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Friday, May 1, 2009

Summer heat is on

Summer heat is on, mercury is just above my head waiting to burn me and send me to hell, but im still surviving through melons and oranges...people in the street counting the days and temperature simultaneously, the weather is so hot as such iam afraid to park my bike outside fearing that my engine might burst by heat...gawwwwd, somebody save HOT chennai. My airconditioner is so adamant that it didnt go down below 16c, iam seriously thinking about shifting my house to a swimming pool and i dont to know how to swim. Iam hesitatn to learn swimming because 5 years before one of the middle aged swimming pool trainer promised to teach me, didnt do so, ended up grabbing my cock in my boxers and started shagging me in the water, i was so afraid that i might cum and polute the swimming pool, i took off and never turned back to swimming pool again...end of the story.

The heat was so much to bear last year i started a green movement in my office and managed to get few members too, but wind up before winter started, nobody bothered...i had plans to plant atleast one tree in each of our staff's house, failed to do so and ended up watching Chennai corporation demolising 2 big trees infront of our office, i gave up...the same members came back again this year and told me to continue with our green movement i just laughed at them this time. Nobody cares about anything, we still cut off 20 year old trees for just 1 sq feet freespace. if we dont live by nature, the nature will revert it back to us, that is what we are seeing today. Tsunamis, Hurricanes and Indian summers are all some ways of nature giving it back to us for destroying it over the years. Adyar is somewhat safe for trees, though people are trying to destroy it for some stupid reasons like cable wires and bird shits, there are still enough trees to provide sunshade to park my bike.

Mumbai recorded 45% polling yesterday, there are still 55% of people who either dont believe in democracy or dont believe in the candidates or believe in nothing at all. And we have 4 days of holidays in between the polling date. What better way to simulate an Indian citizen to vote ? keep the polling date in the middle of the summer and make sure the date comes in between long holidays, so that they stay away from polls and if by chance happily go away from home too. Good citizens and good election commission. The failure of polling percentage is not just the failure of the system but also the failure of the people. Jai Ho Mumbai...

One of my recent favourite song is from Bachna Ae haseena, i dont remember the lyrics of the captured my heart so much iam singing it every minute but only known four lines of it. The picturization of the song is also so good that the camera captured Ranbir and Deepika so beautifully...Apart from the melons and oranges, Ranbir's shirtless chest and abs in the song cooling me down and still letting me to survive from Chennai heat...Keep looking at this picture down below you might survive this summer too.

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  1. Hi viki
    Sure temp is high but i like the summer as it is the time i get to roam around freely -- more interestigly to swimming pools where i love to meet such trainers who are willing to put his hands in my boxers and shake me--Ha Ha Viki, i will not run away but take him to showers-- otherwise i will take the role of a trainer(i do know how to swim well) I have done it a lot of times trying to "teach" guys to swim and land up shaking them up in their boxes in the pool(i really enjoy this.
    Really,knowing your 'capablities' i expected you to have put your hands in the boxers of your swimming trainer or take him to shower room.

  2. Hi Vikki,

    I enjoy reading your blogs. Good work! Keep it up!