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Friday, January 16, 2009

Queer Eye for a Straight Guy

Do you believe in Gay perception or Gay lifestyle ? There is this program called "Queer Eye for a Straight guy" in Travel&Living(India) TV Channel. There will be 4 or 5 queer guys who are professional designers will visit Straight guys living place and try to modify their lifestyle with a queer touch (what they call it as Trendy and Cute). The idea seems to be an interesting one and the programme was very successful in UK. It seems programs or article with a queer point of view has become a hit these days. Even Indian medio started doing it.

Last evening i was in Elliott's beach with my friend Roz to watch Chennai Sangamam. I dont know who initiated this event, but whoever did this must be really appreciated. It seems the festival mood has gone down in India especially in southern states. Events like this will bring more light and joy to the city. People have taken their life very seriously. Less fun and more family responsibilities has become the latest trend. But life is not all about money and love. There is this thing called fun and joy. We are not living in caves anymore to run our life like a caged animal. So there is nothing wrong in partying every week or going out with friends and feel young.

Coming back to the point, in the beach as usual we saw plenty of hot guys staring at me and Roz. We were not really surprised by it since it is very common in chennai, even if those guys are straight. I spoke to Arun about the stares of straight guys and asked me why they are doing it (i was trying to get a straight's perception). He said every guy will get excitement by being noticed either it is men or women. They like to watch guys to find out if they are being noticed especially for their dresses and other styles. But, well i guess there is something more than that. Recently i read an article in Times of India about the research in human evolution. It stated that more men are turning out to be gays these days and even a straight guy has got some percentage of homosexuality because of the human evolution. Some of my other straight friends told me that there is nothing wrong in appreciating another guys looks or his styles. Believe me guys, its a gay world out there.

Most of the straight guys seems to have little knowledge about Gay. They think being gay is all about behaving like a girl or getting fucked in his ass. These are the two reasons most of the straight guys are scared of gay. So before letting your straight friends to know about your sexuality, try to explain them about the sexuality first. Most of my straight friends are now comfortable and pretty open about Gayness. Even some of my curious straight friends are ready to have some sexual experiences with another guy just for an adventure.

There is plenty of difference between being gay and living like gay. Iam not sure finding a long term gay partner and living togather is easier in India. So we should not be confused about it and spoil our life. There is nothing wrong about being gay, but living like gay may not be right decision at the moment. There is nothing wrong in marrying a girl, having kids and still being gay,if you can handle it. But make sure you provide the love and care for them. It is not mandatory that she should be knowing about your sexuality, unless untill if u find her pretty cool about Gay thing.

Last night before sleep i was thinking about my life and future. And trying to re-arrange my life. I started doing a counting of my sexual encounters and experiences. Guys, i need a standing ovation from you all. I have crossed more than 400 times of sexual experiences and had sex with more than 100 guys as of now. Atleast half of them are ended up in tragedy. Of all this 100 guys i really liked very few(may be 5 or 10) and enjoyed very few moments. Thinking about it i felt a bit ashamed. Well, thank god atleast i have decided to quit one night stands now. I have decided to date few guys this year and meet them in a public place. I will not take anyone to my place unless i find them interesting and hard to resist for sex. Nomore Aunt pity fucks or desperate sex.

Note: Well, im turning 25 years old tonight at 12pm. I have decided to celebrate my birthday bit differently this time and already arranged to date a hot guy tomorrow evening (NO sex). I will let you know about it shortly.

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  1. i accept the fact that , living & getting a gay partner in India especially in chennai is a big thing .Any way , for your information , sleaping with 100 men do not need a standing applause .... may be for 1000 men we can do that , a shy gay men from the age of 18 to 25 woulds have slept with minimum 100 men & for a person of your type , u should have slept with min 600 to 800 .

  2. well, u r right...i think my score is lesser than expected...guess, i was more selective then...but wat is ur score buddy ?

  3. Hmmmmmmmmm . Lost Count , is that not a standard reply u should be getting for this Question .any way , Selective??????? good for u.............