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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

"Longest Red Ribbon Human Chain"

Dear Friends,

In this AIDS awareness month of December, Chennai Dost is making a record breaking "Longest Red Ribbon Human Chain" on Sunday the 11 th December, 2011 at 7.30 am at Marina Beach near the Labour Statue.

There will be a mobile testing booth for whoever wanted to get tested. As an initiative, all our Chennai Dost members are getting tested.

Doubt! - the biggest syndrome distressing a lot of us.

How many of us know that we have to be tested atleast twice every year?

How many of us have got tested atleast once in our life for HIV?
... well Dost, If you are

Willing to be relieved!
Willing to be confident!
Willing to feel Good!

This AIDS awareness month of december

Join Chennai Dost's campaign for HIV awareness ...


A one month long campaign insisting the importance of safe sex and getting tested for HIV.

Join us for

Your Happiness which is our Objective!

Be a part of history by joining hands with us to hold longest Red Ribbon at our very own Marina Beach

Where: At Marina Beach near the Labour Statue

When: 11-Dec-2011 Sunday at 7.30 am

For more information:

Call our Public Relations team @ 9551630213, 9940166486

Monday, December 5, 2011

God must be really crazy

Written by: Vikki

3 years before i met him. I still remember those minutes. It was a freezing December night, i was sitting with him facing his face opposite. It was a crowded sunday at Besant nagar beach, still i felt there were no one else except him and me. He was dangerously young, wearing a white shirt and jean, listening to me patiently. I was not dressed properly for a date as usual.

I was not attracted to him in the beginning except his youthful age and slender body, i didnt even notice his beautiful eyes then. I was the one who was talking mostly and i had no clue if he was even listening. I spoke to him for more than 2 hours. I asked him on his sexual orientation, he said 'I am bisexual'. Then i continued ranting. Probably that was the only thing he spoke in the entire evening apart from shaking head and nodding everything i said.

I took him to a restaurant nearby and had burgers. I was never a good one in eating burger, call me a 'burger animal'. I dropped him at the bus stop and went home peacefully. I had chat with my roomate about a recent tamil movie, had my dinner with him, went to bed for sleep. And then he called me, i forgot to tell you his name, i have stored his number as 'Rahul'.

My roomate shouted at me for disturbing his sleep, so i went to the terrace and spoke to him on the phone. Something about his voice made me realize he found the date romantic. Then i spoke to him about the sky, stars, moon, astronomy, terrace, my roomates, job and i finished saying ' i think i like you, what do you think?'.

I had no idea where that came from, might be angels were over my head, driving me to say something that could change my life forever. May be God finally answered all my silent prayers and drove me to a point to say something stupid like that...but i did and he responded to me very quietly the way he behaved in the entire evening 'i feel the same'.

It came all of a sudden, i didnt take him for a date keeping the proposal in mind neither i was expecting it. Nor the things i spoke to him was pre-planned, it just came from nowhere. And then my world changed thereafter. I spoke to him non-stop till morning. And then the next day we spoke for more than 6 hours non-stop. Before our first date i already met him at one of our Chennai Dost party but i didnt recognize him then, neither he knew i was the party organizer.

We didnt meet again for a week, mostly we spoke on the phone. About my dreams, vision, writings, parties, Chennai Dost etc. I have no idea what he thought of me then, may be as a stupid useless guy who has no romantic sense. One evening i invited him to accompany me for a Christmas celebrations at Magdalene's house. I asked him to wait for me at Loyola College and went to pick him up. He was standing there wearing a black shirt and faded jean, looking younger than i met him first time. I realized the 10 years age difference between me and him. Whoever passing him looked at him atleast twice, he must be the most good looking boy i have ever met, honestly he must be the most good looking boy in that place. He was standing there patiently for more than 2 hours wearing that gentle smile that knocked me off forever.

And that night while returning back he said 'you have no idea how much i love you'...God must be really crazy...

Written by: Vikki

P.S: This article has been dedicated to my beloved boyfriend on our 3rd year anniversary...And i promise him to hold his hands legally and get married shortly...Hope that day will come soon...Here is a poem dedicated for your wonderful love and journey with me...

There were days i was left alone, searching for my lost dreams.
And then you came...returned my soul and spirit

... Friends and foe, came and left
You were always there holding my hand with a gentle smile.

Whatever i have done today, a vacuum without you
The wonderful world i built, a lonely island if i am not with you..

Thanks for being my heart all these days and continue to be a part of my life...

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Puzzle for the day

While Amma and her cabinet busy discussing on their next plan to move Marina beach to somewhere next to Tambaram, Ayya and his associates were rehearsing their next arrest drama and asking for their family television channel to allot a slot in between housewives favorite Mega serial to broadcast their live drama telecast.

His 2G daughter was busy filing for bail and getting denial from Courts, And the Gandhi Scion was planning his next big step in Uttar Pradesh. Fuel price gone down but not Chachi's anger against the Central. Things are cloudy and any time storm in the Mother nation.

