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Saturday, January 28, 2012


Dear Dosts

When we asked our team to come up with ideas to provoke you guys to come to Chennai Dost’s fund raising Valentine’s day party on Feb 4th Saturday, our cheerful gang came up with some funny ideas that might inspire you to turn in to our party. Here are the top 10 reasons


1.You are tired of listening to ‘Kolaveri da’ song again and again, its time you come to our party and enjoy some beautiful mix of tunes from our young DJ
2.‘Maanada mayilaada’ has become a stage for streaming drama queens lately, we have a stage to catch some heart throbbing real dance performed by our CD Dance group in the party choreographed by a professional.
3.You do not waste your time asking ‘Can we meet?’ and ‘ASL’ in Planet Romeo to few good looking profiles they are never going to respond, when you get a chance to check plenty of hot Twinks and Hunks, muscle and blood in our party.
4.Stop playing games with your straight friend, he is never going to bed with you…Our MC gonna lighten you up with some interesting interactive games.
5.You don’t have to stand in a corner like a lonely island, our team and MC will make sure that you are part of the Chennai Dost party.
6.Stop staring secretly at male models photos in the internet, its time you come and enjoy real show at Mr.Valentine male beauty contest in our party.
7.You don’t have to worry about returning back home late night or do not want come up with inane reasons to your dad or drunk and driving opposite direction to your place. We will take care of you
8.Yes we know that Valentine’s day is forcing your harmones to fall in love with anyone you notice. We are giving you an ambience and floor decoration to give you that romantic mood. So better wear your Cindrella shoes.
9.Lets just say you are too polite to turn down our Party invitation or a party demon possessed your body or your brain needs a night off. Well, we just wanted to tell you ‘Its not just another gay party’
10.Above all, we are organizing this for a good cause to raise funds for Chennai Dost for plenty of projects which provides a shelter, counseling, support and to fight for gay rights. We know that you guys are wasting money in shopping, purchasing a party ticket and get some entertainment is not going to be too difficult for us after all. To know more about our projects visit

So lets go to Chennai Dost party on feb 4th, Saturday and buy the tickets before we shut the ticket counter on or before Feb 2nd evening. Call us for tickets at 95516 30213, 99401 66486, 97901 05692

Let me not waste your time anymore, I am logging off. See you at the party

Chennai Dost

Thursday, January 19, 2012

The College Diaries

Written by: Arun

It was the year of 2003, first day at my college, well my engineering college. I was feeling a bit excited, playing various scenes in my mind about how the first day will turn out. I was hopeful that that i will meet somebody, well hopefully a guy and that it will follow a typical dramatic sequence you see in movies. I guess i always knew ..i was gay, never realised that it was deviant though, conflicting with commonly accepted norms of society not that I ever cared about it. Well until the age of fifteen, I thought everyone is like that. I mean the talk about sex and love of any kind is a taboo in the country, I never knew wanting to be with a boy is any different than wanting to be with a girl. As to my knowledge open discussion of any kind of attraction is off limits till today, though cities are facing a different scenario present days. I was doubtful that being caught kissing a boy would be any different than being caught with a girl in my parents eyes. The knowledge and education about homosexuality is almost next to nothing that time, well it still is. Caught in the act with a boy , my parents would have thought it’s a phase and it will pass, no matter how much I scream or how many boys I got caught with. I mean two days before I came out to one of my very good friend and colleague with an engineer degree , he was not totally shocked or traumatised by the information and was very supportive (guess the degree helps), but the first thing he said was “my friend, you can lead a very good life , why are you choosing this”. Prejudice can be a very powerful thing without acknowledgement. Sexual orientation is not a choice, it never is and no one should share guilt for that . If only they would cover a small session of this in our science class, it would have saved a lot of explaining and moral shock to both of us. Somehow past fifteen , it was vividly clear to me that there is a word called gay to refer to people sharing similar sexual interests as mine and a hundred other words to offend them (god knows why, past & present both harbour plenty of records of great gay personalities actively contributing towards the benefit of society, science, culture etc.) . I felt alone, very alone at first and retired myself to solitude, but internet helps…though it’s addictive and can be a slow-poison to your real social life, the one outside internet. My loneliness was pretty enlightening and eventually I came to terms with it, now I clearly understand and accept that I am gay. During my child hood, I always wanted to be special, you know like spider man, superman, shaktimaan.. etc.. etc.. , but never thought the god of homosexuality will answer the door. Well now I understand that , the god shared his blessings long before I could talk or walk or feel for that matter.

