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Thursday, October 21, 2010

What's wrong with Gym built men?

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For the past 40 minutes and 36 seonds he was lifting that heavy iron metal with enormous concentration. I could see the bulge in his arms getting bigger and bigger, waiting to burst from his shorts. All right, i was ogling him literally, period. I was afraid that the veins inside the bulge might break and appear anytime, i felt like i was born to take a first look at it. I was visualising him naked, his long, thick muscles...blah blah blah. I started analysing various reasons for his hard effort to build his body in shape.

After repeated persuasion from Rahul my boyfriend, i have decided to join Gym. Definitely i have no ambitious idea of turning myself into a John Abraham or Brad Pitt or participating in Mr.India Contest. I just wanted to convince Rahul by going to a gym everyday. But i had other reason to go to the gym for sure. I was not sure if my body building project would work, but it helped me flexing my other important muscles.

Sometimes i wondered on a hot summer day where are all these gays in town? Well, you must visit my gym in adyar. They are all here in different types, sizes and ages. Hotties, hot twinks, hot muscled men busy working and sweating out. Ofcourse with few gay men like me around watching them.

Most of the gay men likes muscular built men, i wonder if there any particular reason for gay men to go 'ga-ga' on gym built men. Even though we read several news about the growing level of impotency among gym built men. Well, as usual i have decided to do a research on these guys.

Point to ponder:

1. Most of the gym built men have their FB, PlanetRomeo or Orkut profiles having their photos posing their flexe muscles like arms, chest, abs etc
Recommendations: For god's sake please shave your body hair before posing such photographs

2. They categorized their life period as before joining the gym and after...Similiar to AD and BC

3. They refused to wear anything which hides their worked out muscles.

4. They walk differently, they walk as if they are carrying 500kg weight.

5. They constantly irritate you by talking about 3 things. Gym, their muscles and their gym built muscles.

6. They believe Arnold Schwanegar can destroy the entire world with his gym built body.

7. They constantly irritate you by asking every minute "what do you think about my muscles in arms, chest, butt etc?"

I just thought of sending a caution note to all the gay men, ladies etc about these naive gym built men. Warning, before you fantasize or date any gym built men, remember this article and the irritation that can be caused by the same men.

Note: After writing this long, strong article i got bored and visited Planet Romeo, FB etc. As usual the greate strong muscled men profiles attracted me. Sometimes it is very difficult to take your eyes off from these gym built men you know...

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  1. Vikki,
    I go to gym for the same reason. On two occassions I was lucky to get to see two studs changing clothes after stripping naked after a wash. We can get lucky only when we take chances by going to gym(and getting in their way at the right moment watching their right movement ha ha). Incidently we get to try to get ourselves fit.
    luv SIVA