Big Brother warns the over-ambitious brother in some third nation, technology was booming but not the economy. Another recession is coming, said in the next weather telecast. Market like a heavy rain playing everywhere, making nobody happy.

India is shouting for their status in Security Nations in UN among the top 5, whether China will support us, is expecting the enemy to give us the sword to cut his throat. Lets just accept the fact unless until we are financially independent we can never attain that status.

2 years before just like everyone else Vijay 24 was in between jobs. His dad an electrical engineer working for TNEB makes good revenue apart from his salary. Vijay never worried about his pocket money. His dad bought him a Pulsar, a Blackberry phone and a laptop. Thanks to his dad, now he is 24/7 online in Planetromeo, fishing for small, medium and large fishes. So far his score is more than 250, in another 1 year he will score his 5th century.

Vijay never worried about anything in his life, he never even thought of it. Once he get a job, his mom will persuade him to get married to a girl with plenty of dowry. But Vijay's fate turned upside down when he met his Prince Charming.

Sam was one of the hottest boy he ever met. Surprisingly apart from 250 fishes he got through Planetromeo, he met Sam through his younger brother. One day when Vijay's brother brought his classmate Sam to his house and there Vijay met him. Sooner, Vijay fell in love with him, but he was clueless on Sam's sexuality. Many thanks to Facebook Vijay found Sam among few mutual friends who are gay. Vijay opened up to Sam about his likes and Sam texted him with a 'Yep'. Yippie, like any other Kollywood movies Vijay and Sam roam around the city in his Pulsar including Kannagi Statue, Besant Nagar beach etc. Life was glorious.

Vijay's mom found a bride for him who are willing to get him a government job plus 80 sovern gold. Lucky pot for Vijay, but this time the pot came with a poisonous snake inside. Well, Puzzle for the day...What will Vijay do to get himself out of this trouble?

Hint: Ask Dr.Manmohan Singh

Written by: Vikki

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Is Mahatma Gandhi a bisexual?

Written by SIVA

I was taken aback when I read in the New Indian Express news paper in cover page dated 29-03-2011 that a foreign writer has in his book written that Mahatma Gandhi was in fact a bisexual and had close friendshp with a german guy and he called him upper house and other lower house in whatever context they meant and he even had the other partner promise not to be hooked to attractive girls etc.
Now few issues are disturbing me (I think it disturbs others too) and calls for a debate.

1) Whether Gandhi was a bisexual or a gay or straight is a matter of relevance? He got us the most prestegious independence and his private sex life is not our concern.

2) However is it fair to discuss and charge a man slandering his private life when he is dead and cannot defend himself.?

3) Though we may be gay or bi or straight why do we feel offended when such a remark is made?

4) Was the statement calling Gandhi Bisexual meant to be a matter of fact or to malign him and bring disrepute?

5) Should India make it as an issue or let it die?(What happened to Rushdie when he wrote about Mohamed Prophet)?

6) Do the gays and bi sexuals feel a sense of contenment to know that Mahatma Gandhi himself was bi.?

7) Are we not used to brushing aside such news in a dignified manner by not discussing or not even talking about it?

It would be interesting to know the views of our readers(Others in society will not even want to accept that they have read about it and rather not even talk about it.). Chennai-dost readers can.

Scholars will forever debate the role Mahatma Gandhi played in history: his campaign to kick the British out of India; his inspiration of the American Civil Rights Movement. Boring. Let's talk about his sex life!
According to a new biography by Joseph Lelyveld, Mahatma Gandhi used to sleep (chastely!) with naked ladies, but the real apple of his eye was a hunky German-Jewish bodybuilder named Hermann Kallenbach.

From the Wall Street Journal:
Yet as Mr. Lelyveld makes abundantly clear, Gandhi's organ probably only rarely became aroused with his naked young ladies, because the love of his life was a German-Jewish architect and bodybuilder, Hermann Kallenbach, for whom Gandhi left his wife in 1908. "Your portrait (the only one) stands on my mantelpiece in my bedroom," he wrote to Kallenbach. "The mantelpiece is opposite to the bed." For some reason, cotton wool and Vaseline were "a constant reminder" of Kallenbach, which Mr. Lelyveld believes might relate to the enemas Gandhi gave himself, although there could be other, less generous, explanations.

Gandhi wrote to Kallenbach about "how completely you have taken possession of my body. This is slavery with a vengeance." Gandhi nicknamed himself "Upper House" and Kallenbach "Lower House," and he made Lower House promise not to "look lustfully upon any woman." The two then pledged "more love, and yet more love . . . such love as they hope the world has not yet seen."
Ah, the old "Lower House" and "Upper House" pickup line. It was his favorite right after "An eye for an eye and the whole world goes blind... what's your sign?"

Written by: SIVA

I missed my train

I reached the Egmore Railway station at Chennai on a Friday late evening to board a train to Madurai. I had reserved ticket well in advance --unusual of me--I usually rush in last minute and if unable to get a berth I rush to board a bus to take the journey. I had so much time not knowing what to do I looked around--not a single handsome guy to admire. Sulking I went to the food stall and bought stuff and stuffed myself heartily.