My first year in college went like an one hour flight and the second year kicked in. One the first day of my second year I saw a new guy in my classroom, he was a transfer student and his name was...well let’s say Jeevan. i noticed him as i would notice anybody, not sure he saw me though. I was staying in hostel throughout the course of my engineering degree and the hostel was in college campus. When i came from college that day evening i saw him again, Jeevan in one of the hostel room that was vacant until now. I, as usual tried to bring humour in my attitude, went near his room and knocked. The door opened after a few knocks. “Hi i am Sameer, you are Jeevan right , roll no 48" I said . He pleasantly replied " hi, yes how do you know “. “ Just you are the new student and it’s the last roll no, so I noticed" I replied. Then we went on talking about various things, mostly about him being new to the campus and a few minutes later I left. I wanted to continue talking, but didn’t want to ruin the first impression with my almost apparent desperation.

But since then we became very good friends. I , slave to my age would attempt some kind of flirt with him every now and then. He never reciprocated the same but didn’t seem to mind it either. The second year of my collage was half way through, when my friends had a plan to go for picnic to this beautiful place with a small waterfall on new year. The plan was to start around 5:00 in the morning. I still remember, It was very cold in the morning and everyone looked their best with lots of woollen and leather clothing’s wrapped around. There were a few of my friends who had a drinking plan after we reached . I was in the no-drinking club and he was in the drinking one. He asked me a few times if I would drink with him and I, as arrogant as ever responded with straight forward no to him without the need to give any excuses. He went with the others to drink. Before we knew, it was lunch time and we rounded up for the food. He was sitting next to me. I don’t know , it was may be the alcohol but he said “ let’s eat in one plate” in a very casual voice like it happens every time. I was surprised, though some where I had always hoped he would ask me these kind of things. I reluctantly agreed keeping very causal voice like his. The picnic was over by evening and we were all back to our rooms, but somehow I couldn’t get the idea of him asking me to eat in one plate out of my mind. Even if it was just a casual friendly invitation, it was my mind falling so desperately for him triggered the idea that he may think of me more than just friends.

That night when we returned we talked about things. A lot of things. I was waiting for an opening to put the topic of us eating together with a hope to get to know his feelings towards me. I tried to be casual and with a humorous attempt asked him “ Hey you surprised me today at lunch time, what was that , I never thought you care I live or die. Was it the alcohol talking “. I don’t remember what he replied but, boy we talked that day. Every two hours or so I would consider ending the conversation and leave, but it continued somehow until morning 5 AM. I still felt like continuing when I left to my room and slept. The following day I invited him to bunk in my room, since his roommate was not available and mine never stayed much. He came around 8:00 in the night, we talked a bit and finally we turned off the lights. I tried my best to sleep but certainly couldn’t and my hormones were boiling. In due time I made some feeble attempts to touch him and he reciprocated with mutual efforts. After what it felt like ages, I found the palm of my right hand sliding against his skin near the pelvic area . As aroused as I had in those little attempts, I was still too shy and unsure to continue. Obscure to me, but somewhere in those attempts i had fallen asleep and i woke up with sunlight spreading on my bed. I felt like I have not slept the entire night. Even though physically I stopped at first base of my adventure the previous night, I highly enjoyed waking up next to him.

