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Friday, November 28, 2008

Minutes in mumbai

Normally i will start with a word "well", but here i suppose i should left the word and write this column. As we are all aware of what is happening in Mumbai now. Our commercial capital has been attacked by cruel and coward terrorists once again and this time the damages they have made is large which will leave a huge fear and insecurity in our minds for so long.

On Wednesday when i was watching the news on the net, i was shocked by the serial attacks made by the terrorists in the heart of the city. I could see the number of casualties and the places which has been under attack. Suddenly i remembered all my dear and lovely friends and relatives who lives in Mumbai. And i sent sms to all of them enquiring about their safety and health. And there was another story building up in the television news channels that the terrorist have entered Taj hotel and captured it. My heart was pounding and body started to shake when suddenly i recalled one of my friend who works at Taj, i was praying all my gods and hoping that my dear friend will be safe and still alive. i took my mobile once again and started to dial his number, my hands are trembling and i could hear by heartbeat. I called him and thank god his boyfriend took the phone (his boyfriend living with him as living togather for last couple of years). And i enquired about my friend, his boyfriend gave the phone to him and spoke to him and told me he is still alive and safe. Then it was a great sigh of relief(Since my friend was working in a different shift, so he stayed at home at the time terrorist attacked Taj).

Though it was a great relief when i learnt that my friend is safe, but when i heard about the victims of casualities i felt sorry for all of them who lost their life especially the Mumbai Police and NSG. What we are witnessing today is not just a causal and carelessness of our National Security but also the lack of responsibility and administration skills of the people hold those posts. We are spending millions of money on our National Security and Defence and still we are letting the Terrorist to walk on the heart of our Commercial Capital and kill hundreds of innocent people. Recently i heard the terrorists came by vessel boat to the shore and started walking down the street to the City. Iam wondering whether we really need an army or Navy or whatever which cannot stop these terrorists. There seems to be a change of threat to the Globe now that the security threats may not come from the neighbourhood nations but certainly from Terrorists especially from those so called islamic militants.

And i could see Advani, leader of the opposition party blaming the Congress led Government and vice versa our Prime Minister or his cabinet blaming Pakistan once again. I think its time to stop blaming Pakistan, its is time to blame ourself, for our inability to produce a proper administration in place for such a large democratic Country. I think Intelligence Bureau should take the blame for this and been disposed. What our country needs is an Intelligence Bureau which can be active and efficient( most of the guys in IB are in an age of retirement, what kind of active involvement or skill we can expect from these old dogs?). Most of our political leaders are in the age of nearing their death now. They become inefficient or not skilled enough to handle our Nation's administration.

The time has come for India to make that huge change in our political system or adminstration. All those old dogs should be asked to take rest at home and spend time with their grand kids. We will not tolerate anymore deaths of our loved people. We have been patient ,calm and waited enough. It is time for that revolution. It is time for the young breed in the adminstration. It is time to give the torch to the younger generation who made huge impact on our national economy. It is time to give them a chance to rule our nation. Iam proud to be an Indian but also iam a taxpayer,and iam not paying tax for terrorists walking down on my street with their guns and kill my innocent people. Enough is enough...Lets make that huge impact on our nation, lets VOTE to make that change

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