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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Who is the hottest in town?

On tuesday i had nothing to do...nothing at what i did i was going through a portfolio link sent by one of my friend...well it was energizing...atlast the goal has been achieved for the day...i know you guys have been waiting and biting your finger nails and doing nothing, so thought of giving some work to your brain and other parts (lol) is the pictures of upcoming models...after gone through these pictures there are some do's and dont's

  1. Dont ask me their contact details...people, get life
  2. Dont ask me to post their cock or ass pictures etc...sorry, i dont have
  3. Dont start cursing me like iam sexually or beauty obsessed etc
  4. Dont start criticizing about these models, they are not going to read your comments anyway
  5. Dont tell me that i look better than these guys, im embarassed


  1. hI VIKI,
    Thanks for the pics. Good selection. I went to Delhi two days back--I was wondering why God has been very unfair since he has created the north indian guys(Most of them) good looking and with big cock while south indian's cocks are small made. The difference is obvious i noticed-the restrooms in Palika Bazzar and in Sarojini Marked will stand testimony to what i said.
    luv SIVA

  2. i like to see ,,,chennai male models........
    u have collections?

  3. I really wonder that these hunks are not Arabians but our own Indians! :)) Just kiddin! Nice collection of pics!