Next 2 to 3 days, I was mentally replaying the scenes from the other day trying to understand how it was all to him with various questions like…. was I too forward….is he really interested…blah!, blah! blah!. Not very long after that one day, me & some of our friends were gathered in his room for a movie around 10:00 AM. His room was a frequent hang out for many of our friends. There were two beds in his room arranged in 90 degree and I was sitting next to him on one corner of a bed. He played the movie, turned off the lights and locked the doors from inside. The room was sufficiently dark. Only light spreading in the room was the light emitting from the computer. The movie was great but my mind was never in the movie. I was playing with him with my hands, sniffing around his neck like a dog.. I was gradually increasing the frequency of my playful actions and after a while he gave faint smile and eye sign in a way that alerted “they can see” though nobody was noticing anything so I thought. This made me wonder as to what limit can I continue, if we were to be alone, though no verbal consent existed from his side. The movie was about two kids playing a board game they found in a new house they transferred to, which brought imagination in to reality with every single move and the kids being unaware of it made a mess. Finally when good wins over evil and the movie was about to end , there was a scene where the male protagonist says “ I’m sorry” to the female protagonist and they kiss. At that very moment, I lowered my head close to his ears and whispered “ I also want to say I’m sorry to you” . He looked in to my eyes and gave me a smile that I have seen rarely, beautiful and enticing, signalling agreement and invitation. I was in no control after seeing that expression. Some thing was beating very fast inside me. My body seemed to resonate with that beat. A stream of anticipatory and amatory emotions were flooding through my entire entity. The movie ended five minutes after that but it seemed like an hour. Without any further wait, he went to switch off his computer commenting that it was a great movie and he needs to go for lunch. Everybody left, I was still sitting in the room pretending like searching for something. The light was still off. He went to lock the doors after the last person (apart from me) left. I quickly got up from the bed and walked towards the door like I was leaving. In a moment, I heard the doors locking from inside and the room was completely dark, after an instant I felt his breadth against mine, hot and intense, I was motionless for a moment and before I realised we were kissing. My lips were on fire, well so as some other body parts. My eyes were closed, even if it was completely dark and my hands were rummaging through his body. I didn’t know the science of kissing or never gave enough attention to it, I mean I always imagined the other activities while I savoured my solitary plays, but never the kiss, (that certainly changed after that) yet I wanted to freeze in that moment ……..and after what it felt like a few seconds, we collapsed in the bed.

Written by: Arun

Saturday, January 14, 2012

சென்னை தோஸ்த் தமிழ் புத்தாண்டு பொங்கல் வாழ்த்துக்கள்

உங்கள் வாழ்க்கை கரும்பை போல் இனிக்கவும்
உங்கள் ஆரோக்கியம் என்றும் தை போல் புத்துணர்ச்சி பெறவும்

உங்கள் அனைவருக்கும் எங்கள் (சென்னை தோஸ்த்) தமிழ் புத்தாண்டு பொங்கல் நல்வாழ்த்துக்கள்...

சென்னை தோஸ்த்

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Chennai Dost Projects - 2012

Chennai Dost Projects - 2012

Chennai Queer Fest Project

Chennai Dost would like to organize yearly Queer Festival along with its allies to showcase the art & literature talents of the community. This will include Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual men and women, Bi, Gay-curious etc. The events will comprise of Queer themes and will be organized every year.


To begin with Chennai Dost along with its allies would like to organize Queer Festival 2012 to showcase the artistic skills of the LGBQ community. This will help them to provide a platform to exhibit their talents and also help the public to have awareness on Queer issues and talents.

Queer Fest Programs

To begin with Queer fest 2012 will provide an opportunity for the people who would like to exhibit their talents in areas like Dance, Drama, Paintings, Photography, Video, Music and Poetry. Queer themed drama and video will be encouraged to be on stage at Queer Fest 2012.

Queer Fest Competition

Queer Festival will conduct a competition for the performers. Exciting prizes will be given which will encourage them to showcase their talent. Announcement about the competition will be circulated to the community through Chennai Dost's media and online presence.

Need for the project

As we understood the enormous financial and manpower need for this project, Chennai Dost is currently looking for funds to conduct Queer Festival in 2012.

GLB Stop Violence Project

Violence against homosexual men and women can be difficult to identify and on most cases not being recorded or approached in Police stations by the victims fearing on social environment in India. Since the Delhi High court judgement on Section 377 (Criminalizing homosexuality), the number of homophobic incidents, gay extortion, harassment, blackmailing, identity theft of personals in online media, forced marriages, forced medical therapy, emotional blackmailing by the family, forced religious rituals and prayers against homosexuality are increasing. From 2009 - 2011, Chennai Dost alone have recorded more than 21 such cases in and around Tamilnadu. Recently we have done a sample survey and we believe that there are 7 to 10% LGB population in Chennai alone, which is approxiamately 700000 to 1 million LGB people in Chennai. Also we would like to take this project to non-metropolitan cities such as Hyderabad, Vizhagapattinam, Pondicherry, Coimbatore, Madurai, Thrissur and Calicut which will cover four major states in India.


