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Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Lets go party tonite...

The rhythm was on, music was shattering around the walls...i could hear MJ was crying aloud, asking everyone to 'beat it'...i could feel my legs started moving slowly, trying to balance myself and my beer...crowd was young and energetic on that Saturday night in Bikes n Barrels...i started noticing people around me...subash was standing next to me with his one hand around my hips...few of my friends from g4m were trying their best to get Subash's attention without knowing that he is straight...i started dancing along with Subash and then i saw that new boy entering the floor with his friend...i was lost again in the music...'just beat it, just beat it'

Things which looks so perennial in the world is not actually the same, one thing may be exceptional, the Gay lifestyle...the moment i entered the disco, i knew, I am back to my gay world after a long time...handshakes passing by the heat of the moment, kisses to let you know how close you are, costumes to pronounce the world how out you are, drinks which takes you far above the ground, dance which makes even tables budge around and then the music, numbers that gives diverse sensation. I am back again…

Being gay is not all about sober and sex is about enjoying each and every passing moments of your life...the word called marriage institution may not fit to the gay world, but definitely the word partying will suits us well...yes, sometimes i live in a lonely planet but i give my best to come out of it, because it does no i hang out, party and live...i dont want to sound like a Gay stereotype, but i also understood the meaning of my life and easier ways to find out happiness, i have also understood having sex with another guy is not the only thing about being gay...sometimes i feel like wanted to come out of the strings attached in the hetrosexual society like marriage, love, family, kids, relatives, society, religion etc, it may be too difficult for us now, but im doing my best to find out the real happiness...i dont want to follow the path of my ancestors who have written the rules how to live a life in india...i refuse to live a lie...i refuse to live the way someone wanted me to...As Brian Kinney says "im gay, im a cocksucker, im a homosexual, im queer, i like to fuck a man, i like to suck cocks, i like rimming, i like to part the cheeks of the ass like mosses parted the red sea...if anyone here is not comfortable with it, if anyone thinks im so evil, i will say go to hell"

I have been invited to join the guys celebrating the court verdict for 377. As I ran out of boyfriends, I have asked Subash to accompany me and he did with compassion. As they promised the turn out of guys was not the same, but as minutes passed by, more guys joined in. I and Subash thoroughly enjoyed each and every moment with the guys. I saw this new guy entering with his friend wearing a tight jeans and a short shirt. He was so young, cute, sexy and shy, but carrying a great confidence on his head…I immediately liked his attitude, I was standing quite far from him, trying to find out if he is watching me, surprisingly he did, he even smiled at me and saying something to his friend pointing at me…the music was even louder now, guys started shaking their was thumpa thumpa all around

I moved closer to him and try to start a conversation. I asked him louder “do u like this number”…he replied with a “yep”…there was a pause and then he turned his head towards me and asked “I’m DJ, have we met before?”…I immediately said “no dude, I don’t think so” I continued “I have never met a cute guy like you before” (bravo!)…his face was flushing and he gave me a sexy smile…he asked me “what is your name?” I told him my name…and then he said “my friend wanted to dance with you, what you say?”…I was not expecting it, but I replied “I would like to dance with both of you”…I took his friend’s hand and dragged him to the floor and danced with him for a minute, while I was watching DJ staring at me all the while…I went to DJ and asked him to dance with me…he had a wonderful body matching with a great hips and waist…the music was now more vibrant…I dragged DJ more closer, felt the perfume he was using and the heat of his body…the dance was rhythmic, I could feel his breath near my neck…and then I saw my friends coming out of smoking room…I left DJ to his friend and moved to the smoking room…When I left the pub it was almost 2'o clock, I looked at DJ’s number I have stored in my mobile phone triumphantly…it was a thriving night of course.

P.S: Later on i found out that the phone number of DJ's actually is the phone number of a 45 year old guy who owns a mutton shop in Choolaimedu...its all in the game, isn't it?

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  1. Hi vikki,
    The way you narrated your time at the party I could feel as if I was standing right behind you and dancing with you and DJ and ...though I could not be there. thanks buddy.luv SIVA