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Saturday, June 27, 2009

Thanks to the readers...


When i was a kid, i used to make paper toys...i wont call it as creative, but most of those toys reflected my mindset and thoughts on those days...At the time of making it, the idea sounded stupid, but once i have completed making it, it gave me immense satisfaction and joy...i kept it in my bedroom and watched it everyday with great affection. And i cant express now the feeling i have got when someone complimented me for the toys. The same feeling im having now, when i see this Chennai Dost shappening up...overlwhelming responses from our readers everyday makes me feel so special and gives me great confidence in writing. The responses are so overwhelming and large in number now i couldnt find time to read all the mails and had to ask one of our teamate to respond..i sincerely regret for the delay in response to your mails...Find below one of such interesting mail...

Vikrant (Creator- Chennai Dost)

Hi Dude,

Hw r u doing? And Hw well things r going? I am fine here!!!


Its not my intention or mistake to start the letter with sentimental wordings. U had put my my first mail in ur blog in the first location. (Ohhh god… here goes the sentiment). Thanx buddy.

My Judgment Day (On U…):
U hve mammoth of information an time to build up ur blog (UR BIBLE) as till a long. Very remarkable. More our u spend extra time for yourself. Excellent conspirator.

The Workaround by me on urs:
I red ur newest article – Boys Don’t Cry. A dam gooooooooood one. Mindblowing. It makes me as I was u… Speaking with Mohit!(U will be angry on me.. Anyway its nature…). Very good characterization pitching. And U hve excellent narrative skill. Gifted gu(a)y…

U read more(U hve mentioned in ur blog). I attended an Interpersonal Skill Development (When do I had? Hmmm.. I have to refer it in Training Portal – Internal one) session in my institution. Very good and many learning take-away session. The trainer (Her name – Madhumitha) said “If you wants to improve your speaking listen more and If you wants to improve your writing skill read more”. It is dam correct in ur case.

My FAQ for u:
I glanced ur FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions. Very frank and impressive. (I promise... I will read completely when I get time – Sorry I have to build my time to read it). I hve registered myself in the community u hve mentioned in this section.

Here go my questions…
Do I really get any gay friends?
Will he be handsome as like Mohit? (I am really going to get blast frm u)
Why do u hate Chennai? (Guess Ur frm Chennai. Optional question)

Thtz all I hve as of now… (I hve to fire u with more questions… Let my next mail be a long one than ur blog).

My Proposal:
Need some break for reading. Need some more than from reading. This is going to be my suggestion for u. Hope u will understood the line I am speaking abt. Think abt it.

Completed my composition (I thk so.. Can be for u also) by hearing
I Stay In Love – Mariah
Apologize – Timbaland Feat
Another Song All Over Again – Justin
Losing My Way – Justin
(Some Tamil and Hindi Songs also)
Learning to hear more songs from… (Additional bit…)

Ok buddy.. Thtz all frm my side as of now..
Have a nice day buddy. Take Care. Ending with my usual phase only for u:
It is simply splendid collection. Rock on man.

How r u doing there? (I don’t know much about u!!! But still it’s our Indian Traditional to ask this question firstly!!!)
I have gone through your blog. ( Guess u were writing this for a long time.
I have red the below blogs. ..

Frequently Asked Questions
Boys dont cry
One night with God
Spiderman and my beautiful mind
Straight Guy, Gay Fantasies
Mom, I’m Gay
Wow, you are fcuking gay
My New year resolutions
Hot food and hot guys
100 Reasons for being gay

It is simply splendid collection. Rock on man.

Chennai Rainbow Gay Pride

CHENNAI: Rallies and marches are more often seen as a means ofexpressing protest, but Chennai’s first LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bi-sexualand Transgender) Pride on Sunday will also be a celebration of sortsfor members of these groups.

A full 10 years after the first pride march began in India at Kolkata,Chennai gets its own Rainbow Pride, making it a cause for celebrationamong the community members.

