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Monday, January 4, 2010

Glorious year 2009

I had to admit it was a tiresome year in 2009. I was running along with the fastest world and its transformation, there was no stopping for the Gay community especially in Chennai. I don’t remember exactly where and when it started, the Queer movement was all over and never ending. It was colorful like the Rainbow flag. I just stepped on it and it took me to a different planet, it was all Gay. I was chanting, proud and then embracing its glory all around.

I could remember my lonely New Year celebration last year in 2008 and comparing with the 2009. Thankfully I had a world to live and celebrate. This infact with more joy, I was riding my bike as fast as I could feeling the warmth of my boyfriend behind me. It was a wordless Wordsworth poem. I was all excited, I never had a lovely New year party than ever. I turned around and saw his beautiful face. It was the freedom I was breathing on that day. Many thanks to Chennai Rainbow Pride.

We were thanking and celebrating the glorious year 2009. Chennai Dost guys were chanting and dancing. Our DJ was rocking. Sunil Menon appeared in his usual kurda design wear. Good looking guys were walking on the ramp trying to compete one another in the Chennai Dost beauty contest. Finally the best one was judged and received Mr.Chennai Dost title.

I was standing alone in a corner surrounded by dark, trying to recollect what we have achieved. We have created a social space through organizing parties for the Gay and Bisexual men in Chennai. Agreed it was an achievement that no one was willing to do earlier. Movie screenings were successful by screening movies on different themes to provide some light on our guys. And then supporting the activities of our LGBT support groups. Appeared on several media raising LGBT issues. And then finally Chennai Dost participated in Chennai Rainbow Pride along with the support groups.

We still had to go a long way. Its going to be another tiresome year in 2010 for both me and Chennai Dost. Personally I am planning to move along to a new house with my boyfriend. And then trying to partner with few more friends to expand my business. Shifting to a new company to anchor my career. Bring in my parents from Bangalore to Chennai and find a nice life environment for me. And for Chennai Dost we are working on to launch the online magazine for GB community in Chennai. Open an office for Chennai dost and start a helpline center. Yes, it is going to be another tiresome year. But who cares, there are plenty of friends to help, plenty of members to encourage, hundreds of readers to wish and then God to bless. 2010 is going to be another Glorious year. It is just there infront of my eyesight to reach. I am getting ready with my running shoes for the next race.

written by: Vikki


  1. Vickranth (the massiha for the chennai gays)

    today i felt so sad in my life first time that my tears are dropping down and i am typing this, u know why ?

    I DONT WANT TO BE GAY. Really man, bcs in this gay world. The top guys need experience bottom, and the bottom guys need hot muscles big and big to their up and down lips,

    today i met a guy after chating in planetromeo. He told to his room, i reachd and he insulted me saying that YOU ARE LEAN & SLIM, my heart cried much inside, but i was smileng in frnt of him.. He told that u r slim so i wil fuck u and u r my slave....

    I came home and cryd for a long time, i tryd to comit suicide. Believe me or not. ... Why man why ? Why give me reply ? I m slim is my fault ? I tryd to go gym. But due to work pressure i stoped it,

    is beauty and hot muscles is the first priority in GAYS ?

    I admire u. I loved u. But i hvnt met u. But i go behinde like a dog who call to meet me to insult...

    It take atleast few days to keep my broken heart, but til that what i do with myself i dnt know, pls save my life, every hour i feel insulting of myself... Pls pls pls.

  2. Dude, im not massiah or anything, iam just a normal and ordinary guy like any other and been hurt many times in life.

    You have so many things in life to do. There is a beautiful world waiting for you, just be patient.

    All you need now is friends. Please do remember you have so many friends like me in Chennai Dost.

    I am trying to reach you by phone but you are not picking up my call, i am worried. Please call me immediately.


  3. Hi Vikki,
    I just felt a pain in my heart reading the post from "iwant2bgay" but relieved seeing your helping reply.
    I feel that he is just being too sensitive. Not only few gays but also many straight guys behave in such rue manner. It is every where most of us would have experienced it at some point of time. Just because some crazy guy insults it is not end of the world and definitely not worth even brooding ove let alone ending a precious life. In fact being thin and slim is much hotter and sexier than being fat and obese. Tate varies. It is just the question of finding or making the right choice.
    luv siva

  4. Hey hey..!! I dont know ur name..!! but who ever may be..!! just keep one thing in mind being slim or fat or looking cute or hot its only matters on bed. Meet a guy in PR going to his room for fun without knowing him and got hurt its never meant to be the guys fault its yours..!! never expect the people to be same and don't judge the world by "ONE"..!!

    Hey dude Give a break to you SEX and replace it with a Love or Friend then you will see a beautiful world waiting out there for you and Dont say i dont have a good love or true friend search for it..!! love people truly they love you too..!! all the best

    And know one thing Being slim is always hot..!! Cheers :)