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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

IPL 2 and a gay fan

As i was holding onto television to watch IPL-2 for last two weeks, i didnt get enough time to write something here...Though there are plenty of things still i wanna say...Plenty of emails and comments regarding our blog and things like that, encourages me everyday to write something out here...Some interesting mails and comments i received from our blog readers...some of them showcase their frustration and yelling at everything about me, some of them motivates me and appreciates my work on daily basis like Siva...well, i guess iam getting lot of friends and enemies through this blog, which iam not sure good or bad...

Coming back to IPL-2, there are plenty of reasons why iam glued onto television these days...You can say its because of all those good looking young faces playing with their bat and ball or the young guys who sat infront of cheerleaders looking for something to get onto their pants or my favourite Mtv VJ Gaurav hosting the show...dont ask me why, but i guess i have just lost my mind to IPL Season-2 ...thanks to Lalit modi...

It is great to see one of my favourite team Mumbai Indians winning matches...And my other Bangalore RC keep on losing makes me sad...i guess thats the part of the life in the world...Happy and Sorrow...without both, life will be so boring like the one i dated last week, he kept on singing some of the latest hip-hops in Fruit shop at Graeme's road, Oh, god, he was so boring...neither of one song i heard of before...I sat infront of him and drank my banana shake nervously...he was 19 years old and looks so damn cute...but god, all the damn good looking ones are always so fucking boring...he nevertheless careless about whether iam listening to his songs or just staring at his bulge in his jeans, he kept on singing songs...non-stop...oh my god, jesus, mary and fucking joseph...somebody help me

There is this famous cricket team in this Season-2, i guess we should call it as Gay Knight Riders GKR owned by the famous bollywood star...there is this gossip that he is gay too...his team for all the bad reasons are in the news everyday except for news of winning matches...i heard they have 6 coaches for 11 players...what a joke...they have these 4 players who plays every match whom i dont know whether they are bowlers or batesmen, probably they are just fielders...i never seen them hit a ball or bowl...After long hard fight they won one of their only win and reporters asked this king of bollywood what he did to make their players to win the match and he replied he slept with you know why the gay gossip is all about...they are all on their pants off, standing in the middle of the pitch and getting fucked every match...some of the players who dont seems to be playing cricket at all...MTV Cyrus just joked that instead of that one A.Chopra in their team, they should have Priyanka Chopra to add a new dimension, i guess that wont be a bad idea...she can play Dostana on the field and win matches for them...And then king khan himself should play along with his dear friend Karan, he can even add some more good looking actors and try to settle the match out of the court...probably in the restroom, but i dont see this team winning matches in the near future...

People who hate cricket can watch IPL-2 just to take a close look at some of these cute players like Abishek Nayar, Ravindra Jadega, Vinay Kumar, Sangwan, Badrinath etc

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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Watch the SiGnS of your friend

Watch the Signs

If there is any big headache for a Gay in India, it is the question about his best friend's sexuality. Culturally in India bonding between 2 guys are quite warm and caring, but that doesnt mean they are gays, but there are few universal signs to find out if your best friend's sexuality. No matter how close you are or how sweet your friend is to you, if he shows the following signs, i bet my ass he is a gay, but he just not accepting it or hiding it from you for some strange reasons

  1. If your friend is so protective of you among the group of friends and supports you
  2. If your friend thinks you are great, talented and morally guiding him
  3. If your friend shows off his nude body and asks your opinion about it
  4. If your friend talks about homosexuality or asks you about it
  5. If your friend makes jokes about you sucking his cock
  6. If your friend wants to hold your hand or he hugs you while sleeping
  7. If your friend says he misses you when you are not around
  8. If your friend makes calls often and enquires about your health, food and family
  9. If your friend appreciates or compliments your looks
  10. If your friend says you are the only best friend in his life
  11. If your friend is not listening or hates when you talk about your female friends
  12. If your friend becomes close to your brother and he is not interactive with your sister
  13. If he talks a lot about his dad and tells you that he misses his affection
  14. If your friend tells you what dress suits you
  15. If he already had a best friend in the past, but they are not the same now

Here we go, if the signs of your friend is from

  • 1 - 5 : Your friend is a bi-curious or bisexual, has few gay tendencies, especially on you, but dont take it for granted, never fall in love with him, because his interest on guys is just for kicks
  • 11 - 15: Your friend is a bisexual probably he had sex with guys before but he thinks you are not really attractive for some strange reasons he is hiding his sexuality to you
  • 6 - 10: You are really a dumb-ass, he is in love with you but you have not realized it till now, you need a blogger to ligthten up your asshole