Hi guys, Chennai Dost would like to invite you all gays and bisexuals to walk with pride in Chennai Gay Pride on sunday at 4 p.m in Marina, Chennai...Guys who would like to be discreet about thier identity can wear a mask or something. Thousands of gays expected to participate in this Pride including myself...
Good News to all Gays and Bisexuals in India...Home, health, law ministers to meet on IPC 377

After years of procrastination, the government has finally decided that section 377 of the Indian Penal Code (IPC) needs to be reviewed. The section bans sexual relationships among people of the same gender, terming it unnatural sex."There is a move from the government's side. We are re-looking at the law. The Union home minister (P Chidambaram) has invited health minister (Ghulam Nabi Azad), home ministers of all states and me for consultations," Union law minister M Veerappa Moily said on Friday.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

A FRIEND IN NEED - Short story

Written by: Siva

ARUN was enjoying his evening stroll in the Marina beach. He was 20. He did not have any steady date(girl or guy). He was to date a young beauty Sarita studying in his college. He was happy about it so he could brag about it to his friends. He suddenly realised that he was lacking something in the date ,The excitement? he wondered. He saw many young mixed(+ & -) couples. Nothing fillied him with excitement he thought he must have had. "Well may be I have not come of age" he thought.

Next day he was waiting in a happy mood for Sarita near the Gandhi Statue in the beach. She arrrived in a pale blue jeans with a dark red top and loosly let hair glowing in the evening setting sun. he admired her beauty. Greeted her and took her hand and they walked talking and laughing on irrelavent issues. As they were eating ice cream which she desired he remembered his friend Bala's words" When I first touched my girl wow I felt a thrill and energy floeing in my body and I started to have a HARD ON. "

Arun realised that he neither had any energy flowing nor a hardon when he was holding her. "Why?" he asked himself. She was a beauty no doubt -a girl any guy would die for , then what? He was feeling uncomfortable. He kept her amused till they parted with a gentle hug. He could see that she looked disappointed. She seemed to have missed something she expected to happen.
He went to college next day and bragged about his 'Experience' with Sarita. To Bala alone he lied that he had a Hard on and he almost seduced her and ..he will make her fall for him next time--realising he was talking through his hat.

He was again in the beach the next day thinking about himself and walking near the waters. Waves were almost touching his legs. He was lost in thought when he sighted a handsome dude about 22 years in blcak shirt and jeans rolled upto his knee standing in the waters holding a smart kid..The dude was glowing in the setting sun at 6pm. Arun realised that he is admiring a guy and could not take his eyes of him. He saw that dude struggling to carry the kid and leave the waters. The dude lost balance and fell down and the kid ran away and started laughing. The dude was pretending to be angry but was feeling embarassed.

Without thinking Arun dashed to help the dude to his legs. He went up to the dude whose jeans were fully wet by now and offered his hands. The dude smiled and took his hands and stood up. Arun was struck by a stroke of energy that went through him when the dude caught hold of him. They shook hands and he introduced himself as "Charlie", and the kid was his nephew and that he has just completed his studies and is from Pondychery. Not much of the talks went into Arun's head as he was engrossed by the looks of Charlie and realised he was having a HARD ON now.
Arun was not sure of himself. He was confused. Charlie invited him to his house where he is staying with his brother near by . Charlie had come by walk. Arun offered lift in his bike . Arun could hardly concentrate on driving when Charlie and his nephew were sitting behind. Charlie's body and wet pants were sooo close to him and like sticking to him. He thought he could even feel Charlie's on his back. Well he was not sure of anything.When they went to Charlie's house the kid ran away and Charlie led them to his room. While chatting Charlie excused himself and went to the bath for a quick wash. He came out in a towel and wet body --Arun could not take his eyes of Charlie.

Not wanting to give away his secrect of having fallen for Charlie, Arun took leave and was about to leave when Charlie asked him to help him to bring down a box from top shelf.. Arun agreed and caught hold of the tall table Charlie kept over the cot to climb upon. While Charlie was climbing Arun could not stop himself from looking up and get a glimpse of Charlie's cock while the towel swayed.Arun lost grip and shook the table and Charlie slipped on the cot and fell on Arun. That was it! Arun could no longer restrain and kissed Charlie whose towel had come off.Charlie did not object. The were in tight embrace for some time. Arun felt guilty and apologised to Charlie. But Charlie was all cool and said he was not gay but did not find fault with Arun and he was equally to be blamed for having appeared in towel and exposed his body. Arun felt more comfortable. Charlie assured that Arun can always count on him as a friend. A person like Charlie is a friend every(gayguy) needs.