Really, I was restless as I had so much time.. suddenly I spotted this Central Police guard(CRPF guy I think) My heart missed a beat. He was so godamn handsome in his uniform ( imagine without it!!!) I just could not take my eyes of him --he was standing at the enterance where cars just drop passengers and they enter. He was tall , fair, muscular and his face with a hat was like a hindi movie star.I wondered why he had not joined films.

I kept my bag near him and was admiring him whenever he was not looking.I was envious when an old lady(a villager) could walk up to him and ask him queries and he actually guided her catching hold of her hand. My heart sank. I could not think of any excuse or reason to approach him and sat there like a dumb fool.. Not that asking a few questions would have made any difference as other guards were also near him.

I dont know how long I was staring at him I was distracted when he went into a small room next to him and came out. I looked at my watch..OH my god !! I realised I lost myself watching over him and my train had left without me !! For once I booked ticked and was well within time but my fate I missed it.I could not even curse myself as I enjoyed the time I spent.

Well to my usual routine I rushed to the bus terminus changing my plan and decided to go to Erode instead of Madurai. I got a ticket in a sleeper a/c bus. I was exited as I had never gone in a sleeper bus-- they provide blankets pillows and the bedding is comfy.

When I got in I that on one side there were row of twin berths few inches above the floor and one more row above it (upper berths). On the other side were similar single berth row on ground floor and upper berth. I got a berth in twin row in upper berth. I was happy till an old man tried to occupy one next to me. Then he had a talk with some one and suddenly a young(WOW) handsome guy(a college student) got in to help the old man from climbing. (Thanks to his generous heart).We smiled. The lights went out--bus started-- against each twin berth there were curtains which can be drawn and no one could peep in without opening the curtain... I did not want to miss or mess this oppurtunity. I knew that I had a lucky day as I missed the train for a purpose that God wanted me to enjoy. I started a small chat with him and started praising his solid muscular arms. He seem to like flattery(who does not?) Then I slowly changed the subject to sex and initially he was a little shy boy slowly he became comfy. Then I caught his thighs and asked abot his leg exercise.. he liked it. Then I just let my hands rest on his upper thighs and continued the sex talk. Then i said it was cold and we covered ourselves with blankets. I managed to have my hand inside his blanket and rested it on his thighs . He did not remove it. I liked him very much. Then I asked(taking more courage) if he has heard of gays.. he said yes.. but was not sure of himself. I gave him an "intelligent" talk on gays. Then I put my hand around his hip and we went to sleep. Obviously I could not sleep in such a situation. I put my hand below his waist and found he was getting erection slowly his eyes closed. I enjoyed the night journey and he too started enjoying on my body after initial shyness or fear whatever it may be.

In the morning we woke up and exchanged greetings and also mobile numbers . I have found a good friend and am really happy that I missed my train and boarded a sleeper bus on that splendid night. I knew God had planned it all for me to get a friend.

Written by Siva

Monday, October 31, 2011

Announcement: Chennai Dost Youth wing for lesbian, gay and bisexual students - Chemistry Club

Dear Readers

As we all know that the majority of our members are young and they need a space where they can interact freely and support each other. We have created CHEMISTRY CLUB FOR lesbian, gay, bisexual students. Thus they can find friends inside their campus, support each other from homophobic incidents, coming out etc.

If you are student and pursuing graduation or post-graduation please join our Facebook Chemistry club at

Announcement: Chennai Dost included Lesbian and Bisexual women into the group

We proudly inform all our readers that we have included Lesbian and Bisexual women into the group. And shortly there will be social meet ups exclusive for the girls will be arranged by Chennai Dost.

Girls who would like to join our group. Please click the below Facebook page

PR Team
Chennai Dost

You dont belong to our world

In few days, we have another journey. A journey which can bring in plenty of experience. My partner as usual become excited, so as the other boys around me. This time its going to be more than two dozen, I mean the team size. And they are all young and vibrant. Sometimes when I think of it, it become difficult to control them. Sometimes their flames can be all over, especially when you are out of your town. Things can go wrong, but boys seems to be less bothered about the consequences. I know I had to turn their energy into good directions, but im becoming weak day by day. Not by the world, but by the world within me, whom I thought were friends.

I had dreams, dreams that haunts me forever. From tiny white circle to the giant ones, it follows me everywhere. Im not afraid of their size, only the white circle and the flour. It looked ugly, like the dosai flour before the frying. The more I tried to come out of it, the more circle that appears in my dreams. Sometimes I was scared to sleep. They tried to wrap around my face and drag me into their dark shells, I cannot go back, I was there for so long, I refused to be in the dark. I don’t sleep these days.

Unknown of my dreams and fears, these boys crack jokes, sing songs and drink in gallons, dance to the horrible tunes. Some of them had no clue about their futures, some of them had hundreds of one nite stands. They were little scared about the dangers of unsafe sex. Some of them never seen a condom before. Can I be the one standing between their troubled future and gay world. I am deeply worried about the directions that they have chosen.