Reality bites

  • Never, ever fall in love with a Straight guy, take him to the bed straight away, that is what he deserves and what he exactly wants from you
  • Even the pet animal of a gay is also a gay (Gay's perception)
  • Find someone who loves you, find someone for real
  • There is only two kind of straight people in the world. One who hates you infront of your face, one who hates you behind your back.
  • Oh yeah, you are straight, but you liked it when i sucked your cock lastnight, Didnt you?
  • Nobody becomes gay, nobody wants to be gay, homosexuality is not about sexual convenience, it is what we are.
  • I was born for hetrosexual parents, taught by hetrosexual teachers, played with hetrosexual friends, can you tell me why iam still gay?
  • How can you teach homosexuality, like you teach French or Spanish?
  • Its because you said you are straight that doesnt mean you have to keep your ass tight while iam fucking you.
  • Famous sentence by a straight guy in the morning to his friend: "Sorry dude, i was drunk last night, i didnt know it was you, thought its my girlfriend"
  • Yes they are all straight, but can you can show me a guy who didnt get a hard-on when you touched his cock.
  • Popular joke from a straight guy "You are doing against nature, you are against God"
  • Some innocent boy asked his dad "After Adam and Eve died, there were only two brothers on earth, Do you think they did it, if so, where the next baby came from?" Dad got angry of his son and shouted "Asshole"
  • Good boys go to heaven, bad boys will go to restroom for masturbation
  • Nobody's your dream boy and when they are, you dont get 'em
  • A Gay boy's quote "So many guys likes me, but the guy whom i like doesnt like me"
  • Some frequent texts in yahoo chat "a/s/l plz" "R u top/bottom" "Whats ur likes" "what is your size" etc

Joke of the week

Two straight guys were playing a round of golf when they noticed two gays ahead of them. They decided to have a little fun so they started to aim their shots near where they were playing. After a couple of balls landed a little too close for comfort the gays decided that the next time a ball lands close to one of them, one of them would fall down and make they were hurt and then they would sue the straight golfers for the injuries. Sure enough the next shot from one of the straight golfers landed right next to one of the gays, so he fell down and made like he was unconscious. When the straight golfers got up to them, the one gay started in by saying, ” Hey what kind of idiots are you? You seriously injured my friend and now we’re going to sue you!” One of the straight guys says to the gay, “Why don’t you suck me.” At this the gay says to his buddy, “Charlie, get up. They want to settle out of court.”

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Movie Review: Milk and Straight

On Monday night i came home early, i was so bored as usual so i went to this video shop in Besant nagar which is nearby ICICI bank. Earlier i used to go to their another branch which is in Gandhi nagar, Adyar. But now they have closed this shop in adyar, so i had to go Besant nagar. One good thing about this video shop is you can find plenty of gay themed movies here. They might have more than 50 movies as such. Here is some of the movies i have seen recently

  1. Brokeback mountain
  2. Transamerica
  3. Bad Education
  4. My best friend
  5. Sugar
  6. Birdcage
  7. Boys in Love
  8. The 24th day
  9. Boys dont cry
  10. Boy culture
  11. Pink Mirror

The quality of the movies are really good. So this time i took 2 movies Milk and Straight and i have watched it. The Oscar winning movie Milk really deserve an Oscar especially the Sean Penn. If any of you guys who havnt seen it yet must straight away go to your nearby video shop and get it.

Milk is a movie about a Gay Rights activist Harvey Milk who lived in 70's in United States. Harvey is a middle aged man who was earlier working for an Insurance company, then shifted to San Francisco along with his cute boy friend Scott. They both open a small shop there and started involving in Gay rights activities. Harvey realizes that only by gaining administrative power in the government he'd be able to acheive his goals, so polls in elections. After a long struggle and few failures finally Harvey was elected and chosen to represent the city. Harvey had an opponent in the representative house named Dan White, who is a homophobic. Finally after achieving some of his goals like no gender discrimination for public jobs etc Harvey Milk was shot dead by Dan White.

Though the movie is a biography but it was filmed beautifully, especially the first meeting between Milk and his lover Scott in the subway, Milk responding to media, Debating with politicians on gay issues etc. In one such debate Milk's opponent said that the gay teachers are preaching homosexuality to kids which might make turn the kids into gays, to which Milk asked his opponent "How can you teach homosexuality, like you teach French?" and "I was born for hetrosexual parents, taught by hetrosexual teachers, can you tell me why iam still gay?", he continued "Nobody becomes gay, nobody can teach homosexuality, we are born with it"...(well, its true). The movie is an eye opener for those hetrosexuals who thinks that homosexuality is just about sexual convenience or like a fashion statement. The movie showcase the hard struggle for gay freedom in 1970's. No freedom or rights been achieved without struggle or fight. . He said in the movie that unless untill gays come out of their closet, they will live like a third grade citizen without basic rights to live their life (i truly agree).