Arun left Charlie's house more convinced that he came to realised his sexual priorities ans now he has to come to terms with it which he was sure to having friend like Charlie.Well will Arun come out of the closet remains to be seen.Arun always loves the beach which paved way to realise himself.

Written by: Siva

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Ancient India and Homosexuality

New Delhi: Was Indian society tolerant of homosexuality before the colonial administration proscribed it in 1860? The government has taken conflicting positions on this within the country and outside.

On a petition pending before the Delhi high court seeking to decriminalize homosexuality, the government said in its counter affidavit that that there were “no convincing reports to indicate that homosexuality or other offences against the order of nature mentioned in Section 377 IPC were acceptable in the Indian society prior to colonial rule.”

But when it was being reviewed by the UN Human Rights Council last year for the first time ever, India distanced itself from that provision when Sweden, arguably the most gay-friendly country in the world, questioned its record in ensuring equality irrespective of a person’s sexual orientation.

This is how Goolam Vahanvati, who was then solicitor-general and is now attorney-general, tried to save India’s face before the council as part of its official delegation. “Around the early 19th Century, you probably know that in England they frowned on homosexuality, and therefore there are historical reports that various people came to India to take advantage of its more liberal atmosphere with regard to different kinds of sexual conduct. “As a result, in 1860 when we got the Indian Penal Code, which was drafted by Lord Macaulay, they inserted Section 377 which brought in the concept of ‘sexual offences against the order of nature’.
Now in India we didn’t have this concept of something being ‘against the order of nature’. It was essentially a Western concept, which has remained over the years. Now homosexuality as such is not defined in the IPC, and it will be a matter of great argument whether it is ‘against the order of nature’.” Vahanvati’s admission on the international forum that the ban on homosexuality was a western import and its relevance was debatable flies in the face of the government’s unabashed efforts before the Delhi high court to retain Section 377, complete with its colonial baggage and archaic notion of unnatural offences.

Whatever the politics behind this glaring contradiction, there is ample evidence placed before the high court by petitioner Naz Foundation substantiating in effect Vahanvati’s view that in the centuries prior to the enactment of section 377, India was rather accommodating of homosexuals.

While the penalty imposed by Section 377 goes up to life sentence, there is nothing close to it in Manusmriti, the most popular Hindu law book of medieval and ancient India. “If a man has shed his semen in non-human females, in a man, in a menstruating woman, in something other than a vagina, or in water, he should carry out the ‘painful heating’ vow.” Thus, this peculiar vow, involving application of cow’s urine and dung, was meant not only for homosexuals but also errant heterosexuals.

The penalty is even milder if the homosexual belongs to an upper caste. As Manusmriti puts it, “If a twice-born man unites sexually with a man or a woman in a cart pulled by a cow, or in water, or by day, he should bathe with his clothes on.’’ Since Manusmriti was written at a time when bath generally meant taking a dip in a river or a lake with other members of the same gender, the penalty of making a homosexual bathe without taking off his clothes was probably designed to avoid the embarrassment of his being sexually aroused in public.
In another indicator of the liberal Hindu heritage, Kama Sutra, a classic written in the first millennium by Sage Vatsyayana, devotes a whole chapter to homosexual sex saying “it is to be engaged in and enjoyed for its own sake as one of the arts.” Besides providing a detailed description of oral sex between men, Kama Sutra categorizes men who desire other men as “third nature” and refers to longterm unions between men.
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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Minutes of Meeting

I have received a call from one of my friend to attend the planning committee meeting for the Chennai Rainbow Pride Parade 2009 (God, the name is soooooooo long...). He told me the pride rally will take place on June 28th from Marina. I thought it is the suitable place to begin with since most of the gays are very familiar with it (lol)...they used to visit this place for one reason or another every week...

The meeting was a huge be honest at first i felt like i was in a different planet, i even wondered what i was doing there...there were so many people including from the transgender community with whom i never been with before, it was a strange experience for me. I felt like people are staring at me and watching me all the time...say it self conscious or whatever...i was idle and trying to catch up with the happenings there...

