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Tuesday, April 13, 2010


I am writing this based on my first hand experience with Chennai dost and its founder Vikranth.This was my first experience of being with group of people of my own sexual orientation actually talking to them and taking guidance from them, especially Vikrant, founder and director of Chennai dost;a down to earth person who had tried his best to make as comfortable as possible at this place on my first visit.

Although this may be like a any newcomer’s first visit to Chennai dost, but for me it has been a special day of my life, for in fact it is the best day where i felt the least uncomfortable of my own sexual orientation could place myself physically being present with the like-minded people, with whom i have felt no guilt to speak about my sexuality, in fact am most grateful to Vikrant because of whom this organization saw its light of the day, and i could be here today.

Vikranth,who has a much wider experience of being in this society with his sexuality as compared to me, might have gone through many difficulties just because of his sexual orientation but this has not discouraged him, in fact apart from making a firm place for himself in this society he has taken initiative to create something that can be a great support for young people like me to believe that there is wonderful world for people like us, who have a different sexual orientation.

Being with Chennai Dost has made me to be more confident, strong about my sexuality rather then being regretful about me. So my request to any new people who visit this site, if you belong to LGBT don’t be in guilt by being in closet, come to Chennai dost,this is place built for people like us who feel guilty of their own sexual orientation just because of the society surrounding us. Just try to visit and it will be worth for your life.


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  1. Hi,

    I appreciate your sincere feelings and invite. I am not new to Chennai-Dost and after being here I have completely lost my guilt feeling. But unfortunately I am not (yet) able to get out of the closet and dont think I will dare in the near future. But when I read about all your experiences with CD (Chennai_dost) I really get angry with myself. I do suffer at times as I am unable to even discuss certain problems because of this and seek opinion. I am greatly tempted by all such wonderful programes hosted by CD like latest Milk Shake for example. I am withholding with great difficulty --how long? god knows.
    But I sincerely wish you all guys(out of closet guys)all the best fun which you all dserve for bravely coming out in open.
    Vikki Three cheers to you and the Chennai-Dost.
    as you deserve the praise which is from my heart.
    with luv Siva