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Saturday, October 30, 2010

First ever Gay Lifestyle Magazine in Chennai

Good news for all the Chennai Dost blog readers

Chennai Dost will be launching its First ever Gay lifestyle Magazine for Chennai on November

If you like your writings, poems, paintings or photos to be published in the magazine, please send it to our editorial team on or before Nov 5th at or contact 044 433 133 82

The magazine sections are
1. Entertainment
2. Fashion
3. Health
4. Art and Literature
5. General

Be a part of the history, be proud to be gay

Chennai Dost Team

Thursday, October 21, 2010

What's wrong with Gym built men?

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For the past 40 minutes and 36 seonds he was lifting that heavy iron metal with enormous concentration. I could see the bulge in his arms getting bigger and bigger, waiting to burst from his shorts. All right, i was ogling him literally, period. I was afraid that the veins inside the bulge might break and appear anytime, i felt like i was born to take a first look at it. I was visualising him naked, his long, thick muscles...blah blah blah. I started analysing various reasons for his hard effort to build his body in shape.

After repeated persuasion from Rahul my boyfriend, i have decided to join Gym. Definitely i have no ambitious idea of turning myself into a John Abraham or Brad Pitt or participating in Mr.India Contest. I just wanted to convince Rahul by going to a gym everyday. But i had other reason to go to the gym for sure. I was not sure if my body building project would work, but it helped me flexing my other important muscles.

Sometimes i wondered on a hot summer day where are all these gays in town? Well, you must visit my gym in adyar. They are all here in different types, sizes and ages. Hotties, hot twinks, hot muscled men busy working and sweating out. Ofcourse with few gay men like me around watching them.

Most of the gay men likes muscular built men, i wonder if there any particular reason for gay men to go 'ga-ga' on gym built men. Even though we read several news about the growing level of impotency among gym built men. Well, as usual i have decided to do a research on these guys.

Point to ponder:

1. Most of the gym built men have their FB, PlanetRomeo or Orkut profiles having their photos posing their flexe muscles like arms, chest, abs etc
Recommendations: For god's sake please shave your body hair before posing such photographs

2. They categorized their life period as before joining the gym and after...Similiar to AD and BC

3. They refused to wear anything which hides their worked out muscles.

4. They walk differently, they walk as if they are carrying 500kg weight.

5. They constantly irritate you by talking about 3 things. Gym, their muscles and their gym built muscles.

6. They believe Arnold Schwanegar can destroy the entire world with his gym built body.

7. They constantly irritate you by asking every minute "what do you think about my muscles in arms, chest, butt etc?"

I just thought of sending a caution note to all the gay men, ladies etc about these naive gym built men. Warning, before you fantasize or date any gym built men, remember this article and the irritation that can be caused by the same men.

Note: After writing this long, strong article i got bored and visited Planet Romeo, FB etc. As usual the greate strong muscled men profiles attracted me. Sometimes it is very difficult to take your eyes off from these gym built men you know...

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Chennai Dost Gay Movie Screening on 31st Oct, Adyar

Chennai Dost Movie Screening.

Chennai Dost cordially invites all of you for a Movie Screening at the Chennai Dost House.

Date: 31st October 2010, Sunday.

Time: 5:00 P.M. to 7:00 P.M.

Venue: Chennai Dost House.

The Movie that will be Screened is


Cast: Jim Carrey, Ewan McGregor and Leslie Mann.

Synopsis: Steven Russell (Jim Carrey) is happily married to Debbie (Leslie Mann), and a member of the local police force when a car accident provokes a dramatic reassessment of his life. Steven becomes open about his homosexuality and decides to live life to the fullest - even if it means breaking the law. Steven's new, extravagant lifestyle involves cons and fraud and, eventually, a stay in the State Penitentiary where he meets and falls in love with the sensitive and soft-spoken Phillip Morris (Ewan McGregor). His devotion to freeing Phillip from jail and building the perfect life together prompts Steven to attempt and often succeed at one impossible con after another.

The invitation is open to all for free, for more info contact:
Helpline 044 433 133 82
Rahul 95516 30213 , Vinod 98406 30365

Monday, October 4, 2010

Write up - Gay extortion/harassment/discrimination

Dear Friends

On Sunday, 3rd of October, 2010, a group discussion and awareness session on the ‘Harassment and Extortion’ of people from the LGBTQ community was organized under the auspice of Chennai Dost.

The discussion started with a reference to the reading down of Sec377 by the Delhi High Court; and then focused upon specific incidents of harassment faced by several people; before touching upon the various legal recourses available to some one who is being harassed.

The session concluded with the mentioning of a few channel of help available to any distressed person.

I am sure the CD team will soon put up (or may have put up by the time this gets posted) a more elaborate write-up of the event and thus will not be going into the nitty-gritty of the same.

What was interesting to note was the timing of this session; coming just a day after Gandhi Jayanti and two days after the much publicized news of the suicide of Tyler Clementi (an American gay teenager who thought it better to end his life than to face harassment from his room mate).

Gandhi once said, “I want freedom for the full expression of my personality.”

It is a pity to note that, even in this day and age, most of us still do not have the freedom to express our selves with out the fear of being singled out… singled out by the police, by our colleagues, by friends or, some times, even by our family. No one knows how many such ‘Tylers’ face harassment in their life just because they wanted to exercise the same freedom that the Father of the Nation had once wished for its people to enjoy.

At a broader level, this session organized by CD should be conceived as a baby step in the road to the ‘freedom for full expression of our personality’.

One fact that hit me when I entered the venue of this program was that it was being held in the living room of the organizer.

This was not a fancy seminar being hosted at some budget auditorium, attended by a sprinkling of gay activists, human rights lawyers, and a few members of the liberal media… making speeches for each others benefit.

This was an example of grass-root activism; a bottom-up approach in which awareness is born out of the living rooms of common people and not preached from a podium. It not only tries to reach out to people as individuals but also helps to create a community space for the people to breath with ease.

My only wish is that various support organizations working in this field would urge some of its members to hold similar micro level group discussions or other activities in their homes, in different parts of the city, on a regular basis. This will not only increase the reach of the “Queer Movement” in India but also encourage more and more closeted LGBT people to express them selves freely.

To quote Gandhi, ‘Strength does not come from physical capacity. It comes from an indomitable will’. The LGBT movement in India can reach its next level only if this ‘indomitable will’, which is so visibly present in the community ‘leaders’, can be passed on to the average Joe through a program of grass root level mobilization… one that the Chennai Dost team has successfully embarked upon.

Thank you,