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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Gay stereotype

Some of my friends called me after reading my blog and asked me why my blog sounds like a gay stereotype...well, this blog is totally dedicated for gay stuff and information, i have other blogs which are for my professional interests. So please dont expect me to talk about Cricket or Politics here.

I was thinking about some of the memorable events happened in 2008, i must say it is mixed with colours. Both joyful and sad events, but i must say that for Gay community it is been really a pleasurable year with plenty of good news and events happening around. Here is some of the events and happenings in 2008.

1. Vatican Church given their indication first time in the history supporting gay sex. They have asked the European Union to discriminate gays.
2. NASA foundation filed a suit against the proposition 377 (377 is criminilising homosexual activities) from the constitution in Delhi highcourt. Serious discussions going around and expecting a result soon.
3. Health Ministry of India volunteerly supports LGBT community and held a cabinet meeting to support gaysex activities to protect them from AIDS
4. Tamilnadu government formed an official association for Transgender community.
5. Gay pride rallies took place in cities like Bangalore, Mumbai and Delhi this year several volunteers marched in the pride with their masked faces.
6. World Health Organisation asked all the nations to be lenuine on gaysex activities and approving gay marriages to protect them from AIDS
7. Several programmes, interviews and discussions were shown in indian television channels supporting gay rights activities.
8. Sunil Menon, founder of Sahothara gave an interview in CNN this year supporting LGBT community
9. Daily magazines like Indian Express dedicated a special edition every saturday for LGBT community. Times of India supports gay rights activities and volunteers to provide news in regards to that.
10. Bollywood movies like Dostana and Fashion were depicted gay themes, though they were very stereotype but atleast brought the gay theme in public.

Above all i have finally found the love of my life called Arjun and given up my one-nite stands...God, save the country

Lets hope New year 2009 brings more joy and happiness to all of us and may our wishes been fulfilled... Happy Newyear 2009

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