Recently a handsome, young guy joined our group. His face looked so familiar to me, even his innocent smiles. Every time I stare at his eyes, there was nothing harmful. But my past warned me again and again. To be careful of the new ones. People who betrayed me and took my confidence along just for no reasons other than wanting to be the one from the other side. The nerves that behold their tongue had no clue what they were talking about. May god forgive their sins. But I am just waiting for my time. I just wanted these boys to take me out of my horrible dreams, bring in some light and answer to my questioners. In few years, people who tried to drag me to the dark, the ghosts that tried to bury me in their graveyard had to answer to these boys oneday.

He looked so beautiful even in the dim yellow light. He talks about things that I can only dream of. He has a vision certainly not me. I envied his passion, he was just like me, like the way I was 3 years before. But 3 years taught me more than I imagined. If I guessed the kind of people I had to cope up with, the kind of talks that I had to manage, the kind of allegations that I had to face I would have never entered this world. I wanted to warn him, scream at him to stay as far as possible. Not to enter this hypocritic world, a world full of evil wisdom, if they find you as competition, people who are looking for self glory and nothing at all. “Stay away young man, you don’t belong here”, I wanted to shout. But nobody was listening. Boys surrounded him, praising his ideas and passion. My warning evaporated within my heart.

Someone said a long time back, I sowed the seed and the plant started to grow, even if I don’t want, I cant stop it. Its not going to wait for me to water it everyday, because I sowed the seed in the good soil. I was not sure then, its not about the seed, only about the soil. The plant is good too, but the soil is too bad, now I realize, but I cannot stop it, because it is not waiting for me to water it.
There are plenty of them with lot of confidence. They are not confused like us, neither they are confused about their gender. They are not going to refer oxford dictionary everytime they talk. They are going to shout at you in a language that everybody can understand, they are going to stand in the street and bring your ugly face into the light. They are not going to hide, because they have no fear. They are not going to refer WHO or McKinsey Report. They are only going to refer truth. They are not going to talk from the closet like they way you pretend, they are going to stand within, inside your heart and say “I don’t need you anymore”.

In few days I had to meet them all, The wound was so strong, still repeating in my ears all those words. My partner does not want me to go alone among the wolves, but I had to. Yes, they may tear me apart with their stares and smiles. They can whisper behind my back, their gossips can rip my heart. They can take the centrestage and glorify themself. But I am not scared. I have given up so much to go back, I need to give some time for the boys to grow. I need to create some space where they can breathe without fear. Till then, I had to fight, I may be the lonely warrior in this battlefield but I had no fear, because I have given up so much now to give up. And I am not afraid of the defeat, I am just buying time for my boys to drive you out of their world, because YOU DON’T BELONG TO OUR WORLD ANYMORE…


Thursday, October 13, 2011

SMILE PLEASE - A photo exhibition on Gay/Bi lifestyle on 16th Oct by Chennai Dost

Dwelling in the dark, not wanting to show our faces, locked inside our suffocating closets, not worried about the rumours and the stereotypes repeatedly pasted upon us! We were a mystery to you. No more are those dark ages, those times are long gone and we are coming out in large numbers with banners saying! We are Queer and We are here! We are walking amongst you with pride like never before, wanting to be seen, wanting to be heard, wanting to be loved and cared!
We my friend are Gay men of chennai and we are inviting you to come inside our lives and have a look on

What we do?
How we live? and
Who we really are?
Chennai dost
invites you to

(A Gay-n-ocular View)

A first of its kind Art Expo, Of the gay men, By the gay men For everybody to come and explore the fabulous life style of chennai gay men!

What ever you have heard so far – may be not clear!
What ever you have seen so far – may be not correct!
Come and see for yourself, for you and us are not so different after all!

On 16th October @ SPACES, Besant Nagar, Chennai!
Evening 5pm onwards.

Event by Chennai Dost – Chennai’s major community based organisation for gays and bisexual men
Phone: 9551630213

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Chennai Rainbow Pride 2011 - A documentary by 2b productions

Check out this link for the documentary and post your comments

Chennai Dost - Gay short movies - Looking for scripts

Hi Folks

Chennai Dost is planning to make 5 short movies based on Gay and bisexual issues. We are looking for scripts, actors, directors and volunteers. The best script will win a cash prize. If you are interested please mail your script and contact number to or contact our PR - 95516 30213 for details.


