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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Stop judging me

He was standing there staring at me, his eyes were sharpened, his mind was running faster than a rocket. I know he was calculating. It was spreading every nook and corner trying to explore things. His gaze was piercing me like a weapon I was defenseless. Time was segregated, gathering momentum and then analyzing randomly. His lips were uttering a wry smile as if he understood everything, he knew me from my birth. Every second of my life has been recorded. It was like a magic, he was like my god, I know he was judging me.

Wherever I go he was following me, a party, a function, even my restroom he was following me. I stopped pissing, I stopped eating, I stopped talking I became restless. I know somewhere in the corner he is there watching me. I was afraid; fear spread every where in my body and cautioned me not to move. And then he said that, it broke everything I believed including the trust that God created universe. He was faultless. I became sensitive.

He could sense everything I does, he could judge what I do next. He was like a magician. I couldn’t speak to anyone in the party, I was afraid to smile. I was afraid to write because I knew he is there to criticize it. I didn’t dance, I didn’t talk, I didn’t walk, I couldn’t have sex. Everything about me stopped like a Timer. His mouth was spineless and he uttered whatever he guessed about me. He had very little to do anything for him, he spent all his life judging me. It became his life.

He guessed something, he judged everything and then he spread that into the world. He laughed, he enjoyed, he was happy judging me. He bought rights to talk anything about me because he is like a god and he was errorless. He cried foul, his tears where brackish. He was aimless because he was busy judging me. He had his own morals of judging me, the morals written in the other part of the planet. Ethics which never been written and released like the Gospel of Judas.

When he spoke they all believed it, his words were golden for them, not realizing he was judging them too. He set his own rules to talk about people and then he justified it. He thought he can change me, change my vision, change the way I am. But I didn’t because that’s what I am. I don’t change anything for you. It is time you stop judging me.

Written by Vikki

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