Then came the Saviour, after few minutes of the meeting, a hot guy came in and sat next to me. He looked like a model (god, he looked so damn hot)...he said nothing or didnt even introduce himself, he sat there quietly next to me. I was wondering what this straight looking hottie is doing in the middle of a hot discussion regarding LGBT Pride or whatever...There were close to 25 people in the room and i guess all eyes were on him. Suddenly there were plenty of giggles, unwanted interruptions, volunteer opinions etc... people even started to wander around in the room. I was somehow relaxed then, i was clueless about the reason...may be is because of the feeling of being around with someone who is looks like a straight guy which im used to all the time...or because of the lack of gaze from the crowd towards me after the model stationed.

One of the organisers tried to get the attention of the crowd including me away from the Model guy. they started discussing about Guests (model guy is now trying to adjust his t-shirt). Anirudh started reading out the possible celebrities and guests for the Pride (model guy is now feeling thirsty, he started to look around the room). finished reading out and then another person started discussing about handling the media (model guy is really thirsty now, he looked at me twice, i thought there was even a glimpse of smile on his face). One of the organiser informed the group that there were press releases about the Chennai Pride (i found out that the model guy has really long hands and fingers). Few were seriously taking notes whatever been discussed in the meeting (i have noticed that the model guy was now bit restless, he closed his eyes twice and looked at me for help i thought) . After a long discussion the committee decided to nominate a person to represent each community for the media( the model guy was totally restless now, he stood up and left the room immediately) There was a long silent in the room now, the committee decided to have the planning meeting again on 18th June.

Though im familiar with Gay Prides, but i had no idea how it is going to be in Chennai. Since Tamil society consider homosexuals are transgenders and they still ignore the fact that there are gays, lesbians and bisexuals exist. Though i truly respect trangenders and their concerns, but i just hope that this Chennai Pride is not all about Transgender rights and issues. Like no other state government Tamilnadu is expectionally doing well to provide life and support to Transgender community and the society have almost accepted them, but transgenders are not the only people in LGBT community. To my statistics knowledge i believe the total number of LGBT population in chennai is close to 50,ooo people. And 80% of them are gays, lesbians and bisexuals. These people are still so discreet in the society and suffering. These people are not 'out and proud' unlike the transgenders. I just hope that there are enough representation from these community and their issues will be raised in this Chennai Pride. Though i never been to these kind of social activities, which i told my friend, but he convinced me if i attend the meeting there might be something in for me to write in Chennai i did, but now i have decided to participate and provide my support to this Chennai Pride, i just hope many of you will join me.

The discussion is about choosing a name for the committee which is organising this Chennai Pride, ways of reaching the celebrities to invite for the Pride, various cultural events and reaching out all these LGBT community people. There was a press release in Times of India, Indian Express earlier regarding this Pride, so people were discussing about the ways of handling the media etc...I have learned prior to the Chennai Pride Rally on Jun 28th, there are various other events being organised by the planning committee. Cultural event on 20th at besant nagar and also Parent or partner meeting and counselling for LGBT people at CFC centre on 23rd etc...for more details regarding this event please visit

Note: I have later learnt that the model guy is actually a professional model, who came there to meet a person, obviously he had no clue about the meeting neither he was looking at please stop enquiring about him...he is a straight guy.

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Friday, June 12, 2009

Chennai Gay Pride 2009

Ten years before if anyone said there is going to be a rally by the Gays or Lesbians in Chennai, i would have told them to stop day dreaming, but now things are different. People are out and now they(we) have slogans. After Delhi, Bangalore and Kolkata, its time for Chennai to listen us. Guys, believe me there is going to be a Gay pride rally in Chennai on June 28, 2009. Various Organisations which are involved in the welfare of LGBT community are taking care of this event. There is going to be serious of events prior to the Rally on June 28th. As for now the planning of this event is currently taking place, i will update the details of Chennai Gay Pride Rally shortly. I can only guarantee you that the event is going to be colourful and purposeful. Thousands of Lesbian, Gay, Transgender and bisexuals are expected to participate in this rally. This Event is organised for the purpose of bringing awareness to the Indian society about the LGBT issues. The planning committee is currently working on police permission, inviting guests and celebrities, involving various organisations. This event will showcase the strength of the LGBT community and bring the Gay rights slogan on the street. Im really excited and obviously much awaited event, i hope everyone of us will participate and provide our support to this event. I just want to tell you that by participating in this Rally we are not helping anyone, we are helping ourself.