When ‘Milk’ and ‘Slumdog Millionaire’ won the Oscars, next morning Newyork Times published with a headline on first page as ‘Gays and Indians won the Oscars’. Probably nobody expected a typical gay theme movie will win a Oscar, but it did happen.
When our honourable Mr. Azad made his speech at Zilad against homosexuality, he would have never thought Queens will make such a drama. Ofcourse our babu made his statement based on facts, theories and vote bank, but for a moment he has forgotten that he was landing his feet on his mouth. We had no idea whether Azad babuji was just reading a well-written speech by his kindergarden graduate secretary or the media just made a mole out of a mountain at the time of news scarcity. Lets not blame Azad alone for his lack of school education, because of his lack of interest in Science & history, he particularly dumped classes on these subjects on his school days, those days he never thought that one day Dr. Manmohanji and Soniaji will make him a Health minister of India.
Azad was well aware of the fact that when Pizzas and Brittania biscuits came to India, it came along with this ‘disease’ called homosexuality without any Excise tax. All of a sudden British realized that there were too many homosexuals roaming around in India; they came up with this colonial law called Section 377 and then in 1960s all the homosexuals became pregnant who produced too many homosexuals like mosquitos. Thus population exploded in India. Let us just accept the fact that Azad had very little knowledge about Hinduism because of his alternate worship and excuse him for his ignorance on Arthanareeswarar, because of the long spelling he never read this name before neither heard about him. Azad had this time machine called ‘Blunder’, so he travelled all the decades, eras, civilisations and history in India and discovered that there was not even one single homosexual then. Those days all of them were only having sex with their opposite sex and producing babies .In particular Azad travelled into their bedroom and discovered this great truth that homosexuality never existed before. Some men even had 60000 wives, but they were never touched another male’s crotch…Mother promise
Homosexuality is not an Indian culture. According to Azad Mr. Vathsayinar was a foreigner who came from West and written Kamasutra with homosexual contents. And if any of you by mistake thought that homosexual depiction in Kajraho sculptures where in which a male poking his thing into another male’s back you are totally wrong or you should get an appointment with an ENT specialist right away. That Indian male was not poking his thing into another Indian male, he was actually poking a sword into a foreigner’s ass because the foreigner was a homosexual. Infact the sculpture was totally about homophobics. So get real people, its time you go back to school and get your history and Science correct. Mr. Azad who does not like to hurt anybody’s feelings because he wanted to become a Mother Therasa oneday after his retirement from politics. He just told us the fact which was socially accepted by the majority of people in India. Because he has spoken every single Indian citizen and recorded their vote on the same. If I say one more thing about how Azad found out that majority of Indians practice heterosexuality then Indian mothers will come and crush my balls for sure…Trust me
If any of you think that in India, the constitution was made based on majority and Mr. Azad had no equal rights such as freedom of speech, freedom of religion, freedom of living because he belongs to a minority religion. Mr. Azad lived in an exile, shame and fear like non-citizen because he belongs to a minority religion, minority homosexuals deserved the same treatment too. Their act is so unnatural. When Azad came to know that nearly 450 species practice homosexuality, he banned them all because they are actually imported from West. Indian species are good boys and girls. Apart from being killed they hardly get time to have sex neither gay sex. Azad never accepted Darwin’s theory of Evolution, infact he is still mad at him for calling his ancestors as Chimpanzees…How dare Mr.Darwin?
Recently Mr. Azad learnt that more than 4.7 Lakhs people spreading this homosexuality along with HIV. When Mr. Azad went through the papers he ignored the fact that highest population among HIV infected are heterosexuals and female workers, but he was worried of the fact that homosexuals are hiding like cowards and should come out to the streets with a label on their forehead as ‘I am a homosexual’, so that he can cure their body and sexuality. Just like stray dogs even after all the fear and shame that they might have to go through because of the negligence of the society for being alternative sexualities. If nothing works he will give them a shock therapy not very similar to the one given in our Government hospitals but making a statement like this with Scientific and historical notes or he would send them to Baba Ramdev to teach them yoga and convert them into straight ones. Thus it will be like two mangoes in one stone he can divert Baba Ramdev’s attention from fasting and appearing on television news and convert all the western imported, unnatural homosexuals into damn straight ones…Lets just say Mr. Azad had good intentions media just misquoted him. Someone in media who don’t know Imported language called English and translated his hindi version totally wrong.
Well, whatever it may be atlast our Queens who were waiting for such a golden opportunity grabbed Azad’s comments and his crotch. They hardly gets media attention apart from the Pride marches. Azad gave them the opportunity to wear their make-ups, lipsticks and fake American accents. Very next day they appeared in all the media with their intellectual questions to Mr. Azad finding faults in his comments, trying to win a debate. Some of them went for shopping the previous night the moment they heard Azad, they knew that their glorious day has come. Press conferences were arranged by different groups in various cities. They uttered their organizations name they belong carrying loadful of business cards. Some of them even dropped their phone numbers incase someone gone totally mad after Mr. Azad’s comments and looking for counseling. They ensured that their image appears on the newspaper frontpage or atleast somewhere in the corner. Thanks to the health minister for giving them a chance to publicize their organizations, photograph themselves for documentation, keep them in the elite circle and raise funds. Nobody missed the opportunity thanks to the English news channel for their repeated news program.
Mr. Chinnathambi from Usilampettai was clueless about what is going to happen after 12 years on the other end. He had no idea if he is gay or bisexual or just bi-curious or someone who is desperate for a cock. As usual he wrote a tamil poem about his secret crush who travel along with him in town bus on the way to his college. Chinnathambi heard no clue about his unbearable feelings on his secret crush. He hardly spoke to him, Chinnathambi has no idea whether his secret crush boy aware of his existence at all. Fear and shame came to him when Chinnathambi doubted that his unbearable feelings for the boy might be ‘Love’. Though he wanted to express feelings and fear to someone but he was too frightened to do it since he might be labeled as ‘onbothu’ by his friends. So he kept his love story to himself. After few years Chinnathambi got married to his uncle’s daughter. He became addicted to alcohol and committed suicide in two years, when he died his wife was 19 years old…End of the story…
P.S: India is one of the two largest democratic country, the other one is United States where in which recently legalized Gay marriage, here we are still fighting against a colonial law…Jai Hind

Founder of Chennai Dost Group

Monday, July 11, 2011



Chennai Dost which was initiated by a bunch of people, now has followers in hundreds and hundreds after three years of functioning. I, the Founder of Chennai Dost, thank each and everyone for your support and participation because of which Chennai Dost is what it is.

