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Thursday, November 17, 2011

Puzzle for the day

While Amma and her cabinet busy discussing on their next plan to move Marina beach to somewhere next to Tambaram, Ayya and his associates were rehearsing their next arrest drama and asking for their family television channel to allot a slot in between housewives favorite Mega serial to broadcast their live drama telecast.

His 2G daughter was busy filing for bail and getting denial from Courts, And the Gandhi Scion was planning his next big step in Uttar Pradesh. Fuel price gone down but not Chachi's anger against the Central. Things are cloudy and any time storm in the Mother nation.

Big Brother warns the over-ambitious brother in some third nation, technology was booming but not the economy. Another recession is coming, said in the next weather telecast. Market like a heavy rain playing everywhere, making nobody happy.

India is shouting for their status in Security Nations in UN among the top 5, whether China will support us, is expecting the enemy to give us the sword to cut his throat. Lets just accept the fact unless until we are financially independent we can never attain that status.

2 years before just like everyone else Vijay 24 was in between jobs. His dad an electrical engineer working for TNEB makes good revenue apart from his salary. Vijay never worried about his pocket money. His dad bought him a Pulsar, a Blackberry phone and a laptop. Thanks to his dad, now he is 24/7 online in Planetromeo, fishing for small, medium and large fishes. So far his score is more than 250, in another 1 year he will score his 5th century.

Vijay never worried about anything in his life, he never even thought of it. Once he get a job, his mom will persuade him to get married to a girl with plenty of dowry. But Vijay's fate turned upside down when he met his Prince Charming.

Sam was one of the hottest boy he ever met. Surprisingly apart from 250 fishes he got through Planetromeo, he met Sam through his younger brother. One day when Vijay's brother brought his classmate Sam to his house and there Vijay met him. Sooner, Vijay fell in love with him, but he was clueless on Sam's sexuality. Many thanks to Facebook Vijay found Sam among few mutual friends who are gay. Vijay opened up to Sam about his likes and Sam texted him with a 'Yep'. Yippie, like any other Kollywood movies Vijay and Sam roam around the city in his Pulsar including Kannagi Statue, Besant Nagar beach etc. Life was glorious.

Vijay's mom found a bride for him who are willing to get him a government job plus 80 sovern gold. Lucky pot for Vijay, but this time the pot came with a poisonous snake inside. Well, Puzzle for the day...What will Vijay do to get himself out of this trouble?

Hint: Ask Dr.Manmohan Singh

Written by: Vikki

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Is Mahatma Gandhi a bisexual?

Written by SIVA

I was taken aback when I read in the New Indian Express news paper in cover page dated 29-03-2011 that a foreign writer has in his book written that Mahatma Gandhi was in fact a bisexual and had close friendshp with a german guy and he called him upper house and other lower house in whatever context they meant and he even had the other partner promise not to be hooked to attractive girls etc.
Now few issues are disturbing me (I think it disturbs others too) and calls for a debate.

1) Whether Gandhi was a bisexual or a gay or straight is a matter of relevance? He got us the most prestegious independence and his private sex life is not our concern.

2) However is it fair to discuss and charge a man slandering his private life when he is dead and cannot defend himself.?

3) Though we may be gay or bi or straight why do we feel offended when such a remark is made?

4) Was the statement calling Gandhi Bisexual meant to be a matter of fact or to malign him and bring disrepute?

5) Should India make it as an issue or let it die?(What happened to Rushdie when he wrote about Mohamed Prophet)?

6) Do the gays and bi sexuals feel a sense of contenment to know that Mahatma Gandhi himself was bi.?

7) Are we not used to brushing aside such news in a dignified manner by not discussing or not even talking about it?

It would be interesting to know the views of our readers(Others in society will not even want to accept that they have read about it and rather not even talk about it.). Chennai-dost readers can.

Scholars will forever debate the role Mahatma Gandhi played in history: his campaign to kick the British out of India; his inspiration of the American Civil Rights Movement. Boring. Let's talk about his sex life!
According to a new biography by Joseph Lelyveld, Mahatma Gandhi used to sleep (chastely!) with naked ladies, but the real apple of his eye was a hunky German-Jewish bodybuilder named Hermann Kallenbach.

