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Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Planes and Parachutes

One morning when you wake up looking at some blue colour ceiling and then the whole day you started noticing only blue colour objects like the blue sky or Ocean or even your blue underwear or blue colour font labels in g4m . Suddenly the world seems, turned blue. I guess it is a kind of Colour illusion or Colour Perception (physics or psychological graduates excuse me for my lack of knowledge).

Well when i started doing some editing in our blog i found the same, its all Gay, Gay and Gay. What will you think about me as if i have no other work other than seducing all those innocent(?) straight guys or having hot sex with gays (well thats what i was doing in the past). Well i must say i felt guilty or ashamed. So decided to write apart from gay things once in a while.

Colour illusion or Colour Perception are all the same, Seeing things in a different light is another name. I told you guys about Arjun right, for people who has STML (Short Term Memory Loss) Arjun is my ex-boyfriend who changed his mobile number without informing me just 3 weeks after he told me he was deeply in love with me. Lately i have received a call from Arjun's old number, i thought Arjun changed his mind and his number too. So with an excitement and moment of madness (one of the weakness of being gay) i took the call, but suddenly Arjun had turned into a Sissy, his voice was so feminine and there was some music (violin?) displayed in every sentence he uttered. Then i realized its not Arjun, the guy (Faizal) who spoke to me is Arjun's friend and he was clueless why he called me.The phone call turned out to be a hilarious one. The guy tried to find out more information about me and what i did with Arjun rather than telling me the purpose of the call or how he got Arjun's number.

There are 2 kind of people in the world Optimist and Pessimist. The best example of Optimist are American Presidents they still think that attacking Iraq is an act against Terrorism finally ended up in the receiving end of shoe hits (even after those 2 shoe throws how Bush manages to escape is still amazes me and he smiled at the end of the press meet, shameless Bushhhhh). Best example of Pessimist are Indians even though they are living in a strong democracy they are still hyprocites.

Whenever i read postings in g4m forum i always feel the same way, why do we criticize everything, why are we being hyprocites all the time, why do we think that talking about someone's personal is our culture and moral right?. Recently when i saw the news on Mangalore Pub attack i was horrified and anguish (conservatives please note that im neither supporting pub culture nor against it, so dont come and tell me that i should not go to Pubs, if u do that i will threaten you that i will commit suicide). I guess that was bit pessimistic of me. And then the debate along with Ashok Singhal (BJP leader) and Raghuram (MTV Roadies), where Raghu literally shouting at the BJP leader, pointing fingers towards him and asking him who is he to say what lifestyle we should choose. Well, that made me feel better, i was optimistic again. I realized both optimism and pessimism is needed if Wright brothers were not optimistic they would not have invented Aeroplanes and then a pessimistic scientist came and invented Parachutes.

Through some of my bad experiences i have taken an oath not to advice people. And once i became a Consultant advicing has become my profession i cant even give personal advices to my friends for free. I believe only in India you can get advices for free, people who hesitates to give water for free will be ready to give free advices, because they dont loose anything. One of my friend told me that she did a counting on advices that she has given in her whole life and when she realised how much time she wasted on that she decided to quit advicing. She also told me that she now carefully spends advicing time to actually help people physical objects like helping a struggling young man to find a job or buying books for poor children. I promised her that i will join her team and will give my best on the same. My favourite Mother Terasa said helping poor people is neither a social service nor a hobby it is our responsibility and we are duty bound to help fellow human.

Note: Please note that i didnt advice you to stop advicing.