I felt immense pleasure in directing and organizing the people and their ideas in Chennai Dost. To get in fresh ideas and to work as every other member in Chennai Dost, I have nominated a new director and he was elected unanimously by majority votes of the council members. According, Dev (M.Tech...) could serve as the new director of Chennai Dost. I hope he will fulfil the vision and the mission of Chennai Dost. And also i hope you will support the way you supported and nurtured Chennai Dost so far.

Thanks a load,

Vikranth Prasanna
Founder of Chennai Dost

Tuesday, July 5, 2011


Honorable Health Minister (Ghulam Nabi Azad),

Being in such a dignified post you are bound to be knowledgeable and should be well aware of current issues in regards with the LGBT community.

Being a citizen of a democratic country , you do have the right to freedom of speech & expression, but what you are not supposed to do is - to mislead - to educate your personal opinion & principles which are meaningless and far from the actual facts - to turn the society into a bunch of homophobic clowns, which the majority already are.

your comments about Homosexuals( MSMs in particular)are " It is not only unnatural but also a disease which has come to India from foreign shores "

Are you " Mother Nature" herself, to term what is natural and what is not? who gave you the rights to openly comment on a community about which you know the least , if not , nothing. Homosexuality is as natural as anything under the sun. It is a form of sexual behavior. When you can accept friendship between two men as natural , why not the sex???? basically it means you are against sex . If so, honorable minister, you are not a normal human.

If it is a disease , then why did WHO ( World Health Organisation)removed Homosexuality from the list of Diseases as early as in 1990? Which century you live in ? are you even aware that we are not in 1990 s? do you think you are good enough in science than people at WHO? If so , you should resign the Health Minister post and start an International Health Organistaion ,which would in no way relate to you , just like the post you have at present.

By placing you as a Health Minister , Government of India wants you to make sure the plans and ideas made ( in accordance with Doctors, Scientists and Psychiatrists ) to reach each & every citizen .Not to make your baseless comments against what have been told by prominent doctors and psychiatrists. According to the report sent by the commity of doctors to Delhi High Court , it has been clearly stated that " Homosexuality is not a Disease". Being so, how can you openly comment saying its a disease ? how can you misguide people?

If Homosexuality in India is an foreign import , do you think even cats and dogs learnt the same way ? well, with the knowledge what you have got, you may answer “ yes” for even that. but let me explain . Homosexuality is found in over 450 species. when humans evolved , they mated everything they see with animal lust. women seemed more compactable for sex and hence the majority preferred it. when civilization started, it was widely followed which doesnt make the minority any less. Khajuraho sculptures in India and kamasutra ( From India) have depicted Homosexuality which means that it has prevailed in Indian society from the very beginning.

India being a democratic country should treat all people as equals and should protect their rights. calling an entire community as diseased and unnatural , you are discriminating a part of the society , by which you are going against the principles and the very foundation of the country.

It puts the entire country in bad light , when a minister happen to be so lame , unaware and less educated on current issues around the world. your words also include " It is hard to track who is doing it and where". when people like you constantly criticize our lifestyle , we have got no other option other than to remain invisible. when the law and society ( misguided by people like you) are against us , we are forced to live and love in the dark.

Not even 1 % of the actual community members have stepped out of the closet and we, Chennai Dost , have been working hard for almost three years to bring people out , into the light. but comments of people like you, who are supposed to be direct people in right path , end up doing things the other way around , would stop Homosexuals to come out . And would even make some to step back into the closet making our mission go in vain. If you cant understand the basic human rights , you are not fit to be a minister and to have a name as " AZAD" which means “FREEDOM”.

Chennai Dost

Monday, June 27, 2011

Important Announcement for the post of next Director of Chennai Dost

Dear friends

After plenty of thought and discussion with my friends, advisors and
supporters. i have decided to step down from the post of Director of
Chennai Dost in few days. since from its foundation there has been
huge change and evolution in our group and ideologies. But our focus
on our vision will remain the same "we continue to support and help
gay and bisexual men in chennai, create them the social space, help
them to identify their sexuality and sort out their issues and
crisis.". The next Director of Chennai Dost will be elected in the
next council meeting commencing on saturday. I will continue to work
for CD as a member and support the new Director.

