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Saturday, June 27, 2009

Thanks to the readers...


When i was a kid, i used to make paper toys...i wont call it as creative, but most of those toys reflected my mindset and thoughts on those days...At the time of making it, the idea sounded stupid, but once i have completed making it, it gave me immense satisfaction and joy...i kept it in my bedroom and watched it everyday with great affection. And i cant express now the feeling i have got when someone complimented me for the toys. The same feeling im having now, when i see this Chennai Dost shappening up...overlwhelming responses from our readers everyday makes me feel so special and gives me great confidence in writing. The responses are so overwhelming and large in number now i couldnt find time to read all the mails and had to ask one of our teamate to respond..i sincerely regret for the delay in response to your mails...Find below one of such interesting mail...

Vikrant (Creator- Chennai Dost)

Hi Dude,

Hw r u doing? And Hw well things r going? I am fine here!!!


Its not my intention or mistake to start the letter with sentimental wordings. U had put my my first mail in ur blog in the first location. (Ohhh god… here goes the sentiment). Thanx buddy.

My Judgment Day (On U…):
U hve mammoth of information an time to build up ur blog (UR BIBLE) as till a long. Very remarkable. More our u spend extra time for yourself. Excellent conspirator.

The Workaround by me on urs:
I red ur newest article – Boys Don’t Cry. A dam gooooooooood one. Mindblowing. It makes me as I was u… Speaking with Mohit!(U will be angry on me.. Anyway its nature…). Very good characterization pitching. And U hve excellent narrative skill. Gifted gu(a)y…

U read more(U hve mentioned in ur blog). I attended an Interpersonal Skill Development (When do I had? Hmmm.. I have to refer it in Training Portal – Internal one) session in my institution. Very good and many learning take-away session. The trainer (Her name – Madhumitha) said “If you wants to improve your speaking listen more and If you wants to improve your writing skill read more”. It is dam correct in ur case.

My FAQ for u:
I glanced ur FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions. Very frank and impressive. (I promise... I will read completely when I get time – Sorry I have to build my time to read it). I hve registered myself in the community u hve mentioned in this section.

Here go my questions…
Do I really get any gay friends?
Will he be handsome as like Mohit? (I am really going to get blast frm u)
Why do u hate Chennai? (Guess Ur frm Chennai. Optional question)

Thtz all I hve as of now… (I hve to fire u with more questions… Let my next mail be a long one than ur blog).

My Proposal:
Need some break for reading. Need some more than from reading. This is going to be my suggestion for u. Hope u will understood the line I am speaking abt. Think abt it.

Completed my composition (I thk so.. Can be for u also) by hearing
I Stay In Love – Mariah
Apologize – Timbaland Feat
Another Song All Over Again – Justin
Losing My Way – Justin
(Some Tamil and Hindi Songs also)
Learning to hear more songs from… (Additional bit…)

Ok buddy.. Thtz all frm my side as of now..
Have a nice day buddy. Take Care. Ending with my usual phase only for u:
It is simply splendid collection. Rock on man.

How r u doing there? (I don’t know much about u!!! But still it’s our Indian Traditional to ask this question firstly!!!)
I have gone through your blog. ( Guess u were writing this for a long time.
I have red the below blogs. ..

Frequently Asked Questions
Boys dont cry
One night with God
Spiderman and my beautiful mind
Straight Guy, Gay Fantasies
Mom, I’m Gay
Wow, you are fcuking gay
My New year resolutions
Hot food and hot guys
100 Reasons for being gay

It is simply splendid collection. Rock on man.

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