To know more details about the event, please visit:
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Wednesday, June 10, 2009


Prologue: There is a guy called Mike in PlanetRomeo who i have been chatting with for sometime, but never really met him in person, everytime we fix a date, he come up with an excuse to cancel it later on, infact he is the one who fix the date all the time. He is a 20 year old guy cute, sounds great and very friendly in nature...

Scenario - 1

Jun 01, 2009 : Received a text from Mike (name changed) in PlanetRomeo, he wanted to meet me this time for sure, i replied him with a "yes" (my mom was shouting at me from the kitchen for not helping her just like my poor dad)

Jun 02, 2009 : He sent a text again asking me if i could meet him on Jun 07, saturday at Citicentre, i replied him with a "yes" (i was busy watching a porn movie at that time, you know what i will be doing next)

Jun 03, 2009 : Mike sent a text again and said i look so hot in the pictures and he is so desperate to meet me, i replied him "thanks" (normally im not good at taking compliments, because i dont get it too often)

Jun 04, 2009 : No text from him on that day (i didnt get sleep till 3 a.m, there was no power supply then)

Jun 05, 9.30 p.m : I received a call from Mike, his voice sounds as usual sweet and cute...he was keep on telling me how good looking iam etc ( i was totally embarassed, wordless and felt like being ass fucked by a Robot machine non-stop, imagine yaar...this is a metaphore...even though the fucking is good, you still clueless about the Robot's intentions)

Jun 06, 9.30 p.m : I received a call again from Mike, he said all the usual things he used to say and then asked me to be present at 2 p.m on Sunday in Citi Centre, he told me that he will call and confirm me on sunday morning at 10 a.m.

Jun 07, 9.30 a.m : I have lost my cool, i was really excited to meet this cute guy who exactly matches my dream boy, i couldnt eat my favourite breakfast

Jun 07, 9.45 a.m : I was nervous and shaky. Thought i was going to have a nervous break down, I started watching a football game in ESPN, none of the team have put a goal, i went berserk, i switched of the television

Jun 07, 10.00 a.m: I was holding my cellphone in my hands, my palms are sweaty, I was waiting for his call (nervously)

Jun 07, 10.10 a.m: I was still waiting for his call

Jun 07, 10.20 a.m: My cellphone was ringing now, i woke up from the couch, hit the stool infront of my legs, answered the call...some recorded voice from an insurance company said "Anything can happen at anytime, so better insure"

Jun 07, 10.30 a.m: I was now staring at my cellphone, thinking that something wrong with my instrument

Jun 07, 11.00 a.m: I thought Mike might have forgotten to call me, so i have called him...His phone was switched off

Jun 07, 1.00 p.m: I went to the bathroom lazily to take bath, my mom was shouting at me for being so lazy and taking lunch so late...I heard my cellphone was ringing then...i was only wearing a towel around my waist and almost it was dropping on my knees, i went to my bedroom and took the call, my mom was staring at me as if she thought her son have become insane

Jun 07, 1.05 p.m: The call was from Mike ofcourse, he informed that his mom was admitted in a hospital and he couldnt meet me then...He said we have to reschedule the meeting for another day

Jun 07, 2.00 p.m: I was watching the replay of the same football game i have seen in the morning, i thought the game was somehow interesting now, i was relaxed and my mom was smiling at me from a corner for no reason. May be now she thinks her son is not totally insane afterall.

Jun 08, 4.30 p.m: Mike was online again in PlanetRomeo seriously fishing for some hot guys, i sent him a text inquiring about his Mom's health...He replied me with a "yes"

Jun 08, 4.40 p.m: I told him if he is so lazy to come to CitiCentre, i can very well come to Anna nagar and meet him (i thought i made a mistake here). He again replied me with a "yes"

Jun 08, 9.30 p.m: I called him this time, his voice sounds so sweet as usual. He gave me the directions etc for our meeting on Tuesday evening at 4 p.m nearby TVK Park.