When i started CD it was just a 5 member group two years before, but
now we have reached more than 1000 members and a seperate 15 member
council and 6 member coregroup to run the operations. Then CD had a
presence only as a blog, but now we have our presence in facebook,
googlegroup, planetromeo, twitter, orkut, several media and an office.
The documentation work for registering CD as a community based
organisation is already in progress and it will complete within few
months. So far we have been a self funding group and hopefully we will
be able to raise funds to operate more effectively in the future.

Some of my other achievements during my tenure are organising several
events including movie screening and parties which provided social
space for GB community, launching Chennai's first ever Gay lifestyle
magazine and being a part of organising committee in the third Chennai
rainbow pride. Apart from this we have done campaigns for open minds
against homophobia, gay extortion and TV9 news against gay lifestyle.

I thank all our allies, members and supporters for the encouragement
and help all these days to me. I hope you will continue to support and
help the new team and Director to run the organisation more

*Vikranth Prasanna*
Founder & Director - *Chennai Dost Group

Friday, June 10, 2011

ChennaiDost Director Vikranth about his Coming out - Interview in Gaysi, an online magazine

Friday, June 3, 2011

Wednesday, June 1, 2011



As the summer sets and monsoon arrives the glorious rainbow flag will march once again in Chennai Rainbow Pride 2011 at marina beach on 26th june.

Eventhough Delhi high court decriminalized homosexuality in 2009, many among us are still having sex with their desired men in the dark or fearing to express their love to their loved ones.

To all those romeos in this planet here is my sincere request .There are people out there who are fighting for our freedom,a struggle against the society. Let us support them as an insider or an outcast. But lets show our strength to the people who wanted us to be depressed and live in dark forever. If we have the right to choose our government, why cannot we choose our love.

This pride is not a political movement neither it has a huge social agenda.It is a celebration of our sexuality. A pride movement that may lead a new begining into our lives.It is a movement that is going to unite us all, meet our friends and be joyful.

If we are scared of being noticed or any media .We can wear a mask as we have the choice to choose our sexuality and claim 'UNMASK ME'.

If not wanting to reveal our sexuality we can still be a bystander and support our freedom fighters.

On june 26th, at marina beach I am going to be there along with hundreds of my friends.

I hope you will join me too........

As Harvey Milk said,"We started of doing small things and then it became a Queer movement. The only thing they have to look forward to is hope. And you have to give them hope. Hope for a better world, hope for a better tomorrow, hope for a better place to come to if the pressures at home are too great. Hope that all will be all right.

P.S: Dear freinds, for the details about the pride and its events visit the given link or call 95516 30213

with love
Vikranth Prasanna
Founder & Director - Chennai Dost Group

Monday, May 23, 2011


Hi all,

After a great social event on last Saturday, we are doing the GAME night again on this Saturday, May 28th.

There are very few social meetup events for LGBT folks in the city outside the party venue. In an effort to reach out to the folks (residents and visitors) in the city who need to reacquaint themselves with our fellow citizens, we are having a board games evening this Saturday. So, all Scrabble, Pictionary, Poker or Charades fan, you are cordially invited to hang out and network.

Please invite your friends along who might have missed the invite.

Date: May 28th 2011, Saturday
Time: 5pm to 9pm

for address call
VINOD- 9840 630 365

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Vikki's Theory

Sometimes you will go to a jockey showroom,buy an underwear which is not your size actually, but you will buy it because you just like it.
Sometimes you will fall in love with someone hoping that one day he will realize your true love and accept you as what you are.
Every time you walk on the street, travel in a train (or) bus, window-shopping at spencers (or) just having a chat with a friend in the beach (or) you stuck in traffic jam in Mount road while riding your bike, you will see that most beautiful person who will steal your heart within milli seconds. Obviously he never noticed you, never even know that you exist. But his face never left your heart, you fantasize him all night and every night.
Things like this cannot be expressed because you don't know if he is gay (or) bisexual. You don't know if he is straight (or) bend. You just don't know.
I dont't know how Newton proved his theory but I have my own way of proving my theories.Let's just call it "Vikki's gravity".


Every night i see him, roaming around like he is doing a sky walk, moving his butt hypnotising all the gay ones in my office. Alright I know what you gonna ask me now, "What am i doing in the office at night?". A million dollar question and i evenly reply to you dumb ones for million dollar services, "I'm jerking off every night ofcourse"'.Arguably he is one of the cutest(in this case prettiest) boy in our work place and his eyes glaring down at our crotch everytime we pass by him. He often comes to my cabin, staring at me non stop. I wonder what's at stake.But he refuses to talk, not even a 'hi' from him. I am sure either Yahoo chat or planet romeo would have taught him by now how to make an introduction or a start.RULE 1: "You can start with an ASL" or "Top/ Bottom" or just plainly ask "Do you have place tonight?". But from him nothing came . I waited for him anxiously, for sure he is one damn hot one not to miss.I am sure if he would have been in a gay party in chennai, by now he would have been bulge grabbed.
After few painstaking weeks, he slowly got his courage and came to my cabin. He was standing by the door cock-eyed. It was vivid that he was then thinking of a big time sombu, but I,ve decided to play virgin-bottom or a pure top who never slept with a boy before but have been dreaming ever since the blossoming of my puberty. I kept an innocent look, pretending to be a damn straight guy, stared back at him as if there is not even single gay-mo-some in my body.
As if he suddenly got a full bladder to pee he shook his head and left the place. I saw his swinging butt revolving like a globe. Few days later one of my colleague told me that the "skywalk butt guy" got married to a girl recently with whom he was in love with.


