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Thursday, June 25, 2009

A FRIEND IN NEED - Short story

Written by: Siva

ARUN was enjoying his evening stroll in the Marina beach. He was 20. He did not have any steady date(girl or guy). He was to date a young beauty Sarita studying in his college. He was happy about it so he could brag about it to his friends. He suddenly realised that he was lacking something in the date ,The excitement? he wondered. He saw many young mixed(+ & -) couples. Nothing fillied him with excitement he thought he must have had. "Well may be I have not come of age" he thought.

Next day he was waiting in a happy mood for Sarita near the Gandhi Statue in the beach. She arrrived in a pale blue jeans with a dark red top and loosly let hair glowing in the evening setting sun. he admired her beauty. Greeted her and took her hand and they walked talking and laughing on irrelavent issues. As they were eating ice cream which she desired he remembered his friend Bala's words" When I first touched my girl wow I felt a thrill and energy floeing in my body and I started to have a HARD ON. "

Arun realised that he neither had any energy flowing nor a hardon when he was holding her. "Why?" he asked himself. She was a beauty no doubt -a girl any guy would die for , then what? He was feeling uncomfortable. He kept her amused till they parted with a gentle hug. He could see that she looked disappointed. She seemed to have missed something she expected to happen.
He went to college next day and bragged about his 'Experience' with Sarita. To Bala alone he lied that he had a Hard on and he almost seduced her and ..he will make her fall for him next time--realising he was talking through his hat.

He was again in the beach the next day thinking about himself and walking near the waters. Waves were almost touching his legs. He was lost in thought when he sighted a handsome dude about 22 years in blcak shirt and jeans rolled upto his knee standing in the waters holding a smart kid..The dude was glowing in the setting sun at 6pm. Arun realised that he is admiring a guy and could not take his eyes of him. He saw that dude struggling to carry the kid and leave the waters. The dude lost balance and fell down and the kid ran away and started laughing. The dude was pretending to be angry but was feeling embarassed.

Without thinking Arun dashed to help the dude to his legs. He went up to the dude whose jeans were fully wet by now and offered his hands. The dude smiled and took his hands and stood up. Arun was struck by a stroke of energy that went through him when the dude caught hold of him. They shook hands and he introduced himself as "Charlie", and the kid was his nephew and that he has just completed his studies and is from Pondychery. Not much of the talks went into Arun's head as he was engrossed by the looks of Charlie and realised he was having a HARD ON now.
Arun was not sure of himself. He was confused. Charlie invited him to his house where he is staying with his brother near by . Charlie had come by walk. Arun offered lift in his bike . Arun could hardly concentrate on driving when Charlie and his nephew were sitting behind. Charlie's body and wet pants were sooo close to him and like sticking to him. He thought he could even feel Charlie's on his back. Well he was not sure of anything.When they went to Charlie's house the kid ran away and Charlie led them to his room. While chatting Charlie excused himself and went to the bath for a quick wash. He came out in a towel and wet body --Arun could not take his eyes of Charlie.

Not wanting to give away his secrect of having fallen for Charlie, Arun took leave and was about to leave when Charlie asked him to help him to bring down a box from top shelf.. Arun agreed and caught hold of the tall table Charlie kept over the cot to climb upon. While Charlie was climbing Arun could not stop himself from looking up and get a glimpse of Charlie's cock while the towel swayed.Arun lost grip and shook the table and Charlie slipped on the cot and fell on Arun. That was it! Arun could no longer restrain and kissed Charlie whose towel had come off.Charlie did not object. The were in tight embrace for some time. Arun felt guilty and apologised to Charlie. But Charlie was all cool and said he was not gay but did not find fault with Arun and he was equally to be blamed for having appeared in towel and exposed his body. Arun felt more comfortable. Charlie assured that Arun can always count on him as a friend. A person like Charlie is a friend every(gayguy) needs.

Arun left Charlie's house more convinced that he came to realised his sexual priorities ans now he has to come to terms with it which he was sure to having friend like Charlie.Well will Arun come out of the closet remains to be seen.Arun always loves the beach which paved way to realise himself.

Written by: Siva

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  1. I'm thinking about Charlie's nephew now!! :P