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Monday, November 24, 2008

World of difference

"Do you think you are a man, No you are just a boy,
Do you think you are a boy, No you are just a toy"
There is this song in "Queer as folks" , when first time Brian and Justin have sex. I used to hum this song whenever i have sex with someone, this song will be playing in another part of my mind all the time.

If someone says there is no difference between sex and lovemaking, i must say they are wrong. Finally Arjun came back and we did for what we have been waiting all along, what we have been dreaming about, what our hearts have been pounding since we met, finally it happened between me and him.
Then i realized there is world of difference between sex and lovemaking. Even your slightest fears will become the most significant turn-ons. All the disappointments will add more thirst for more sex with him. Your weakness will become the advantages. Even little bit of hear and there will be the glory of your memory. You can feel his heartbeat pounding on your feet, a song with no words playing all along, you can visibly see his blood flowing all your veins and you can move along the body with a rhythm. The tender touches will turn into more soft pedals, the slightest hesitation will move down below your bed, aggresiveness will become your secret weapon.There will be no clashes of who is bottom or who is top and finally his give up of acceptance to the truth. Oh my was amazing, all my 100 one nite stands will not stand somewhere nearby to his lovemaking. He may not be a John Abraham nor Brad Pitt, but definitely he is the one i have been dreaming all along, fantasizing about, he is certainly the love of my life.

So to all lovely friends, here is my confession...There is a world of difference in sex and lovemaking...So lets put an end to our one nite stands, compromises, disappointments etc. Lets fall in love with someone special and do millions of lovemaking all our life.

Note:He called me later and said the same, it was his first time with a guy. And he really enjoyed and looking forward for more in the coming days by both of us...May God bless all of us...

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