In contrast, i have seen another gay theme movie which is ofcourse a Hindi Film, Straight. Straight is a stupid gay stereotype movie which talks about a straight guy who thinks he is gay. When he hires a beautiful indian girl and a handsome punjabi guy in his restaurant, he thinks both are in love with him. When the punjabi guy kisses him in his restaurant suddenly he thinks he is actually gay, but he is not. Finally the straight stupid release a sigh of relief when he finds out he is straight and in love with the beautiful girl. Normally in Hindi movies, the bad guy will be a dark skin guy, with unbrushed hair, big moustache or beard, with an ugly voice. But here in Straight it is the homosexuality which plays a bad guy role. Though the director is a women and she tried her best to portray the movie as a gay supportive but she still cant resist it from being gay stereotype, once again another Hindi movie making jokes about gay. How long will Bollywood continue to do this...Dostana, Fashion and now Straight, personally i dont see any difference...Long live Bollywood.

Funny Note: Somebody sent me a link recently to let me find out whether iam gay or straight. It is a quiz, at the end of the quiz it will show a result and tell you if you are a gay or straight. The funny part is that the quiz adjudged me as pure straight...Somebody should straighten up this quiz master please...Link

Gay blogs from India

Well, im preparing a list of gay blogs from India on various topic to provide and connect it to my new website. Readers who knows such blogs can recommend it to me anytime. I know that there are so many indian bloggers who are writing on gay issues. But it is not easier to find it even in Google help me guys

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Boyztown - Gay clubs and bars

I have been thinking of writing about Pattaya for sometime, but trust me, there were so many other important things needed to be addressed earlier. In 2007 there was this colleaque of mine who went to Pattaya, Thailand to celebrate his New year. This guy Arvis was obviously one of the hottest guy in our office and when he told me that he is going to Pattaya, i was curious to find out about Pattaya. I never knew about Arvis sexuality untill he told me that he is leaving for Pattaya. After 2 days of resistance i took him for drinks and i asked him if he is a gay. Though he was embarrassed in the beginning finally he accepted it. I told him my desire to join him on that tour, but i couldnt make it since my dad once again went for a medical treatment i had to stay back. Might be one day i will go to my dreamland and enjoy the beauty.

Pattaya is a small town just few hours travelling from Bangkok, the capital city of Thailand. Thailand government let this small town grow as a dedicated gay entertainment to promote their tourism. More than 200 entertainment centres in Pattaya Boyztown includes beautiful beaches, go go bars, discotheques, nightclubs, massage parlours and hotels for gays. Pattaya is known for its cabaret revues featuring kathoeys (male-to-female transsexuals), with Alcazar and Tiffany's being the largest and most elaborate.

Thailand boys are one of the most handsome men in Asia. They have this indian-chinese origin in their skin and beauty. Naturally Thai boys have this gay tendecies, so most of the gay prostitutes might not be really gay in orientation. If you have any doubt about Thai boy's looks remember actor Tony Jha (movie star of One man army, mo Thai)

Pattaya is also known for Gays which celebrates several gay pride rallies and gay festivals at the time of New year. Millions of gay tourist visit this beautiful city every year along with their partner. Gay prostitutes ranges from age 15 to 50 are available and they look stunningly handsome. Pattaya is also one of the cheapest tourism destination in the world. Though there are petty crime in this town, still there is no stopping for Gays.

Along with Bangkok and Pattaya, Thailand has thousands of Gay prostitutes, strip teasers, gay masseurs and guides. Approximately if you have a mininum of Rs.30,ooo as a pair the whole Thailand tour package can be done and you can spend more than 3 days here since the hotels and food are affordable. Several Indian tourism agents organising tour packages to Pattaya, Bangkok, so you dont have to depend upon some unknown foreign agents. Hotel bookings and flight reservations can be done through credit card from our Indian tourist agents.

Not only Pattaya Boyztown there are several such villages in the world. Such dedicated gay villages in Canada, Swedon , United States, Ireland, Mexico, Brazil, South Africa and several other European Countries does exist. As we spend so much money on unwanted ways we can save some money and visit these places along with our boyfriend to have one hell of time. As they said "Good boys go to heaven, bad boys go to Pattaya", i dont mind being a bad boy and have one hell of experience in my life.

