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Friday, December 12, 2008

Gays and Zodiac Signs

Guys, i have recently done an analysis using g4m posting based on Gays and their Zodiac signs, i have this interest towards astrology since i come from such traditional family, i wondered at times does zodiac sign anyway reflects someone's sexuality or sexual preferences.i guess the analysis will help me to understand better.Find below the report and analysis.

Virgo 8
Capri 8
Sagi 13
Libra 11
Pisces 6
Aries 2
Leo 7
Gemini 6
Aquarian 3
Scorpio 8
Cancer 5
Taurus 1

Total 78

Through this report Sagittarians seems to be the clear winner who hold the record of most of number of gays, followed by Libra...Aquarian,Aries and Taurus are scored less which is infact surprising to me...i guess more depth analysis on this will help me to have an idea if someone is straight or gay...

To my personal experience Sagittarians seems to be very beautiful and hot. They seems to be passionate lovers and a bit self-centered in nature. Even a straight sagittarian can tends to be bisexual easily because of their uncontrollable sexual desires. Most of them loves oral sex so they dont mind having sex with a guy even if they are straight and committed.Most of the sagittarians are artistical in nature they must be talented in arts like music, dance, painting etc

Libra is the same in nature with few additional characters, librans are passionate too, thats why i think they are competing Sagittarians in the survey. Compare to Sagittarians ,librans are trustworthy and can be dependable, they would never like to hurt others and wont give up any relationship(friendship and love) easily.

The most dependable zodiac signs for gays are Virgo, Capricorn and Leo. but they may not be very hot looking few may be. These three are very talented and self-sufficient in nature. Especially they will be very sensitive, emotional and argumentive most of the times.

The others seems to be scoring very less and it is very difficult to predict right now, i have also decided this post for open discussion so that finally we can come up with a conclusion...

Note: As of now i think i can bet my money on Sagittarians seems to be the front runner in the race. So guys can we just give a try on these people(dont blame me if someone hits you on your face)


  1. I think the Feminine Signs listed below have the most Gay/Bisexual Males with these Sun Signs:

    Taurus | Cancer | Virgo | Scorpio | Capricorn | Pisces

    I think the Masculine signs listed below have the most Gay/Bi Females with these Sun Signs:

    Aries | Gemini | Leo | Libra | Sagittarius | Aquarius

  2. Let ur survey go on.. anyway i belong to capri..


  3. hi viki,
    your survey is excellant--i (from my experience) think that a Libra is more accessable because of their nature as they do not want to hurt any ones feelings. Libra are the best(I am a libra Ha ha).

  4. I am a proffesional vedic astrologer(Now dont imagine an old fellow I am 22 :) . In indian astrology preferance is given to moon sign rather than sun(as sun sits in a sign for 30days, moon as little as 2 days. Then again we have nakshatras which subdivide moon signs.

    Speaking moon sign wise most gays belong to taurus that too a certain nakshatra called Krittika. Second most is Libra with a nakshatra called Vishakha followed by Gemini nakshatra called Ardra....and so on.
    Now you realise why most gays are well dressed and look good?? Taurus and Libra both are Venus ruled :).

    BTW rocking blog. Love it

  5. I think your wrong about Leos not being good looking, that’s one of the qualities their known for is their looks. Anyway cool blog and I know it’s not a scientific study, so it leaves room for further study :)

  6. This is an interesting blog!
    I am a scorpion by sun and Librian by moon (falls in swathi)!
    According to a reference I saw long back I was very happy that it was told that scorpions are more vivacious, attractive and passionate lovers.
    According to my circle of friends who are gays/lesbos, I have 32 scorpions in my list. So a survey can not finalise astrology.
    But thanks to this topic.
    @Anonymous (first commenter):
    You have a very nice point. I think it is true!
    @Anonymous (22years young professional vedic astrologer):
    You have a point and a proof (me) a librian (but swathi). I am almost always well dressed and choosy and very lovable.

  7. cool posting o gay and zodiac signs... i am a virgo too and i can see tat ur prdictions abt other zodiacs also match to an extent...cheers!!