Jun 09, 7.00 a.m: I woke up nervously, i was irritated by the noise of the cooker from the kitchen, I went to the restroom, got hit on my nose by the door, started seriously cursing my house owner for no reason

Jun 09, 7.30 a.m: I was sitting in the hall infront of the television again and reading the Times of India, i was seriously expecting a Sensex collapse or a Stormy weather in Chennai...My mom gave me the coffee and i dropped the glass on the floor, my mom was looking at me now wondering what happened to her son today.

Jun 09, 2.00 p.m: I was nervously sitting in my office cabin, staring at my Laptop doubting that some virus is hacking important data from my laptop...i received a call from Mike confirming me about our meeting at 4.00 p.m

Jun 09, 3.00 p.m: I took my cellphone and sent a sms to Mike saying that i may not be able to come today. I was hoping for a earthquake now

Note: Guys who are reading this may think that i have a nervous breakdown or something. Basically i have this nervous syndrome whenever i do anything for the first time. I guess i have this defect by birth. Infact on the day i was born, when the nurse in the hospital was trying to pull me out from my Mom's i was so nervous i literally kicked the nurse's boobs. In my PUC Examinations, first day was English paper which was my favourite subject, i was so nervous when i saw the question paper i thought it was written in can guess how i would have been in my first interview...God, i just hope that day would never come again...i had literally dropped the file infront of the interview panel, i was sweating all over, my knees went weak and i thought i have swallowed a tennisball which got struck in throat, i couldnt even speak a single word. When i had sex with a guy for the first time, i totally lost the erection, my palms were wet, i torn the shirt of the guy i was with...End of the story

Jun 09, 3.30 p.m: I thought calming myself a bit and called Mike again and said my earlier sms was a joke and actually im on the way. I went to the parking lot and started my bike

Jun 09, 4.30 p.m: I have reached Anna nagar 3rd Avenue and stopped by bike. I started calling Mike and told him where i was. He gave me the directions to TVK park and asked me to wait for him there

Jun 09, 5.00 p.m: I have reached the park, parked my bike there and was standing infront of the park gate, waiting for his arrival.

June 09, 5.15 p.m: I was still standing there waiting for his arrival

June 09, 5.30 p.m: Infront of the gate next to me there was a street dog lying and curiosly looking at me

June 09, 6.00 p.m: The dog now lost its patience, probably it was tired of looking at me or bored of my stupid face

June 09, 6.15 p.m: The dog left the place, i was still standing there waiting for Mike

June 09, 6.30 p.m: I thought probably Mike forgotten about the meeting, i called his cellphone, i heard a recording voice from Vodafone saying that i was stupid enough to call when the number i have been trying to reach is switched off...

June 09, 7.30 p.m: I reached home. My mom was standing in the balcony with a cold face. She shouted at me for being late. I thought she is acting strangely for no reasons...

June 09, 9.30 p.m: I tried to call Mike again, but Vodafone cursed me for being so stupid all the time...End of the story


June 09, 5.00 p.m: I was standing infront of the TVK park and waiting for Mike to arrive. I saw a dog lying next to me. It was busy scaring the flies around it.

June 09, 5.10 p.m: I received a call from Mike. He said he will be there in few minutes.

June 09, 5.15 p.m: I thought of smoking a cigaratte. I spotted a small shop nearby and went there. I took the money from my jeans pocket and bought a cigaratte. I light the cigaratte and took a deep breath. Felt more relaxed now and can feel the wind blowing across my face. I turned my left side and then i saw him. There he was wearing a blue jeans and a dark casual shirt with a smile around his lips. He waved his hands at me

June 09, 5.20 p.m: I was now staring at his cute face. He was so energetic and excited. He looked even more handsome than his pictures. There was something about him that i have found irresistable. He told me i look hotter than the pictures and was seriously talking about Chennai Dost blog.

June 09, 5.30 p.m: I was in his place then. He closed his bedroom door and came closer. He kissed my lips wihout even waiting for my permission and said "Dude, i have dreamt about this for a week now, finally its happening"

June 09, 7.30 p.m: I left his place. I saw the dog still lying infront of the gate while i was passing by the Park in my bike.

June 09, 8.30 p.m: I reached home. My mom standing in the balcony and smiling at me again for no reasons.

June 09, 9.30 p.m: He called me on my cellphone. I spoke to him for 2 hours and we have decided to go for a movie in CitiCentre on 14th June Sunday...End of the story