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Monday, April 6, 2009

Gay cruising spot in Chennai Marina

if you are a gay, there are 100 reasons to visit Marina Gay spot on sundays. Well, if you are not, spare me the horror. One of my funny gay friend recently told me when i said Chennai gay life sucks...After a deep thought and little bit half minded i agreed when another friend Sam asked me to come to Marina. I would like to remind to all those innocent(?) guys who are quite new to this blog that there is a official(!) gay spot in Chennai Marina Beach. Behind Kannagi Statue on the footpath next to swimming pool on every sunday you can see hundreds of gays sitting, chatting and cruising. There are several groups who regularly meet their and chat. If you are expecting any kind gay explicit scenes you might be disappointed. Remember it is just a meeting point.

I was there in January and then i didnt go there. To be honest i was not very comfortable with the place, i felt bit nervous when hundreds of guys staring at me. But i got few decent friends from my last visit like Surya, Vishnu, Rahul, Rohit, Sam etc... I went with Roz and we both enjoyed the scene. Suddenly i felt where i belong, my Gay world. Guys ages from 16 to 60 were there. College and school students, software engineers, government staffs, uncles, daddies even grandpa's...One good thing about the spot is no one will come and talk to you unless untill if you are giving them open signal. When i asked Sam about it he told me that most of the guys are afraid of being rejected. So only if they think you are interested in them they will never approach you. Well, it makes lot of meaning.

Trust me, I was never a dump ass. Guys in my college used to call me Cocky, Dont ask me why, ok?...So i wanted to be the same cocky this time when i visited Marina, last time i was so nervous that i didnt even look at anyone. Though there were several guys i found really attractive i was just there idle and went home empty handed... dump ass, isnt it?

I saw few friends whom i know before through Teja is a classical dancer whom i met last year and we became good friends then. Though we both are never really physically attracted to each other, we had so many things to talk all the time. Teja liked the character Emmett in Queer as folks. I guess after watching the drama Teja wanted to imitate Emmett and tried to speak and walk like the way he did. I never into Campy gays, so i didnt encourage him on the subject. I also met another friend Pr who is a engineering student, we met long time back in Besant nagar beach, though we both liked each other we didnt meet again.

Onething i must say it is so wonderful to be with friends who are gays. You share a common platform and you never have to think and talk. If you visit Marina thrice you will easily find a group of friends, suddenly the world seems to be so Gay then. I have been to several major cities in India, but i must admit there is not one such Gay spot as Marina. According to my stats atleast 50,000 gays are living in Chennai, which i guess is a minimum guess. If i go by the stats of the World Health Organisation's 2.3 % gay population in India, then it crosses 2 Lakhs gays in Chennai. One of my straight friend recently told me that there is going to be a Gay pride rally in Chennai this year, i hope lot of transgenders will be on the scene, but participation of gays and bisexuals is doubtful. The funny part is that my straight friend knows this gay pride when i have no clue about it. Oh yeah, the world is so gay, now you know why i said Chennai sucks...

One of our regular follower Siva asked me to inform you guys about the dedicated gay section in Indian Express on every Saturday. Ofcourse i have known it earlier and been reading it for sometime. There is this one full page dedicated for LGBT issues, there is also a news column on the left, which will provide you the details of latest gay news in the world. Recent one is Swedish government passed a law to legalise Gay marriages. Dont ask me when it is going to happen in India, probably never, probably my grand son might marry his boyfriend (hopefully he is a gay).

As we all know that there are several countries approved Gay sex and marriages. Most of them are European countries. Recently in Iraq two gays were sentenced to imprisonment for involving in gay sex. Guys who would like to know more about countries which recognized Gays and gay marriages can visit the below link.

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  1. Hi viki,
    Marina Kanagi statue meeting spot is there. But i could not be more comfortable there as i could not asscess the guys there as it is dark. I felt more comfortable in malls or where there is more light. I did met a male air host(he was 25yrs) working for indian airlines at about 6pm(i was not dark)in front of swimming pool. We became friends but not clearly expressing our sexual preferences and he wanted to chat elesehwere. We went to woodlands swimming pool at my instane. He did not have extra shorts--e hired at the pool--i thought he will get a sexy one but he got something like my grandfather's long underwear. But he looked sexy even in it. We just had plain fun--i figured he was gay but he seemed to be a very shy and person making every move very carefully. Normally i act understanding the partner- But this time after we dressed and going back to his room near Appolo Hosp.(where he stayed with his straight collegues)I made advances unable to withhold myself taken away by his beauty(He is from North)which made him reserved and he did not want to invite me to his room(my be he thought i might express my feelings in their presence or so) we exchanged numbers- he called me after a month and wanted to meet me-- but i was unable to go because i had to take my family member to hospital. Then I think he was to other cities as air host do ot stay in a place for long. Then we lost touch.
    Sometimes when i look at a flight while on beach road I will think there goes my guy. This is my Marina Expeience which i will ever remember.

  2. It's really good to see a wonderfull article on Marina beach. Is that the only place over there... Please add up some hottest happening place over there...

  3. Great to have one open n friendly gay group site r link like this... Most welcom..


  5. I will soon end up my life for being like this :(

  6. Hi guys it's gud to hear ts tngs bt just few days only i hve ben readng ts news it realy make me feel happy bt i never had a boy frnd b.c am realy afraid i cudn't tel even if a guy s a gay tat i like hm and i feel realy shy nd afraid.. Wil gng alone to beach is safe? Can anyone tel me wat shud i do .. I've ben worse and wryng beng a gay and alone..