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Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Guess The now poster Suits The community Or oh!! NO Last One was Classic

Well you can see the change of the old poster to the new one, I just not able to see the clear picture of Minds of our people about what they think about this new poster. Will they love it? or they need a new form ? I need the comments from you friends about the change of new Poster.

where as you can also compare it with the old one as well.


  1. No questions?? the new one is good and colorful and the old one is very unfit..!! Anyways thats nice to see you guys giving nice change and improvement..!! keep it up, cheers :)

  2. Hi Vikki,
    Well I did think that the old one was dull and unimaginative-but did not want to hurt anyone's feeling. Now that you have asked the new one is definately better and appealable. The black and whilte strip can be further modified without such old type lines (if possible). Other wise it is good.
    luv SIVA