Though Pattaya boyztown provides plenty of lifetime entertainment, there are few things that tourist should be careful of.
  1. As there are thousands of cute and young gay prostitutes, you might be tempted to go ahead with them, but always make sure to have safe sex to prevent you from AIDS etc
  2. Petty crime rate is high, so never visit this place alone and make sure your money is safe, it is always better to have safety measures incase of money theft, have a back-up plan
  3. Better learn swimming before you think about diving into the Pattaya beaches. Though some beaches are not really deep, you can visibly see the sand below the water.
  4. Be cautious about Food and water. As being spicy Indian you may not like Thai foods, so better prepared.
  5. And never take your committed boyfriend to this place. He might not let you have fun, better take some gay friend.

I just hope there will be one such place exist in India. But that may never going to happen, hopefully Government of Goa will come up with such an idea in the future. But it may also require legal approval. Oh my god, why am i being gay in a straight country?

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Monday, April 6, 2009

Gay cruising spot in Chennai Marina

if you are a gay, there are 100 reasons to visit Marina Gay spot on sundays. Well, if you are not, spare me the horror. One of my funny gay friend recently told me when i said Chennai gay life sucks...After a deep thought and little bit half minded i agreed when another friend Sam asked me to come to Marina. I would like to remind to all those innocent(?) guys who are quite new to this blog that there is a official(!) gay spot in Chennai Marina Beach. Behind Kannagi Statue on the footpath next to swimming pool on every sunday you can see hundreds of gays sitting, chatting and cruising. There are several groups who regularly meet their and chat. If you are expecting any kind gay explicit scenes you might be disappointed. Remember it is just a meeting point.

I was there in January and then i didnt go there. To be honest i was not very comfortable with the place, i felt bit nervous when hundreds of guys staring at me. But i got few decent friends from my last visit like Surya, Vishnu, Rahul, Rohit, Sam etc... I went with Roz and we both enjoyed the scene. Suddenly i felt where i belong, my Gay world. Guys ages from 16 to 60 were there. College and school students, software engineers, government staffs, uncles, daddies even grandpa's...One good thing about the spot is no one will come and talk to you unless untill if you are giving them open signal. When i asked Sam about it he told me that most of the guys are afraid of being rejected. So only if they think you are interested in them they will never approach you. Well, it makes lot of meaning.

Trust me, I was never a dump ass. Guys in my college used to call me Cocky, Dont ask me why, ok?...So i wanted to be the same cocky this time when i visited Marina, last time i was so nervous that i didnt even look at anyone. Though there were several guys i found really attractive i was just there idle and went home empty handed... dump ass, isnt it?

I saw few friends whom i know before through Teja is a classical dancer whom i met last year and we became good friends then. Though we both are never really physically attracted to each other, we had so many things to talk all the time. Teja liked the character Emmett in Queer as folks. I guess after watching the drama Teja wanted to imitate Emmett and tried to speak and walk like the way he did. I never into Campy gays, so i didnt encourage him on the subject. I also met another friend Pr who is a engineering student, we met long time back in Besant nagar beach, though we both liked each other we didnt meet again.

Onething i must say it is so wonderful to be with friends who are gays. You share a common platform and you never have to think and talk. If you visit Marina thrice you will easily find a group of friends, suddenly the world seems to be so Gay then. I have been to several major cities in India, but i must admit there is not one such Gay spot as Marina. According to my stats atleast 50,000 gays are living in Chennai, which i guess is a minimum guess. If i go by the stats of the World Health Organisation's 2.3 % gay population in India, then it crosses 2 Lakhs gays in Chennai. One of my straight friend recently told me that there is going to be a Gay pride rally in Chennai this year, i hope lot of transgenders will be on the scene, but participation of gays and bisexuals is doubtful. The funny part is that my straight friend knows this gay pride when i have no clue about it. Oh yeah, the world is so gay, now you know why i said Chennai sucks...

One of our regular follower Siva asked me to inform you guys about the dedicated gay section in Indian Express on every Saturday. Ofcourse i have known it earlier and been reading it for sometime. There is this one full page dedicated for LGBT issues, there is also a news column on the left, which will provide you the details of latest gay news in the world. Recent one is Swedish government passed a law to legalise Gay marriages. Dont ask me when it is going to happen in India, probably never, probably my grand son might marry his boyfriend (hopefully he is a gay).

As we all know that there are several countries approved Gay sex and marriages. Most of them are European countries. Recently in Iraq two gays were sentenced to imprisonment for involving in gay sex. Guys who would like to know more about countries which recognized Gays and gay marriages can visit the below link.