Chennai Dost would like to stop these violences against fellow homosexual men and women, hence our GLB Stop Violence project will focus on helping, supporting and preventing such victims from their emotional, physical, financial, educational and mental stress.

People sometimes misunderstand violence and think it is only physical abuse when actually it can be emotional, financial and/or sexual abuse as well. It can be of any form harassment,

Stop Violence Project

GLB Stop Violence Project works directly with victims and survivors.

Our direct services include:

Legal advocacy and court accompaniment
24-Hour emergency helpline
Crisis intervention and safety planning
Housing and employment advocacy
Emergency safe home
Emotional support and support groups

Education and Outreach

Equally important is the work Chennai Dost conducts to raise awareness – empowering victims/survivors to self-identify the abuse in their lives, educating the service providers they will encounter so the service providers respond appropriately, and educating the GLB community so it can provide support and acceptance. Chennai Dost offers community organizing and education; and professional training in GLB cultural competency and violence.

Political Advocacy

Additionally, Chennai Dost advocates for policy reform to ensure that GLB victims of violence have access to equal government-funded services and to ensure that government policies on GLB violence are written or re-written to be inclusive of all violence victims regardless of their sexual orientation.

Legal Assistance for Victims

The GLB Stop Violence Attorney Program provides free and sliding-scale legal assistance to eligible gay, lesbian, bisexual men and women victims of such violence in and around Tamilnadu. Through direct representation and the utilization of a pro bono network of attorneys, the program aims to ensure GLB victims of violence are able to enjoy full access to the legal system and allow victims to pursue all legal remedies. The program provides safety planning, referrals and legal representation.

Need for the project

For the above services Chennai Dost needs funding for counselors, legal advisors, outreach workers, helpline attender. And also it needs funding for renting an emergency safe home, helpline centre and monthly helpline phone bill. Currently Chennai Dost has been a self-funded organisation, through our limited resources and financial help we are supporting and helping homophobic victims, but to make this project to be more effective and continue our services, Chennai Dost needs manpower and financial help.



Chennai Dost is planning to open up a physical and also an online library for LGBTQ related books and also to encourage LGBTQ Indian Literature to flourish. Thus our Magzhilagam project consists of four core activities. So far in India there have not been sufficient facilities for LGBTQ related books neither any support system to encourage LGBTQ literature. And also there has been very few LGBTQ related books and literature in India.

Magzhilagam Library

Chennai Dost is planning to open up a physical library located in Chennai, the capital of Tamilnadu which consists of more than 700000 LGBTQ people. Travelers from abroad, researchers, students, health professionals and the LGBTQ community will have access to LGBTQ related books. A free library for its members to access LGBTQ related books which includes sexuality, fiction, non-fiction, biography, literature, drama etc in English, Hindi and all other Indian regional languages. Thus this will help people to understand more about alternate sexuality and sexualities.

Magzhilagam Online Library

We would like to have an online library for people who access internet. This will enable people to have access to LGBTQ related books and literature who may not be able to reach the physical library.

Magzhil Publishers

Through Magzhil Publishers Chennai Dost will help new authors and writers to publish their books which help them financially for publications related to LGBTQ themes. Also it will identify and encourage such writers and authors for LGBTQ literature. Every month there will be atleast one publication from Magzhil Publishers.

Magzhil Awards

To Support and encourage authors and writers on LGBTQ literature, Magzhil Awards will presented for the best writings, books, poems and artists. Artists who have continuously performed arts such as music, dance, crafts, paintings etc based on LGBTQ themes will be given award every year for their Best Services.

Need for the Project

To begin this great project Chennai Dost needs financial help. The operations needs majorly financial help to buy books, fund for publishing, Cash awards for Magzhil Awards and employees to run these operations



The Enniyur Thozha Project operates three core program areas in order to provide life-saving and life-affirming resources for LGBQ youth and to create safe, accepting and inclusive environments for all young people, regardless of sexual orientation. 'Enniyur Thozha' is a regional tamil word which means 'My dear friend'.

