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Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Hot food and Hot guys

Good food, Nice dress, beautiful home and hot sex are four basic needs of every human on earth. Everyone in this world are running, working and living for these four. If any of you dont understand it or says its all bullshit, well then you can kiss my ass...What i dont understand is that we Indians, one of the oldest civilization in this world are neglecting this truth and believe in things which doesnt exist (forgive me God for my

Last Saturday i went to meet Jagan at Elliots beach (besant nagar, which is ofcourse of one of my favourite, you can see me on most of the saturdays here). As usual the beach was crowded with hot guys and gals. Everytime i visit this beach it surprises me with the beauty and warm feelings which brings my heart. The hot looking guys who wander around with their jeans and shirts, goaties and piercings, its hard to take your eyes out of them. Whenever i walk down the footpath i always have a feeling of every guy staring at me. Suddenly the world turned out to be a gay world everytime there. I wonder is that because whether these guys are gays and i suddenly become a hot guy to their eyes or because though they are straight they just stare at you because they have nothing to do. Iam clueless again. Me and Jagan went to the nearby restaurant which is just opposite to the Dhaba Express. The restaurant was petty but looked neat and the hot guys. Left side of my table there were a group of hot Mallu guys, probably in their early 20's sitting and chatting. I found 3 guys who are extremely hot and also glancing at me once in a while. On the right side of my table there were two guys, probably friends sitting and staring at their food, but not eating. Jagan told me one of the guy is from g4m, whom i couldnt recognize, the other guy was quite interesting and i found him staring at me and he looked cute. Jagan shown me the guy's g4m profile on his Mobile, Rhett. I have been in this restaurant few times before and the food is not really bad (make sure you order for the right ones or else you will ended up with a cold food).

Last monday i went to one of my favourite restaurant in Adyar (nearby Indiranagar watertank, it is a Rajasthani restaurant and famous for Aalu and Paneer Parotthas (im not sure if the spelling is right).Lot of North Indian guys will come to this place for dinner,so everytime i find atleast 3 or 4 hot guys...There is this internet cafe next to the restaurant and i saw a guy standing infront of the Cafe. He must be in his early twenties and really really cute, must be a college student. I caught him staring at me the moment i got down from my bike. I even noticed when he was looking at my jeans searching for the bulge. I thought i should show some manners, so i just stood their staring back at him. He is slim with a curly long hair and above all seductive lips. Now he was smiling at me, trying to find a way to start a conversation, this might be something new to him because he was nervous and may be he thought there is something hot about me, iam clueless again. I went inside the restaurant and ordered for parottas. He came inside and sat next to my table. I was waiting how far he could go and when he will make his moves. But he was so young and inexperienced and have no idea about how to move ahead. I finished my food and decided to give him my phone number, then i thought about my recent decision about one-nite stands, i pulled myself back and left the restaurant right away.

Yesterday i came back home after my long hard working in the office, Shishir called me. Shishir is my colleque and junior in my team. He is a mallu and extremely cute. It is hard to resist his boyish looks, curly hair and gym fit physic. He wanted to discuss something personal and asked me to come at Marry Brown (Adyar). Marry Brown is one of my very few favourite restaurant in Chennai. I go nuts for cheese burgers and chicken pc's and above all i like the place. You can visibly see the road from the glass window and have your burgers inside. And there is these 2 cute waiter boys with their tight jeans and t-shirts, serving you with a inviting smile. I find reasons to visit Marry Brown everytime. I had this doubt for a very long time whether Shishir is a gay too, but i was not sure. There is this famous joke that a Gay always thinks that his pet dog is also a gay. Shishir had some problems in taking a decision for his higher studies and asked for my opinion. Most of my friends think highly of me even though iam quite younger than them they always come to me for ideas and opinions. I was seriously talking about doing higher studies in UK or Australia when i noticed Shishir staring at a guy who is sitting behind our table. I was so disturbed and i asked Shishir why he was staring at the guy, Shishir was suddenly annoyed or embarassed and try to find out reasons for staring at the guy. And suddenly he tried to change the topic by inviting me for a drink on friday. Now then i know that he is a gay, i started to remember some of the other things that he did in the past which helped me to find out his sexuality. I guess he thinks im straight and trying to take me into drinks and then seduce me. There is this saying that its just four pegs away for having sex with a straight guy and i guess he is well aware of that. I thought it doesnt even need a drink for him to take me into bed, just a word is enough...

Note: Let me keep it as a surprise for you guys for the next segment and i will let you know what happened between me and shishir, friday is just 2 days to go...


  1. Hey give us a break , from your self advertisment . We accept that it is your blog & you have the right to write any thing that don't have to be right , but arguing that entire world looks at u , is bit more than what is expected from u .Although we enjoy reading the comedy , a bit of fact shall have good impact on us & we shall continue to come here.Also i like to see your pic here ,to check the authenticity of your claims ........

    also i wanna thanks u for the cool shopping tips , it should of good help to me , since i am new to chennai .

  2. Dude, i do realize tat sometimes it becomes self advertisement. But the blog is totally abt my perceptions. Ain't everyone thinks tat they r unique n being noticed? i never mentioned anywhere in my blog abt my looks n ppl r looking at me bcoz of tat, someone doesnt have to look at you only bcoz of ur beauty. (it is not a self ad r stuff like tat, it is merely my perceptions, i hope u can understand tat)