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Friday, January 23, 2009

'Mom, Im Gay'

Like all those great leaders Abraham Lincoln, Martin Luther King, Nehru, Mahatma Gandhi and ofcourse Barack Obama, I have dreams too. One day our next generation can proudly let their parents know that they are Gays . One day we can fill up a government application stating that my sexuality is Gay (with no spelling mistake). One day we can walk into the streets of Chennai holding our boyfriend's hand (note: singular, not plural). Well, Dreams are unlimited.

Most of the gays i have met in Chennai were confused about their role in bed. Here is some examples of how much they are confused (in dialoque format)

Me: So are you top or bottom ?
Gay1 : i dont know
Me: Ok, Let me ask you this way, whats your likes ?
Gay1 : i like to play chess and video games. I like comics too, i have a collection of more than 60 comic books at home. I like to watch football, you know Man-U is my favourite team, Do you like football ? i have this secret crush on Christiano Ronaldo (the guy went on like this and spoke to me about his likes for 6 minutes non-stop)

Gay2: Im a top
Me: Sorry yaar im a top too
Gay2: Vow, thats great man, so do you have place?
Me: Dude, im not a bottom
Gay2: Yes i know , i like to have sex with tops like you

Me: So are you top or bottom?
Gay3 : Im a bottom, Are you a top
Me: yes i am , so when can we meet?
Gay3 : Saturday evening im free
(then we went on like this and exchanged numbers, the guy came to my place on saturday. After all the mutual introduction i took him to my bed. And started kissing and smooching him. I gave him the rimming of his life and prepared him for the anal inter-course. I took my briefs off and opened a condom pack. When i have started wearing the condom on my torso. He stopped me and asked me)
Gay3: What are you doing?
Me : Iam wearing a condom on my cock, why, you dont like condoms?
Gay3: No, i like it. but, Aint im the one who is supposed to wear it?
Me : What ? You ? i thought you want me to fuck you?
Gay3: No, i want to fuck you first, so wear the condom on my cock
Me: Fuck off (As i still had the erection, i went to the rest room to jerk off)

How far you can go ahead and irritate a guy?. Here is one best example,Recently, i had chat with a guy whom i know for a while in g4m. He asked me whether i know my ex-boyfriend. I was reluctant to tell him that i know my ex-bf (since i dont want to hear about him). Obviously Arjun would have told this guy about me. So i was feeling some kind of fishing. I told this guy that iam least interested to know about Arjun and he doesnt exist in my life anymore. The guy was really excited by this response from me and kept on talking about Arjun's sexy looks (he even described me about his cock and ass features). The guy even asked me why i never fucked Arjun even though iam a top. I replied him that i didnt want to have anal intercourse with my ex-bf since i felt he is too young to go for one (well, i just had one opportunity to have sex with him and i ran out of rubbers and lubricants that day). The guy proudly announced me that he fucked my ex-bf three times on the same day without leaving his asshole (hope he used a condom) and seems to be Arjun loved it (who supposed to be the only love of my life). The guy asked for my contact number (Obviously he wanted to fuck me too). Well, i told him that i dont use cellphones and im allergic to rubbers.

One of my distant cousin who is doing his second year engineering in bangalore is a gay. Infact i had sex with him several times. As of now he atleast had 5 to 6 boyfriends in a very short term of period. Everytime he finds a boyfriend he will call me and tell me how much he loves this new guy and how adorable the guy is. And at the time of break-ups he will tell me the differences and dislikes they both had. Sometimes it is hard for me to understand the meaning of Love. I guess there is no univeral definition to it. It mostly depends upon the individual perceptions.

So coming back to the topic, "Mom, Im Gay". Why do we have to tell our parents about our sexuality? .I guess it is better we dont tell them and because as of now it will be hard for them to understand. But if they somehow learnt about you than we should not hide the truth. Vice versa to wives and life partners(well, thats my perception, dont blame me)

Coming up next: Short story written by me titled "Pigs and Dicks"

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  1. i completely empathize with you! most of our men have no idea what 'role' means, but i guess they're just too horny to care!

    the kind of men that i fuck are all 'Tops', because only a 'homo' is a bottom according to them!