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Friday, June 12, 2009

Chennai Gay Pride 2009

Ten years before if anyone said there is going to be a rally by the Gays or Lesbians in Chennai, i would have told them to stop day dreaming, but now things are different. People are out and now they(we) have slogans. After Delhi, Bangalore and Kolkata, its time for Chennai to listen us. Guys, believe me there is going to be a Gay pride rally in Chennai on June 28, 2009. Various Organisations which are involved in the welfare of LGBT community are taking care of this event. There is going to be serious of events prior to the Rally on June 28th. As for now the planning of this event is currently taking place, i will update the details of Chennai Gay Pride Rally shortly. I can only guarantee you that the event is going to be colourful and purposeful. Thousands of Lesbian, Gay, Transgender and bisexuals are expected to participate in this rally. This Event is organised for the purpose of bringing awareness to the Indian society about the LGBT issues. The planning committee is currently working on police permission, inviting guests and celebrities, involving various organisations. This event will showcase the strength of the LGBT community and bring the Gay rights slogan on the street. Im really excited and obviously much awaited event, i hope everyone of us will participate and provide our support to this event. I just want to tell you that by participating in this Rally we are not helping anyone, we are helping ourself.

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