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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Watch the SiGnS of your friend

Watch the Signs

If there is any big headache for a Gay in India, it is the question about his best friend's sexuality. Culturally in India bonding between 2 guys are quite warm and caring, but that doesnt mean they are gays, but there are few universal signs to find out if your best friend's sexuality. No matter how close you are or how sweet your friend is to you, if he shows the following signs, i bet my ass he is a gay, but he just not accepting it or hiding it from you for some strange reasons

  1. If your friend is so protective of you among the group of friends and supports you
  2. If your friend thinks you are great, talented and morally guiding him
  3. If your friend shows off his nude body and asks your opinion about it
  4. If your friend talks about homosexuality or asks you about it
  5. If your friend makes jokes about you sucking his cock
  6. If your friend wants to hold your hand or he hugs you while sleeping
  7. If your friend says he misses you when you are not around
  8. If your friend makes calls often and enquires about your health, food and family
  9. If your friend appreciates or compliments your looks
  10. If your friend says you are the only best friend in his life
  11. If your friend is not listening or hates when you talk about your female friends
  12. If your friend becomes close to your brother and he is not interactive with your sister
  13. If he talks a lot about his dad and tells you that he misses his affection
  14. If your friend tells you what dress suits you
  15. If he already had a best friend in the past, but they are not the same now

Here we go, if the signs of your friend is from

  • 1 - 5 : Your friend is a bi-curious or bisexual, has few gay tendencies, especially on you, but dont take it for granted, never fall in love with him, because his interest on guys is just for kicks
  • 11 - 15: Your friend is a bisexual probably he had sex with guys before but he thinks you are not really attractive for some strange reasons he is hiding his sexuality to you
  • 6 - 10: You are really a dumb-ass, he is in love with you but you have not realized it till now, you need a blogger to ligthten up your asshole

Reality bites

  • Never, ever fall in love with a Straight guy, take him to the bed straight away, that is what he deserves and what he exactly wants from you
  • Even the pet animal of a gay is also a gay (Gay's perception)
  • Find someone who loves you, find someone for real
  • There is only two kind of straight people in the world. One who hates you infront of your face, one who hates you behind your back.
  • Oh yeah, you are straight, but you liked it when i sucked your cock lastnight, Didnt you?
  • Nobody becomes gay, nobody wants to be gay, homosexuality is not about sexual convenience, it is what we are.
  • I was born for hetrosexual parents, taught by hetrosexual teachers, played with hetrosexual friends, can you tell me why iam still gay?
  • How can you teach homosexuality, like you teach French or Spanish?
  • Its because you said you are straight that doesnt mean you have to keep your ass tight while iam fucking you.
  • Famous sentence by a straight guy in the morning to his friend: "Sorry dude, i was drunk last night, i didnt know it was you, thought its my girlfriend"
  • Yes they are all straight, but can you can show me a guy who didnt get a hard-on when you touched his cock.
  • Popular joke from a straight guy "You are doing against nature, you are against God"
  • Some innocent boy asked his dad "After Adam and Eve died, there were only two brothers on earth, Do you think they did it, if so, where the next baby came from?" Dad got angry of his son and shouted "Asshole"
  • Good boys go to heaven, bad boys will go to restroom for masturbation
  • Nobody's your dream boy and when they are, you dont get 'em
  • A Gay boy's quote "So many guys likes me, but the guy whom i like doesnt like me"
  • Some frequent texts in yahoo chat "a/s/l plz" "R u top/bottom" "Whats ur likes" "what is your size" etc

Joke of the week

Two straight guys were playing a round of golf when they noticed two gays ahead of them. They decided to have a little fun so they started to aim their shots near where they were playing. After a couple of balls landed a little too close for comfort the gays decided that the next time a ball lands close to one of them, one of them would fall down and make they were hurt and then they would sue the straight golfers for the injuries. Sure enough the next shot from one of the straight golfers landed right next to one of the gays, so he fell down and made like he was unconscious. When the straight golfers got up to them, the one gay started in by saying, ” Hey what kind of idiots are you? You seriously injured my friend and now we’re going to sue you!” One of the straight guys says to the gay, “Why don’t you suck me.” At this the gay says to his buddy, “Charlie, get up. They want to settle out of court.”

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  1. OMG... How on earth could you possibly think of certain situations dude??? Especially with the Guess your BF... Amazing stuff... Keep up the good work eh....