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Monday, August 17, 2009


Written by: Siva

I was lazy on 15th Independence Day after I went for flag hoisting at my work place and was lazying about. What was indepenence all about. We are expected to work hard, make our country proud and remember our leaders who gave us the freedom etc. Why should we be given a holiday? to lazy around ?see movies(xxxx)?, have fun with friends,? watch the usual TVprogrammes? I was wondering.

Because it was a holiday I happened to gain some knowledge?(had I or had I not before is a question). I was listening to Radio Mirchi which broadcasted an interview with famous(Vijai TV) fame Rose.Her interview gave some insight of such transgenders who have been shunned by society and family and how Tamil Nadu is the only State to recognise them and give them their status in education and employment. She said that a transgender has been given admission to Teacher Training course as a transgender. It was.sad to hear the difficulties but glad that there seems to be a light somewhere for them in future.

Freedom is not exclusive to only so called "straight" "normal" people. On this independence day we have to ralise that freedom means same for all types of humans, be it straight ,gay or transgender..

I felt being transgender in this society is more tough than a gay. I wondered whether I, inspite of having sympathy on such transgenders will willingly employ any such transgenders under me? To be frank I might not! as I fear the society and what others will think and co-employees will refuse to work or tease the transgender.? If we are in such a state where we can say we are all free? Free for what ? to hate others? to redicule and hurt others feelings ? put them to shame for what they are not responsible?

Well this extends even to us gays

In the midst of all these insights(??) I got lazying around(benefits in being lazy-we get wise) I switched on to TV and happened to watch a programme on STAR-WORLD a super dancer show. It was different of its kind. About 8 countries participated (including India)and performers performed solo, duet and group dances from each country. All the dances wee great. The Judges were from all the competing countries. The Judge will not give point for a programe when his/her country performs. It was really great to see diffrent dances from different countries. Such style and elegance romance...

My mood got better and I went out for roaming

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