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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

IPL 2 and a gay fan

As i was holding onto television to watch IPL-2 for last two weeks, i didnt get enough time to write something here...Though there are plenty of things still i wanna say...Plenty of emails and comments regarding our blog and things like that, encourages me everyday to write something out here...Some interesting mails and comments i received from our blog readers...some of them showcase their frustration and yelling at everything about me, some of them motivates me and appreciates my work on daily basis like Siva...well, i guess iam getting lot of friends and enemies through this blog, which iam not sure good or bad...

Coming back to IPL-2, there are plenty of reasons why iam glued onto television these days...You can say its because of all those good looking young faces playing with their bat and ball or the young guys who sat infront of cheerleaders looking for something to get onto their pants or my favourite Mtv VJ Gaurav hosting the show...dont ask me why, but i guess i have just lost my mind to IPL Season-2 ...thanks to Lalit modi...

It is great to see one of my favourite team Mumbai Indians winning matches...And my other Bangalore RC keep on losing makes me sad...i guess thats the part of the life in the world...Happy and Sorrow...without both, life will be so boring like the one i dated last week, he kept on singing some of the latest hip-hops in Fruit shop at Graeme's road, Oh, god, he was so boring...neither of one song i heard of before...I sat infront of him and drank my banana shake nervously...he was 19 years old and looks so damn cute...but god, all the damn good looking ones are always so fucking boring...he nevertheless careless about whether iam listening to his songs or just staring at his bulge in his jeans, he kept on singing songs...non-stop...oh my god, jesus, mary and fucking joseph...somebody help me

There is this famous cricket team in this Season-2, i guess we should call it as Gay Knight Riders GKR owned by the famous bollywood star...there is this gossip that he is gay too...his team for all the bad reasons are in the news everyday except for news of winning matches...i heard they have 6 coaches for 11 players...what a joke...they have these 4 players who plays every match whom i dont know whether they are bowlers or batesmen, probably they are just fielders...i never seen them hit a ball or bowl...After long hard fight they won one of their only win and reporters asked this king of bollywood what he did to make their players to win the match and he replied he slept with you know why the gay gossip is all about...they are all on their pants off, standing in the middle of the pitch and getting fucked every match...some of the players who dont seems to be playing cricket at all...MTV Cyrus just joked that instead of that one A.Chopra in their team, they should have Priyanka Chopra to add a new dimension, i guess that wont be a bad idea...she can play Dostana on the field and win matches for them...And then king khan himself should play along with his dear friend Karan, he can even add some more good looking actors and try to settle the match out of the court...probably in the restroom, but i dont see this team winning matches in the near future...

People who hate cricket can watch IPL-2 just to take a close look at some of these cute players like Abishek Nayar, Ravindra Jadega, Vinay Kumar, Sangwan, Badrinath etc

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