Few years back, I was once again working in night shift then. For some strange reason they gave us a stupid training session for a period of ten days. Most of us in our team were young,energetic and fortunately for me almost all the guys in my team were cute and hot.Every day i go home and dream about each of them. Each one will take their turn for a day. Sometimes i forgot to line them up, I will put them on a gang bang or we will do a buckake keeping a cute twink in the middle, awesome.
One among them was a guy called Ramana from Coimbatore. Well somebody must do a research survey on the Kovai guys, almost all of them I came across were hot ones.Unfortunately for me, he was damn straight almost 90degrees. I was afraid there was not even a single bend in his body. Then he recently broke up with his girlfriend and started drinking BIGTIME.
He used to talk about his ex-girlfriend who ran away with a guy who owned a Mercedes Benz. After work every day he took me to a bar and drank non-stop. The worst part of the story is that after couple of large he'll start whining about his ex, it was like a mega serial for me, tears were all over the floor all THE time,it was like i began to sink in the titanic ocean.
One day after work he took me to the same bar. It was an eve of my birthday which gave him another reason to celebrate (or cry again).He drank for several hours and i missed my last train. So i had to go to his place for a sleep over.
His room was like any other bachelor's paradise unclean and clothes were all over the place.His underwears were lying in the middle of the bed like a couch. He took off his jean, shirt and all of a sudden he removed his underwear too.He was standing there in front of me totally naked. His cute face, hot body and white flesh was right infront of me tempting every thing out of me. And then he said those golden words " What are you waiting for Vikki? Come and fuck me hard..lets celebrate your birthday.Is it not this what you were longing for these days?". I don't know if he said exactly like this but something similar like this which made me fly open in a hurry and hop in. Of course it was one of my most cherishable birthday gift ever.

By scenario 1: A gay looking one can be damn straight one
By scenario 2: A straight acting guy can be a brand nelly bottom.

You just don't know who is gay or straight in this world of drama.


Written by: Vikki

Saturday, March 26, 2011

My Time Machine

I feel like been years i have written something here...Its been hectic and busy life for me for a year now...And i am sure our followers will be really upset about it. So here is the recap what happened in my life and also in our Chennai Gay community for the past 6 months, so that readers dont feel like disconnected from me.

My Life

1. Things are great with me and my boyfriend, we have celebrated our one year anniversary, we both were proud of sticking to each other and succesfully living togather which is kind of rare in Chennai. I and him quietly celebrated the day and spent some time where we met first (ofcourse Besant nagar beach it is)

2. After the split and break in the Chennai Dost team last year. We fought hard to give life back to CD and successfully done it. Few friends who have been the backbone of CD in the past reconnected with Chennai Dost again which actually helped us to continue with our parties, movie screenings and meetings.

3. My boyfriend joined in his new course Fashion designing(his ambition to become one) and i have joined a new company with a better profile (Earlier i was a Market Analyst and now a Project Manager) and more responsiblity which actually made my life busy and exciting.

4. We have successfully launched Chennai Dost Magazine with beautiful contents and presentation, though the distribution is still not made, hopefully we will do it in April.

5. We have launched campaigns 'Stop Gay Extortion' and 'Support Pride 2011'. In another few months when the Pride organising happens, my life and schedule will go totally crazy.

6. My long time plan to finish writing my novel 'Perpetual Love' is pending. So far i have written only 5 episodes. I hope i will be able to do it before Pride.

7. We are planning to produce few Gay short movies in tamil to release before the Pride.

8. Members who have joined so far with Chennai Dost has reached 1000...

9. And i am afraid i am getting old and i am not sure if i can call myself as young man anymore...

I Promise all of you that i will post few more interesting articles of mine shortly, thanks for being patience and thanks for your great support.


Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Protest against TV9 network for their homophobic act

Dear friends,
'We are queer, lets not fear. We hope for a change, hope for a better world to live'

In order to raise our voice against the breach of privacy by TV-9 network,

Chennai Dost is organising an email campaign and we request our fellow gay men and supporters to write an email to TV-9 network condemning the act against our community.Let us express our anger in a politically right way...

If you are not comfortable in using your personal id, please create a new one and send a mail to

Vikranth Prasanna
Founder & Director - Chennai Dost Group

Friday, January 28, 2011

Chennai Dost presents Gay Valentine's day Party

For details contact: 9551630213, 9840630365, 044 43313382

Saturday, January 1, 2011


New years come and new years go,
Pieces of time all in a row.
As we live our life, each second and minute,
We know we’re privileged to have you in it.
Our appreciation never ends
For our greatest blessings:To our Chennai Dost family and friends.
Happy New Year!2011......