WE SAVE LIVES of Millions of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Queer youth

Enniyur Thozha Lifeline

The Enniyur Thozha Lifeline will become the only statewide, around-the-clock crisis and suicide prevention lifeline for LGBQ youth. The Enniyur Thozha Lifeline is a free and confidential service that offers hope and someone to talk to, 24/7. Volunteer Lifeline counselors staff our call center, Each year, tens of thousands of calls will be fielded from young people across the state of Tamilnadu.

ASK Enniyur Thozha

"Ask Enniyur Thozha" an online, non-time sensitive question and answer resource for young people with questions surrounding sexual orientation and gender identity. And also outreach program to reach out to the non-educated, non-internet users to provide sex education and awareness to those who need it.

Enniyur Thozha CHAT

Enniyur Thozha Chat is a free, confidential, secure online messaging service that provides live help through our website. Enniyur ThozhaChat is only intended to assist those who are not at risk for suicide. It will be available 24/7. Connect with a volunteer who can support you with your concerns and questions. And a Support Center for the people who would like to meet the counselors for assistance.


Currently Chennai Dost's Chemistry Club operates as its Youth wing having representations in various colleges and universities operating as a unofficial group. The Youth Advisory Council (YAC) serves as a liaison between youth statewide and The Enniyur Thozha Project, as it relates to young people and the issues surrounding suicide, sexuality and gender identity. The YAC submits recommendations to The Enniyur Thozha Project in an effort to increase Enniyur Thozha visibility and best serve the LGBQ youth population..


The Enniyur Thozha Project actively participates in advocacy initiatives at the state and national levels, aiming to influence public policy to meet the needs of LGBQ youth, especially in the areas of mental health and suicide prevention. The Enniyur Thozha Project continues to work toward its goal to mandate suicide prevention programs in every colleges and universities for students who are above 18 years of age.


The Enniyur Thozha Project will commit to ensure more suicide prevention reseach studies are conducted that focus on critical issues faced by LGBQ youth. Additionally, we are conducting our own research using data from our ET Project and other programs.


The Enniyur Thozha Lifeguard Workshop Program will use a structured, age-appropriate curriculum with trained facilitators to address topics including sexual orientation and gender identity, the impacts of language and behavior on LGBQ youth and suicide prevention skills in colleges and universities.

Need for the project

For the above services Chennai Dost needs funding for counselors, legal advisors, outreach workers, helpline attender. And also it needs funding for renting an emergency safe home, helpline centre and monthly helpline phone bill. Currently Chennai Dost has been a self-funded organisation, through our limited resources and financial help we are supporting and helping our fellow men and women, but to make this project to be more effective and continue our services, Chennai Dost needs manpower and financial help.

Chennai Dost

Monday, January 9, 2012

CHENNAI DOST- Valentine's day party



Chennai Dost presents,

<<<<<<< 69 degrees - season 3 >>>>>>>>

-It is a fund raising (Valentine's day) party for Chennai Dost projects ! (for details about our projects

-As always Chennai Dost stands different this time also n offering u all the below !

*Secret roses !
*Surprise proposals !
*Mr. Valentine contest!
*Special dances
*Exciting games!
*Enthusiastic crowd dressed according to the theme RED ON TOPS !
*Lots of surprise events and prizes !
*Non stop music n fun from 8pm onwards !
*A free drink
and much more........

-You get all these for just an entry of Rs.499 only(includes one free drink) !
-Get ur entry passes on or before 25 th jan and avail ur discounts.
-venue: ECR

For details and entry passes:
+91 9551630213
+91 9940166486


Chennai Dost !

Chennai Dost gay party - 69 Degrees on Feb 4th, 2012

Secret Roses
Surprise proposals

Your Prince Charming is awaiting!!!