From the Wall Street Journal:
Yet as Mr. Lelyveld makes abundantly clear, Gandhi's organ probably only rarely became aroused with his naked young ladies, because the love of his life was a German-Jewish architect and bodybuilder, Hermann Kallenbach, for whom Gandhi left his wife in 1908. "Your portrait (the only one) stands on my mantelpiece in my bedroom," he wrote to Kallenbach. "The mantelpiece is opposite to the bed." For some reason, cotton wool and Vaseline were "a constant reminder" of Kallenbach, which Mr. Lelyveld believes might relate to the enemas Gandhi gave himself, although there could be other, less generous, explanations.

Gandhi wrote to Kallenbach about "how completely you have taken possession of my body. This is slavery with a vengeance." Gandhi nicknamed himself "Upper House" and Kallenbach "Lower House," and he made Lower House promise not to "look lustfully upon any woman." The two then pledged "more love, and yet more love . . . such love as they hope the world has not yet seen."
Ah, the old "Lower House" and "Upper House" pickup line. It was his favorite right after "An eye for an eye and the whole world goes blind... what's your sign?"

Written by: SIVA

I missed my train

I reached the Egmore Railway station at Chennai on a Friday late evening to board a train to Madurai. I had reserved ticket well in advance --unusual of me--I usually rush in last minute and if unable to get a berth I rush to board a bus to take the journey. I had so much time not knowing what to do I looked around--not a single handsome guy to admire. Sulking I went to the food stall and bought stuff and stuffed myself heartily.

Really, I was restless as I had so much time.. suddenly I spotted this Central Police guard(CRPF guy I think) My heart missed a beat. He was so godamn handsome in his uniform ( imagine without it!!!) I just could not take my eyes of him --he was standing at the enterance where cars just drop passengers and they enter. He was tall , fair, muscular and his face with a hat was like a hindi movie star.I wondered why he had not joined films.

I kept my bag near him and was admiring him whenever he was not looking.I was envious when an old lady(a villager) could walk up to him and ask him queries and he actually guided her catching hold of her hand. My heart sank. I could not think of any excuse or reason to approach him and sat there like a dumb fool.. Not that asking a few questions would have made any difference as other guards were also near him.

I dont know how long I was staring at him I was distracted when he went into a small room next to him and came out. I looked at my watch..OH my god !! I realised I lost myself watching over him and my train had left without me !! For once I booked ticked and was well within time but my fate I missed it.I could not even curse myself as I enjoyed the time I spent.

Well to my usual routine I rushed to the bus terminus changing my plan and decided to go to Erode instead of Madurai. I got a ticket in a sleeper a/c bus. I was exited as I had never gone in a sleeper bus-- they provide blankets pillows and the bedding is comfy.

When I got in I that on one side there were row of twin berths few inches above the floor and one more row above it (upper berths). On the other side were similar single berth row on ground floor and upper berth. I got a berth in twin row in upper berth. I was happy till an old man tried to occupy one next to me. Then he had a talk with some one and suddenly a young(WOW) handsome guy(a college student) got in to help the old man from climbing. (Thanks to his generous heart).We smiled. The lights went out--bus started-- against each twin berth there were curtains which can be drawn and no one could peep in without opening the curtain... I did not want to miss or mess this oppurtunity. I knew that I had a lucky day as I missed the train for a purpose that God wanted me to enjoy. I started a small chat with him and started praising his solid muscular arms. He seem to like flattery(who does not?) Then I slowly changed the subject to sex and initially he was a little shy boy slowly he became comfy. Then I caught his thighs and asked abot his leg exercise.. he liked it. Then I just let my hands rest on his upper thighs and continued the sex talk. Then i said it was cold and we covered ourselves with blankets. I managed to have my hand inside his blanket and rested it on his thighs . He did not remove it. I liked him very much. Then I asked(taking more courage) if he has heard of gays.. he said yes.. but was not sure of himself. I gave him an "intelligent" talk on gays. Then I put my hand around his hip and we went to sleep. Obviously I could not sleep in such a situation. I put my hand below his waist and found he was getting erection slowly his eyes closed. I enjoyed the night journey and he too started enjoying on my body after initial shyness or fear whatever it may be.

In the morning we woke up and exchanged greetings and also mobile numbers . I have found a good friend and am really happy that I missed my train and boarded a sleeper bus on that splendid night. I knew God had planned it all for me to get a friend.

Written by Siva