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Thursday, October 13, 2011

SMILE PLEASE - A photo exhibition on Gay/Bi lifestyle on 16th Oct by Chennai Dost

Dwelling in the dark, not wanting to show our faces, locked inside our suffocating closets, not worried about the rumours and the stereotypes repeatedly pasted upon us! We were a mystery to you. No more are those dark ages, those times are long gone and we are coming out in large numbers with banners saying! We are Queer and We are here! We are walking amongst you with pride like never before, wanting to be seen, wanting to be heard, wanting to be loved and cared!
We my friend are Gay men of chennai and we are inviting you to come inside our lives and have a look on

What we do?
How we live? and
Who we really are?
Chennai dost
invites you to

(A Gay-n-ocular View)

A first of its kind Art Expo, Of the gay men, By the gay men For everybody to come and explore the fabulous life style of chennai gay men!

What ever you have heard so far – may be not clear!
What ever you have seen so far – may be not correct!
Come and see for yourself, for you and us are not so different after all!

On 16th October @ SPACES, Besant Nagar, Chennai!
Evening 5pm onwards.

Event by Chennai Dost – Chennai’s major community based organisation for gays and bisexual men
Phone: 9551630213


  1. Came to the was really good....depicting the actual lifestyle....
    especially Kolu is too good... :-)

  2. It was wonderful being there...:) 3 cheers