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Friday, February 27, 2009

Slumdog barking

Oops, sorry for being late, i missed the bus...As usual i was struck with plenty of project reports, client calls, Dad's medical treatment, Slumdog's chasings etc, simply i didnt find time to write here in the past few weeks. Well, i must lot of things happened in the last few days, it was like time running to catch up a flight, so many news from all the four directions and at last the success of Slumdog (ofcourse it made lot of noise here). A.R.Rehman should have won atleast 50 oscars by now listening to his scores in Slumdog Millionaire. Have you heard Lata Mangeskar's 'Lukka Chuppi' in Rang de basanti, the background music of Bombay especially in the mumbai street burning scenes and then some of his memorable melodies in Roja. This Slumdog Millionaire wont stay anywhere near to these film's music but Rehman certainly deserved an Oscar. Hats off to him...Jai Ho Rehman.

Slumdog certainly made lot of noises and barked all over the media in India, but failed to make a sense. People like Amitabh Bachan, Shoba de and Hema malini tried their level best to hide the Indian poverty behind their million dollar asses, which didnt work this time, nobody was listening. Rich Hypocrites, poor pessimists and communists came from nowhere and started blaming Danny Boyle for showing India in poor light. If they ever listened to their servants, car drivers or ironing walas they might be sitting at home and crying. I will not blame them they just need the limelight after all.

Slumdog Millionaire in a way shown the real Young India. Just like Jamal Malik in the movie, Our Young India trying its best to shine in the world despite all odds. Inspite of our corrupted politics, religious and caste outrages, rulings of minority governments, poverty, unemployment, population growth, ethnic conflicts, continuous trouble from neighbourhood countries, illiteracy, both internal and external terrorism, collapsed judiciary system etc our young India finding its feet on the Globe. Becoming IT super power, heavy manpower, steady economic growth even at the time Recession, getting global attention through Slumdog Millionaire and Mumbai Attacks. India is on the thick of Global power. All signs of new super power in the world for the future. The power of one billion indian is finally making it irresistable in the world. Nobody can stop us. India will produce millions of Jamal Malik everyday and they will win any contest. Guys from Bihar villages will work for Microsoft, Japan and Korea will start their Electronics manufacturing units in deserts of Rajasthan. Mally guys from Calicut will visit Europe to do financial analysis. Leaders like Gandhi will emerge to show the world the meaning of Freedom Struggle. Artists like A.R.Rehman and Resul Pookutty will win Oscars. There is no doubt the future of the world depends upon India. America, wake up, you are in trouble, you have a competitor here...

Note: My latest crush Dev Patel appeared nude in a UK tele drama 'Skins'...hmmm, looks cute...find below the link to watch the nude scene in youtube.

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