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Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Boyztown - Gay clubs and bars

I have been thinking of writing about Pattaya for sometime, but trust me, there were so many other important things needed to be addressed earlier. In 2007 there was this colleaque of mine who went to Pattaya, Thailand to celebrate his New year. This guy Arvis was obviously one of the hottest guy in our office and when he told me that he is going to Pattaya, i was curious to find out about Pattaya. I never knew about Arvis sexuality untill he told me that he is leaving for Pattaya. After 2 days of resistance i took him for drinks and i asked him if he is a gay. Though he was embarrassed in the beginning finally he accepted it. I told him my desire to join him on that tour, but i couldnt make it since my dad once again went for a medical treatment i had to stay back. Might be one day i will go to my dreamland and enjoy the beauty.

Pattaya is a small town just few hours travelling from Bangkok, the capital city of Thailand. Thailand government let this small town grow as a dedicated gay entertainment to promote their tourism. More than 200 entertainment centres in Pattaya Boyztown includes beautiful beaches, go go bars, discotheques, nightclubs, massage parlours and hotels for gays. Pattaya is known for its cabaret revues featuring kathoeys (male-to-female transsexuals), with Alcazar and Tiffany's being the largest and most elaborate.

Thailand boys are one of the most handsome men in Asia. They have this indian-chinese origin in their skin and beauty. Naturally Thai boys have this gay tendecies, so most of the gay prostitutes might not be really gay in orientation. If you have any doubt about Thai boy's looks remember actor Tony Jha (movie star of One man army, mo Thai)

Pattaya is also known for Gays which celebrates several gay pride rallies and gay festivals at the time of New year. Millions of gay tourist visit this beautiful city every year along with their partner. Gay prostitutes ranges from age 15 to 50 are available and they look stunningly handsome. Pattaya is also one of the cheapest tourism destination in the world. Though there are petty crime in this town, still there is no stopping for Gays.

Along with Bangkok and Pattaya, Thailand has thousands of Gay prostitutes, strip teasers, gay masseurs and guides. Approximately if you have a mininum of Rs.30,ooo as a pair the whole Thailand tour package can be done and you can spend more than 3 days here since the hotels and food are affordable. Several Indian tourism agents organising tour packages to Pattaya, Bangkok, so you dont have to depend upon some unknown foreign agents. Hotel bookings and flight reservations can be done through credit card from our Indian tourist agents.

Not only Pattaya Boyztown there are several such villages in the world. Such dedicated gay villages in Canada, Swedon , United States, Ireland, Mexico, Brazil, South Africa and several other European Countries does exist. As we spend so much money on unwanted ways we can save some money and visit these places along with our boyfriend to have one hell of time. As they said "Good boys go to heaven, bad boys go to Pattaya", i dont mind being a bad boy and have one hell of experience in my life.

Though Pattaya boyztown provides plenty of lifetime entertainment, there are few things that tourist should be careful of.
  1. As there are thousands of cute and young gay prostitutes, you might be tempted to go ahead with them, but always make sure to have safe sex to prevent you from AIDS etc
  2. Petty crime rate is high, so never visit this place alone and make sure your money is safe, it is always better to have safety measures incase of money theft, have a back-up plan
  3. Better learn swimming before you think about diving into the Pattaya beaches. Though some beaches are not really deep, you can visibly see the sand below the water.
  4. Be cautious about Food and water. As being spicy Indian you may not like Thai foods, so better prepared.
  5. And never take your committed boyfriend to this place. He might not let you have fun, better take some gay friend.

I just hope there will be one such place exist in India. But that may never going to happen, hopefully Government of Goa will come up with such an idea in the future. But it may also require legal approval. Oh my god, why am i being gay in a straight country?

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  1. hi viki,
    I have been to bangkok & hongkong few years ago. Unfortunately i had to go with close relatives and i wasted all my tricks in my sleeve to take off alone for some gay life but in vain. Any how we went to a amusement park in hongkong were there were many(nearly fifty) men (real handsome guys )in the swmming pool and water sports. I was thrilled- I was attracted to 3 german studs(most handsome guys i had seen)in small briefs showing their beautiful ody. Then i slipped alone to have a wash and went to the men's wash and to my pleasant shock i found al men having shower in nude( A REAL TREAT)i was so dumb struck that i was probably among the few taking shower in shorts. then i saw the same three german studs completely nude taking shower right next to me(I thanked my lucky stars). I was so dumb struck words struck in my throat and legs started shaking. Some how i managed to smile and talk to them dealying them so i could feast on their bodies for long. One of them said he was school teacher and other two working in a company and had come on a small olday. They said they were planning to come to india and i offered to escort them and decided to get their address which they said they will give after dressing.(i was not sure whether they were gay or not) I could not take my eys of their body and hanging big beauy between their thighs- I then realised i have been away for long from my relatives. When i went out they ere cursing me for being late i gave clumsy reasons. I spotted them far and i tried to get to them my relatives prevented me saying what is the use in getting address of guys yo never know and meet again and they thought it was most stupid idea that too getting address of men.- (oh my god -i thoght)but they pulled me away and i never got to meet the guysthereafter.
    i think the chinese &japanese&Thai men are beutiful and handsome but not sexy
    I get carried away with hairy men compared to smooth guys.(I saw that chinese guys have small danglngs like many south indian guys --from what i saw)
    Still i dream of the three handsome greman studs.(ORAL OF THIS EXPERIENCE--- have to go on such a tour only with gay friends or alone)

  2. Hey Vikki... I would like to know any specific hotels or tourist agents who gets us to right places.. I mean the gay bars etc.., Would definitely appreciate your answers... By the way siva... That was awesome...

  3. Guys!
    Philippines is another gay spot! All those of the 3000 islands are full of gays and those are beautiful islands to visit. I have heard and seen pics of Philippines and Filipino gays from my filipino friends! But am also longing to visit this land of the Morning!
    Lupang Hinirang! Duyan karang magithing! Samanlulupig! Dikapa si si il! :)) LOL!

  4. Replies
    1. Hi suresh I am sri lankan my no is 00-94-773914764