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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Sex Extortion, Discrimination and Harassment - Case study 1

Dear Vikki

It was a weekday afternoon- my straight classmates and me planned to bunk the whole day classes and go out for a drink. One of my classmate suggested that we go with our senior friends, I said that’s ok even though I did not feel really ok about this plan.. As I don’t know how would they behave while they are drunk. Believe it or not my fear just came true that noon. We had a group drink party with our seniors. It was like a get-together for me. We chatted and laughed, made fun of each other’s and had a total nice
time. Most of my college mates knew about me- which I am a gay. My classmates were always protective of me, but I was not sure about my seniors. As soon as we started to booze a lot Things like called as basic manners slipped off. One of my seniors pulled up my sexuality as a subject- and I felt nervous but still played a cool dice with it and handled the discussion cleverly. Then it smoothly went into an argument. Do you want to know what the argument was? Well, it was the common misconception what most straight people have- the proper definitions of homosexual (gay/ lesbian) and bisexual. My senior dragged the subject too hard arguing that bisexuals are the people who have sex with men. I felt stupid and I tried to explain him. As soon as the argument broke out he insulted my friends by beating them up. They went cool with it, as they thought that he was drunk heavily. As the situation cooled off, I thought I escaped it, but the worst part was yet to come. The same senior later tried to pull of his classmates’ pants off and get
a piece of their underwear by scissors. When he came to me I didn’t resist initially- and he succeeded in getting a piece of my underwear without removing my pants off. It was a relief for me that I did low-hip style that day. But later, even after getting a piece of me he tried to go under my pants. I was shocked and resisted. My resistance made the senior to team up with two other seniors. I shrieked and screamed calling out my friends’ name. Sadly most of them were drunk enough to handle themselves. Only few tried to help me out of the situation, but I on the other part took it seriously and went into a shock and got wheezing as I have asthma and a slight seizure as I had hyper nervousness. Friends were the only hope at that time; they brought me out of the hazard as soon as possible. I went off for few minutes and managed to recover with some scars on my face and neck. It took more than 2 days to come out of the depression and shock after having a short counsel with a local doctor. This raping attempt of my senior later put him into one-week suspension from the college management. His and others discrimination and non-acceptance of what I am is what I can’t still get over with.


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  1. Dear X,
    Well it is very unfortunate that you got into that mess. But you are really a lucky gu that you have such understanding friends. Maybe they wer uable to help immeiately as they ere drunk but still you were brave enaugh. But my bit of advice is that dont trust any others on thie subject of gay other than the ones you believe and trust. In fact many pretend in public as if they are against gay relationship(I think the senior who misbehaved must have had pleasure in men otherwise he would have not hehaved in such a manner). Note that if your senior took the tet suggested by Vikki he will definately prove to be gay- ask him to yake the test. ha ha) Just treat it as a bad dream. Many guys like you do not have any friend to support them and have to fight for themselves. You are a bold and lucky guy. Good luck.
    luv SIVA