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Saturday, February 27, 2010


0 I am straight
1 I like girls
2 I never had sex with a girl
3 I am not getting any girls to sleep with
4 So had to masturbate myself thinking about girls
5 I am masturbating everyday, even thrice a day
6 Its so boring masturbating alone
7 I wouldn’t mind masturbating along with my close friend and talk about girls
8 My close friend’s cock is bigger than mine
9 He is also watching my erected cock
0 Why the hell, he is looking at my cock
1 May be he is gay and he likes cocks
2 Nobody ever touched my cock before
3 May be he wants to touch mine
4 When I asked him to touch mine, he did with desperation
5 Oh my god, he is so gay
6 I am not like him, I am so straight, I like girls only
7 If I get a girl I can fuck her hard
8 He started jerking me off now
9 His hands are so soft like a girl’s
0 I am having a hard on and about to cum
1 He came closer and took my cock in his mouth
2 I felt so good, it was so warm
3 I started fucking his mouth like fucking a vagina
4 I came in buckets, he drank all my cum
5 I hate him now, he misused me
6 If I ever knew he is gay, I would never become his friend
7 What he is doing is so unnatural
8 But he can never change, he is born as gay
9 He is my best friend, I can’t leave him
0 We were watching porn and he sucked me off
1 I was so drunk on another day, I sucked his cock
2 He introduced me to a dating website for gays
3 There were so many cute bottom guys who are young and feminine
4 I had sex with few of them and fucked them like fucking a girl
6 My best friend told me I am a bisexual, may be he is right
5 I will have sex with guys till I find a beautiful girl
6 Girls are really tough to get in India
7 My best friend told me he is in love with me for several years
8 I shouted at him for being so evil and misused our true friendship
9 My parents want me to marry a girl
0 Society will never accept a gay
1 I have decided to marry a girl and stop all these gay things
2 I like my wife
3 After few months my best friend sucked my cock again
4 I liked it, he is the best in blow job
5 I found few more guys from the website, they were all so hot
6 I had arguments with my wife
7 We are fighting everyday
8 I had sex with my best friend, it was the best
9 I like him so much, he cares for me
0 He said he still loves me so much
1 I shouldn’t have married
2 I went to a gay party, I liked group sex
3 I hate my home
4 I am drinking a lot these days
5 I am having plenty of group sex these days
6 I have two children
7 My wife complaints for not taking care of the family
8 I hate to be a family man, I just want to be happy
9 I think I am not really a Straight guy
0 Am I Gay?


  1. Hi Vikki,
    The entire episode of a guy(who thinks he is not gay)has been very neatly broughtout n points. Cleverly written. I think most of the straight guys will fit in this picture given this oppurtunity. Only a few will be still STRAIGHT.Should we go around "converting" guys? I wonder.

  2. great work dude...congrates

  3. wowwwwwwwwwww..


    its the most funniest and lovely piece, i have read in past few weeks!! the writer deserves a it comes...

    chap!! chupp chuppppp!!!! did u hear!???[:)]

  4. I think you are "spot on!"

  5. Nicely written. 99% of all Chennaians would have definitely had one gay experience at least. As I know with my friends I have seen them doing what not to do then they say its just a play.. they're straight. (it includes open mouth kisssing. LoL).

  6. bravo! articulate! well done.

  7. Congrats!!!!! Ok, today Im just looking, but I will continue following you.