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Sunday, March 15, 2009

Do's and Dont's

Guys, i must say thanks for your overwhelming responses. As you can see there are lot of changes in our blog to bring you more features and excitement. I believe some of us are quite alien in using blogs, so kindly use this posting as a guide to utilize and avail the features of this blog. This blog is totally free of cost for you, though there are few commercial benefits to me indirectly through ads and other links.

  • Videos relating to gay movies, indian gay themed videos etc
  • Opinion polls and results to provide more information on gay issues in India
  • Pictures and videos of models, actors and personals (no xxx rated pictures)
  • Chat
  • News and events information
  • Information on new releases of gay related books, music and videos
  • Stories and Surveys

Upcoming features

  • Private messages
  • Forums
  • City guide for gays and bisexuals
  • Health and dating tips
  • Free consultancy
  • Gay magazine section

Please remember this is not a social networking site, its just a blog with pre-defined features. Any changes or updates will be provided based on your interests and comments. Please follow the opinion polls related to our blog for more updates.

Your comments and interaction is priceless to bring more facilities to the blog. I have added a new section "Gay magazine" where you can post articles, stories, pictures and videos. This section will be evaluated by me on daily basis and will be allowed to be on screen after editing.

Please send articles, stories, pictures and videos if you would like to share it with other members to my email id: . I will inform you after your posting comes on board.

Please do not pass on our blog link to strangers. Please add yourself as a follower with a nickname and email id to contact. Currently the blog is open to all, but will be restricted to new comers shortly for joining only after my permission.

This blog is entirely for entertainment. If any of the article, picture or video offends you personally, kindly let me know. Most of the pictures and videos in the blog is a collection through my friends and internet, if you find any of these is your personal belongings please notify.

Thanks for your support


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1 comment:

  1. hi viki,
    I just would like to write to you about one of my experiences - in a flight--
    i was travelling from delhi to chennai returning from official trip by jet airways--i do frequent rest room when i go north as i find north indian guys have handsome body and shaft---imet a flight officer and we exchanged looks and he motioned to another restroom in first floor at the airport which was not so crowded-- he was real cool handsome guy and he wanted a quick action--he also had a hardon like me even while entering the room--we went into the cubicle and locked--he was so big compared to mine which is small(sad) but he sucked me so fast that i was about to cum--then he made me cum in his hands and i took him in my mouth and oooh it was great--then we cleaned and came out--he went out first and unfortunately another man was standing out who wanted to enter the cubicle--i had a shock when he gave a glare and was about to make a scene--the officer slipped and i also escaped to flight thanking my stars-- i will write my one more experience in a flight next time