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Friday, June 29, 2012


The Pain, the stress, the torture & the guilt,
Shame and stigma which my world built

I’ve struggled since the day, I thought it as a crime,
I came out before, this is not the first time
But now I came out once again,
Feeling free without any strain

It took twenty one years to unmask myself, 
The old mask I worn now out of my shelf
The awful lies and continuous deception,
But the time has come to feel the inception

All along holding my hands showing the light,
Cheering me to face the fight
Words are not enough to feel the freedom,
Thanks to you dear for passing the wisdom

Before you judge me hold on to this thought:
I am still the same person; it is not my fault
I have come to accept who I am today
Please do the same mother, father; I am gay.

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  1. Rupesh we are with you. Dont worry.

  2. Hi R Reddy,
    That was a nice piece of a poem hich seem to be from the depth of your heart. It was not only nice but also thought provoking.

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  4. rupesh dnt feel my dr fnd.,! This is not ur fault dr keep smile evry day god bless u pa

  5. fabulous,,love it.

  6. i used to be homophobic.i took me years to realize that i was wrong and i shouldn't have said those hurtful and vicious words to those people.its probably has got to do with my i was young.and also the fact that i had no sense of knowledge on what and how a person should behave in today's society.whatever it is,im really sorry as i was completely unaware of the fact that LGBTs have gone through hell,and still going thru hell dealing with their sexuality andd overcoming it.all i can say is pray hard,be yourself and never let people or circumstances make you question yourself on why you were born this will always have my support.sorry and thank you because you guys have simplified the definition on what courageous people are like.take care.