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Friday, October 23, 2009

Poem: Coming out

Once I was there in that darkness filled with emptiness
Clouded with fears and scares threatening to kill nevertheless

I was there standing alone craving to let myself free
Fighting against odd spirits that very notion within me

It was tears all over; spreading its wings traveled all my life
‘Come out’ Liberation encouraged me with an enchanting smile

All my lies and fakes mounting like a lava periling an erupt
Control was not within me, it was the Orb warning to react

Time was running
My heart was dying

Glowing grey hairs portraying the lack of love in my days
Carved with loneliness barricading the truth in its ways

Nature seems to be their only artillery blocking my happiness
Choices are not chosen as virtues under our family values

I was enchained with their beliefs, covered with moral ethics
Killing the true me was considered mercy in their social clinics

Closeting in someone’s shoes hurting my horrified heart
Their Laughter was daunting me to accept that painful act

By resisting to lie
I refused to die

Written by: Vikki


  1. Hi Vikki,

    My God , you can even write poems? and that too good one? I liked it. You- a multi talented guy(GAY)? Keep it up.
    luv SIVA

  2. I regulerly visit ur blog, i think u remember me, few month before i like on of ur post, then i made comment (good job , carry on).. But i got a good responce frm u saying that ( u r fucking buddie) it realy hurted me man, my blog have image and porn but it does not mean that i m like that.... I cnt write like u. Or i am not so talent to write like u.... I just do myself, i dnt have any frnds or any affair with any1. I just mind my work and take care of my parents.... But i like ur post and i visit atleast 1 in 2 days, but mind it dude every1 are not fucking guy... It realy hurt when they get this kind of honour frm admiring person like u

  3. ur poem is amazing