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Thursday, April 2, 2009

Chennai gays Coming out

"There is this part of us which thinks that we dont deserved to be loved

So when you find someone whom you cant have and who can never fall in love with you

You fantasies that one day he falls in love with you and sees that what he is really missing

But it never happens, before you realize it you will celebrating your 40th or 50th birthday

So find someone who can love you, find someone who loves you , find someone for real"

I was watching Queer as folks once again on Thursday night and Ted was saying this to Michael which might be suitable for all of us. But even though we know the above statement, we cant control our mind infact sometimes i have no control over anything in my life. Call it 'curse of gays' or 'ultimate evil' or whatever, but when there is this hot guy sleeping next to you, breathing heavily and when seeing his beautiful skin, lips and hair, dont tell me you felt nothing at that moment.

What is that meaning of being Gay? having sex with guys and act straight? falling in love with guys? looking for a life gay partner? or doing a transgender operation in Mumbai and visit Koovaagam once in a year? what is it? me guys, i have no answer to these questions either. To be honest in India we are way behind gay issues. There are so many highly educated or slum homophobics living in India, who thinks homosexuality is a sexual preference, chosen by guys for sexual comforts and easier approach. Same way hundreds of indian gays thinks that being gay is only about sucking and fucking. It is understandable for those vagina obsessed hetrosexuals thinking that homosexuality is a disease or mental disorder, but it is highly irritating when i speak to most of the chennai gays who thinks it is all about sex.

Recently i received an anonymous personal mail from a gayish homophobic guy, who somehow managed to sneak into our blog, viewed almost all the postings (including the pictures of indian hot guys). He advised me not to write such gay blog, not to involve in gay activities etc. He said homosex is something which against nature, god, religion and culture. He asked me to go for a medical treatment to cure my homosexual disease and find a girl.

He was so afraid that i might miss his email, so he sent thrice to me, he even posted 2 comments in our blog which i have deleted recently. Normally when someone says anything against gays i will be furious and go mad at them. But this time i felt disappointed, frustrated and demotivated. One of my friend told me that if i can have sex with girl why not i convert myself to a straight life from gay. I went silent and refused to reply my friend. He was such a stupid to say so even after known me for years.

Rather than blaming the hetrosexual society, family restrictions, indian culture, government laws, police etc, we should blame ourself. We should be ashamed of not having atleast one gay portal from india which discusses Indian gay issues. Those who came out of the closet and pronounced themself are transgenders and cross dressers not all those hi-fi gays who thinks they are so manly who have no courage to accept the truth to himself.

Last time when my 6 year old niece scored less in a subject she blamed her teacher, school, parents, books, bag, cartoons etc. She even blamed her pencil and notebooks. After 3 days of continuous conversation with her, i let her realize her mistakes and less effort to score in the subject. If a 6 year old kid can realize and recognise her mistakes in 3 days, why are we not realising our orientation and accept the truth even after 25 years of our life. Shame on us...

We have become so dependent on our parents even after 25 years which is forcing us to let them drive our life, take decisions on whom we should be living with for the remaining 50 years, they are even deciding what kind of sex we should be having and what we should wear etc. Guys who cant accept this truth and still telling me that we are doing it for the love of our parent are very well live forever in lie and kill their self pride.

I love my mom and dad, they love me too, im their only son, but that doesnt mean i should hide the truth of my life, live like a coward all my life, destroy an innocent girl's life and cheaply believe that my affection on her is love.

Like Brian Kinney in Queer as folks said "Im gay, im queer, im a cock sucker, i like guys, i love them, i fuck asses, i get fucked, im a homosexual, im an ultimate evil...if anyone judges me here and tells me how i should live, i will say fuck-off, you are not my god". I said all these things with furious voice, red eyes and a cracked throat to my best friend Subash who is a straight, he almost cried. I have seen tears in his eyes, warming my hot shoulders and holding my hands. He told me "Yaar, you have got every right to live the way you want and if anyone stopping you, i will kill them".

Friends like Subash, Ar continue to encourage and accept my sexuality which leads my life in a confident way.

Guys, i have started this blog not just to tell you my sexual adventures, neither posting fair skin model's nude pictures, i have started this blog to bring awareness among millions of teenagers and youngsters in Chennai and Bangalore who are living in lie, struggling in homophobic straight society, confused and scared about their future, have no clue about what is happening in Gay world. I would request you to help me bring more such young boys to our blog and help us to form a Gay world in Chennai who shares happiness and knowledge. Middle aged gaymen have their own matured ways of helping themself and come out of situations, but to the future of young Gays not to suffer the way you had and live a lie, it is a bound duty to lay a path to our future generation in India.



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