuality and colours have always been blended together,before the rainbow flag came into existence,homosexuals from each country were using specific colour to express themselves.The pink coloured triangle became popular only in 1980's. Earlier it was purple that marked the parades in 1960's,which even gained the homosexual community the name "Purple Power". The pink colour came into action when the nazi community in germany used that colour to identify gay males, in england they used the colour green.From this one can sense that colours and homosexuality have a long relation.

As each group of people at various parts of world had different ways and colours to express themselves,so the gay activists in san fransisco insisted, that they frame a community symbol. It was the time that pink triangle has not gained it's popularity, so in accordance to their request the first rainbow flag was designed by a local artist,Gilbert baker in 1978. Gilbert baker was not only a local artist but was also the friend of the first gay mayor of san fransisco Harvey milk.

Initially the flag was made with eight colours,pink,red,orange,yellow,green,blue,indigo and violet. According to baker,each colour had their own meaning.As anyone can realize pink,red,orange,yellow and green represented, sexuality,life,healing,sun and nature. Blue indicated art,violet indicating spirit and indigo representing harmony.Thereby a story of life has been told through this colours. It was not long after his creation that the very first open gay mayor, harvey milk was assasinated in 1978. Homosexual community shocked at this brutal assault on one of the mayor who was openly gay decided to show their strength and solidarity, so the committee decided to use Baker's Flag.

At this point the flag had only seven colours, with pink being removed due to the lack of the dye colour. The committee decided to strip of indigo to make the colours even thereby giving rise to six coloured rainbow flag. This flag immediately grabbed the attention of people all around the world thus spreading the powerful aura of the pride with which the homosexuuals marched in 1978 at san fransisco. Later on following this incident, these colours were incorporated into striped versions, the one that modern world is using now.Thus the rainbow coloured flag represents though diversified by culture,language and ethnics we all stand under single community,for which we stand together.
Maybe most of you are aware about this, though I hope this might help someone who wants to know about the symbol with which we march.Would love to hear from you all regarding this.I will continue to post regarding the gay culture and history...

" Let the spirit stay alive,be gay and be proud"

Monday, August 17, 2009


Written by: Siva

I was lazy on 15th Independence Day after I went for flag hoisting at my work place and was lazying about. What was indepenence all about. We are expected to work hard, make our country proud and remember our leaders who gave us the freedom etc. Why should we be given a holiday? to lazy around ?see movies(xxxx)?, have fun with friends,? watch the usual TVprogrammes? I was wondering.

Because it was a holiday I happened to gain some knowledge?(had I or had I not before is a question). I was listening to Radio Mirchi which broadcasted an interview with famous(Vijai TV) fame Rose.Her interview gave some insight of such transgenders who have been shunned by society and family and how Tamil Nadu is the only State to recognise them and give them their status in education and employment. She said that a transgender has been given admission to Teacher Training course as a transgender. It was.sad to hear the difficulties but glad that there seems to be a light somewhere for them in future.

Freedom is not exclusive to only so called "straight" "normal" people. On this independence day we have to ralise that freedom means same for all types of humans, be it straight ,gay or transgender..

I felt being transgender in this society is more tough than a gay. I wondered whether I, inspite of having sympathy on such transgenders will willingly employ any such transgenders under me? To be frank I might not! as I fear the society and what others will think and co-employees will refuse to work or tease the transgender.? If we are in such a state where we can say we are all free? Free for what ? to hate others? to redicule and hurt others feelings ? put them to shame for what they are not responsible?

Well this extends even to us gays

In the midst of all these insights(??) I got lazying around(benefits in being lazy-we get wise) I switched on to TV and happened to watch a programme on STAR-WORLD a super dancer show. It was different of its kind. About 8 countries participated (including India)and performers performed solo, duet and group dances from each country. All the dances wee great. The Judges were from all the competing countries. The Judge will not give point for a programe when his/her country performs. It was really great to see diffrent dances from different countries. Such style and elegance romance...

My mood got better and I went out for roaming

My Epic - Coming Out

Written by: LGayFriend

Part III: To live with pain!!!

My morning alarm slaughters me. I killed the alarm and checked out the calendar. It points: 08th August 2009 – 07:30 AM. Seven days has been completed since I moved to Shollinganallur. I am unable to believe myself how I survived this whole seven days without him. How did I survived? I would have become mad. Or I would have died. But I am not. Yes, I missed him more than my soul. On every morning I used to rewind my life three months back. Only that energy makes me to keep going these seven days. I believe this energy will hold me for ever.

What I am going to do today? All my roommates have gone to their natives. I would become mad if I stay here for a long time all alone. No, I would cry aloud sitting in a corner, thinking about him. I don’t have any idea how I am going to pass these whole two days. A good idea. Better go to a movie or shopping or beach or relatives home. Just don't be alone. "Just go out from here. Don’t be alone". I keep on repeating this. On and on. I started to think about the plan for these two days.

Usually I won't pray God. But today I did. God! Heaven shake the energy has to hold me to pass my days with out any hindrance.