Chennai Dost presents

69 Degrees - season 3

(a valentine's day theme party)

on Feb 4th 2012, Saturday

Book your tickets in advance

Its like never been before

For details Contact: 95516 30213, 99401 66486

Longing in dark

Written by Sri

Written by Sri

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

LGBT Highlights of 2011

Dear Friends

As we have completed the year 2011, We thank you all for the wonderful support and wishes on whatever we have done in this entire year. Without your help, support and encouragement we are not sure that we would have achieved most of our goals of this year.

But at the same time, We would also like to express some of my concerns over the past few months in regards to LGBT issues and rights. Before expressing you our concerns we would like to bring some of the few incidents happened according to our knowledge which has been giving us sleepless nights in the last few weeks. All these below facts are true and real, none of the fact is over-stated here.

1. In September 2011, mumbai police raided a gay party happened in a sub-urban and arrested close to 130 gay men. They have been charged under 'Indecent behaviour' and fined Rs.1200 each. Though we dont know what really went in that party, but there were very few voices against the police raid.

2. Recently one of our close friend who is doing college came out to his relatives when he visited them. He has been hospitalised in a Psychiatric hospital for 3 days without his consent and then taken to a Prayer house several times in the name of Converting his sexuality into hetrosexuality.

3. There were quite a few legal seperation of bisexual men from their wives when their sexuality has been found by their spouses in Chennai. There were not adequate legal aid or information for these men to protect themself or save their marriage. Atleast to our knowledge there were 4 cases in this year in Chennai alone Neither we had no idea on the mental stresses that these men and their spouses had gone through. And we had no idea about the future of the men, their spouses and their kids.

4. In October 2011, 5 gay men have been asked to leave Hotel Accord just because they were carrying men's bag. When some bangalore activists approached the hotel asked for an explanation they simply refused to give an apology letter in written.

5. And there has been atleast 4 active gay men who have been forced to marry the opposite sex in Chennai in the past 6 months. And within few weeks they became very active in Planetromeo looking for sexual partners.

6. Gay Relationship break-ups forced atleast 2 gay men tried to committ suicide in the past 3 months. Some of them even went through legal actions and they have been forced to hide their sexuality neither the real reason for their suicide.

7. We have personally met minimum of 30 gay men who had no clue on safe sex, gay relationship, Legal rights, 377, coming out, bisexuality or cross-dressing etc.

8. According to our knowledge there were atleast 4 gay men who have been extorted by a gang near KK Nagar and one in Coimbatore. The money that they have lost was ranging from Rs. 3000 to Rs.1,00, 000. Not even a single victim came forward to file a FIR. The Extortion gang still roaming around the city free.

9. Police harassment on gay men in Trichy in public places including Bus stand still persists. Recently 3 gay men were beaten up by police for cruising.

10. One gay man who called us few weeks back from a small town near by Madurai informed us that he was severely beaten up by his friends and relatives when they found him having sex with another guy.

11. There were several other homophobic incidents happened in the City which includes 19 year old gay boy was tried molested by an auto-driver when he was returning back home at night because he looked bit effeminate.

12. And an openly gay college student who has been attempted for molestation by his seniors, they even used scissors to tear off his jeans and underwear. And another effeminate gay boy has been forced to remove his jeans to show off his genitals in his campus.

13. Atleast one gay party have been raided by police on the account of non-permit for organising parties some 8 months back. Another gay party has been raided and all the participants have been questioned and asked to leave their phone number, home address etc by the police few months before.

14. When Chennai Dost approached some of the hotels like Diesel, Checkers and one more resort in OMR etc to throw parties, the hotel management rejected us stating that they cannot encourage unnatural behaviour, unethical community. We have even received an official mail from one hotel stating the same.

15. Few months back our union Health minister honorouble Mr.Ghulam Nabi Azad stated that homosexuality is a disease, unnatural and a western import, though there were protests all over India by the LGBT groups against his statement, we have yet to receive any kind of apology from the minister on the same.

16. After the 2009 Delhi Court ruling on section 377, the central government yet to take a stand on the same issue. The appeal against the ruling in the Supreme court yet to begin its hearings and we have no idea how long we had to wait for the judgement.

The below incidents has been worrying us in the last few months, though there has been a ruling from the High court to decriminalize homosexuality, we yet to get a legal status. Chennai Dost has decided to raise these issues in 2012 and we need your support to take things forward.

Public Relations
Chennai Dost