Why this happed? I regret for the happed thing every day morning. Does this will happen to everyone or this is happening to me alone. Why for me???

I have only one choice. I have to live with this pain. He will not be with me anymore.

Who I am?
I reside near Shollinganallur. And I am pursuing my work in a famous MNC Company near by Shollinganallur. I am a guy with full of exploring and grapping the new technology idea as fast anyone could. But not exploring or very much invades into the Venus. I am totally shit on this. But guys after their graduation came with their dreams. I am different from them. A unique one. Hmmm. Not anymore. But I can say in this way: I am one among the hiding small group in this world. GAY.

Age: 24
Fair color.
Average hairy.
Height: 168.2
Weight: 64.5

Part II: Our Voyage Ends!!!

Date: 31st July 2009
I am so silent the whole day in the office. Rahul asked the reasons only while entering into office in bus, when no one was around. I said "Nothing". He is a person of reading minds. I mean he used to understand other minds. He never asked the question again to me. A nice guy. I entered into my workaholic world with a burden in my mind.

Time: 8:30 PM (Usual time)
Journey: From Office to Anna Nagar. (Usual journey)
Transport: Office Bus. (Usual bus)
I Seated: First Seat. (Usual place)
He Seated: Besides me (Usual place)

But I am going to say the unusual thing to him.

We both started from office. I boarded the bus with a hope that he will really understand me. Bus fired up sharply from the campus. I am silent unusually. Rahul frequently looks my face. He is waiting for me to speak out. The bus crossed Shollinganallur. I though I must. I said to Rahul with a deep ache in my heart with a low tone, "Rahul, I am going to move to Shollinganallur from Anna Nagar."
First he was in shock. But he smiled back and said, "Oh that’s great buddy. Then it will be convenient for you to work right." With a killing smile. I fell very guilty on that day. He hasn’t asked anything regarding the reason of my move. He assumed that it is because of my easy. A nice guy.

I know how he will experience for this departure. And he knows how I will feel the pain. But we haven't shared the pain. We just understood with a look in each eyes.

I said about the new room and the old roommate's suggestion to shift the room.

The plan of the room shift is because of my roommates. I quarrelled with them. But I am the only person denying the room shift. The majority wins.

That day 31st July 2009 was my last day with him, our voyage ends there.

I regret for the happed thing every day morning. Now, I have only one choice. I have to live with this pain. He will not be with me anymore.

Who is he?
He is a guy. His native is Chennai, MMDA. And he is a senior employee of the same Company. He is service oriented and helps everyone. His dressing sense will be too good. I can say about him in a single line. Like: He is totally hot. Or, an awesome guy. What else I can say.

Manly deeds.
Age: 29
Fair color.
Average hairy.
Height: 173.2
Weight: 75.6
Very dark curly hair.
Joined eyebrows.
Very spiky eyes.
Sharp nose.
Small upper lips.
Wide laugh.
Aligned Wight teethes.
Impressive chin and jaws.

Not more than this… He has a perfect manly body structure. He has not been made; instead, he has been designed.

Part I: An immense short life span

I am not affectionate of him only because of his physic. Actually he is a simple, cute, smart, move and manly guy. Yes, these aspects fascinated me towards him.

I couldn't believe that how do I get a friend like him. I have been waiting nearly 24 years to have such a friend. It happened just like that and ended in the same way. I really want to evoke all the happened things in that period. It was a very cheerful moments that will never get erased from my mind.

I have been moved to the office near to Shollinganallur. It is usual thing in my office. My old project got over and I have been allocated to new project. And I am new to the location.

My routine process:
Rise: 6:30 AM
Get Ready to office.
Start @ 7:10 AM from room.
Board the bus @ 7:20 AM at Anna Nagar Deppo.
Sit in First seat.
Read the story book (Angels and Demons), till i got sleep.
Wake up: When bus crosses Sathyabama University.
Step down into office by 9:15 AM.
Have breakfast all alone.
Will enter into my working environment.
Have lunch all alone.
Will enter into my working environment.
Have dinner all alone.
Will leave by 8:30 bus.
Reach my room by 10:30 PM
Have a bath
Read the story book, till i got sleep.

Once every one boarded into the bus, we used to sign in the Bus Entry Sheet Form. Since I am the first person I will start sitting in the sheet and pass on to the next sheet. Mostly by associates in the back sheets will be sleeping. I have to get up and move to the third sheet to pass the sheet. It will happen frequently. The person to whom i used to pass the sheet is Rahul. He will board the bus at MMDA. He used to watch me often, having question as why I am all alone. Firstly, I haven't cared at him. But the things changed in over night.

Date: 05 may 2009. He sat besides me in bus. But I haven't cared about it. As usually I started reading my story Book. Next day, the same thing happened.

Date 07 may 2009. He started talking me. He sounds very professional. He introduced himself and his expiries. He is working in another phase, handling a team. I introduce myself to him.
He is a type of open person. And this goes on, goes on. We both glued together so soon. I believe that his out spoken character makes me to bring together. I come across such feeling when I am along with him. I stopped reading book and forgot to sleep in bus. We talked, talked and talked. We planned to start back together from office in the same bus @ 8:30 PM. We used to meet and talk only in Bus. I started to wait for the moments with him. Days pass on and passed on. He used to hold my hands very tight and say "Bye Hari" with a cute smile, and then get down in his stop. I liked the mannerism.

We used to speak in many topics. Beyond what friends used to talk about.
· Projects Related doubts
· Work Pressure
· Politics inside the projects
· Appraisals Rating
· Promotions
· Models followed in the projects
· Many Project and Account levels topics
· Self Improvement
· Motivations
· Career Developments
· Suggestions / Solutions
· World Economy
· Schools / Colleges enjoyment/ Scores
· Interests and Hobbies
· Gym / Body Building
· Commenting on girls (Though I am not this type. I enjoyed as he enjoyed)
· Friends
· Friends problem
· Family Problems
· Marriage
· Movies
· Terminator - Arnold / Varananm Ayiram - Suriya
· Shreya (He is very crew on her)
· BF (A very dentally. He is expert in that)
· Cine Songs
· Dreams
· Books
· People characters
· Computers / Electronic Items
· Other Jobs
· Cars

Date: 21 July 2009 he was so depressed. I asked about it. He said his parents were searching for his life partner for the long time and showed him three photos. All were not looking good. So, he shouted at them. He said: "Hari, I am not asking for a high personality woman. I am searching for a normal personality with good characters. She should be young around 23. But my parents are showing me women around 26 and more. They do not understand my feelings. It is hurting me more and more. All were too stout. I lost the hope of marriage Hari. I have been so genuine and controlled myself for this." He just spilled out every thing to me from his mind. The day I felt pain in my heart. He was silent till he gets down.
Once I reached home, I message him: "Rahul, I am not made to get married... Guess you know why.. Probably it will be more bitter feeling than what you are experiencing now. I know you will be the right person to talk about this... But I think it will create bad look on me, if I tell you... Hope you won't tell anybody... Rahul, I am GAY... It sounds chilly... But... Guess you will understand me... Pls don't feel about me.. You are the only person to know about this... AND PLS DELETE THIS MESSAGE..."
Reply came from him immediately: "Ok gentleman. No worries... Will enjoy the present life.. Good Night... TC".
I slept that night with complete comfort. After unloading and sharing the long time locked big burden.
The next day, he looked very fresh and clear face. He chatted with me usual. I felt very happy. He was back again. He was never sad for his delayed marriage. He said "Hari, I want to be like this itself". I won his mind.
But the happiness only lasted for next ten days. The situation separated us after 31 July 2009. I am not taking the bus any more as I have shifted my room neat to office. I missed every moment that I have spent with him and mostly the way he used to say bye while getting down from bus.
Usually I won't pray God. But today I did. God! Heaven shake the energy has to hold me to pass my days with out any hindrance.

Why this happed? I regret for the happed thing every day morning. Does this will happen to everyone or this is happening to me alone. Why for me???

I have only one choice. I have to live with this pain. He will not be with me anymore.

I completed this epic on 08th August 2009 @ office, and it took nearly six hours to complete. Yes, I haven't gone for shopping or movie or beach. This epic is only for my Rahul. I fell so happy. The remembrance will not be taken away from me. It will be always with me and along with me and alone with me for ever and ever.

Written by: LGayFriend

Thursday, August 13, 2009



Originality is what I crave,breathe,aspire.
yesterday I was conscious but not today
and will not be tomorrow.

Being me has made me feel me,
When I was young I walked in
someone else shoes.

They smothered me; my identity of who I am.
but now I have hatched myself to be me.

Committing my own mistakes, my own blunders,
has invigorated my being.

Even when monstrosity supervenes on my own
accord I will embrace it.
Because I am me....

Written by: Gabriel

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Unveiled: Sebastin's party

34, 23, 36….no that is not any girl’s size and I can never be straight to talk about it either. These are the runs scored by Sachin Tendulkar in the beginning of his test career. Though the runs he scored were less but the brilliance and master class was quite obvious. The beginning of new era was written all over the media then. It’s more or less the same in Sebastian’s party last night.

The dazzling music reverberated like a wind in the motion, lights were crawling like a sunshine revolution and then the host Sebastian’s sexy moves and smiles made a great impression. Hotties who turned out for the party will sure have got the signs of a new party trend. Lead the way, which was written all over Sebastian’s warmth hosting. Even the shy ones started dancing for the beat. It was Mexican all around.

We need to have more parties like this in Chennai, not like once in a blue moon earlier. I was looking at the dancer floor and found the rainbow lights which later encircled my sight. My friends, no matter how many times you met them, they still shows that friendly gestures and carry infinite number of gossips to talk. Isn’t it what a gay party all about? Though there were very few twinks and new arrivals in the party, but who gives a shit about types and faces after few pegs of drink anyway. The party went on till 12 midnight and the music was fading in slow waves.

The thumpa thumpa goes on, it never ends...